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6pm, December 31st, 2013   


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Seven Ways To Teach Children The Value Of Money
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"Too Much, Too Soon" Posted by 8too80 at TNT Sun. PM
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Bondlady & Admin Tlm724 Chat
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TONK7272...(Theory) Jan 1st= 800 numbers ...Thursday exchange

After four years and countless alerts...(IMO) Wed is OUR day. Reasons why I may be right. I should think between 4pm and 6pm call centers will start taking appointments for the following day. Hope this seems LOGICAL for you fellows at the treasury.

1. Iraq RV rate will go live world wide

2. Jan 1 takes any confusion out of the tax year for your investment.

3. Congress has plenty of time to change our tax rate.

4. We will have time to set up our charitable giving trusts...few can afford the cost pre RV

5. They will not have the New years day break to contend with at the banks.

6. Obama gets a jump start on 1st quarter spending ..which is normally slow for retail and housing.

7. Quarterly taxes will be due March 30 on the ENTIRE amount you exchange.

Any other reasons(other than you options that expire...LOL) you believe I am right will be appreciated

Iraq's chances to overcome security concerns among foreign investors

Baghdad / follow-up the obelisk: Financial Times newspaper published an article entitled "The chances of Iraq overcome security concerns among foreign investors." Dealt with the investment opportunities for foreign companies in Iraq and to overcome the security situation.

[lightingcslt] awesome awesome awesome

[tlm724] now what is important with this one is this : it was published in THE FINANCIAL TIMES ! how many people read that ? Holy moly they are going to bust wide open !!

Millionday News 12/29/13

    [millionday] great here we go  --  Announced that Iraqi ports, on Saturday, they will begin to apply the new system of customs tariffs with effect from the beginning of the year after a few days.

The director of public relations in the media ports in Basra province, Tigers Abdel Moneim Net in a press statement, said Saturday that he "will be applied customs tariff new issued by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers at the beginning of the first month of the year 2014 on all incoming goods through land and sea ports ".

    [millionday] He added that "This law has been postponed in advance and will be implemented early next year in coordination with the General Authority for Customs that took it upon themselves to implement this law,"

International Prayer Call Monday night 7pm est
530-881-1400   406878#
Nobody wants to be stuck on the side of the road with a broke down vehicle. No body usually refuses help and favor usually. Yet folks do everyday refuse help from God and do it their way. Letting God lead we get all w need and more.

God Bless

Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for your most generous help while we wait.
Seven Ways to Teach Your Grandchildren the Value of Money     By Irvin Schorsch lll

Young people are our country's greatest natural resource. They are technologically savvy, confident and diverse. They are creative, expressive and well educated.

Unfortunately, they are also often -- no other way to put this -- financially illiterate. A recent Journal of Consumer Affairs study found that nearly three out of four Americans between the ages of 23 to 28 are unable to answer basic questions about economics and investing.

And though financial illiteracy is not specific to the young, the consequences for them are particularly severe in an era of six-figure college loans, high unemployment and shrinking health and retirement benefits.

HELLO HELLO HELLO EVERYONE!  -  I am so much missing each of you too as you have written me saying the same.  I have been off for the holidays but kept busy with cooking, catching up on personal tasks, helping out with some friends who have needs.
NOW SHE'S BACK and thanks for all the kind words of appreciation you all sent to me... I LOVE YOU ALL!
I also want to take this time to wish each and everyone of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Opening the door to your future requires shutting the door to your past!  SO lets march forward in the promises of God's word KNOWING IN YOUR KNOWER that GOD WILL ACCOMPLISH THAT WHICH HE HAS SPOKEN in our lives - amen?  AMEN!

OK lets address where we are... STILL KEEPING THE FAITH right?  AMEN? AMEN!!  Be encouraged, you and I both KNOW IN OUR KNOWERS that we are closer than ever to having our prayers answered SUDDENLY.

Therefore, below is some great words to us from the Lord to hold on too. Some are so powerful, GOD IS SO GOOD to speak to us with tid-bits of wisdom and great words of prophecy! 

So lets go read and let these words of wisdom build your faith higher than its EVER been!  AMEN?  AMEN!!!

Early Monday Morning


Tonk7272: The RV is likened unto the Elusive Butterfly....The magic of the quest, the thrill of searching, even when that which is sought is hard to see.

timth2Lman :I'm just shaking my head in disbelief that we have endured this from November. We know why now but gosh we should have had our turn by now. Lets hope this is our week

BLUESTAR ;HUUUUGE NEWS WHICH IS INTEL... Iraqi ports begin to apply the new tariff system Alcomerakih beginning of the year



The below posts were in our 10am email
Too Much, Too Soon: How to Avoid Sudden Wealth Syndrome

Posted: 07/07/2012 2:42 pm

It is an affliction many long to have. It strikes lottery winners, first-round NBA draft picks, and overnight IPO millionaires alike. Sudden Wealth Syndrome is a term coined by psychologist Stephen Goldbart to describe the stress, guilt, social isolation and confusion that often accompanies a giant windfall.

While coming into money ought to be a good thing, it can take a bad turn. Many who find sudden fortune become overwhelmed and start to overspend, grow suspicious of those around them and make poor decisions that lead to familial and financial ruin.

For these reasons, whenever I see a client who has suddenly become wealthy, I insist that we take things slowly and recommend they deposit their newfound wealth in a safe, insured account with an independent custodian or bank. As with any life change, a sudden shift in financial status can be traumatic.

[BondLady] everyday after Jan.1st that goes by stalls and hurts the provinces reconstruction process.

All the jobs they have working won't happen if theres huge delays and companies will get tired and discouraged about that so there is a urgency to that as well

but corrupt politicians are holding the budget just like the infrastructure law hostage for political gains per the elections

Ghaidan: operations Anbar desert destroyed the majority of al-Qaeda camps and clans honest lifting tents

Follow-up - public opinion - The commander of ground forces first team Gen. Ali Ghaidan destroy the majority of camps and al-Qaida militants in the desert province of Anbar.

[BondLady] Good morning everyone. It's no secret Iraq is being blown up left and right through out all of their holidays,targeting citizens innocent people children ...

I'm sure it feels it will never end for have politicians doing terrorist acts and running hit squads and supporting the old Baathist party which was Saddam's party and other countries which don't want Iraq to succeed and all the tribes who are fighting each other.


Sunday December 29, 2013


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