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10am December 4th, 2015

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Interesting days - the things that DREAMS ARE BUILT ON! - from Martha 

Russia just took a major devalue in the market for the week. This is what China did this past August to nudge the RV!.

Well, China said they wouldn't do it again, so fellow BRIC nation has taken the charge!

What a great way to bring in the RV!   All in the timing.

Well, let the games begin! Are we seeing the set up for releasing the RV?

The Russian ruble took a major devalue this week. This is exactly what China did in August to jump start the GCR / RV.

Remember what we said, you need to devalue to revalue.



Iko Ward :   Dong moved 1108 points last night

Iko Ward:  Dinar dropped to 1077 for 10 minutes then reset to 1166. Dong dropped 1108 points last night before resetting. Rumor is TRN's are now live world wide. EURO market continues to slide. Lots of smaller trades now going on for gold.

BSquared:  I hate the word "rumor".

Iko Ward: Fine...Bruce and Art say it's done. I have not heard on my end yet. So klets say its 66.66666% fact and 33.33333% rumor.

Cloudwalker:  Between "rumor," "done, done, done," "imminent," and "soon," we're all going to be pretty touchy about certain words in the dictionary from now on.

Iko Ward:  My pet peeve is "HUGE".... Lets start a new trend. Now. This Minute. Done.


Thursday Night 12-03-2015  The Big Call - Recording Link and Replay #'s 

Thursday Night 12-03-2015  The Big Call - Recording Link and Replay #'s 

Playback number: (605) 562-3198
access code 123456#
91 Minutes

The Big Call

TNT:   Highlights From The Big Call

Mangelo:  Bruce call: just patiently waiting and we are going to have a great call with all the excitement that is going on

Ploganea:  Bruce: Talking about helping others.

Plogena:  Bruce: Intel, we are really close. Trying to take all info in and sort it out to get agreement

LBJ:  Bruce said TRNs are live now or will be later this evening.

Ploganea:  Bruce: TRN were not live in Hong Kong but live other places around the world. Why, for a reason? For whatever reason, that was taken care of. Believe that TRNs are live. Rates high, adjustments were made, all rates are loaded in.


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Currency Chatter Member Discussion 12-3-15  Part 1 of 2

Phillyman:     The low sales of the Central Bank today to $ 170 million
Baghdad/... Central Bank sales, fell Wednesday in Basra to sell foreign currency to sell 170 million dollars after today 188 million dollars.
The Bank's statement said, "Iraq News" that "the size of the amount sold Tuesday stood at 179 million and $ 760,000, 1166 dinars exchange rate to the dollar, with the participation of 24 banks and 16" remittance company.
He noted that "the volume of remittances and payments appropriations amounted to 147 million dollars, while the quantity sold 23 million cash and $ 760,000.
The statement said the Central Bank continues to buy and sell the dollar the price 1166 DT ", adding that" retail price of remittances 1187 dinar/us $, including the Central Bank and the Commission of 21 dinars for each dollar in cash sale price $ 1190 dinar/us $, including the Central Bank and the Commission of 24 dinars to the dollar.

Wealthwatch Thursday Chat 12-3-15  

chattels: " Sunnis made strategic mistake supporting strong central govt run by Shiite parties ... " Joel wing
 chattels: Sunnis have slowly moved away from centralism to pushing for federalism in Iraq ... "
 chattels: What a "Kurdish-Centric Strategy" Can Accomplish By DAVID ROMANO
 chattels: excellent analysis, IMO

Iko Ward: A couple of tidbits while waiting. Anyone notice the stock market today? Europe and US down big time. BRICS up substantially. This is what is supposed to happen as the world begins adjusting to China as a reserve. The fix..inject massive amounts of cash into the system. How? The RV

Iko Ward: If you buy into the theory that we are being given little notice concerning 800 numbers and other info, it also makes sense the word will come down in the dead of night, as low key as possible. 3AM

LIL D : So IKO if we don't believe that does that mean that this could go at any time so we could get the notice NOW     

Iko Ward :Lil  it really can go any minute. One man's finger on the button, and it isn't The US, The Iraqis, or the Chinese. Don't know his name, just know he's one of the architects.

Scoutdad:  IKO. this will once again put housing market in a stall.

IkoWard:  Scout, I'm thinking that's the official story, but with what we know now concerning JP Morgan, Goldman and the Hedge Funds artificially pumping the markets, I'm wondering if it isn't the smart money abandoning ship. Next few days will tell.

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Economics, Free Pom

Reader Comments On "After The SDR Announcement - Now What?"

Steve Henningsen I must admit JC that I was surprised the dollar weighting remained relatively unchanged. I had expected it to drop at least 5%. Seems the Euro may take the brunt of the depreciation before the dollar does further down the line.

JC Collins Maybe that would have been the other 4% to 6% which would have put the RMB weight at 14% to 16%, which was originally suggested. Negotiations.

Dripfood JC, could this also be related to allowing ECB some more QE and negative rates, without it affecting the SDR rate too much for the coming 5 years?

JC Collins That is possible. Though I think alternatives to QE will soon be emerging. It is my conclusion that it will take all three reserve currencies, the dollar, euro, and renminbi to help balance the international monetary system. The euro currency and zone will be interesting to watch over the next few years.

Elmerf12346: I just spoke to Okie and in his indelible style, he said his plane has landed but the canopy is stuck .....however the mechanic is on the way!

No more flight plans need to be followed/ submitted! Okie is on the ground waiting for the canopy to open and follow ground instructions ....nothing more nothing less

Okie is simply waiting like the rest of us! And he says to tell everyone hello and God bless!

Also for you that were fortunate enough to hear Okie on open mike several days ago it was a lady named Janet that he promised to speak to her 92-year-old mother named Beth and they were on the phone today for an hour and that made this ladies day

So Okie does what he says he's going to do and it touched his heart and he wanted me to tell you this !


Frank26: That is based on DRS's #4........... His plan for the MR steps. Of which he has selected a FLOAT. IMO ........... It should be CONTROLLED in order to stop the 2% margin when DRS feels he is ready to CAP the GROWTH.

IMO ........ A year or more.

BUT ............ TEAMS have told me the GROWTH from .40 to 1.00 will be very very fast.


Aggiedad77: Here are my CC Notes from last night Family enjoy Aloha Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes Wednesday December 2, 2015

Frank26: Yesterday we reiterated that security is still the number 1 issue.....I told you to pay attention to Ramadi and Mosel...I again say pay attention to these places.....why.....I will explain at the very end of this conference call.

We also told you yesterday that ISIS is in all honesty is a mental imbalanced problem....a deranged brain that thinks with their logic.....


Sovereign Man  Notes From The Field  By Simon Black

December 2, 2015   Santiago, Chile

Talk about a difference between fantasy and reality.

It was just a few weeks ago that the International Monetary Fund predicted that Saudi Arabia would likely be bankrupt within the next five years.

Saudi Arabia's financial position is deteriorating rapidly, and the government is burning through cash like a coked-up rock star.