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10am, December 5th, 2013   


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Millionday & People Invested Roundtable
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Millionday News 12/4/13

    millionday] we are going to start with a summary of the news today and then the news tonight  -  here we go  first here are the major things that have happened today

    millionday] Iraq announced that China signed contract 2011 for internet throughout the government and to link the country -- they announced its completion today at a price of 3 billion (very low) and

    millionday] Iraq announced today that they are electronically connected with Asia, Europe, Us and the other many major economic Giants for all economic transactions - and   today   also

    millionday] Iraq announced today that they are now completely ready to apply the administrative reforms -- which we believe will apply to all reforms because of the need of course  and

Early Thursday Morning:


Cmondinar:  HEY GUYS - i just got some outstanding news from a friend of mine that went to stanford... he has a friend he went to college with that currently work for merrill lynch and has a lot of people contacting him about future investments because of the dinar rv and he looked into it because of all the commotion and has a contact at the ust and the ust was telling him that this is about to happen...

He said that he has been pacing his office for the last 2 months waiting for this thing to go. he has a lot of clients that have invested and so now he is after the research he has done.....HEYS GUYS - i received that info around 4 pm pst today

CJ101: Folks. Let's be very clear in our communications so the ladies and gentlemen monitoring this chat know how the vast majority feel and will act:
1) We are grateful for the tireless work the 3-letter agencies did to bring this all about
2) We are grateful to be part of this
3) We are all adults and will act responsibly and respectfully in making our appointments and going to the bank
4) We will honor the terms of the NDA
5) and WE WILL SPEND THIS YEAR to help stimulate the economy.

The below posts were in our 10pm email
Ten Things Professional Women Should Know About Their Financial Future

Article written by McGraw Hill and provided courtesy of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Financial Advisor Douglas Reller

1. Anticipate that you are likely to live a long life. And plan accordingly. In fact, according to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, a woman who reaches age 50 today without serious health problems can anticipate celebrating her 92nd birthday.

Women in the United States, on average, will live to reach 81.1 years of age, compared with men's life expectancy of just 76.2. 1 So if you've always left money matters to your husband, start learning why you need to know how to manage on your own.

    [millionday] For his part, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords, "that Iraq is seeking through the Office of Financial Supervision and coordination with other SAIs to develop an indicator to measure corruption in Iraq and the impact of the efforts of the regulatory agencies in the reduction of the levels of corruption,

" stressing that the BSA and professional organizations had reservations about the reports and indicators issued by Transparency International. "

    [millionday] this is saying they have ordered an audit internally to prove it

    [millionday] so if corruption is not a problem they have a much better timeline -- as he is saying the audit of course is data entry so they are not talking as we have seen years ago -- what is written and hidden etc -- remember their data system is all set up and accounts


A group of Lions is a pride, right? But, did you know that a group of Parrots is a Pandemonium?

Here are some colorful REAL alternative names to these groups of Creatures.

A Pod of Whales

An Army of Caterpillars

A Scourge of Mosquitos

A Chattering of Chickens

A Dazzle of Zebras

A Flamboyance of Flamingos

Post By ksdunlap

Med's chat:

    Med (6:03 AM):    GM DS    A NOTE IN CASE NO ONE READ IT




The below posts were in our 6pm email
Millionday Roundtable 12/4/13

    millionday] so here we go  Iraq is talking about the reforms and rolling them out

    [millionday] The Iraqi government recently announced a five-year plan to modernise and reform the public sector's administrative system. The plan, approved by the cabinet on September 24th and rolled out on November 9th, was prepared over the course of a year by a working team made up of representatives of all Iraqi ministries and international experts and specialists.

   [millionday] The plan is a blueprint for modernising and improving public sector administration and thereby improving the performance of state agencies and their development projects, senior cabinet advisor Thamer al-Ghadban told Mawtani.

 "We inherited from the former regime a heavy burden of regulations, decisions, legislations and working methods which no longer suit the status of the new Iraq and the current situation," he said

Words of Wisdom from DebTarHeelGirl

 This afternoon, I have been called on the phone, texted, emailed from LOTS of you asking do I believe that the RV could be delayed due to a few folks reportedly causing major issues by calling the Banks, UST or IMF and showing up at banks. 

Just a Word of Wisdom here for ALL OF US to sincerely think about and act upon.
No matter who believes what is now being said about "Dinarian's behavior causing a delay" or that "Banks are greatly concerned over the behavior of Dinarian's", let's just do ourselves a favor:


[..Sambo] got a call from Bulldog - he is traveling and asked me to post this:

I have been contacted by the powers that be, PTB, concerning the CE. I am absolutely super serious about this message, more than I have ever been about anything I have ever shared with you.

Every Dinarian must unequivocally specifically stay away from any bank and it's parking lot! Do not call any bank about the CE. This includes but is not limited to any and all major and or small banks in America and in the world.

Security and quietness is absolutely Paramount at this point and this time on this planet concerning this CE. We are instructed to sit back relax and do absolutely nothing. Make no phone calls or contacts with any banks at this time under any circumstances and if you do not understand this, read this again please until you totally understand this alert.
REPLAY  805-399-1500    409029#


Dinar Recaps will post the Official TNT Notes as soon as they are available.

K-Boom: Tony's call recap- Santa Claus is still coming to our town

Santa is delivering packages to SOME already. The boss got his at the company party last night! Some naughty boys & girls are keeping  Santa from making his stops at all OUR houses.
But Santa will gear up his courage within the next 36 hrs or less and bring all our presents.
Santa and Tony and  DC are troubled by those that lack the mental capacity to handle reality. Santa slowed down the sleigh to gather his security elves. 
Tony feels it's 100% in his heart it is done. Santa  could be here in 5 min. to 5 hrs. or soon as  they decide to do it.
Could something happen in the meantime- always possible, but nothing is holding Santa back at any level (IMF/UST) except for the socially-challenged children.
Pray for Peace on Earth- goodwill toward all.

International Prayer Call Wed. night 7pm est
530-881-1400   406878#
Putting up a house takes a strong structure, you don't build it out of straw and expect it to with stand a bad storm. The same with us our frame with God needs to be built on a strong foundation, praying, praising worshiping, getting into the word. Then comes our faith to hold the house up. We get to the point that we know that we know with out any doubt where our house stands. No storm can break us down then we stand tall, head held up because we know whom our blessings come from period. Join us wont you.

God Bless

Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for your faithfulness in helping folks out while we wait for our blessing

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