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11am December 5th, 2015

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NurseGinger:  REMEMBER:How to keep your money:

 1) Never spend the principle.

2) Never lose the principle.

3) Never spend all of the interest earned.

4) Always plan on taking a fixed percentage of annual earnings and building the principle.

5) Never exceed costs that would economically exceed your earnings of your principle.


Wealthwatch   Friday Chat 12-4-15  

Post From  Chat Room  12-4-15
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chattels: Not Yet Surrounded: Recent Victory Cut Extremist Supply Route, But Mosul Truckers Find A Way Out The Sinjar victory saw the route between Mosul and Raqqa cut. But local truckers have found another way in the desert that extremists are thought to be using too. If this road closes too, Mosul will be fully isolated. 3.12.2015 | Mosul Security chattels:
chattels: Chihod: the targeting of Arab and Turkmen in Kirkuk constituent part of the scheme / Barzani / to achieve the ambitions of expansion 3/12/2015 5:59  chattels:



elmerf123456 Bottom line is we are not concerned about the RV, because we all agree that we are in a fantastic spot. We just need them to do what they need to do, and get it over with   !All Intel and evidence and things that we hear, inside and outside of the intel group, has everyone excited.

Iko Ward:  I know most people watching Forex are focused on the Dinar, but take a look at what the Dong did last night. Dropping 1108 points is akin to the dinar dropping to 1070. Notice how they used to poll in tandem but now are independent. Look at this in light of what Ray announced today and the volatility in the markets and the irratic action of Gold today. Follow the money.

TennWolfMan: $anta is coming and it wont be long $anta is coming and it wont be long

Tizfitz3:  read on recaps today the Federal Researve is having a closed door meeting today at 4pm in Washington Department of Criminals.. Seems odd to me they would have a meeting on a Friday that late in the day... hmmm  Link


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Iko Ward:  France was down 4.23%, now up .02%. Can you say "volatile"? Sure you can.
France back down to -4.72%. Guess they got the memo, the one that says if we don't RV now you in beau coup trouble.

Gold just shot up $20.00 Guess they didn't get the memo, or maybe they did and trying to hedge

Dunner:  IKO... Is that jump larger than usual for gold.

Iko Ward :  Dunner, that spike means a big player just purchased a lot of metal.
Crude is also fluctuating this morning. This volatility is all good for us, folks.

France just bounced back to -.92% Graph starting to look like my grand dads tree saw.

The entire planet's in the red except us, of course. Can you say "manipulation"? Sure you can.

(Thank you FA for sending this to Dinar Recaps.)

The Yuan's Entrance in the SDR Basket of Currencies This is a clip from The Real World of Money that aired live on One Radio Network, December 2, 2015

On November 30th. the IMF announced the Yuan will be part of the SDR basket  beginning October 2016. 
Longtime currency historian, Andrew Gause gives his opinion of how and why this happened and what it means, or doesn't mean for China and the United States currencies.  This is how currency wars play out.

Andrew Gause and the real world of money, sdr basket and the yuan, december 2, 2015

China's Yuan Success Hinges On Reform Despite IMF Move
AFP By Julien Girault
The International Monetary Fund's recognition of China's currency is a step towards encouraging its global use, but banks will remain reluctant to hold yuan unless Beijing pushes deeper financial reforms, analysts say.
The Washington-based institution on Monday welcomed the yuan into its elite reserve currency basket known as "Special Drawing Rights", recognising the ascendance of the Asian power, already the world's second largest economy.