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6pm December 5th, 2015

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Wealthwatch Saturday AM Chat  12-5-15

chattels: In Iraq, organized crime is proliferating in light of lax security measures, a fragile political situation and control by the Islamic State of large swaths of territory. Author Omar al-JaffalPosted December 4, 2015 TranslatorPascale el-Khoury Read more:
Donnie: Iraq Live Update Retweeted 6h6 hours ago #Russia destroyed 170 oil tankers carrying #ISIS oil to #Turkey. The number destroyed by Russia AF so far is 1250 out of 8500 estimated.

BLC Admin Tlm724 News & Comments 12-5-15

Taxes calling on the government to make tax reforms and Kmarkip guesses to achieve non-oil budget 
Author: AHF, MK    Editor: AHF 2015/12/04 23:26   Long-Presse / Baghdad
The General Tax Authority, on Friday, the possibility of achieving guesses placed in non-oil revenue for the budget, as required to achieve a set of tax and customs reforms and obtaining some fees, promised that the tax bases the development of a "national duty".
The head of the tax authority Kazim Ali in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The tax revenue is still modest for the tyranny of oil revenue as well as weak tax bases," noting that obtained taxes usually come from the agricultural and service and the agricultural sector activity, but that these vessels are weak, which was reflected on the tax revenue. "

Elmerf123456:  Sistani makes BIG Announcement Speech

Urgent info!!!!   Sistani says the organization Daash defeat and announces the success of the forty visit

12/5/2015 0 Comments

 Twilight News / top religious authority, said Ali al-Sistani Friday that the organization Daash which occupies large areas of the country will be defeated at the same time announcing the success of the visit forty Imam Hussein in Karbala with the participation of millions of visitors.

This was followed by Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai speech on behalf of al-Sistani in his Friday sermon and said that " Daash will be defeated and shatter because of the steadfastness of the Iraqi people and the security forces." Sistani's representative said that the visit of the forty crowned with great success because of good management and pointed out that the reference offer thanks to the state institutions and the media for their role in the success of the forty-day visit.

Reference renewed its call for the government to immediately engage the private sectors to build infrastructure projects. SOURCE

Midnight Millionday News  12-4-15


Millionday says(11:50 PM):READ LOL
Millionday says(11:51 PM):  d. Acer Yassin    and one of the reasons that the central bank called for the continuous release of editions successive Iraqi coins are to facilitate the calculations and circulation of money and compensation for damaged ones, especially that Iraq lacks the use of credit card and Visa card, such as those that are available in most of the neighboring countries.
Millionday says(11:51 PM):NOTE -- INSURANCE TOO

The below posts were in our 11am newsletter

NurseGinger:  REMEMBER:How to keep your money:

 1) Never spend the principle.

2) Never lose the principle.

3) Never spend all of the interest earned.

4) Always plan on taking a fixed percentage of annual earnings and building the principle.

5) Never exceed costs that would economically exceed your earnings of your principle.


Wealthwatch   Friday Chat 12-4-15  

Post From  Chat Room  12-4-15
News With Links & Discussion
chattels: Not Yet Surrounded: Recent Victory Cut Extremist Supply Route, But Mosul Truckers Find A Way Out The Sinjar victory saw the route between Mosul and Raqqa cut. But local truckers have found another way in the desert that extremists are thought to be using too. If this road closes too, Mosul will be fully isolated. 3.12.2015 | Mosul Security chattels:
chattels: Chihod: the targeting of Arab and Turkmen in Kirkuk constituent part of the scheme / Barzani / to achieve the ambitions of expansion 3/12/2015 5:59  chattels:



elmerf123456 Bottom line is we are not concerned about the RV, because we all agree that we are in a fantastic spot. We just need them to do what they need to do, and get it over with   !All Intel and evidence and things that we hear, inside and outside of the intel group, has everyone excited.

Iko Ward:  I know most people watching Forex are focused on the Dinar, but take a look at what the Dong did last night. Dropping 1108 points is akin to the dinar dropping to 1070. Notice how they used to poll in tandem but now are independent. Look at this in light of what Ray announced today and the volatility in the markets and the irratic action of Gold today. Follow the money.

TennWolfMan: $anta is coming and it wont be long $anta is coming and it wont be long

Tizfitz3:  read on recaps today the Federal Researve is having a closed door meeting today at 4pm in Washington Department of Criminals.. Seems odd to me they would have a meeting on a Friday that late in the day... hmmm  Link