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11am December 6th, 2015

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firefly_ says(The 1st step to the public monetary reform began on the 1st when the CBI changed their rates

_firefly_ says():They told us they would adjust 2 days prior_firefly_ says():And sure enough ...........
Holly1 says to _firefly_():do you know what the rate was in 2008?
larrykn says():I've been thinking for awhile that they would start at the beginning of the year
_firefly_ says to Holly1():Give me a chance to wake up lol
Holly1 says to _firefly_():ok ty .. a reason behind that ???
_firefly_ says to Holly1():I'm still trying to find where I put my java lol
quicktolegit96 says(1:34 PM):so what now....
Holly1 says to _firefly_():well if you cant find it ... I have plenty ... and will share :):D thats the Java I mean
Millionday says():2008?
Millionday says():YES ONE SEC    Millionday says():I HAVE ALL OF IT


Wyomingbill says():Electronic Banking has been ready for weeks, but the people have no money to use or the nohow. until Maliki and Isis is better contained, no R.V.
CanTWaitwoRV says():Religious authority demanded the demonstrators to go to the Green Zone after Thacadhmin the arena of pretending
Friday, December 4, 2015 11:52
CanTWaitwoRV says():Sistani have given orders to hit the green zone to ensure goi gets the message to implement the reforms   CanTWaitwoRV says():to implement all the above
CanTWaitwoRV says():ironic right around the time HOR votes on the budget


Millionday Saturday Newstime 12-5-15  Part 1 of 3


wmawhite says to jd():Do you truly understand exactly what you are waiting on for the IQD to change in value????
tman23 says():WEll Abadi better pull a rabbit out of his arse real soon.......They don't have much more time......LOL
Millionday says(11:21 AM):GOOD TO SEE YOU ALL
Hutch says to Millionday():I was there when the screen went green
Millionday says():LOL
Hutch says to Millionday():I let out a big DANG!



Iko Ward: Getting reliable intel from several major sources we are a go. Keep your currency segregated for tax purposes. Be ready for any moment now, but certainly by tomorrow night.

Iko Ward wrote 2m ago people...listen up...segregate your currency...dinar in one account, dong in another, zim in a THIRD

[sunny] OPEN MIC, 12/05/15, 8:15 pm MST: [Artmeister] Electronic banking is world wide now. Everything is good to go. We should be at the banks by Monday.

DKully:  Art feels that the RV happen tomorrow. Art says all taxes for Gen64 group will be paid by The Chinese.....all groups will be going at the same time [I assume that would be only taxes on Dinar] IKO: I am with Art.



Purifiers:   Last Paragraph: (Full Article Below)

It is normal in this case to become the nominal exchange local currency denominated higher than its market value any higher than its equilibrium, reflecting the possibility of the dinar exchange in the market price moved to a lower level than the level at which settled upon by government intervention and the imposition of decision Aladarei.ok hls to say:

This economic vision strengthened through the big difference between the dollar sale scheduled to price in a market auction Central Bank and its price generated in the free market by supply and demand forces of reaction, since no longer the difference confined to the rank of decimal but exceeded for up to two places decimal places, and so is no longer within the limits or economically acceptable ranges at the international level

and Mahla.alomr other is that private demand for the national currency prevailing market price or the current is less than the total special offer, and that the central bank intervenes in the foreign exchange market to buy the difference in order to support the local currency internationally.

This shows clearly that the Iraqi Central Bank intervenes to artificially create intentional or on the request of the national currency against the Show more foreign currency, so that the quantity purchased from the local currency, which was higher than can be purchased in normal circumstances to sustain high and stable exchange rate.

What am I reading here???   Does it say what I think it's saying???
Anyone???    Purifiers


Post From Dinar Updates By Loopback

Support The Local Currency Strengthens International Role
6/12/2015 0:00    BAGHDAD - Imad emirate
there are economic convinced strong that the decline of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate with a surplus in the balance of payments reflects the fact that the national currency undervalued real value,
so there is an urgent need for action to raise the value of the dinar in the exchange market through direct and constant intervention of the Central Bank Iraq to reduce the sale price of the dollar against the dinar in the currency auction.
This form-oriented basis points in the direction of strengthening the exchange value of the dinar against the dollar, by taking administrative decisions in a row by the monetary authority, this argument completely intact from the point of this analysis Aloguetsada.dmn oriented academic d said.


Post From Currency Chatter 12-5-15

This is from CC member gsjr (gene)  i'm just posting it for him.  Tlar contacted him.  Encouraging read!

Tlar:   Gsjr, you can share this with the CC group if you like. There is a lot of discussion in dinar world about the 2%. Some gurus claim Iraq must maintain 2% spread for 90 days.
None of this applies in this case because Iraq having a program rate (made up rate), and being an article fourteen currency is not under the same rules as an article VIII currency.
They must demonstrate to the IMF that they can control the currency as Old said but they are not required while under fourteen to do this long term. By changing the rate they are now qualified to go to article eight as the rules do not require them to get there and hold for a quarter but rather be there to qualify.


The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

Wealthwatch Saturday AM Chat  12-5-15

chattels: In Iraq, organized crime is proliferating in light of lax security measures, a fragile political situation and control by the Islamic State of large swaths of territory. Author Omar al-JaffalPosted December 4, 2015 TranslatorPascale el-Khoury Read more:
Donnie: Iraq Live Update Retweeted 6h6 hours ago #Russia destroyed 170 oil tankers carrying #ISIS oil to #Turkey. The number destroyed by Russia AF so far is 1250 out of 8500 estimated.

BLC Admin Tlm724 News & Comments 12-5-15

Taxes calling on the government to make tax reforms and Kmarkip guesses to achieve non-oil budget 
Author: AHF, MK    Editor: AHF 2015/12/04 23:26   Long-Presse / Baghdad
The General Tax Authority, on Friday, the possibility of achieving guesses placed in non-oil revenue for the budget, as required to achieve a set of tax and customs reforms and obtaining some fees, promised that the tax bases the development of a "national duty".
The head of the tax authority Kazim Ali in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The tax revenue is still modest for the tyranny of oil revenue as well as weak tax bases," noting that obtained taxes usually come from the agricultural and service and the agricultural sector activity, but that these vessels are weak, which was reflected on the tax revenue. "

Elmerf123456:  Sistani makes BIG Announcement Speech

Urgent info!!!!   Sistani says the organization Daash defeat and announces the success of the forty visit

12/5/2015 0 Comments

 Twilight News / top religious authority, said Ali al-Sistani Friday that the organization Daash which occupies large areas of the country will be defeated at the same time announcing the success of the visit forty Imam Hussein in Karbala with the participation of millions of visitors.

This was followed by Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai speech on behalf of al-Sistani in his Friday sermon and said that " Daash will be defeated and shatter because of the steadfastness of the Iraqi people and the security forces." Sistani's representative said that the visit of the forty crowned with great success because of good management and pointed out that the reference offer thanks to the state institutions and the media for their role in the success of the forty-day visit.

Reference renewed its call for the government to immediately engage the private sectors to build infrastructure projects. SOURCE

Midnight Millionday News  12-4-15


Millionday says(11:50 PM):READ LOL
Millionday says(11:51 PM):  d. Acer Yassin    and one of the reasons that the central bank called for the continuous release of editions successive Iraqi coins are to facilitate the calculations and circulation of money and compensation for damaged ones, especially that Iraq lacks the use of credit card and Visa card, such as those that are available in most of the neighboring countries.
Millionday says(11:51 PM):NOTE -- INSURANCE TOO