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6pm, December 7th, 2013   


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Okay my friends............I have not sent an email concerning our "blessing" in quite sometime but I must inform all of you that this appears to be our time.................the info below is out in many forms and on cnbc and other media...........we have been looking at Iraq only with the WTO,  when we should've been looking at the big picture..............

All these other 160 countries that are in the reset and not in the WTO needed to get in on this whole deal...............the deal was done in Bali yesterday their Saturday other thing in the works was the Volcker rule and it is due to be implemented on Tuesday only formally so will we see this before.

 I honestly think some of the private not 800 # but PRIVATE groups may start before,  but next week will be our BING BAM always I will not give a definite date or a rate but I truly feel after all these years we are HERE...............


Parliament seeks to pass a law the Federation Council during the last legislative term

The most prominent observations ...requires us to accomplish this law during the current parliamentary session and be the Federation Council legislative authority next to the House of Representatives during the legislative season last

First: to provide projects and ideas of rights relating and governorates not organized in a region, to the House of Representatives for the formulation of proposals for laws.


3HB:  First of all I owe everyone here a huge THANK YOU!!!

As you can tell, last night, I needed to vent for me and not only did it help me, but it looks like there are others that needed it as well.

Four big positives came from my post!

1) I found away to get my car back and now can continue to work, etc...

2) upward success PM'd me and gave me everything I need to follow my dreams! Upward, you are a class act and thank you so much!

3) ShawnW thank you buddy. I have always appreciated everything you have shared with us and I'm going to look into that URL you shared!


Overcoming Adversity

It is of great benefit to have something in life which stretches us from time to time -- Makes us reach higher than we thought we could, think deeper than we believed ourselves capable, and stand taller than we imagined possible -- Those times of stretching sometimes move us out of our comfort zones but may cause us to reach for the best that is within us and grow.  Anonymous

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What Is A Safekeeping Receipt Safekeeping is where an asset owner elects to place that asset in the care of an Agent (in custody with a fiduciary), usually a Bank or a Financial Institution and receives an acknowledgement from the caretaker / fiduciary as to their "Safekeeping" of that asset.

The asset owner may elect to have such an acknowledgement sent to a third party.

A fee may be required for these services. The various assets that can be held in such arrangements range from: Shares, Bonds, Real Estate, Titles to properties, Precious Metals, Oil and Natural Reserves, among others. The owner of a SKR may monetize this instrument much like a SBLC, Bond or BG and use these funds as an alternative funding source for projects.

 Some SKR's are issued with an ISIN/SEDOL code and can be verified in the London Stock Exchange - SEDOL screen as well as having the capability of SWIFT Transfers.

The below posts were in our 11am email

7:03 AM From AB (PAM)] We have no idea....we were told yesterday that they were almost finished with them and expected us next...they have kept these bankers and call centers and security on duty ready for us so it must be soon

MWKD wrote this morning at 8:30 a.m. est. Guys I don't know how many times u want to repost this but EVERYONE put THEIR ENERGY and FOCUS toward the elite being DONE


BLUWOLF: I honestly cannot understand why some people think that because the misters from DC and there secret families were pulled in first that the countdown started that specific date.

Well that ain't so, the International Release determines that and where is the news announcement of that having occurred, there are 204 countries revaluing at the same time so lets keep this in perspective and don't you dare take of the heads off the toy soldiers before you place them on the mat.

Being logical is called being wise. Truth is this not so secret tier 1 movement is just that and it in no way should affect the 30 day countdown that should or will start with the International Release period.

We are now on the highest alerts, banks are now ready and they are holding the helm, those that think there important are now being attended and we who are the really important will be exchanging promply,

Washington is excited, my bank sources are excited, no more hands on delays, the extravagances will be out by tonight and some positive words and 800# will be released shortly after. Be blessed Blu
3HB: I am so MAD!

My last and only car was reposed tonight before work. Not sure what I'm going to do.

 I had another car reposed a few months ago.

 My dad just found out he has Alzheimer's and has believed in me this would RV. He has no car and can barely support himself. He has dinars too.

 My Mom just found she has aggressive bone cancer and I cant help her till it RV's. She did not believe in the RV

 I have had two utilities turned off on me in the last month.

 My step daughter's only glasses broke yesterday and now can't see at school.

 I have a couple amazing inventions, but not the capital.

 My beautiful wife is losing faith in me to take care of the family.

 So why am I so mad??? Because I am mad at ME and only ME!

Millionday News 12/6/13

    [millionday] here we go  this is so interesting we are going to have to take a minute to think about it after we read it

    [millionday] The US on Friday extended its congratulations to Jordan for its replacement of Saudi Arabia on a rotating seat of the UN Security Council for 2014 to 2015.

"The US deeply values our long history of cooperation and friendship with Jordan, and we look forward to a strong and productive partnership to address issues fundamental to the maintenance of international peace and security," said State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf.

On whether the US had a preference for a Saudi seat, Harf said, "I think each country brings its own benefits to the Security Council. We have really good relationships with both.

Timeline: Life and Times of Nelson Mandela,   The Liberator

   Video: Nelson Mandela's Life Story and Timeline of His Life and Times

Posted by Stephen Cook
From the Golden Age of Gaia..

The 13-minute video of Mandela's life was produced by the Nelson Mandela Foundation.    {Video at end of timeline}
    [millionday] Collect experts in economic affairs programs to be fully forthcoming election economic and not political programs or parties rely on different nationalities and religions, stressing the need to activate the role of the private sector in the promotion of the country's economy.

The head of the Association of Industrial assembly Abdul Hassan Shammari (citizen) "All the political blocs on the upcoming parliamentary elections and the dependence of economic programs aimed at activating the role of the private sector and not political programs in order to determine the fate of the voters over the next four years.

 Shammari explained that "the private sector depends on the trade and that the Iraqi budget must be by a high proportion of the Iraqi economy and Iraqi industry and agriculture, should not be the only consumer Habo We must be people of a product."

  Millionday Roundtable 12/6/13

    [millionday] this was sent to me

    [millionday] National Bank of Iraq announced today via the market that it will begin the IPO shares offered amount (98 billion), as of Monday, 09/12/2013, at the main branch of the Bank of the Gulf, and in implementation of the decision of the general meeting held on October 23, 2013 to increase the company's capital from (152) billion to 250 billion, according to Article (55 / I) of the Companies Act

    [millionday] The National Bank of Iraq is a publically traded private bank and a member of Capital Bank Jordan Group.
Through an extensive branch network that includes Baghdad, Basra and Erbil, we work directly with Capital Bank Jordan to offer superior banking solutions for distinguished customers in the inter-linked markets of Iraq and Jordan.  --  brb with more smile


Jenni36: MY RUMOR:   A friend that my daughter works with came up to her at work today, He told her that he got a call from his NY banker (whom he has known for years) the banker told him that his investment has come thru and that they are taking the big wigs first. And we are just waiting for it to trickle down to us. My daughter said that he was shaking because he was so excited. Kinda what Tony has been saying! Thank You TNT Dinar.

Gnosis:  From all intel, rumtel and actual confirmed information that I have received since around 3 AM we have, we are now crossing the finish line. I believe as of this moment things are happening to bring us to a "going to the bank mode". Loechin, 11/7/13

[hoosierbigbucks] hello room, IMO this was Tony's best call ever. Because as a former banker I can relate to the reason for the delay. it is real and legitimate, I feel the other reasons in the past were more like excuses, ego's, 3 letter agencies, the "system", and not acting correctly while going to the bank. Banks have high level customers...they are called "preferred customers" and they have special privileges....and in the dinarland we have tier one dinarians....politicans, whales, etc. and like the bank, they also have special privileges. Our turn is next and it should be very all hang in there.

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