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Big results require big ambitions

We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.
Arthur C. Clarke

Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.
Johann Gottfried Von Herder

Believe with all of your heart that you will do what you were made to do.
Orison Swett Marden

Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.
Leon J. Suenes

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
Henry David Thoreau


12-8-12 SWFloridaGuy: Regarding Chapter VII & Iraq's Reconstruction. The U.S. plays a vital role in the reconstruction. I believe this will always be in Iraq's hands though (in part) because any large currency appreciation shock depends upon stability and faith that they can maintain long-term stability.

However, that's not to discount that other powerful entities and countries like the US that continue to exert their influence. I'm just saying that for this to work the conditions must be ripe to ensure the success of the project.

To give an example of the influence the U.S. has in Iraq, part of the agreement between the U.S. and Iraq on the withdrawal process agreement was for the United States to aide in Iraq's economic reconstruction.

This cooperation is based on full respect for the sovereignty of each of them in accordance with the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter; Out of a desire to reach a common understanding that strengthens cooperation between them.





[prissynell] WCW is there any kind of chance for this weekend

 [WCW] im hearing a good chance

 [sananddan24] WCW if we get a rate tonight will it be possible to cash some out at travelex on tomorrow?

 [Bear'sOpenHeart] WCW A lot of People talking good things and coming out of the woodwork.

[WCW] sananddan24 anything is possible but the rate might not be live till sunday evening

[findmoney] Im not buying into the hype that were done on this deal.

Rocky49] findmoney I do not think any of us are 100% sold that this is it. We have been down this road too many times. We are hopeful, cautious, but hopeful.

 [bubbles1] WCW are you really confident about this happening this time


Dr. Dinar 12/07/2012 6:10pm
The main difference between this Christmas and the previous three Christmas', the difference that all of these nay sayin' non believers fail to take in to consideration is just how much has been and is being spoon fed to the general public through our lame stream media.

Can you say "Fiscal Cliff" without getting a headache? Me either. It's being pumped out to the masses by the wheelbarrow full, all in an attempt to escalate the feeling that there's a huge problem with the 'system' world wide (which of course most are fully aware of) and that we need a 'fix' and we need it now!

This wasn't the case even two, let alone three years ago. The public wasn't even aware anything was really going on but now they are. This 'setting the stage' so to speak, mainly to introduce the 'solution' to everyones problems, is basically a new aspect of this ordeal. The Global Reset, the 'fix it all' is truly being made well known. By the time a 'solution' is announced, the public will be welcoming it with open arms as opposed to fighting against it and asking why. The actual 'workings' of it will more than likely never be known but they don't need to be. There only needs to be a bit of warning and time for mental preparation and then boomski, let 'er rip!

So to those that say this is just another Friday and just like last Christmas and the Christmas before, I seriously beg to differ. I'm not saying we're 'there' yet but IMO we're closer than ever and they without a doubt are surely working hard to set the stage for a huge unveiling. Go CE/RI/RV!


 [2012jesus] just me think iiiiiiiiiiits all done back in april ,they just needed time for reset

 [musiccitylady] 2012jesus reset before 2013?

[KajunRedBull] 2012jesus so do I..refering to what I said about more time, to me it looks like all of this is on come kind of timing pattern...I could definately be wrong though.

randaree] I appreciate all the people that bring news and information to the sites be it right or rumor because I know nothing on my own and that is why I am here to hear others opinions.

 [KajunRedBull] musiccitylady I cannot speak for anyone else but I am convinced before Christmas...

 [2012jesus] KajunRedBull yes and now thru the jan 1st ,,just me

 [mbillions] KajunRedBull I will take it before Christmas... grin :cadeau07:

 [WCW] it sounds like to me that it just happened and we will know sunday

[trooperb] WCW. Do u believe. It????

[mkay] WCW well that sounds great!

The below posts were in our 6pm email

Yota691: "2013 will see the end of the rule of Maliki." I'm step out and say it will Happen, after this ride is over. Any kind of change in Management at this point would stop the Reset, and that seems more Important to these folks at this time, and it would make the O administration look even more defunct, if you get my drift!! JMO

Easyrider: The UN and others can threaten Maliki with Chapter 7 release that way he is forced to get things done along with the HCL. I believe they go hand and hand Maliki eventually will nave no choice, without them being released they will NOT prosper and Maliki's power will be threatened and void sooner or later.

WallyWeaver: It was Iraq who is most responsible for changing their currency, the UN/ US sanctions probably had little to do with effecting the value of the IQD other than the sanctions caused Saddam to print an excessive amount. My understanding is the IQD lost its international value in 1995 when Saddam printed the heck out of it. This caused the internationally recognized exchange rate to drop to 3000:1 (even though in-country the exchange rate was recognized as much, much higher).

In 2003-2004, when the new bills (the ones we hold now) were introduced, the internationally recognized exchange rate was virtually the same as the old Saddam notes in 1995 (right around 3500:1 with the USD). So the exchange rate did not drop when we invaded, it had already been pretty low for several years.

Three years ago, a little boy and his grandmother came to see Santa at the McAllister Mall in Saint John. The child climbed up on his lap, holding a picture of a little girl.

Who is this?" asked Santa, smiling. "Your friend?

"Yes, Santa,' he replied. "My sister, Sarah, who is very sick," he said sadly.

Santa glanced over at the grandmother who was waiting nearby, and saw her dabbing her eyes with a tissue. "She wanted to come with me to see you, oh, so very much, Santa!" the child exclaimed. "She misses you," he added softly.

Santa tried to be cheerful and encouraged a smile to the boy's face, asking him what he wanted Santa to bring him for Christmas.

When they finished their visit, the Grandmother came over to help the child off his lap, and started to say something to Santa, but halted.

"What is it?" Santa asked warmly.

"Well, I know it's really too much to ask you, Santa, but.." the old woman began, shooing her grandson over to one of Santa's elves to collect the little gift which Santa gave all his young visitors.

"The girl in the photograph... my granddaughter well, you see ... she has leukemia and isn't expected to make it even through the holidays," she said through tear-filled eyes. "Is there any way, Santa, any possible way that you could come see Sarah? That's all she's asked for, for Christmas, is to see Santa."
Read More

12-7-12 Footforward: I think there is growing number of people trying to get things moving in a positive direction. In June of last year, Shabibi said on TV they were going to RV.

So one of two things happened. Either Iraq did everything they needed to do, had everything completely ready to go & someone higher up stopped them from going through with the RV or Shabibi is an idiot and they really didn't have everything completed.

He was just going on TV and saying this stuff for the heck of it. I just don't happen to believe the latter.

Maliki has continuously gone to the UN to asked to be released from Chapter 7. They have a check list, why would he go to the UN if things haven't been done. The IMF has to approve if you have a free or a managed float. The word is "suddenly", it's going to come in at a high level and have a managed float slapped on it right away.

There isn't one event set in stone that can't be moved signaling the RV has to happen at a particular time. Iraq needs this, the world needs this. I am still looking for this to go at anytime.

12-7-12 Bronzestar77: Yes, I would turn your phones off. Until the HCL is completed YOU WILL NOT HAVE A RV. My source has been dead on thru this whole process. China will not step up one cent until they know what hand they are deal

12-7-12 Mountainman: President Talabani, in a recent statement, said he expects Iraq to be out of Chapter 7 and that the Baghdad/Erbil crisis will be over soon. These are great signs Iraq is on the fast-track to recovery and it can't come soon enough in my book.

11:13AM EST December 7. 2012 - The Federal Aviation Administration is lifting a 16-year-ban on U.S. commercial airlines flying into Iraq.

In a final rule published in the Federal Register on Thursday, the FAA said that starting in January, U.S. carriers can fly into Erbil and Sulaymaniyah International Airports in northern Iraq.

"The FAA has recently determined that a full flight prohibition is no longer necessary for these airports in Northern Iraq, and this action will allow flights to be conducted provided that certain measures are taken," the FAA said in its notice.



Read More

[Blaino] standby::::::::::::::::::: possible major breaking news!!!!!! Information in a few minutes! pandaexpress and texastom(okie's smarter brother) are on this as we READ.... in the EVENT.... We will go to the phones to illuminate the facts for all!!

[Blaino] iqd "MAY"..... "may" now be tradeable.... We are on top of that issue NOW.... Hope this is not "SMOKE".... no price changes so FAR... $3.22 (iqd) and $.29 (vnd) showing and with a ust HOLD.... In the executive end of the foreign currency div of a MAJOR BANK.

Blaino] ok, we attempted a trade where the rates are showing, no joy YET... We are also hearing from the pandaexpress that "they" say that this is the NIGHT.... I cannot yet say whether we are building this house on sand or STONE... But as soon as the foundations of this are examined, i'll be back! Again, we are making a diligent effort to bring the truth and nothing but the TRUTH..... "just the facts, mam!" i had due cause to elevate us back to dinaricon level 5 the other day and this days movements are evidence of the SAME....

Do not make any permanent decisions about your future or the like at this time, do not quit your job, etc. On this news as it now stands... However, know that running bthe emotional roller coaster is not our idea of a joke, and we, like you have a lot at stake both emotionally and figuratively.... So continue to be the best members that any site ever had, reward yourselves for fortitude and consistincy! More as we develop it
Read More

(Dinar Recaps Note: This is an excellent recording with Poppy3 talking about what you can do now Pre-RV about hiring the professionals you are going to need Post-RV.)

Streaming Updates Call

Dec 7 with BGG and Poppy3
43 Minutes

(in email, click title for Audio Player)

The IQD Team with Special Guest LJ from LJ's Next Step Team
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Thursday, December 6, 2012
Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay - December 6, 2012
760-569-7699 Pin 769478#

Another Great Round Table Discussion with Straight Talkin Mike and LJ from LJ's Next Step Team - Listen to the replay in its entirety for all the latest CBI, Economy and Government News from Iraq - ANOTHER GREAT CALL. Enjoy

The I.Q.D. Team's News Coverage
for Thursday - December 6, 2012


Five MPs and ministers involved in the issue of central bank

Parliamentary: Shabibi hides a lot and arrested his deputy legal

Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq denies knowledge of the issuance of a warrant for his arrest

The implications of the crisis the central bank positive on the banking sector to correct orientations

Central Bank announces Trath draft deletion of zeros at the request of the Parliament
Read More

[Stitch] I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands. One nation, UNDER GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!! God Bless our troops and all who serve... God Bless the USA!!:

[redhead1] Who thinks Terry K was right?

[mailboxmoney] I dont care who is right

[sananddan24] Redhead1 about which statement?

[heyu288] redhead1 I said he was right about no rv last night

[jack1977] could he be right today? lets hope so

[redhead1] heyu288 - I hope he is right about tonight - and seeing it on the Forex at 5 pm on Sunday - cash out on Tuesday - that would be great - I notice none of the gurus have met the predicition of the pp packages being delivered

[mbd4049] heyu288 IMHO it could be here by the 17th because O said he was on vacation for three weeks in Hawaii -- oh plz -- and he also said we have nothing to worry about, what???????????
Read More

Bluedog says:

Keep in mind that there is a News Blackout........WHAT DOES THAT MEAN.........means that anything put out will be censored by the GOI and know that NO News Papers or raqi TV will stop Broadcasting and printing this point the GOI will not tell you when they will RV their currency that would be suicide for I laugh so hard when reading any article that deals with their currency .........relax and enjoy your investment it will be a Great New Year.......................just as the Tigris military situation its always good to practice and to do maneuvers and this is a GREAT time to do this to put confusion in the Maliki wants to take oil funds from the people..............LOL LOL too funny ......

Remember "Moon", from the U.N. is in iraq right now.... focusing on chapter 7...... NOT focusing on Kurdish and central government problems.... that should be number one.... so..... that should indicate to you that the problems with Kurdistan is all for show and distraction.... as far as the CBI putting the RV on hold from 5 different articles today.... that's as big a hoax as the Kurdish forces and the Iraqi forces coming together in the disputed areas in Kurdistan..... when the US forces were there, this was all finished and agreed upon..... or the US would have never pulled out.... but remember the US has 20 PLUS thousand troops back into Iraq. They wear "different" uniforms now.... they are there for a different purpose now.... I would have never paid at the theatre to watch this show if I was not an investor in the IQD. .... Look forward to having a Happy New Year.... AND I mean HAPPY...... see below article... what a change... and I Mean HAPPY.... they will MISLEAD you and tell you that it will be in 2014!!!! And that should make you VERY HAPPY!! They will mislead us..... when the RV is close and UPON us!!! The article below has Barzani and Maliki changing their views.... and getting along all of a sudden.... Kuwait acts as though there is no crisis in Iraq.... hint... hint!

Moon acts as though there is NO crisis in Iraq... hint hint!
Read More

The below posts shaded in green
are on our Iraqi News page

Parliamentary Finance: The arrival of the delegation from the United Nations to investigate the issue of central bank
2012-12-07 3:10 p.m.

BAGHDAD / electronic integrity: Revealed the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on the arrival of a delegation from the United Nations to Baghdad, to investigate corruption files in the central bank.

A member of the Finance Committee Iraqi List MP Hassan Auzmn in a press statement that a delegation from the United Nations arrived in Baghdad during the past two days, adding that the delegation includes experts to investigate the cause of the central bank and corrupt files raised him, noting: that the delegation demanded the Iraqi government by providing names of involved corruption in the bank, and this has become the issue of an international bank.

The Auzmn said: UN has the right to intervene in this case, for two reasons, first: that Iraq is still under Chapter VII. Second: Iraq from the participating countries to sign the International Convention for the fight against money laundering.
Party member Talabani: Iraq under Chapter VII nor the federal government can declare war on the region
Friday, 07 December 2012 11:02

Baghdad : Stressed Ismail thanked member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan led by President Jalal Talabani that Iraq under Chapter VII can not be his government's federal declaration of war on the region or any province and the use of weapons ", expected to resolve the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil during these days after moves by President Jalal Talabani with the heads of political blocs.

He told all of Iraq [where] today that "meetings with President Jalal Talabani with the heads of political blocs came from in order to find the best solutions to the crisis between the Federal Government and the Kurdistan region and maintaining Iraqi sovereignty."

He thanked "all political parties realize that the internal fighting is not in the interest of Iraq and the government at the present time, because some of the parties are always playing in the murky water and the movement to change the system and thus corrupting the country."
Read More
Talabani and Nujaifi emphasize the need to dismantle the current crisis and the adoption of hard work
Friday, 07 December 2012 09:34

Baghdad : Said President Jalal Talabani and the House of Representatives Osama Najafi need to dismantle the current crisis faced by the country and the adoption of hard work for the maintenance of the national fabric of Iraq and the unity of all its components and restore confidence between the political parties and the creation of a shared vision among them.

The presidential statement said the agency received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "Talabani received in Baghdad yesterday evening Najafi was identical views on pursuing in order to resolve the outstanding problems."

For his part, The President of the Council of Representatives, according to the statement "appreciation for the efforts of national Talabani to promote national cohesion and overcome the obstacles in front of the start of constructive political dialogues, also highly appreciated the statement made by the His Excellency the Iraqi people in order to calm the situation."
Read More
A member of the Parliamentary Integrity denies the issuance of an arrest warrant against the deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed
12/07/2012 9:48 am

Denied a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee issued an arrest warrant against the deputy governor of the central bank in a corruption case related to the bank.

Said committee member Jawad Alshahyla in a press statement, that "reported by some media regarding the issuance of an arrest warrant against the deputy central bank governor [appearance of Mohammed Saleh] for his involvement operations corruption in the bank is inaccurate information, and there is no new names relating to the case."

He added that "the biggest surprise is the arrest of small heads involved in the case and leave the big ones."

The House of Representatives form a parliamentary committee headed by First Deputy President of the Council Qusay al-Suhail to investigate the process of money laundering and corruption operations in the Central Bank.
Read More
Terminal: Must adopt financial budgets hard on the economy and diversified oil alone
12/07/2012 9:25 am

MP criticized the citizen Habib Terminal block adoption of the financial budget of the country on the mono-economy and volatile.

Terminal said in a press statement on Friday "it is wrong to build financial budgets on oil imports alone because the price of oil is controlled by global trading and prices fluctuated between now and then."

He added that he "can not be mortgaging the future of Iraq and bread vendor economic variable because that leads to a major economic disaster especially with Iraq's possession of many of the economic resources suitable for exploitation and dependence in addition to oil."
Read More
Document: Ten banks accusing civil acquired accounted for 81% of the central bank auction sales
December 7 2012

BAGHDAD (Iba) : Raised the issue of the Central Bank of Iraq a lot of questions about the nature of the banking system in Iraq and currency smuggling, money laundering and other crises and problems that have been circulating through the media for months.

If the things that put in the media is still cloudy on abuses that touched investigative committees on the subject of currency auction that case is still in the corridors of the judiciary, which achieves, revealed an official document high sensitivity that ten banks belonging to the private sector dominated the auction CBI duration 8 months begin in early 2012 until August 31, 2012.

The document showed that seen by the independent press (Iba) that the Bank of the Middle East was in first place as they accounted for an amount of $ 2,701,095 two billion, seven hundred and one million and 95 dollars.

The United Bank for Investment came in second in the amount of 2387242 two billion and three hundred and eighty seven million and 242 dollars.
Read More
Banker: Political impasse threatening the migration of the dinar to the outside and its decline against the dollar
3:46 am December 7, 2012 by

BAGHDAD (Iba) : Instructed the Director of the Association of private banks Abdul Aziz Hassoun, decline in the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar to bring the deteriorating security and political and currency auction continues to use the old mechanisms to raise sales and mechanical supply and demand.

He said Hassoun told the independent press (Iba) "The worsening political events in the country pay most of the citizens to transfer money abroad in dollars to migrate to a country more secure and stable, making demand for the dollar is increasing dramatically and at least display and thus increase its exchange rate against the dinar Iraqi.
Read More
US to Maliki: Kurdistan is significant and the region cannot bear more struggles
December 7, 2012

BAGHDAD: Baghdad-Erbil crisis was on the top agenda during American deputy's meeting with the prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, a diplomatic source reported.

A diplomatic source said that the American deputy reported Maliki that "it is necessary to make a decision aimed at easing the tension between Baghdad and Erbil".

The source went on saying "the meeting was hold between the American defense minister, deputy US-State department and the Iraqi Premier Nuri al-Maliki, several issues were discussed during the meetings, mainly the tension between Erbil and Baghdad"

The source added that the deputy told Maliki "it is necessary to choose a way aimed at easing tensions because the region cannot bear more struggles".

A statement released by US-embassy in Baghdad stated that the two sides discussed the regional dangerous threats including the situation in Syria, American officials expressed their commitment to work on guaranteeing Iraq will enjoy its ability on security and defense which will be on the best joint interests of the two countries.
Deputy: Central Bank demands to achieve a balance between supply and demand for the dollar to maintain the value of the dinar and the reduction of money laundering
07/12/2012 09:27:48 Friday

Baghdad (news) : A member of the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Abdulhussain Yasiri, for the commission of Directors of the Central Bank of the previous three irregularities that led to money laundering, calling for the realization of the principle of balance between supply and demand for dollars to maintain the rate of the dinar and to prevent money laundering.

Yasiri said (of the Agency news): The management of the Central Bank earlier committed three violations of the law including the transfer of funds from hard currency to import goods and fake, not third parties provide arrived Accounting tax by people who have contributed to the transfer of money (traders) to the outside, as a result of the interest derived from dollar selling abroad.
Read More

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