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10pam, February 1st, 2012  


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Three Cloud Theory & Dinar Investment - Post By MRP 3S's Intel
Poppy3 Chat - Post By Mona Lisa Dinar Updates
Jonnywg 3S's Intel Chat - Post By MRP
Bulldog75 Q and A Post By Lexie OOM Forum
Kaperoni Chat @ 9pm CST DinarAlert Chat Room - "The CBI's Dilemma"
The below posts were in our 10pm email
Bluwolf Chat - Post By jana G.E.T. Forum
Gmansaid BOA Info Update - Post By Shybaby PTR Forum
Dan (Checkmate) Update Post Rana PTR Forum
Cap1 Chat - Post By Highhopes PTR Forum
Bondlady Chat - Post By Dogsnova Bond Ladys Corner
DinarWishes 3S's Intel Chat Post By Asells
KDW Chat - Post By Highhopes PTR Forum
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Some persons are exaggerators by temperament -- They do not mean untruth, but their feelings are strong, and their imaginations vivid, so that their statements are largely discounted by those of calm judgment and cooler temperament  -- They do not realize that "we always weaken what we exaggerate"  Tryon Edwards

Exaggeration is a blood relation to falsehood, and nearly as blameable -- H Ballou

Exaggeration as to rhetoric, is using a vast force to lift a feather; as to morals and character, it is using falsehood to lift one's self out of the confidence of his fellowmen -- Paget

There are some persons who would not for their lives tell a direct and willful lie, but who so exaggerate that it seems as if for their lives they could not tell the exact truth -- Paget

Never speak by superlatives; for in so doing you will be likely to would either truth or prudence -- Exaggeration is neither thoughtful, wise, nor safe -- It is a proof of the weakness of the understanding, or the want of discernment of him that utters it, so that even when he speaks the truth, he soon finds it is received with partial, or even utter unbelief -- Hume

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Three Cloud Theory & Dinar Investment - Post By MRP 3S's Intel
Good morning! Since I'm a fairly successful blogger and have really learned a lot from the dinar investment, I thought I would share some of what I have discovered. 

Please remember that I am a helping person, an ordained non-denominational minister, so my standard for conversation might be different than yours. But, I think if we respect each other and allow for different lenses or viewpoints, we might have a great discussion. 

I once worked with an organizational management expert in the social work arena. He boiled down organizational management into something he called, The Three Cloud Theory. 

In the Three Cloud Theory, a client can have two of three needs met. These needs are:

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Poppy3 Chat - Post By Mona Lisa Dinar Updates

12:26 PM [Poppy3] guys i am going to repeat this one more time because i truly think it is extremely important. 

Dr shabibi is in a very demanding situation. He holds the key to global currencies in his hands and if he were to release the rv to soon and then say in the next couple months the goi fail in iraq and civil war start etc.

Folks countries around the world would collapse and currencies globally would be effected very negative. The dr wants to know that iraq will continue to move forward to become a solid well managed country like kuwait. Etc. Poppy3

12:31 PM [OfCourse13] Poppy3 All that makes perfect sense. Do you have an idea of how long Dr. S wants to see stability before he'd feel comfortable doing the RV?

12:38 PM [Poppy3] he is actually protecting us and many other countries. I think when they start working together and show some stability he will turn the rv loose. Poppy3

 1:01 PM [Poppy3] OfCourse13 now ask yourself how could anyone answer that question ?? There are several things other than this that will influence his decision i am sure such as inflation and payments due to contractors like the orders for the ships they have contracted and or the aircraft etc. 
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Jonnywg 3S's Intel Chat - Post By MRP
[jonnywg] Jeepgirl well the first thing is that we got all of the paper work
and politicians out of the way........ please do not ask.... this clears the way for the rates to show..........
.if it means   anything i have booked a flight to texas for Thursday................
takin my two green garbage bags of dinar with me....................................
and heading to the banks friday............. if i am too early i will wait in the parking lot

[sln1987] jonnywg Soonerfan has been pretty adamant about Wednesday night, is
everyone in agreement at this point? Just yes or no will work

[jonnywg] sln1987 sln1987 maybe..............

[sfmhi] jonnywg are you saying that the banks are all geared for RV or RI by Friday? TY
[jonnywg] sfmhi they may be geared for tomorrow
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Bulldog75 Q and A Post By Lexie OOM Forum
1.)kouma1935 to Bulldog75: to Bulldog.....Do we have to wait till the GOI is seated before we can have an RV?


2.)PiratesMom to dinarmama7: Mr Bulldog...are we about to have a TUESDAY NIGHT LIVE parteee???


3.) mvg1222 to Bulldog75: Are we cashing in this week iyho?


4.)JOHNNYcashin to Bulldog75: Hello Bulldog..just want to thank you for always coming in for us and all your hard work and honesty.

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Kaperoni Chat @ 9pm CST DinarAlert Chat Room - "The CBI's Dilemma"
Tonight's chat is a "where we at chat?" I felt with all the recent CBI articles, I should discuss this, and as well bring out some recent articles to show you the timeline. Show you the frustration. Wer'e calling this chat..."The CBI's dilemma"

kaperoni: First article...

kaperoni: Central Bank of Iraq announced its readiness to delete the zeros of the new currency and the introduction of the bilingual Kurdish and Arab - 2011/09/23

kaperoni: Quote...

kaperoni: "Salih stressed that the project to delete the zeros have been completed and will be presented to the Bank's management during its next meeting, and then will be submitted to the Council of Ministers to be presented to parliament for a vote."

kaperoni: You see this article is from Sept 23rd. They are saying on this date again, they are ready. That the project or working papers will be discussed by the bank, then the Council of Ministers, and then Parliament for a vote. They are giving us the procedure here. The process.

kaperoni: Now the next article from January 2012...

kaperoni: Parliamentary Finance announces the end of the first phase of the project to delete the zeros from the currency - Saturday, 07 January 2012

kaperoni: Quote...

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The below posts were in our 10pm email
Bluwolf Chat - Post By jana G.E.T. Forum
Bluwolf chat 6:17 pm est 1/31/12 � on: Tuesday at 06:36:38 PM �

 Bluwolf chat 6:17 pm est 1/31/12
[bluwolf] good evening
[bluwolf] is everybody a sleep
[bluwolf] just came in to say hi and inform you that not much has been said today
[rgone] bluwolf Welcome Blu!

[Agent 007] bluwolf hello
[bluwolf] but we are looking good at this time
[bluwolf] hello
[bluwolf] the rate will be a high one

[CelticCharm] bluwolf hello
[gf1hawk] bluwolf Hello, and welcome
[bluwolf] so be at ease
[Agent 007] bluwolf thank you

[bluwolf] as soon as some new info comes in I will be glad to inform you
[Agent 007] bluwolf thanks
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Gmansaid BOA Info Update - Post By Shybaby PTR Forum
[gmansaid] TrishD Bank information update:

I have read the memo and basically B of A has invested 1.3 milion hours in technology development and testing to achieve the power of one consistent platform.

Nearly 500,000 training hours to build employee proficiency to take care of their customers and clients. B of A has revamped their system to be customer-driven.

Basically they are gearing up for lot's of wealthy clientel to have a first-class banking experience. The memo required madatory confirmation of readership, so everyone who works for the bank has to acknowlege that it was read. 

This new transformation was "launched"....TODAY. It has the appearance that they are gearing up for a bunch of new wealthy clientel. I do not neccesarily think this IS the transition to Basel III but it is exciting to see that they are prepairing for massive changes, IMHO. All of this can be regarded as good news

Dan (Checkmate) Update Post Rana PTR Forum
[LoveJoy]**::::: Just got off phone with Dan (checkmate)who just got off call with Gary & the guys ARE getting some good information however if they did a call it would be similar to 1PM call yesterday. 

They are still confirming things and cautiously optimistic. There are some rumors out there and they are aware of them and will address where we are on tomorrow's call if things don't happen tonight.

As far as the promised Foreclosure call, the guy that Dan was going to do it with was not available. Dan is still planning on that call when the guy becomes available. The second Real Estate call will be recorded for the Bull soon also. Be encouraged and be thinking post RV and keep educating yourself :::::::::***** 

Cap1 Chat - Post By Highhopes PTR Forum
[..cap1] nancee10 - i have heard that from 4 seperate people today, so to me, we are still in the timeline from what we heard last night.

 [ram1] ..cap1 if i may ask when is your cc?8:00

 [..cap1] hotwheels - i did. Lower denoms both in coin and paper have already been distributedto banks as well as merchants in anticipatioin of the rv.

 [..cap1] mimi48 - yes, just when you think it won't SHOW........BAM!!! 

[..cap1] keiji - yes. A little higher. But remember, the rates can change to the "live" rate within 30 seconds of it going live as well

Bondlady Chat - Post By Dogsnova Bond Ladys Corner
Very Long Read but good !
[BondLady] i was tryin to find a post i did on the 29th
[BondLady] but ill just show the article and the link to the actual article
BondLady] but it says cbi will set the exchange rate

[BondLady] its to stop all the harm syria an iran is doin
[BondLady] to the currency an the reserves

[BondLady] but some things get missed
[BondLady] an diff translations also

[BondLady] ill show u 1 trans lation then the other

[BondLady] Parliament: the central bank faces the problem of smuggling hard currency to Iran 29/01/2012 8:54 Baghdad / Orr News 

A commission of economy and investment representative for the Iraqi Central Bank to take a new financial measures in the coming days to curb the smuggling of hard currency.
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DinarWishes 3S's Intel Chat Post By Asells
[Asells] [DinarWishes] OK Guys here is what is going on..... We are Waiting for it....

It could happen anytime from what I hear and things are having to take its course because of certain events that have taken place over the past 48 hours or so...

I will tell you all I have a great feeling about the next 2-3 days... Maybe Sooner... But, some things have to open on their own terms....

I really cant go into much detail... the Possibility for this to be an RI or an RV is still in play... I dont have enough Intel to say either way... But, Things are happening and Moving... 

So, sit back relax and enjoy the peace you have at this time cause we are about to have to bring the tray tables up and Chairs in an upright position and get ready to get off this ride..... Very Soon!!! 

. [DinarWishes] Guys it could happen in the next 10 min... but, I have never been one to say this hour of this day.... I have heard all sorts of things today and even heard

" Well we were exspecting this by this time but we have to wait for it" and that was from a great source.... So Chillax a bit and Im not saying it will take that long but Im not in control... If you dont like the Intel then feel free not to read it....

KDW Chat - Post By Highhopes PTR Forum
Posted Tuesday, 07:08 PM

OK I just found out that KWD is an attorney and went to law school with the Lawyer in Iraq that hes talking to a lot. i like it!!!

[KDW] here is what im hearing from across the pond it has rv ed and rates can go in any time ...Me saying this, i think what he is that is all on all on paper and rates are loaded and can go any time

[KDW] it did rv before 3 pm cst

[blessing] KDW are you saying they already RV"d where your friend is at and we will wait until the banks close? Did I get that right? Thanks

[KDW] im hearing that rates might not show up till banks close in the usa tonight

[KDW] And smells like money to ME blessing


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