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10am January 1st, 2016

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I can't wait for the day that markets aka stock, currency, nasdaq, nyse, etc become a thing of the past.

When macro economics isn't in our vocabulary and banks are savings and loans.
Stock markets are illegal to begin with and the banking system is just as corrupt.

I just previewed CNBC and markets are wobbly to say the least. It is a cat and mouse game. With last week's negative interest rate with Japan and the US playing it's last hand, the final downfall will happen.

If Japan has become a member of AIIB then they have protected themselves and not the other way around.

We will get our RV now because it is predestined to happen before the NEW YEAR but the final hand will be played out by the masters of tricks and illusions. The warnings have been made. Now it is their day of Destruction.

Knowing what we know, it will be funny but sad to see the FALL OF THE USCORP.

As the truth is revealed the USA will arise once again from the ashes and become  a shining star. Look at our flag, how many stars do you see?  Enough to make us stand out from any other country.

Let us wave "Old Glory" proudly again.



Platinumrunway::  Everyone is in waiting state. Banks were ready Sat, from what i can assume with what my bankers are saying ...highly expecting by Wed.

There is a system so my guess is a time when we dont expect it, then it will be released.

When people put a date on it, I've learned not to expect it that day.

Trust me I'm not looking for anything tonight

Too many are pumping tonight and this is just my take, if tonight too many bad guys are still watching the boards looking for opportunity to mess it up for everyone.

Noone will know the date or time.

Info is starting to trickle down the ranks in banking sectors, some employees are walking out weekly, and not looking back.

No real intel ...just expecting ...banks ready ...a lot took place last night and today


Dinar Updates Sunday Member Chat 1-31-16   Part 2 of 2

Hutch says to buck():   Correct.... Exchanging dollars for dinar and vs versa. The same as the other banks. That doesnt mean that theyre going international.
buck says():   well i read the foriegn currency....
buck says():   did not say it was limited to only one kind lol
Hutch says to buck():   Its saying that Warka will be able to conduct business the same as other banks there. Where they had not been allowed to.
kevin311312 says():   is the news doctor coming in tonight
buck says():   well i get ya.... but it has to be but a step away if they can buy and sell foriegn curency...thanks...
Hutch says to buck():   I think that we a very close
buck says():   thanks, i guess i just worded it to optimistically lol
bigrudy says():   Any call today?
Hutch says to buck():   Optimistic is a good thing ! :P


Dinar Updates Sunday Member Chat 1-31-16   Part 1 of 2

plowboy says to Savannah    I went to bed early last night, so I'm rested and ready to RV
Savannah says to plowboy():   excellent
Savannah says to plowboy():   did you bring it with you? lol
plowboy says to Savannah():   actually, I think I'd be ready to RV even if I were sleep deprived
Savannah says to plowboy():   oh for sure! Me too lol
Savannah says to plowboy():   I would be wide awake at that point.... :D
plowboy says to Savannah():   there are no millions of text messages on my phone nor are there a butt load of emails and the board is not burning up, so no
Savannah says to plowboy():   darn... sigh
Savannah says to plowboy():   some day.... :D


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The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter


Cruiser:  GM room. I received a text at 11:17 am that said 13 hours and counting. That's all it said

Wolfy:  IMO--if this thing doesnt go today, tonight or tomorrow--grab hold of something sturdy and hang on its going to get bumpy

GEGDinar:  Major Internet Outage hits all of Iraq....... .LINK

BigB:  Geg - I think I like the sound of that!

GEGDinar:  BigB, if true, then something big might actually be happening. Stay tuned kids.

BigB:  Geg - over 5? years ago, I said it is not all about Iraq. Iraq is kinda like the fuel gauge on your car. It only represents the status of the RV/GCR.

GEGDinar:  BigB, but if there is no fuel in the tank the car goes nowhere. This is both sides of the coin. If Iraq isn't ready, nothing happens. If the world is not ready (IMF, BIS, etc) then nothing happens.

Estar: BigB and GEGDinar - and if both are ready...maybe its finally happening this time!!!


BLC Admin Tlm724 News & Comments  1-31-16  Part 2 of 2

Parliamentary Finance: sale of property the state budget Sarphi B100- $ 150 billion

30/01/2016 05:00 |   Press direction / follow-up    Called on the Parliamentary Finance Committee member Masood Haider, on Friday, the government sale of property to the state "luxury", including the palaces of former President Saddam Hussein's regime to supplement the general budget, noting that the sale of these properties Sarphi budget by 100 - $ 150 billion.

BLC Admin Tlm724 News & Comments  1-31-16  Part 1 of 2

The arrival of the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad and meet with al-Abadi
31/01/2016 11:56 |   Direction Press / Baghdad
 He met with the Kurdish delegation headed by the Prime Minister of Kurdistan, Nechirvan Barzani, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi event of arrival to Baghdad.
He said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Sarhan Ahmed in a press statement that "the delegation headed by the Prime Minister of Kurdistan, Nechirvan Barzani, and includes his deputy in the cabinet Qubad Talabani, the head of the Kurdistan presidency, Fouad Hussein, the head of foreign relations in the region Falah Mustafa arrived in Baghdad and met with al-Abadi to discuss the outstanding issues ".

Joyng :  Operational rates to be implemented on Feb 1 ?,

Singapore showing rates on high platforms,

T&T implemented about 8 - 8:30 today est,

Iraq agrees with OPEC to cut crude production (gas is going up),

Feb 8th Chinese New Year - want RV before that,

Feb 4th TPP initiated - want RV 72 hours before that - Sunday night,

SWIFT activated in Iran today,

New CBI site set up to go global.

Banks in Iraq -18% on deposited funds implemented in order to get people to the bank.

Kurdistan is coming to visit today