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10pm, February 1st, 2012  


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Med Chat - Post By GiGi Dinar Speculator
ANNUITIES Q and A at the 3S's posted in the forum by AndieZ1
Currency Reporting For Travelers from TSA - post by AndieZ1 from 3 S's member Meisme
Randy Koonce Email - Post By Nacoochee PTR Forum
Bluewolf Wedn. Evening Chat posted by AndiZ1 at 3 S's
Historian - more links to "safe" bank rating sites - Feb 1/2012 - post at GET Forum
The below posts were in our 6pm email
Arizonaheat Chat - Post By Highhopes PTR Forum
Financial Acronyms - Post By Priscilla 3S's Intel
BWM Chat - Post By Laurelei 3S's Intel
Soonerfan Chat - Post By Shybaby PTR Forum
Bondlady's Chat 2/1/2012 Auctions-Big Screens-Security-Holiday (Miskebam post)
Wedn. 1pm (ET) PTR Audio Player, Recording Link, Replay #'s & Call Notes - Post By Brunettegranny PT
Have a Plan and Plan to Act
Stev1/Ray Chat - Post By DOUBLE B Dinar Updates
Arizonaheat 3S's Intel Post By AndieZ1
A J's Intel - Post By A J Anderson OOM Forum
Jonnywg Update 3S's Intel - Post By AndieZ1
Bookings Update 3S's Intel Post By MRP
The IQD Team Jan 31, 2012 Highlights/Summary & Replay of CC
Blaino "Rate Stuff" from Tuesday emailed to Dinar Recaps
Arizonaheat & MRP - Post By Highhopes PTR Forum
Comments may be made on this subject and will be posted upon approval - Your participation in sharing your thoughts are welcomed and will be enjoyed by many  - Thank You

Some persons are exaggerators by temperament -- They do not mean untruth, but their feelings are strong, and their imaginations vivid, so that their statements are largely discounted by those of calm judgment and cooler temperament  -- They do not realize that "we always weaken what we exaggerate"  Tryon Edwards

Exaggeration is a blood relation to falsehood, and nearly as blameable -- H Ballou

Exaggeration as to rhetoric, is using a vast force to lift a feather; as to morals and character, it is using falsehood to lift one's self out of the confidence of his fellowmen -- Paget

There are some persons who would not for their lives tell a direct and willful lie, but who so exaggerate that it seems as if for their lives they could not tell the exact truth -- Paget

Never speak by superlatives; for in so doing you will be likely to would either truth or prudence -- Exaggeration is neither thoughtful, wise, nor safe -- It is a proof of the weakness of the understanding, or the want of discernment of him that utters it, so that even when he speaks the truth, he soon finds it is received with partial, or even utter unbelief -- Hume

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Med Chat - Post By GiGi Dinar Speculator
Med says to (20:20:28): HELLO  INDIAN  WHAT IS THE PROBLEM

starlord6d6d says to (20:20:43):  hey there Med, how are you tonight?
W8n2cashin says to (20:20:48):  just got on...........what's shakin

Med says to (20:20:56):  I AM A BIT SHAKY TONIGHT

indian 1 says to (20:21:10):  just some ? bieng asked that i cant answer

Med says to (20:21:15):  BEEN SLEEPING ALL AFTERNOON

indian 1 says to (20:21:38): yep

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ANNUITIES Q and A at the 3S's posted in the forum by AndieZ1

[classroom] I am a registered representative with a Series 7 and 63 since 2001 as well as licensed insurance agent. Additionally I have an MBA and work in financial services.

Annuities help to diversify your assets. They are offered by life insurance companies and are generally creditor proof in most states. Upon the death of the owner, the funds are transferred to the beneficiary without going through probate.



[wisewarrior] One of my financial advisors says I'm too young for annuities. I'm in my late 40's and know very little about them except that there are many different kinds. Too young is hogwash?

[classroom] wisewarrior - You would probably want to look at an accumulation annuity - variable

[stealthworks] What is an annuity? Is it a bundle of stocks, and is the income from an annuity variable depending on performance of the bundle of stocks?

[classroom] There are several types of annuities - you could have an accumulation annuity in mutual funds or fixed assets - Or you could have an income annuity

[Dusty01] What are your suggestions with regard to long term INCOME annuities? In other words, what is best for guaranteed INCOME and how much percentage-wise might one of those return? Thanks much for coming...
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Currency Reporting For Travelers from TSA - post by AndieZ1 from 3 S's member Meisme

Currency Reporting For Travelers

It is legal to transport any amount of currency or other monetary instruments into or out of the United States.  However, if you transport, attempt to transport, or cause to be transported (including by mail or other means) currency or other monetary instruments in an aggregate amount exceeding $10,000 (or its foreign equivalent) at one time from the United States to any foreign place, or into the United States from any foreign place, you must file a report with U.S. Customs.  This report is called the Report of International Transportation of Currency or Monetary Instruments, Customs Form 4790.  Furthermore, if you receive in the United States, currency or other monetary instruments in an aggregate amount exceeding $10,000 (or its foreign equivalent) at one time which has been transported, mailed, or shipped to you from any foreign place, you must file a CF-4790.  These forms can be obtained at all U.S. ports of entry and departure.

Monetary instruments include:

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Randy Koonce Email - Post By Nacoochee PTR Forum
Just got this e-mail from Randy Koonce..FYI

Just want to drop a short note on what to look for, in the papers they have been mentioning the Nation Conference.... Well this is an event we need to watch for...there has to be an event to happen to give the Iraqis the ability to announce Ministers like I have been saying for the last 8 months.

Oh by the way I did inherit 40 million from some barrister out of nigeria.This rumor is as good as the Bank rumors with 12 dollar rates........ Please do not fall for that this investment will happen but it is very political and Iraq GOI needs to finish there bickering.......

I do believe the bickering is coming to an end and this next week is a very good week for us to see the announcement of the Ministers... I have always said the ministers will show.

I have not done a call because there is no reason to get the masses excited until we get close to this thing coming to an end......
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Bluewolf Wedn. Evening Chat posted by AndiZ1 at 3 S's
[bluwolf] yea about the borders 
[buddydog1] bluwolf Do you have any news to share about the borders? 
[bluwolf] Iraqs borders have been closed for more than three weeks now 

[bluwolf] there banks have been loaded with the new denoms 
[sunshine] bluwolf Please tell us if we are going to cash in...FRIDAY..... cash in 
[bluwolf] sunhshine we are minute to minute now could be asn 

[bluwolf] we are just waiting for the ust lockdown to be lifted hopefully within a few 
[bluwolf] after that we should have a rv 
[bluwolf] and I did say rv 

[electricman75] bluwolf is it in your opinion we will be cashing out and at banks tomorrow?? 
[bluwolf] ele could be
bluwolf] 1 borders are closed,2 3 zeros are gone now,3 banks have the new denoms,4 once the ust releases there workers we should see this rv,5 cashin could be asn
[bluwolf] all must be done before we intervine with both Syria and Iran, and that is just days away
[bluwolf] this is a very high rv

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Historian - more links to "safe" bank rating sites - Feb 1/2012 - post at GET Forum
Hello Everyone -

Further to my posts on Saturday, January 28th, here is some additional info on bank rating agencies.

First, the various rating agencies all have their own ratings scale, so an A rating in one could be a C rating in another. To understand how the rating scales line up, you need to compare the companies. There is some info on this in the Weiss ratings site. The info is old or not strictly about banking (may be about insurers, for example), but it does give some indication of how the different companies line up.

Here is the ratings info page from the Weiss ratings site. If you scroll down, you will see a chart comparing Weiss to Standard & Poors, Fitch and Moody's. This is an old chart from a government source, but the ratings systems likely have not changed much since then. Weiss positions itself as scoring the banks from the consumer's perspective, rather than the banks. It is very hard to get an A score with them (an A score from others may be a C score from them). 

Weiss have a database of banks that have earned B+ or higher, and this is a very good place to start looking for "safe" banks in which to hold your money post RV.  They consider banks to be strong when they have a B+ or higher. Based on their own chart, 6.7% of banks they score earn an A rating, and 32% earn an A or B. 

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The below posts were in our 6pm email
Arizonaheat Chat - Post By Highhopes PTR Forum
Posted Wednesday, 04:57 PM 

[Arizonaheat] Dear 3S room Again today we are still trying to get a grip on where we are in terms of the RV coming to fruition. 

One thing for sure is that we are working very hard to talk too just about everyone we can think of to get the best possible solution to our dilemma. One thing I have seen and been a part of. Is some Intel, good or bad. 

Never seems to pan out. Now, with that being said. I want to correct that. The Intel we get does pan out. Just not the way we want it to. 

And the way we want it to is to see a rate we can cash out with. I have stated before that some Intel can't be looked at too seriously. 

I know that probably irks some Intel providers. But hey this is my post. One thing for certain, we don't have an adequate RV; yes the Dinar went from 1170 to 1166. But that's nothing. Or is it? 
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Financial Acronyms - Post By Priscilla 3S's Intel
Basel III an international agreement
BCA Business Current Account
BCBS Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
BIS Bank for International Settlements
bp basis point (1bp = 0.01%)
CBI Confederation of British Industry
CBI Central Bank of Iraq
CC Competition Commission
CCB Capital Conservation Buffer
CCP Central Counterparty
CDS Credit Default Swap
CET1 Common Equity Tier 1
CRD IV Capital Requirements Directive IV
EC European Commission
EEA European Economic Area
EL Expected Loss
EU European Union
FCA Financial Conduct Authority
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FPC Financial Policy Committee
FSA Financial Services Authority
FSB Financial Stability Board
FSCS Financial Services Compensation Scheme
GDP Gross Domestic Product
G-SIB Global Systemically Important Bank 
HBOS Halifax Bank of Scotland
HHI Herfindahl-Hirschman Index
ICB Independent Commission on Banking (England)
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
IMF International Monetary Fund
IPO Initial Public Offering
IRB Internal Ratings-Based
LBG Lloyds Banking Group
LDR Loan-to-Deposit Ratio
LGD Loss Given Default
LTV Loan-to-Value
OFT Office of Fair Trading
PCA Personal Current Account
pp percentage point
PPI Payment Protection Insurance
PRA Prudential Regulation Authority
RBS Royal Bank of Scotland
RRP Recovery and Resolution Plan
RWA Risk-Weighted Asset
SIB Systemically Important Bank
SIFI Systemically Important Financial Institution
SME Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise
SRR Special Resolution Regime
SVR Standard Variable Rate
TSC Treasury Select Committee
UST US Treasury Dept 

BWM Chat - Post By Laurelei 3S's Intel


[BWM] the information coming out today just seems to continue to confirm that things are here at the end... 

SO much has been said about announcements, banks, timing and such and quite honestly, we are wondering where the RV is at. Which can only lead me to the conclusions A) we of course are not supposed to know and there is genuinely more to this than just Iraq as has been spoken. 

With that said, I know the "everyday" thing has gotten old and I only speak to timing that I believe it's possible to happen within... so between now and Friday is another great opportunity based on no negative statements from contacts. we wait, and we watch everywhere to see what happens.

[3:18:47 PM][BWM] now about the speaker today, let me address something about that... we are in NO way promoting one company over another but feel like there are some questions that need to be answered and Jonny has found someone HE trusts to take those questions. 

There are qualified agents and reps near you (local is better in my book WHEN COMPETITIVE and equal) that can assist you. 


Soonerfan Chat - Post By Shybaby PTR Forum
[Hebrews11:1] soonerfan62 - hi I think jonnywg said he preferred cash in at the banks as compared to the dealers for this week. Is that the case for you as well, and if so, why? Thanksbecause he has an annuities expert joining us at 4 PM today. Was hoping for a response but didn't get one.

[soonerfan62] Staying with bank this week

[soonerfan62] rosie16 If you can cash in this week does it really matter
[soonerfan62] jdod2012 already on the hook, reeling him in

[AndieZ1] *simplegirl* - THERE IS NO READ BETWEEN THE LINES....
[soonerfan62] AndieZ1 Ditto buddy

[blessing7] soonerfan62 gm are we still looking good for tonight? Any updates from your intel? Appreciate it
[soonerfan62] blessing7 This week tonight, tomorrow


Bondlady's Chat 2/1/2012 Auctions-Big Screens-Security-Holiday (Miskebam post)


[BondLady] im gonna do something in here real fat that i never do or very seldom do
[BondLady] fast not fat 
[BondLady] u all know how i feel about gurus 
[BondLady] an there crap they spew 
[BondLady] 1 of them may be right about some things 
[BondLady] and ill show it 
[BondLady] the majority of the time for over 2 yrs ive pretty much been able to debunk any 1 
[BondLady] becasue as u know i read the news daily 
[BondLady] and when i recieved steves chat 
[BondLady] in a email 
[BondLady] steve from pd 
[BondLady] i normally wouldnt even read them 
[BondLady] but my friend who sent to me says did he read my chat 
[BondLady] or said this kinda follows my yesterdays chat 
[BondLady] let me show yall what steve said 1st 
[BondLady] then im gonna confirm or possible confirm some things in it 

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Wedn. 1pm (ET) PTR Audio Player, Recording Link, Replay #'s & Call Notes - Post By Brunettegranny PTR

Replay 760-569-7699   Pin 557255#

72 Minutes

Thank you Brunettegranny for the notes !!

Dan- We are going to have fun today no matter what. Alot of info in the last couple days. Just have to look at it and decide for yourself what you believe is going on!! 

When we believe something, we think that we should be here!! If we don't show up, that means we dont believe it. We are here and we are positive today!! 

You have got to learn if you keep hearing the same stories from the same person, you should know not to believe it. I think that I will stop there on that topic. 

Dan giving an example. News is excellent right now. For us to call the minute, we can not do that like some of the clowns saying it.

No one knows what is really going on and that is what gets everyone so frustrated. We have had meetings and calls between ourselves and we are still hearing positive and great things even as a few minutes ago!! 

All the evidence is saying that we are getting closer and closer. We are hearing and seeing things in the media alittle at a time. We should be very excited!!

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Have a Plan and Plan to Act


(Many in the Dinar Community know Phoenix and his daily radio show, here is information about his new book which is now available as a Kindle download)

Have a Plan and Plan to Act 
[Kindle Edition] 

Phoenix Rising (Author) 

Editorial Reviews
Product Description

Have a Plan and Plan to Act A guide to successful, victorious living, in tumultuous times. By Phoenix Rising This guide is a stand-alone work that covers many aspects of planning starting with the core issues as well as the issues in society that have brought us to this point. Be it a "zombie apocalypse" or a simple storm this guide will aid you in taking a proactive stance making you better prepared to live a successful victorious life. This first edition is the first book in the series and is sure to be one that you will find vital to your collection! 

Stev1/Ray Chat - Post By DOUBLE B Dinar Updates
Little bit of chat with Stevel and Ray

    [desertdog] I don't think it will come in low and then increase after all the large dinar is in. Large investors would then be able to purchase tremendous amounts of the lower denoms and wait til it increases and make even more money. I think this

    this is from stevei
    [SteveI] After thinking about it, Ray is right. It would be worse coming out at a low rate and moving it higher. Remember, the IMF will not allow them to increase it but only a few percentage points for 90 days after they revalue

    wait more from Ray     Rays last sentence:

    I think this would bankrupt Iraq.

    what would bankrupt em ?

    a low rate would, yes, people buying low denoms and the double dipping 

(REBEL): well this looks exciting, but i do understand....
if we had 30 days to cash in large denoms at a lower rate, then we would have money freed up to purchase lower denoms, allot of money....bad for iraq 

Arizonaheat 3S's Intel Post By AndieZ1
10:45 AM CST [Arizonaheat] All of your questions are the same....where do we cash in?......what banks?...... how much?..... when?...... You will all know when, where , how much, and all the good stuff, .....when it goes LIVE - not until then.

Any info other than after it goes live is speculation. This is speculation but I was told by NSA that every single bank in the US that works with foreign currency will cash in the dinar. How they will do it is not known.

Taxes should be talked about BY A TAX PRO - period, end of story on taxes. Trying to pry or get more info WILL NOT make the RV move any faster.

BWM, JONNY, DINAR WISHES, BELLA, MYSELF - everyone that gets the final call or activation screens - will come here and post it. I PROMISE.

A J's Intel - Post By A J Anderson OOM Forum 
Subject: AJ's Intel 02-01-12   Wednesday at 10:50 am  
Hello All,

In Aj's intel dated 01-31-12, I predicted that articles will start coming out that will start to gain local confidence in the Iraq Dinar. 

Today we see one of those articles.

In my opinion the above article is the beginning of such articles to gain confidence back of the Iraq Dinar in Iraq's local economy. The lower denominations have not been leased yet and will not until the exchange rate is much higher than it is now.

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Jonnywg Update 3S's Intel - Post By AndieZ1
[andisgram1] Jonny, did Iraqi people get paid today with revalued dinar?

[jonnywg] andisgram1 - Trying to verify

[andisgram1] Thank you, and have a safe trip!

[jonnywg] andisgram1 - I will board the plane 2 hrs after rv

[Oak] Have you heard anything more about Canadian Banks? ....which ones might be in the game for sure?



Do you know of types of safe investments that pay a steady interest rate? I have heard of munibonds and annuities. Are you aware of more ways to invest wisely and safely?
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Bookings Update 3S's Intel Post By MRP
[MRP] [blessedinohio] bookings Hi! Did the conf call take place last night? Any update? Thanks! 

[bookings] blessedinohio blessedinohio YES IT DID

[bookings] my friend call me last night, said in their cc call with WF bank, the WF guy told them the rate was locked in at the bank at 8 something, and we should see it any time. but said it's only going to be that rate for 3 to 6 days, and would fall to 3.68 to 4.00

The IQD Team Jan 31, 2012 Highlights/Summary & Replay of CC
The IQD Team
Jan 31, 2012   
Highlights/Summary & Replay of CC

Conference Call Replay -  Jan. 31, 2012
760-569-7699   Pin 769478# 

184 Minutes

Thanks to Mark for the summary

Highlights/Summary of Tonights News:

Mike Recaps and summarizes the Latest News from Iraq...
It is all good....WOW  

Central Bank Iraq seems to be defending itself...seems to have a plan of action....talked about being ready with the new currencies..
talked about the implementation of the deleting the 3 zeroes and adding value to the current currency
remember these are two separate things...deleting the zeros is one part of that and then they need to add value which is increase the rate the dinar trades at to the dollar...thats what the articles are telling us tonight

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Blaino "Rate Stuff" from Tuesday emailed to Dinar Recaps
[Blaino] Epson78, here is the best I have at this moment: $5.72 give or take 45 cents, or a range of $5.27 to $6.17, Minimum guaranteed rate for soldiers, govt workers, etc "in country" appears to be $4.20, as they exit the country... based on $4.40 with the hosting bank dragging the pot @ 20 cents per. Currently seeing scuttle-butt at $6.+. I have NO FAITH in these $8 - $13 rates, NONE! (but I will take it if it shows!)

Arizonaheat & MRP - Post By Highhopes PTR Forum
AH and MRP are mods at 3sintel:

[Arizonaheat] ok no one take this the wrong way, PLEASE, there is no way of saying its today or tomorrow. 

We will NEVER EVER know that. The things that have been accomplished and are being accomplished show that the RV can happen at any time. So I wont ever tell you today or tomarrow. but yes it could happen any time

MRP] robdel From what I can piece together from what everyone has said, I believe that we will be seeing very steep economic shifts. I think that's why Studley is guiding us to be grounded and balanced. 

When an old system dies, and a new system is born, there can be uncertainty and even a little chaos. 


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