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6pm, February 1st, 2014    


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7 Habits Of The Financially Successful
Transitioning To Wealth & Abundance...Dave Schmidt
News and Rumors Saturday Morning in Dinarland
The below posts were in our 11am email
Millionday News & Comments Part 2
Millionday News & Comments Part 1
More News, Rumors, and Opinions Late Friday Night
News, Rumors, and Opinions Friday Night
From Rags To Riches To Rags - Stock Trader Turney Duff
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Dinar Recaps Note:  Dinar Recaps' main goal & focus from the beginning is to post and "recap" what other intel providers and forums are stating in regards to the Dinar and the Revaluation. We want to bring in as much information , rumors included, that meets with our approval; to one central location at no charge to provide a convenience to all interested parties. 
We do have the option and choose to post other articles of interest to us, as investors, as well as our readers. If you do not see a relevance to the article and its
worth then by all means  pass it by; you have that option. We do thank all of our readers for their continued readership

7 Habits of the Financially Successful
    By Keith Whelan

If you think about it, achieving success in some of our most important life activities requires two key ingredients: knowledge and behavior. Knowledge by itself isn't enough; knowing what to do only gets you halfway there.

You also need to follow through by taking action. (See also: Success Secrets You Should've Learned in High School)

Take a job, for example. On paper I might be an expert at my profession. Very knowledgeable. But if some aspects of my behavior are lacking - say, weak organization or communication skills - and they lead to poor or failed execution, then my chances for rapid career advancement are slim.
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Transitioning to Wealth and Abundance

The Sedona Connection  By Dave Schmidt
In the past week there has been a subtle change, the main stream media is beginning to slowly allude to a coming global financial collapse.

 Talk is appearing on CNBC, Fox News, The Bloomberg Financial Report, The Wall Street Journal and the  most read blog report in the world, The Drudge Report.  While the reports are not direct, there is discussion of the high probability of this coming collapse.

The transition of the RV is coming.  Are you ready?  It's a transition from humanity being in financial slavery to financial freedom. 

Blog Talk Radio Recording with  Q & A  & Video on next page



Note: Seems like OOM&F. TNT and Intel4U Chat sites are down today.....It May be a problem with the servers of the addonchat hosts......Hopefully they are back soon:





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The below posts were in our 11am email
    [millionday] Baghdad announced Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Mahdi al-Qaisi ligature, on Friday, they had prepared a plan to provide a winter peasants and fertilizers by 25 kilometers per acre, pointing out that the ministry is committed to providing fertilizers to farmers in the summer schedule.

Qaisi said in a statement received "tomorrow's Press," that "the ministry has prepared a plan to provide a winter farmer fertilizer at the rate of 25 kg per acre, and they see a sufficient amount of product per acre."

    [millionday] note -- they are to move forward with more sectors

Millionday News 1/31/14 Post By Rudie  Part 1 of 2
Comments may be made at the end of Part 2  Thank You

    Millionday News at

    [ROBINREDHED] dinar updates blog http://www.dinarupdates. ��� om/blog/

    [millionday] ok here we go  this first one is great great >>>  confirmed the economic researcher need to strengthen the economic and trade relations with different countries to achieve economic integration.

According to state just told (morning) that the stages of trade and economic relations between Iraq and any other country begins phase partnership then evolve to reach the stage of agreements and then up degree economic integration.


[artmeister2] A dinarian friend called me this afternoon and he had just called a wf bank to set up a checking account. The gal took his info and said she would send out the papers to sign and to return a check with them. He said he wanted to get this set up because he was expecting a big amount of money very soon. She said: tell me about it: we all have to work the whole weekend to gear up for Monday ..HE asked her if this is about the rv of the iraq and other currencies. She said she was not allowed to discuss it now, but talk to the one who referred you to me and they can tell you . I'd say that sounds like they are expecting a CE on Monday.

Bren : I was listening to glenn beck the other day and he even mentioned something's about this...He was saying that the President of the world bank had recently come out and said that the USA currency will need to be redone for a world wide currency, then Glenn said that he had predicted that this would have to happen , and also predicted that" A basket of currencies would be put together to start this ball rolling!" Glenn said that these two predictions are now about to take place.


[Peavey] clap Bernanke Leaves Fed with Record Balance Sheet of $4,102,138,000,000 - See more at:

[Robertprofessor] I'm not sure if this Youtube video has been shared in here yet, but a dinar buddy and Castle critter emailed this to me about an hour ago. My excitometer is pegged:

[Peavey]  Robertprofessor "low hanging fruit" :cheers:

[OKCRN] Robertprofessor Great video! Start listening about marker 7:30....

Highhopes:  Quote from Bluwolfs post  this morning:  Bluwolf:    "One thought for you... the reset already happened and the media is leaking it slowly."

How a Wall Street Trader Blew Through $10 Million

By Lauren Lyster | Daily Ticker

Former stock trader Turney Duff started his career on Wall Street in the 1990s as a trainee at Morgan Stanley (MS), before ascending the ranks of hedge fund trading over the next decade, making millions of dollars, and blowing it as he descended into cocaine addiction.
It's a downward spiral seemingly enabled by the culture, money, and access of his former profession - the darkside of Wall Street - at least, according to the experience Duff profiles in his new memoir "The Buyside: A Wall Street Trader's Tale of Spectacular Excess."

"I went from the 99% to the 1% back to the 99%," Duff tells The Daily Ticker in the accompanying video. "I made about 10 million dollars and today I don't have any [of it]."

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