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6pm, February 10th, 2013   


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Safe Deposit Box Laws /Rules/Regulations /Tips/Warnings
Tlar & Member Discussion - Post From Dinar Alert
MarkZ and I4U Members Chat Sunday Afternoon
I4U Members Chat, Rumors and Opinions
Millionday Saturday Night News PeopleInvested Chat
News, Rumors and Opinions in Dinarland Sunday AM
The below posts were in our 11am email
Tips On Safely Storing / Hiding Cash
What Is The Best Place To Live In America? Pros And Cons For All 50 States
History Of Metallic Strip & Currency Security Features
Med & Member Chat - Post From Dinar Speculator
Late Saturday Okie Update from SpiritualWarrior at OOM
Bear5642 Prayer for Okie Emailed to Recaps Sat. Afternoon
SteveI Posted at PeoplesDinar Forum Late Saturday Afternoon
Saturday Evening "Mystery Lady" update emailed to Dinar Recaps
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Safe Deposit Box Laws By Carolyn Green,

Safe deposit boxes have been used for centuries to safeguard valuables. The box offers privacy, security and a place to store important items that are difficult to replace.

Additionally, some insurance companies may lower premiums on valuables kept in a safe deposit box, rather than at home, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

However, millions of Americans rent safe deposit boxes without being aware of the laws that apply.

FDIC Insurance

FDIC bank insurance does not cover the contents in your safe deposit box. The law only insures deposits made into bank accounts at institutions insured by the FDIC. The safe deposit box is no more than a storage box provided by a bank.

TLAR: According to Dr. Sami al-Araji, the chairman of the National Investment Commission (NIC), Iraq needs up to $1 trillion over the next 10 years to rebuild its crumbling infrastructure and battered economy.

But the question looms: How can the government of Iraq mobilize such gigantic sums of money and build its capacity to execute such a large budget for infrastructure investments

Maybe their great leader could loan them the money personally.

(Tlar & others comments continue after article)

09/02/2013 The Iraqi Economy's Huge Potential By Takema Sakamoto

Takema SakamotoTakema Sakamoto, Chief Representative of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Iraq Office.

Based on its rich natural resources and huge market potential, Iraq's economic prospects seem promising.

Its population, currently 32 million, is forecasted to increase by over 3 percent annually, which will create a larger number of future consumers. Its gross national income (GNI) per capita, currently $2,640, is estimated to grow by around 10 percent per year on average. Spending power is expected to grow rapidly.

[spiritfilled] Public Forex is not where we look IMO yet that will psot later...banks have separate forex communication behind the scenes what we have been told

[MarkZ] spiritfilled smart thinking. I doubt we will see it on the forex until it is down to just the street rate period.

jetpack] MarkZ u have any insight on RV next couple weeks? I'm hearing great things but only from high level bank source whom have been wrong before

[MarkZ] jetpack Lots of chatter, My banking contacts seem to think tonight is it but I know the US banking system never does anything new on a Monday. Tuesday is more likely but if I put all my sources together I would say wed-sat will be it.

barb] MarkZ please let it be so this week :bighug:

MarkZ] barb Amen. It won't be much longer without destroying our economy. Too many countries have already decoupled from the fed dollar. Our ports will soon run dry of goods and even the peace nicks will find a gun and march on DC.
Read More

[findmoney] Anyone doing anything in the markets should listen to Greg . He is a no BS guy and knows whats going on.

[jetpack] CK this out

[spiritfilled] jetpack wow China still on the move...good post

[BigB] puppylove WCW I just checked Yahoo financials - Gold is now showing only down $3.70. That is some price correction - or manipulation!

[puppylove] BigB BigB hmmm

[BigB] puppylove I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it. Too bad I didn't take a screen shot.

[WCW] BigB big differance from earlier

[BigB] WCW Did you see the -$83.00?

[WCW] BigB no i didn t look

[jetpack] BigB i seen it also

[BigB] jetpack Thank you!

[BigB] WCW Hey - I saw it. A few others did too. Manipulation!

[WCW] BigB yes it is
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Millionday Saturday Night News PeopleInvested Chat:

** Be sure to join our daily chats at 7:30 PM EST and our Round Table Chats every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1PM EST at **

[millionday] Said economists that the shift towards the economy balanced and diversified and stay away as much as possible about the economy rentier requires creating investment environment by issuing legislation that allows flexibility for investors, noting the conversations of how to pay attention to economic sectors, particularly tourism. said an economic expert at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Dr. Sana Shamsuddin The Iraqi economy needs to leaps major development for a period of many years for transformation of economy approach rentier unilateral, which depends on oil, about the economy balanced with base sober and varied to achieve sustainable development.

[millionday] note -- i will summarize at end

[millionday] creating a suitable environment for investment and added that this requires creating an environment appropriate for investment, and the issuance of legal regulations and legislation that allows some flexibility for investors and give them the required privileges to rebuild the infrastructure destroyed and revive the national economy, as well as a focus on manufacturing in industries with competitive advantage and work on the development of laboratories and height energies productivity Kalsnaat petrochemical and fertilizer industry and sulfur and iron and steel products Geological Survey, and the exploitation of gas associated with oil and stop wasting it and use products formed him as a raw material in industries petrochemical and fertilizer industry.

[cashinqueen1] Happy Chinese New Year we are now in the year of the Snake a very prosperous year

[WCW] well i told ya ll to watch the budget if it moved the rv would not happen well i have been right 3 times and steve1 is on the same page so if people think i m wrong good i must be saying something right

BocaLinda] WCW do u think vote gets moved because US not ready?

[WCW] BocaLinda yes and other countrys aren t ready money is not in place

[BocaLinda] Kido. He's just a puppet so guess it wd be his handlers?

[bamanana] BocaLinda THAT is true

[burk50] WCW thought they said vote will be Monday

[WCW] bamanana well i have not put a date on it cause this was still moving its hard to say a date when we really dont know whats going on in the rest of the world but i do think we are close . it could have happend last night and we want know till this evening are when banks open tomorrow
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The below posts were in our 11am email


What Do I Need to Know Before Storing Cash in a Safe for a Long Time? By Russell Huebsch,

Ironically, storing cash in a safe is not always the "safest" way to keep it. Safes and safety deposit boxes are susceptible to elements such as fire and water.

Also, keeping large amounts of cash in a home safe is always a safety risk to you and your family. Instead of hiding cash, consider letting it grow in a safe investment vehicle.


  Safes can never offer complete security for cash. Bank safety deposit boxes, for instance, are protected by the vault, not the casing of the box. Floods and fires can ruin the contents of a box.

Two-hundred fifty safety boxes, for example, burned due to the World Trade Center attacks in 2001. If you keep the cash at home, you still risk losing it, because most homeowners insurance policies do not automatically cover cash or others valuables in a safe lost to a disaster.


What Is The Best Place To Live In America? Pros And Cons For All 50 States

By Michael, on August 30th, 2012

If you could live in any state in America, where would you go? During troubled times like these, what is the best place in the United States to live?  A lot of people are asking these kinds of questions these days.  Our economy is on the verge of collapse, natural disasters are becoming more frequent and more intense, the U.S. population is becoming angrier and more frustrated by the day, our government has become incredibly oppressive and controlling, war could break out at any time and evidence that society is breaking down is all around us. As our world becomes increasingly unstable, many families are considering moving somewhere else.  But what areas are best and what areas should be avoided?  Is there really a "best place to live" in America?  Well, the truth is that each family is facing a different set of circumstances.  If you have a great support system where you live, it can be really tough to pick up and move 3000 miles away from that support system.  If you have a great job where you live now, it can be really tough to move some place where there may be no job at all for you.  But without a doubt there are some areas of the country that will be far better off than others in the event of a major economic collapse.  This article will take a look at each of the 50 U.S. states and will list some of the pros and cons for moving to each one.

Not all of the factors listed below will be important to you, and a few have even been thrown in for humor.  But if you are thinking of moving in the near future hopefully this list will give you some food for thought.


History of the Metallic Strip in Paper Money   By Emily Beach,

Ever since money was introduced as a means of currency, there have been people trying to get rich by printing their own counterfeit versions of official bills. While various anti-counterfeiting measures have been used over the years, it is hard for lawmakers to stay one step ahead of the latest printing technologies.

Starting in 1993, the US Department of the Treasury began to research potential new security features that could be added to bills. Starting in 1990, advanced features were used in most denominations, including an integral plastic security strip that is still used to this day.


   dream u may says to (22:35:01):    if i were to make a quess, i look for some movement in july



    dream u may says to (22:37:06):    they don't call them shuitte for nothing





[~SpiritualWarrior] Good evening favorite peeps in the whole wide world! Had to drop in an spend a little time with ya before making ready for church tomorrow...

To beign, let me give a little update on Okie - there appears to be all kinds of rumors circulating around. Okie does NOT have cancer. He has a chronic respiratory ailment that was exacerbated recently by pneumonia. The doctors did deflate a lung a few weeks ago to facilitate some corrective surgery. Okie is not a spring chicken (in body, I have difficulty keeping up with his spirit!), so recovery is taking a little longer.

Visited with him over two hours today and he is doing MUCH, MUCH BETTER... expressing his love and gratitude for all the prayers we have forwarded to him.

We are confident that he will be around for a long time to come, anxious to get started on his own projects for God's Kingdom. So, for those who think he's on his death bed... NOPE & Nuff said!


Bear5642: I am making this plea after finding out that Okie Oil Man is not doing well,  concerning his health.  I wanted to state that Okie is the person who introduced and got the majority of the "information highway" so to say about the DINAR. He brought excitement and his own way to this investment,  and there is none like him.  I personally feel we should honor those who invest so much time to keep us informed,  and I am grateful for his friendship and commitment to us all.

I do understand that he has missed it a couple of times with information; but let's all be honest every single one of us,  Guru or not has missed it- including myself. I am asking that we come together and lift Okie Oil Man in a prayer for his healing and restoration.

Heavenly Father we come before you and lift OkieOilMan to you, and implore upon Your Healing Power through the Precious Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ.  YOUR WORD says, that by His Stripes We Are Healed.  Father we declare this in the Mighty Name of Jesus! Amen.

Please for once let's get our concerns off of ourselves and the IQD and lift up this precious soul before the Lord. I feel at this time it is not appropriate to share any intel concerning our investment just this one time.

I deeply appreciate each and every one of you for doing this.  I love this precious man and I miss him deeply.


forextrader2003: Good Afternoon SteveI,

QUESTION, since the approval of the 2013 Budget is based on the dinar's RV'ed rate and is a very crucial prerequisite of the RV happening, how long can the RV be held up after the budget approval.  I remember you saying that it would not be instantaneous but is there a maximum length of time that it would have to happen after the budget is approved?

Thank You for Everything,



SteveI:  Great question and I am not certain on the timing. The budget has to be opened and the new rate made official and everything moves forward. Now with all of the budget vote delays, my guess is fairly quickly. If I would share a guess, it will get plastered all over the internet and taken out of context causing more bashing for no reason, I will just pass on that one for now.

 I will say not long and can safely say not weeks but most likely days. They are going to move very fast now. If the parliament does not, the people will pressure them into moving even faster.

I hope that helps.

Blessings,  Steve


Hello Everyone-

I hope this post finds all in good spirits. As you have heard by now, they (Iraq) are reporting yet another delay on approving their 2013 Budget.

As I have spoken about in the past, misdirection from articles and false reporting is rampant and also for a purpose. The reason for this is to keep people off balance as to the actual timing of this glorious event.

What I have been told is that the Budget will have already been signed off on and be over and done prior to anyone actually hearing about it, this is to keep people looking for the Budget signing and announcement, and not the actual revaluing of their currency. This is still to show within their new so called new Budget vote time frame.

Be happy friends : )

Wife in the Know

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