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10pm, February 11th, 2013   


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From OCrush - Post From Peoples Dinar

I feel so bad for Steve. He carries all the stress for us trying to be accurate in this roller coaster ride! All I know is the budget eventually will pass and we will put this behind us once and for all:))

The reason they are postponing it and kicking the can to vote on the budget another day is because they don't even know when the closed door negotiations will be finalized.

Once the head of the blocs are satisfied with the distrubution of monies to each province there will be a special quorum on the floor of parliament to pass the budget. This could happen any day. Them saying another day or week for the vote is like I said they don't know when the negotiations will come to a satisfaction and vote on the budget.
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How to Avoid Paying Bank Fees

As a banker, I have the honest and inside track on how to avoid paying bank fees, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars! It is easy to drain your bank account, one fee at a time, with overdraft charges, checking account "maintenance" fees, "per check" charges and even various service fees assessed for assisting customers with balancing their checkbooks.

Banks have the legal right to charge you these fees for legitimate services and may change them at any time. However, they are also legally obligated to inform you of their fees and any changes to them, which usually come in the form of a small leaflet tucked inside your statement that they are hoping you will throw away before actually reading.

Typical banking fees can range anywhere from as little as $5.00 for transferring funds from a savings account to cover an overdraft in checking, or as high as $39.00 for an actual overdraft that the bank may or may not pay in the event you don't have their special coverage limit allowing overdrafts to a specific dollar amount.

[MarkZ] What did I miss?

[barb] MarkZ just waiting for you....

[rotormech35] burk50 its sad really how many people in this country are asleep to what is happening

[MarkZ] rotormech35 As long as the average american can afford to pay cable and take a week at the beach each year they are content.

[rotormech35] MarkZ that is truly sad

[MarkZ] jyburt Do your part post RV, retire so someone can have your job.

[spiritfilled] MarkZ you really think it could be a whole week more ??

[MarkZ] spiritfilled I am just hedging my bets... :)

[rotormech35] burk50 its not about iraq

[Princess M] MarkZ I do not understand what the UST is doing I thought they had completed everything months and months ago
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The below posts were in our 6pm email




530-881-1300 PIN 894786

PLAY BACK 530-881-1399 PIN 894786 (after call)



 [WILDDUCK] Good morning I have just a few minutes this morning and I have to jump into the real world

 [seokgrl] WILDDUCK give us the good news for the day

 [WILDDUCK] just want to let you all know this is supposed to be a pivotal day, people in the our government have been working like beavers to get ready to be ready, the pope quit today they die  in office they do not quit, but then again the vaitican bank was playing hard to get with other peoples money

[weneedit] WILDDUCK Are we over a week out?

 [WILDDUCK] weneedit hope not in week the grocery stores will have a whole lot less stuff imported from other countries

[paradisegirl] WILDDUCK another piece of the puzzle......

 [WILDDUCK] paradisegirl big, piece maybe some of the crazy rumors about big dogs losing there jobs might have some leg to the story

[paradisegirl] WILDDUCK wonder if he was involved, or trying to escape involvement

 [WILDDUCK] paradisegirl to late for the pope

[paradisegirl] WILDDUCK only ten quit in all history, first one in 600 years

[WILDDUCK] paradisegirl timing timing alway watch the events around never the event the event is the result not the cause


"The Rise of the Banking Sector."

[kaperoni] I wanted to post a chat showing the significance of where we seem to be at in regard to the financial system...This is called..."The Rise of the Banking Sector."

[kaperoni] Last month, we saw the Power Point presentation from the CBI at the Banking Conference held in Baghdad.

[kaperoni] The titled of the Power Point is also important...

[kaperoni] "CBI study entitled: Central Bank of Iraq and the evolution of monetary policy"

[kaperoni] Specifically this quote from it...

[kaperoni] "Achieve stability in the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar in the context of a flexible exchange rate system orbit."

[kaperoni] Two things are implied here. 1. Monetary policy is changing. 2. They are going to a free float.


[11:48:01 AM] Blaino: we now see current information developing that makes us think that tomorrow between noon and four pm eastern standard time the worldwide global financial situation could entertain massive changes from the current paradijm, do your due diligence and standby for effective change!

Just off the c phone with an old oily guy who agrees "nothing so far today". Contrary to prior commentary from this bully microphone, there may be some travel involved for the best "opportunity"....


[nolaspice] the old saying is - Money grows on the tree of persistence - then we are some super mega wealthy people!! happy monday morning castle!!

[MarkZ] okrocks The Vatican is now on a cash only basis. A Pope resign!?! My as&^%, he is running for the hills. Try running a morally depraved business of that scope on a cash only basis...

 [burk50] MarkZ r u aware of the Big lawsuit by

 [treasure4e] Mark7 just wanted a very short version of what's up this morning at work on my cell

 [Robertprofessor] MarkZ What has become obvious to me the past many months is that this is much, much bigger than two funny looking currencies becoming worth a lot.

[MarkZ] Robertprofessor This is bigger than the fall of the Berlin wall.

[19rue] All of these conspiracy theories are almost humorous---aliens, the Pope, the Queen. I realize this is global, but I really believe it mostly is influenced by the financial community.

 [MarkZ] treasure4e Things seem to be moving along fine today. It is just an educational day so we know what to do if we don't see this soon.

 [Tradewind] MarkZ sorry just trying to piece all together --- are you saying we are on hold due to Pope and WGS now


[millionday] The Committee met five of the national forum for the second time in 24 hours in the Office of Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, head of the Iraqi National Alliance, said on Sunday. According to a statement by the Office of Al-Jaafari received (News Agency) a copy of: the Commission continued discussions to come up with solutions to problems in the political process, designed to accelerate the implementation of the legitimate demands of the demonstrators. And on the accountability and justice law, the Committee agreed to modify many of the points demanded by the protesters in accordance with the Constitution and the law.

[millionday] note -- remember this is the same timeline and place independent news reported they were having the national conference meeting -- so this is the committee of five and may be more than they are reporting

[millionday] At the end of the meeting, the Committee stressed the need to intensify efforts and continuing their meetings for its serious, honest, and determination to resolve the crisis, and meet the legitimate demands of the protesters, and create the conditions necessary for the holding of the third meeting of national forum with broad participation by powers and blocs and political figures and to restore confidence, and give priority to the national interest, and move the political process forward.

[millionday] so this is saying as we thought this is the preparation for the national forum meeting so this is great ---


Scholam to all, The International prayer call is pleased to announced many more miracle healings and All Praise goes to God.

Anyone needing the touch of God. Please come to the call tonight 7pm est

530-881-1400  406878#
with the recorded version is 530-881-1499   406878#  (after the call)

Creative and miracle healings are Gods special touch, being open to receive is our part. I have seen the blind, deafness, mute, and lame walk healings right before my eyes.

Please, if you are needing that touch of God to heal your issues join us tonight.

God Bless
Pastors Ed & Kat
Thank you Dinar Recaps for helping in the healings of the hearts.

The below posts were in our 10am email


tlm724] this art is from Feb 3, 2013 in forum and i will have a follow up

[DogzNova] sweet

Official: declining reserves of the Central Bank of gold does not affect the rate of the dinar 02/02/2013 11:45:00 BAGHDAD / Nina / The head of the Department of Banking and Finance Ministry Hilal Taan diminishing quantities of central bank reserves of gold does not affect the price of the local currency.

He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News / Nina / today: "The basket cash reserve covering currencies do not include the gold only, but depend on the dollar and the pound sterling and the euro, in addition to gold bullion.

" He said: "The Iraqi dinar has been a week before the beginning of the deal by one of the sites of the U.S. because of the high currency reserves to more than $ 67 billion is evidence that the Iraqi currency backed by a strong balance can not be influenced by declining gold bullion."


Blaino: as the clock on the rv winds slowly down, and the quickening of this event picks up SPEED.... The question remains: "where are we dinarians in all this?" i'll be here to discuss and drop some information on the crowd in a few minutes.

I need to share some thoughts and ideas with you, some information and analyses as well. I'll be back in a half an hour or so to bring you some of the best quality information

Blaino: ok, WELL... There is now talk of alliances, treaties between countries re: mutual defense (aggression?) we have several of our very high quality people are still reporting the moneybox is under lock and key along with those that work under it.

:Blaino: there is discussion that old enemies may work together.... Iran may pay a visit to the green zone, invited of course, and in a large GROUP.... 50,000 crack TROOPS.... HUMMMMM.... Now, where was it that al Maliki was hiding out from SADDAM.... Oh, yeah! Iran! Probably just a coincidence.... Mebby??? Methinks not!

Blaino: some documents were revealed that offer supporting evidence...

Blaino: so, we also have 2 major bank foreign currency execs that SAY..... "monday-tuesday" and this according to internal memos and meetings, training and so ON....


The question was asked "What Do Your Friends Think About The Dinar"  The Dinar Community has shared some of their stories   Hope you enjoy

STAUNCH: I have told two friends about it. One was somewhat skeptical and made the comment he did not have the extra cash to invest in that was the end of that.

The other friend was pretty interested in it and started asking a lot of questions about it, and after answering a few of them, I found myself trying to talk him out of it. I didn't make a conscious decision to talk him out of it, just ended up going that way. i didn't want to be responsible for someone elses possible losses.

I think that in the back of my mind, i am skeptical as well. (hopeful and wishing for it, but still skeptical) Once i started explaining to him how this has been an ongoing process for 10 years now, i started hearing how wild it sounded. Anyways, i am invested, have high hopes, and look for the signs, but don't really think i believe it myself


(Dinar Recaps Note: We post this for informational purposed only. Please consult with YOUR advisers first.)


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Greetings and Salutations;

What was considered 'impossible' a number of years ago, has now cracked into an 'inevitable' on the 'seeable' range for the whole world to appreciate.

As I write, things are underway that put the world's assets and debt under the global trust. The rafters are coming down to ground level that actually effects the normal people in this world.

All institutions are being effected with this action, the normal 'suspects; Imf, BIS, World Bank, UN, and the various central banks, all of which effects the value of the currencies of the world's countries

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