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10am February 15th, 2016

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~~_firefly_ says to BGG():   Again, I remind you folks .... Their currency NEVER lost it's value, it was turned off
larrykn says():   firefly I would love to see them turn it back on :)
BGG says to _firefly_():   Great point... I hear that boo bird argument often... it is NOT TRUE.
hub says():   do you think someone installed the light switch upside down and they think they are turning it on when there realing turning it off???????


wvchsr says():   GM all
wvchsr says():   two new announcements of the CBI site:
( Statement ) from the role of the central bank supervisory and regulatory inform you that there are banks and companies licensed by the Central Bank is providing payment services through cards
02/14/2016   To / Department of Commerce / registrar of companies ( Cancel vacation prestige company to broker the sale and purchase of foreign currencies )
rcookie says():   AND OFF OF THE 1ST ANNOUNCEMENT...
rcookie says():   Central: warn users of payment cards is not licensed for legal accountability
Economy Since 2016-02-14 at 15:36 (GMT)  Baghdad - the balance of news
The CBI, warned Sunday of your payment cards users but licensed for legal accountability.



Appaloosa:  2/15/16 - IKO Comments from 5am-ish ET

Iko Ward : So now we know just how powerful China has become. The simple statement by them declaring a stable Yuan was enough for Japan to show a 7.5% rebound and right now Europe is on a steady roll to recover 3% tonight.

Too bad we have to wait until tuesday to see how the idiots on Wall Street take it. No doubt, the headlines will read all is well and lets carry on.

Don't be fooled. Commodities are down, the dollar is crap, shipping is crap..I'm using the word "crap" here...because now China has the ball out in public, and next time they call "crap" the world is going to ask, "How much would you like, sir?"

The good news is they are calling for the RV and now the PTB have to take it seriously

They just got trounced. Maybe a full on crash has been avoided. The next few days will tell.


Sovereign Man Notes From The field  By Simon Black
February 9, 2016    Santiago, Chile 
Don't count on banks and governments to go gentle into that good night...
Pop quiz: What was the top grossing movie in the world the last time the US tax code was overhauled? 

The answer is Top Gun. And the year was 1986. 

(Other major hits that year include Karate Kid II, Crocodile Dundee, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off) 



Iko Ward: I must say, this is the first Sunday evening in a long time where I don't even have a clue to what will happen.

Stardot:   In case you want to watch the ASIAN MARKETS:

Iko Ward:  Japan starts the week up 4.42%. Here we go. No, I don't know what it means yet
Scotchie:Iko, appears to me China will not go down dramatically


Iko Ward:  Bodi, allegiance yes, but not quite official would be my guess.



Mountainman:   I Suppose if their were "ROOKIES"....Running This NEW GLOBAL REALITY......"PANIC".....Would be a Paramount WORD.....IMO......"THEY" are SEASONED VETERANS 200 Years +.......And ALL is UNFOLDING as "THEY" Planned.......

IMO....that's WHY??? the IMF Announced that CHINA would be Brought in to The GLOBAL ECONOMY as a RESERVE CURRENCY= NOVEMBER 30.2015.......then Good Old USA Ratifies the 2010 Code of Reforms to SATISFY Emerging Countries Like CHINA/OTHERS to have a say in the NEW REALITY.....

So FAST FORWARD to "WHERE" we are NOW and BAMM here THEY/CHINA comes for OTHERS to MAKE their "ENTRANCE"=IRAQ/IRAN......and a HOST of OTHERS in A BASKET "FILLED" w/GOLD.......

I still SEE this "TRANSITION" UNFOLDING before Our very EYES!!!!!!!!........

HAPPY NEW YEAR CHINA/USA/IRAQ and OTHERS.......Let "The MONETARY OLYMPICS".....Continue........IMO......

Yes A "NEW YEAR"......Leading to........"NEW BEGINNINGS" A PAIR of 8's=2016!!!!!!!!

Blessings Mountainman


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Wealthwatch OOTW News & Comments   2-14-16   
Donnie: China's Central Bank Says No Basis for Continued Yuan Decline
Donnie: China's central bank governor said there's no basis for continued depreciation of the yuan because the balance of payments is good, capital outflows are normal and the exchange rate is basically stable against a basket of currencies, according to an interview published Saturday in Caixin magazine.
Donnie: The country will not peg the yuan to a basket of currencies but will seek to rely more on a basket for reference, while managing daily volatility versus the dollar, Zhou said in the interview. The bank will use a wider range of macro-economic data to determine the exchange rate, Caixin quoted him as saying.
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Long-Presse / Nineveh   According to a local source in Nineveh province, on Sunday, the death of a number of elements of the organization (Daash) fire from coalition aircraft which bombed the Central Bank building and the building of three banks in the city of Mosul (405 km north of Baghdad).
The source said in an interview with (long-Presse) that "the flight of the international coalition against air strikes targeted the Central Bank building in the right side of the city near the Nineveh governorate building and Rasheed Bank in the right side and bank mortgage Balfaisalah the left side and the Bank of Abu Tammam center of Mosul, killing destruction fully, "noting that" the bombing also killed a number of elements of the organization responsible for the protection of the banks. "

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Abadi agrees on a draft conscription law and parliamentary security "ahead"
Author: BS, MK    Editor: BK, BS 02.14.2016 12:57
Long-Presse / Baghdad   Revealed the parliamentary security committee, said on Sunday that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi agreed on a draft conscription law, as pointed out to the majority of the committee members agree on the draft law.
The committee member said Iskandar and berries in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Commission has taken important steps on the wording of a draft compulsory military service law," noting that "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, agreed to the draft, where the Commission is waiting returned to make an too much on them. "