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6pm, February 15th, 2013   


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Friday, 15 February 2013

(This content is for general information purposes only. All information given is the opinion of the provider. Dinar Recaps assumes no responsibility for information contained on this website and disclaims all liability in respect of such information. This is being posted by request of many of our readers)

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Looking for Absolute Data: IQD & the new financial system

The Wizards behind the curtain have been busy this week.

So have their puppets.

For those of you holding foreign currency, waiting for a knock on the door and waiting for that grand announcement or your banking codes, well..... there is a ** load of stuff going on in the back ground right now.

Some of the stuff going on makes it very clear to anyone watching, with even any amount of neutrality and the ability to think rationally, that it's not all rainbows and unicorn farts that's pushing through this new financial system.... and they are pushing it really hard.
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Blaino: this bronco is in the CHUTE.... Clock is tickin, this baby will be kickin!!!! Never knew things could be this hot in february....

Blaino: we have an unusual situation with regard to foreign currencies at at least one and mebby several BANKS... As it pertains to their ability to 'see' ANYTHING..... more later on THAT... Been same same since late yesterday, we were watching for changes... None so FAR.... Which is great news!

Blaino: the gousa 'moneybox' is still full and locked DOWN..... gousa - govt of U.S.A.

junebug: Blaino would we know today if something does happen

Blaino: junebug mebby we will all have a pleasant and thoughtful DINNER..... Mebby a kind of review and plan kind of MEAL...

Blaino: ding your dong and hold ON.... I think we're going to hit this thing ... Really frickin hard!

Blaino: HisBlessed soon, circumstances pushed a change, need to see something.... I'll send the warning out AGAIN... Forward it to any that do not get it, there is a link to manage your subscription.... We'll update all the newbies and send it in an hour or SO.... back soon with MORE... Mehopes!

(This content is for general information purposes only. All information given is the opinion of the provider. Dinar Recaps assumes no responsibility for information contained on this website and disclaims all liability in respect of such information.)

DINAR RUMORS INTEL UPDATES Date: Thursday, February 14, 2013, 8:17 PM

Subject: Info from the POOF camp

[The question is, how do we know if this is true or not. It sounds to me like someone was making it up as they went along. Boy, I hope I'm wrong! Alan]

Friend just heard from Poof pertaining to the Prosperity Programs (Omega etc.) LaGuarde will announce the change in currencies after the G7 meetings this weekend. Obama will then speak after regarding the end of the Federal Reserve, and I assume our new Treasury notes, replacing the Federal Reserve Notes we currently hold.

Fine & Penalty funds will be delivered after the announcements, payable of a ten year period, totaling $2.5 Billion each. St. Germaine trust much more will be delivered later. It will provide unlimited funds for those who are doing projects, and minimum for those who are just taking care of themselves and family.

Queen Elizabeth will abdicate and Vatican will go through major changes, which have already started with the resignation of the Pope.

FLASHING POST 2/15/2013 2:15PM EST from MarineMom

Hi another great article that let us to know how close we are. As you know I have posted several articles that are very positive regarding the improvement of iraq in the international community.

Again we should concentrate on the real drivers and not the adds on. Imo We are within the relevant range. Be positive and have a wonderful day because everything is great.

Iraq delivers Kuwait $ 500 million within 48 hours

February 15, 2013 - 12:20 pm

Fold the Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Kuwait Airways Corporation Sami half, file conflict judicial against lines and the Iraqi government after 22 years and one month to start this conflict,

[nolaspice] okay - here is the deal, i just looked at the forbes 2013 richest 10 people list - it is apparent to me that we need some cute- er billioniaires rofl

[WEW] Jester .. GM .. Is the g20 meetings concerning the currency wars the main focus for the final step? GL is there and could easely make an announcement. What are you watching I guess is what I am asking..

[Jester] everyone seeing the changes in the world and the weird things going on... queens... popes... this ia way bigger thing that is going on than our little piece of the puzzle...

[redhead1] I have not seen anything on CNN or Bloomberg where Christine LaGarde or Obama are speaking this afternoon - after his State of the Union speech - since he is visiting Middle East in the Middle of March - I am afraid he will hold us up until then.

[Jester] redhead1 i don think so... the new ptb are not wanting to let this drag out... they will leave us in the dirt if we dont get our stuff together...

[Jester] look at the new reserve currencies... candian and australian dollars... the brics nations are already workign around it... japan is doing it too... everyone is getting tired of waiting on us...
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[okrocks] G20 struggles over forex, at odds over debts MOSCOW, Feb. 15, 2013 (Reuters)

[hmoob76] Okrocks hi .. Something must be happening .. Gold is dropping fast, it's at 1615 now

[sananddan24] Okrocks is the G20 meeting in Moscow?

[okrocks] sananddan24 yes

[hmoob76] I guess gold dropping this fast doesn't mean anything huh?

[babble] hmoob76 at one point that was supposed to be one of the signs

[dwg14] Gm hi So any news yet this morning. Im heading to work and wont be back til Sunday night

[babble] hmoob76 hopefully it will go down a lot more then after we rv we can buy low

[okrocks] One senior G20 source said late on Thursday that there would be no separate statement on currencies. A passage would be inserted into the main communique, but it would not repeat the G7 line that "we will not target exchange rates".

[babble] okrocks does that mean no r v?
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Hey guys, Don't look at this as "another Friday". Just keep holding on - this will happen - despite the ups and downs, we could never begin to figure this out as to why the delays - have you ever thought there may NOT be any delays? SUDDENLY !!!

From Kim Potter: This morning I awoke to the news of a meteor hitting Russia. As I prepared for work, I was thinking about the meteor and talking to God. I said 'God, it sounds like dinosaur days to me' (you may remember, my little Bryson loves dinosaurs). God answered me and said 'things are being released from the atmosphere.'

Of course I became excited in my spirit - I begin to declare 'things are being released on my behalf from the atmosphere, my inheritance is being released, my healing is being released, my finances are being released...all things that belong to me are being released from the atmosphere at this moment and they are coming at the same speed as that meteor.'

The word of God says we will see signs in the heavens, I believe God showed me this was a sign for us...that things are being released in the atmosphere right alert and call forth what belongs to you today.
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The below posts were in our 10am email


I've been wanting to make this post for some time, but knew how brutal some of you can be in this section!!

I let you know what I've been hearing over the years about the dinar from people who are living in the area and have connections to the financial aspects in ME.

First, I am not a guru, nor am I pretending to be one.

 I am no financial expert, other then I am good at losing money! :P Just wanted to give you some info from those I talk with. I invested over 3 years ago. As some of you know, I am a doc working in Thailand. Back then, I worked at a pretty famous resort that caters to a lot of wealthy folks.

During my time there I got to meet those who "might be in the know" or, at least, shed some hope on this investment.


conradmc1   I've only been involved in this venture for 15 months and totally believe in a positive outcome for all of us. What amazes me is the range of views this venture elicits. For the most part too many of the participants seem to have a very narrow focus regarding the end result.

Some predict a figure.. others say the budget doesn't support that number and the debate goes on. Same thing with who's in charge or for that matter who's on first base. Bottom line when you look at the big picture Irag has tremendous wealth. They can support any value that is determined for the Dinar.

The world is going electronic... the amount of dinars in circulation is not an issue. Look at all the attention being given to the cards in Irag or even Isis promotion in the USA.


The IQD Team Connection with LJ from LJ's Next Step Team
Straight Talkin Mike, LJ, Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Thursday, February 14, 2013
Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay - February 14, 2013
760-569-7699   Pin 769478#

Another Great Round Table Discussion
Last Night With:
Straight Talkin' Mike & L.J. of L.J.'s Next Step Team...THE IQD Team Connection


Please listen to the replay in its entirety for all the
latest CBI, Economy and Government News from Iraq

Notes and Highlights from One Carat to be posted later on our site - Thanks One Karat

The I.Q.D. Team Connection News Coverage
for Thursday, February 14, 2013

The below posts were in our 10pm email
From Dinar Alert
Tlar: Something or someone is supplying the motivation for Maliki to accept this deal. I think it could have something to do with Nujaifi's visit to Doha. It also is obvious that Maliki was probably offered immunity if he would take a back seat and let Allawi be president.

I think without immunity Maliki could never afford to agree to let his arch enemy become President. Something behind the scenes has happened that we will never know about. I smell the US hand in this.

I just hope that this agreement comes to fruition. Maliki wqas accusing the leader of Doha of being a dictator. Nujaifi was calling Maliki a crook and calling for him to resign along with parliament and have early elections from Doha while he was there to meet the US

Post By IQDCrazy Post From Dinar Detectives

2-14-13 IQDCrazy: Why wont the Iraqi Dinar scam Die? Definition of a scam.A fraudulent business scheme; a swindle. tr.v. scammed, scamming, scams. To defraud; swindle.

In order for the Iraqi Dinar to be a scam, one the person would not receive merchandise and two it would have to have a proven track record of loss. Neither exist so it is not a scam.

In the thought that any currency is going to make you a millionaire overnight is Stupidity not a scam, used car dealers say your buying a great car and it breaks down every other day and it doesn't mean its a scam. You get what you pay for.

If people believe they will become a millionaire overnight by investing $100 dollars they just don't use their brains but it doesn't make the dinar a scam.

Sadam Hussein created the fake rate of $3.22 in 1982 and it was never declared or tested sustainable?

Blaino: planeteers there is a lot going on, quietly and to be SURE... Not nearly fast enough for all of us! At any rate, we are likely as not to see some interesting times in the hours ahead!

Banks and their foreign currency situations are almost asunder... As is required 'before' there can be a sumation of our pursuits.... Lil hint there for you! I understand they need to wrap up those concerns before MONDAY...Which is almost as interesting a day as .... Tomorrow!

A number of moving targets will all line up then, and will be easy to hit then! Citizens, sight your weapons! There could be some additional news this evening, and if there IS... You know i'll bring what i can!
One 'entity' has reported and several have confirmed that the us $ box is full N fact ... Over FULL....

Yes, a surplus! HUMMMM.... We "believe" that the ust (after 100 years and a few weeks) has finally gone back to work! One can only wonder and speculate at what the heck they are about in THERE.... Well, i'm not ONE.... I know what goes on! More than that i cannot say, HOWEVER.... Get your 'excited' all gassed up and ready to rock! Methinks you're going to need it pretty soon!

First, Happy Valentines Day to you and all the girls out there:))

Here's a quick update. This is getting crazy and exciting at the same time. I am sure you all heard, Mahmoud, the top judge in Iraq has been removed (YIPEE!!). This was Malikis top go to judge when Maliki wanted someone arrested or discredited (Hashimi, Shabibi and so on). That power has been taken away from him. I AM SO HAPPY!!!

There is also movement with who is going to take over Talabanis postion. Rumor is Talabanis' wife will have the position under proxy, this is Barzanis' choice and it would be a smart move on his part (to long to explain but we have some smart pd-ers out there;)) There is also movement concerning Kirkuk. They recently agreed to include and approve within the 2013 budget indemnification money for the citizens of Kirkuk that were displaced or harmed during the Sadam years.

This is huge because this was one of the disputes that needed to be taken care of under article 140 which falls under the Iraqi Constitution. Maliki is upto his old tricks again but without the top judge backing him it will go nowhere. We are sitting pretty, imo, and we should see laws and ministers (under proxy) being filled. Maybe this is why the Kurds have been delaying, they knew this was coming to an end. I am still shocked and happy at the same time. Even my cousin was astonished. History in the making. I mean this judge has been supreme since 2005.....WOW! Cheers All! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!

sailman] Digs VND could become the "sleeper" if comes out at say .50 then for 1000 USD you could have got 15 million VND ir 7.5 milliom USD

[DISHMAN] sailman they say that the IQD budget can only support a $3.42 rate but if it comes out higher than that whats to say it loses ground and falls to $3.42

[DISHMAN] Kuwait came out at $9 and fell to 3$3.50 something???

[sailman] DISHMAN I have always thought it would be quite high --- but $4.41 has been my target for about three years

[nolaspice] sailman i want 7.55 but will settle for 3.45 roflmao

[DISHMAN] I just know for what I want to do and we need an abundance of more o help others so I want to put my faith in a Super High Rate

[sailman] DISHMAN actually Kuwait acme out LOW and was bid up by specualtors to above $9 and almost broke the bank --- then settled back to mid $3 range

[sailman] and I have heard above $12 at times
Read More

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