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6pm, February 17th, 2013   


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Part 2 Can The World Economy Be Saved?
Part 1 The World Economy Is Saved
John Butler "The Golden Revolution" Video Emailed to Recaps
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SteveI Response to "Mystery Lady" Post From PeoplesDinar Forum
The below posts were in our 11am email
Saturday Night "Mystery Lady" post emailed to Dinar Recaps
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(Recaps Note: Yes we note the date of article and still feel article is relevant)

Can the World Economy be Saved?

November 30, 2011 By Dene McGriff

Last week we speculated in Part 1 that the central banks, IMF, World Bank, world powers or someone out there had a plan to inject trillions into the world economy by the revaluation of numerous currencies using a new methodology of estimating the resources of a nation to value the currency.

It appears that America and other European countries have been hedging their bets by investing in some of these currencies. If there was a large revaluation, this would certainly go a long way toward plugging the holes in our debt ridden ships of state.

This could mean the addition of trillions of dollars and because of fractional banking, $10 trillion could easily be multiplied into $100 trillion.

This week we are going to examine the potential results of such a huge infusion of capital. It may help in the short run but what about the long run?

(Recaps Note: Yes we are aware of date - we found article interesting - relevant and with recent reference from others)

The World Economy is Saved!!!
November 23, 2011 By Dene McGriff

The world economy looks pretty bleak at the moment. As I have written in the last three articles, there is way too much money and debt sloshing around in the world, too many entitlements, too much complaining and too little production.

Interest rates are increasing in Italy, Spain and even France. The debt/death spiral has begun.

But what if I told you that we have a temporary fix? Just remember, you heard it here first. I'm not going to back this up with a bunch of links because no one is talking about it and no one is supposed to even know about it.

This is hush-hush. But the "powers that be" are about to come upon trillions of new dollars.


John Butler "The Golden Revolution" 2012

[cruiser] "We think that talk of currency wars is overblown," Ms Lagarde said. "People did talk about their currency worries. The good news is that the G-20 responded with cooperation rather than conflict today."

[Josey Wales] cruiser good stuff Brother........

okrocks] cruiser yesterday we read all the news articles on her from the G20 and decided we are ready ;)

[RFrost] cruiser I like that article and this one too.

[RFrost] cruiser Yuppers, kinda makes ya smile deep down, dont it? grin

[cruiser] RFrost yes it does.

[rotormech35] I really think the "announcement" was yesterday with that press release... not sure there will be another one on any of it

[rotormech35] it will just happen

sandytob] rotormech35 agree
Read More
SteveI :First of all, it is not over just quite yet but pretty darn close. Actually close enough to almost call it done and over like she said. I do strongly believe it will be very shortly, however a few more days seem to be looking better and better. I am hoping to share more late Sunday or Monday on the status of things that we are aware of that need to be completed yet.

Now, I absolutely agree with her timing. How she knows this information as pretty incredible and spot on if you ask me, but no one asked. Her sources are pretty darn good great.

When I give my last advice, that will be one you can take to the bank.

Is it possible to be nervous and excited at the same time?

Have a safe weekend everyone and stay tuned to our next updates.

Blessings to all.


The below posts were in our 11am email


I have not disappeared or vanished as some have suggested, rather just sat back and let this unfold as I have zero control over this event and updating multiply times a day really isn't my style.

Yes, I have been informed of certain events and timelines that have occurred and are on the for front of occurring. My husband assures me that the recent Kurdish budget approval is a sure sign that the other blocs are finally in agreement with one another and the Iraqi budget is all but made public. Which this is to be done by mid week or sooner and the revalue is to follow immediately.

The updates you have been getting from the individual from PD (OCrush) are again factual and right inline with everything I keep hearing from my end. In fact, his insight comes from a line of sources that travels a completely different path, yet always ends up near or there about with what I hear.

I come this last time to lift up those who fail to see the whole truth and sag with doubt, joy should be upon you now you made it.

Thank you to all those who welcomed my insight and appreciated my willingness to reach out without recognition.

God bless each one of you and use your new found wealth in a positive manner.

Remember, without morally correct people leading by example in this world we will not sustain the level of decency that God expects of us.

Smile : ) my friends it's over!

Wife in the Know


5:49 pm Blaino: Planeteers... Dinarians and friends across the chat-o-sphere.... Happy Saturday! Our contacts and information partners are still adamant that all is in readiness.... All is complete and all is prepared.... We need only allow the time to pass until the release is moved into the light. It appears to exist in the shadows now and for a brief period of TIME.... More on that a lil LATER....

Most have been silent as the last 16 hours or so have rolled on toward the ultimate satisfaction of our desires! Stand fast and de-stress... We will soon be transported to a brighter future. Look now to your health, your plans and your structure!

You must have structure! If you plan to relocate, it might be best to consider some kind of staged exit. The new cars and all kinds of trappings in your current location could be the string that gets followed by those you would prefer not to associate with, right to your new front DOOR.... A "transfer" from the job is always a safe BET...

Or a new "job" which requires a move might be a good COVER... "i'm (we're) rich now!" is not the best idea for your own safety or that of your family, both immediate and extended. Be cautious!

And, as i have told you BEFORE.... When "they" start saying how "lucky" you ARE.... Find yourself an exit, it's about to get ugly! Right behind "you're so lucky!" comes: "share! You really didn't do anything to 'earn the money'... So i (we) deserve some too...after ALL... We're you 'loyal' friends!" there has to be a TIME... And it will not be the 'perfect' time everywhere at once. The 'time' or "h" hour as the military used to SAY... Now appears to be late tonight in europe, mebby midnight, greenwich mean TIME... Not confirmed!


Wang Dang Saturday Conference Call Recording Link and Replay #'s


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