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6pm February  17th, 2017

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Dr. Clarke Update Friday 2/17/17

DR. CLARKE: Remember 2 weeks ago, in our Jan. 31st blog post (LINK), when we said that "The Perfect Storm" was coming by the very end of February? Do you remember the movie, with George Clooney & Mark Wahlberg? (6-30-2000...true story of 10-28-1991 epic storm event)... they left the bay on a FISHING expedition, into the sea, on a perfectly calm, beautiful day, and within hours, (3) different massive storms converged into ONE massive, destructive storm, the likes of which, had never been seen before - EVER. THEY DIDN'T SEE IT COMING. IT WAS "UNPREDICTABLE", because it happened so was actually "ILLOGICAL". 

But in the end, there was Peace and Calm, with a Brand New Day at Sea, even though NOTHING, would EVER be the same again.

As a metaphor, In our View, this is what is about to take place, from  February 21-28, 2017 , and is already shaping up right NOW. 
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Dinar Updates Friday Early AM Chat  2-17-17   Part 2 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Friday Early AM Chat  2-17-17   Part 2 of 2
subgirl says to futuremoney():do you have the answer futuremoney? lol
futuremoney says to subgirl():In My Freakin' opinion????
subgirl says to sheila3):go for it lol
subgirl says to futuremoney():lol
futuremoney says to subgirl():is that it???
subgirl says to futuremoney():lol :D(lol)
sheila3 says to subgirl():in my future (y)
subgirl says to futuremoney():not quite lol]
subgirl says to sheila3()::D(lol) not quite either lol lol
sheila3 says to subgirl()::@
subgirl says to sheila3():oh boy i have a long ways to go lol
futuremoney says to subgirl():where ya going??
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Dinar Updates Friday Early AM Chat  2-17-17   Part 1 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Friday Early AM Chat  2-17-17   Part 1 of 2
BGG says():I know this has been covered already...
BGG says():but I don't think I can stress enough - how important this is...
BGG says():and it may not IMMEDIATELY = what your timeline "wants" are - but it is BIG NEWS. Likely, THE TURNING POINT...
futuremoney says to BGG():just listened to the call, very informative !! Thank you and the team...
BGG says():Iraq joins the Convention on transparency between investors and the States
(the vitally important paragraph...)  .........
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Frank26, Backdoc and More Late Friday AM 2-17-17


Jay:   I find it interesting that we are just hearing today, the first day of the Munich meetings that Abadi is going for one day only, Today.  Nothing  like waiting until the day of the meeting to announce his departure...hmmmm. Then an article comes out saying that the West side won't commence until Abadi gets back from a meeting with President Trump  in the US.  No mention of when Abadi comes to our home land. 

Frank26:  It is NOT new ................ Your W CC NOTES TOLD You .................. Do You honestly believe A will be in Germany for 3 days ? ........... Of course NOT !!!  lol 

Link to Wed.Night CC Notes 

Jay:  I have been chewing on that one in particular nugget from W CC waiting for the ink saying he is going there. With the hi hopes that it would only be 1 day because I love it when you are right
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Boy Was I Wrong About This Place...  By Simon Black

Notes From The Field  By Simon Black
February 16, 2017    San Juan, Puerto Rico 
Boy was I wrong about this place...

In 1927, US Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes famously wrote that "taxes are what we pay for civilized society." 

This quote is enshrined at the Internal Revenue Service, and it's a rallying cry for people who constantly argue for higher taxes. 

Almost everyone completely misunderstands what he meant. 

First of all, tax rates in the United States were about 3.5% back in 1927, just a tiny fraction of what they are today. 

And Justice Holmes actually wrote that famous statement as part of a larger argument that taxes can sometimes penalize and discourage productive activity. 

People always seem to forget that part. 
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Dinar Updates Thursday Late PM Chat  2-16-17  

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

_firefly_ says():MONDAY, JANUARY 9, 2017   CBI adopts IBAN system   4:02 PM ADMIN
Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) announced the adoption of the
international account (IBAN) for foreign transactions to develop the banking system here.
In a statement, the decision became effective from 2 January, 2017 in order to avoid the mistakes during financial transactions.
No other details were given.    Posted in: Baghdad,Economy
_firefly_ says():In a statement, the decision became effective from 2 January, 2017 in order to avoid the mistakes during financial transactions.

News, Rumors and Opinions Friday Morning 2-17-17


StarChaser:  What keeps me in this for so long is viewing the " historical rates of the Iraqi Dinar ". Anyone not sure about this should Google this info. Iraq is producing roughly 4.6 million barrels of oil per day now. They cannot continue to have basically worthless currency and survive internationally. Look at what happened to their neighbor Kuwait.

Starchaser: Currently, Iraq is producing roughly 2 times the amount of oil that Kuwait is producing. Kuwait's Dinar value is roughly $3.50 -- that should let everyone know that Iraq can easily have a proposed value of $ 3.71 any day now. That should help anyone wondering if this is real.

Smitzi:  I called A Wells Fargo bank yesterday to ask what the xechnage rate for the VND was . She said she did not have access to screen any more but she knew the rates had been very good recently . She said she would have to call the central number to find the rates.  She called me back about ten minutes later in a completely different tone of voice and quoted me the old rate. They know something is up and she was obviously told to keep quite. Hang in there . We are close!


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Highlights From "The Big Call" Thursday Night 2-16-17 by PinkRoses

Thanks PinkRoses for sending these to us.

Bruce:  Good Evening, everybody. Welcome to the Big Call. Today is February 16th, and we thought last Tuesday would be a good time for us the next few days. We still believe that. We are in good a position that a lot happened to get us to Tuesday and a lot happened to get to us where we are now. A lot has happened the last 24 to 48 hours.

Bruce:  What we heard is what we are going to call early exchanges on Vietnamese Dong.

A few weeks ago same type thing going on with the dinar. Some exchanges at some of the major banks with the dinar of what I called at the time with teaser rates.  They were done so the banks could increase their liquidity to handle the Basel 3 requirements.

So they needed additional funds so they could hit that liquidity in their banks. That went on primarily with customers that purchased dinar with those banks. They were contacted and asked if they wish to do an exchange at a lower rate for their customers at that time. The last couple of days same thing occur Tuesday on the Vietnamese Dong. Sort like a trial number #2. First on the dinar than now the dong.


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Dinar Updates Thursday Early PM Chat  2-16-17   Part 2 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

_firefly_ says():IBAN (International Bank Account Numbers) is for the PRIVATE SECTOR for international transfers
_firefly_ says():The fact that banks in Iraq are READY for IBAN excites me intensely
Okie Dinar says to _firefly_():Me too :)
dale says():firefly : Sounds great.
_firefly_ says():I'm sure it also has the contractors and foreign companys excited as well
popeye7 says to _firefly_():So many things lining up... Isis being run out of Iraq, all of the great economic news, and of course Iraq setting things up to go international... No reason to be pessimistic at all... Thanks for the news FF... (y)(y)


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Dinar Updates Thursday Early PM Chat  2-16-17   Part 1 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

popeye7 says to MrsBGG():Hey BGG... Thanks for the call last night... Love the point you made about airlines....

popeye7 says to MrsBGG():the airlines that is... Keeping it all in perspective
BGG says to popeye7():That and the "baby eagle" - in context, were both just common sense...
BGG says to popeye7():which seems to be in short supply these days...
BGG says to popeye7()::D
futuremoney says to popeye7():what point is that ? I missed the call
popeye7 says to MrsBGG():Double our pleasure!... (y)(y) Agreed BGG... Lots of hype out there... :D
BGG says to popeye7():TTYL - off to worky worky :)


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Dinar Updates "Lots of News!!! - Round Table Call" w/ BGG, Loop, Mr. White and Pat

Audio Player from Thursday 2/16/2017

Dial in replay  641-715-3639   pin 528733#

(In Recaps Newsletter, click blue title for audio player.)


45 Minute Call

The below posts were in our 10pm Newsletter

Dinar Updates Thursday Early AM Chat  2-16-17   Part 2 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Thursday Early AM Chat  2-16-17   Part 2 of 2
larrykn says():(Reuters) If Islamic State is driven from its Iraqi stronghold of Mosul, it will switch tactics to wage an insurgency from mountains and deserts, a top Kurdish intelligence official has told Reuters.
Lahur Talabany, a senior figure in Kurdistan's counter-terrorism efforts, also expressed concerns that another group similar to the Sunni Muslim Islamic State could emerge to menace Iraq again if political leaders fail to secure reconciliation between sects.
"Mosul will get taken ... I think it is the asymmetric warfare that we need to be worried about," he said.
"Our jobs will become much more difficult. The army will take a rest a little, but it will be the job of security forces that will become more difficult."
Talabany said there were signs that Islamic State planned to shelter in the Hamrin mountains in the northeast, which could serve as a base for attacks on several provinces.
He cited about five attacks on security forces in Diyala province in the last month.

Dinar Updates Thursday Early AM Chat  2-16-17   Part 1 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Thursday Early AM Chat  2-16-17   Part 1 of 2
loop says(): Preparation specialists judges combating money laundering and terrorism financing              
Economy News / Baghdad ...  Supreme Judicial Council announced, for the number of judges specialized in economic affairs to combat money laundering and terrorism financing, and the establishment of training courses in coordination with the Iraqi private banks association and company Iraqna agent Company (ACAMS) International.
He said the training director of the Association Ahmed al-Hashemi, said the cooperation with the Supreme Judicial Council, is aimed to prepare specialized skills to diagnose cases of money laundering and financing of terrorism and contain fully through the local expertise that Tbdomn banks down to the judiciary, as it represents the integration of the experiences the most important steps to reduce these crimes that must be dealt with before they occur.

"News and Views" in Dinarland Thursday PM  2-16-17


RE:  Backdoc Post Today
Greenclan:  THANK YOU DOC.....always great stuff.

Well it looks like the digital dollar is the "secret sauce" needed  for Iraq to push the button - pull the trigger - get the new value out.............correct ?    thank you     greenclan 

AdminBill and WSOMN Members Late Thursday Afternoon 2-16-17



AvonLady:  Well I had a very good meeting with the wealth mgr and a Financial advisor
I went in with 15 questions to ask.... thru in a few odd ball ones to see if they continue answering

This was at WF

Very good responses from them.... they know their job and they are fully aware of whats going on around them .... I asked some pretty good questions.. they told me it tooks as if I had been studying or taking lesson because I knew what I was looking for

So about an hour into it.... both were with me at that time... I asked them both what they knew about the foreign currency and rates