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6pm, February 18th, 2013   


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The below posts were in our 10am email
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Poof for Sunday
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The Doctor: It has been a few months since I last posted and for good reason. The reason is just a bunch of bunk out there. My last post stated that if it was a political move from the current administration it would RV in the month of Oct 2012. That did not happen as we all know.

Yes of course we have all seen the very same INTEL from all the GURU'S each and every day. While these GURU's have called the RV in 24 to 48 hours or there is an assassination attempt on the lives of leaders. What a bunch of bunk and yes we heard that one leader is on his death bed or is dead.

Under these examples that have been stated let us understand that the UN must be notified of anything like that, and they have not been notified of any death. We hear about a death of our Ambassador but not another government leader or major player involved.

Sunday Night was supposed to be the bigggggggggggg announcement from the IMF President. The fact is she did not say a thing that meant anything to this RV.

[Princess M] ** RIDE NOTICE ** Everyone on the Rollorcoaster or Merry-Go-Round please remain positive and keep you hands and feet within the ride till it comes to a full stop in front of the doors of the bank of your choice.

wheezer2] HEY GUYS>>>>> just an fyi my "person" told me this blessing has nothing to do with the iraq budget process :)

[sananddan24] Wheezer2 did they tell you where we are in this investment?

[wheezer2] sananddan24 no they did not :(

[Dsatmhk7] Wheezer2 - tell ur person thanks!

[wheezer2] Dsatmhk7 ok....will do :)

[mystery] I am still being told despite the problems, this week is our week. Let it play out and great things are about to happen.Be safe ... Blessings, Steve

[okrocks] jump! lol 8:37 am Blaino: just heard from the BANK.... Rates are "jumping" all around... As they were on saturday... Vnd too, as high as $3+ as low as $.02.... Iqd same thing, but not so much fluctuation.... That's all for now, back later when there is confirmed information, as this is!
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Hello All,

She (countrygal) is one smart cookie! Send her a cheer from me! Here's another quick update. The new employee contracts for the oil minister have been completed. They are attached to the 2013 budget. Once the final version of the budget is approved the contracts for them will be activated. Nujaifi holds the key for the final version to be approved. You see parliament gave the okay on these contracts and Nujaifi gave it his blessing.

Now, Nujaifi is waiting for the blocs (specifically National alliance) to approve the 17% of the oil proceeds to go to the Kurds. The budget quorum still remains open in parliament and once the kurds are satisfied Nujaifi will bring it to the floor for a vote and if all goes well he will give it his blessing. The Kurdish parliament also approved there budget but it still needs the blessing from there president to make it official.

Negotiations are very active between them (open letters) and the un delegation are the mediators. As far as the surplus goes they inked a 25% deal of the oil proceeds for the kurdish provinces. The Barzani Initiative, with the help of the US, will change the poltical landscape and they will truly have a democracy that follow the laws of there constitution.

Blaino: There is some stuff thru the night from the "architect".... We need to let the clock tick a little... Tomorrow could be the best time for 'our eyes to see' this thing in a public WAY.... Some circles initially thought they may be blessed before the masses, this will not be done, the ladle dips only one time for each to DRINK....... so, the second DIP... Or "double dip" is not too likely. Be blessed as you deserve, but try not to drink the next mans SHARE.

Blaino: now, we are told our eyes will see on Tuesday and we may also have unprecedented... Announcements on Tuesday as WELL... Not of the rv kind, but indirectly directly related in a strong WAY... A roadblock may be starting to get moved out of the WAY.... there could very well be a bit of a shakeup at the top of the pile that gets very public when justice John speaks on TUESDAY.... Remain open MINDED.... Read and think, ask not for details as the truth is out there.

Blaino: once that is accomplished, we may find the red carpet unrolling on Wednesday.... So, the virtue (patience) needs to be your 'marker' for a short time yet as situations and events unforseen, yet oft longed FOR... Unfold at last and the rust falls away to reveal, once again, "the thousand lights" Ron told us about ... Not so long ago.

Blaino: perhaps that which was lost has been found AGAIN.... And mebby, just MEBBY... I'll be able to speak a lil more clearly in FUTURE.... One can only hope!

Blaino: so, take a sip of hopium, and pass the bottle on!

Posted Yesterday, 08:40 PM

SteveI: Until Maliki goes do not expect much. Things are getting worse faster than they are getting better. Sad to say but true. Now the United States military has to step in? What does that tell you? It is not getting any better but worse.

You all have a nice week and just step back from this whole thing. I am sick of the ups and down's these clowns are playing the their citizens. They all need to be (well I won't go there).

I heard about the bombing this morning and now read that Maliki is behind it. You call that a leader? No, a Dictator. Do the same to him as the previous Dictator, and the sooner the better.

You all have a nice week, but my wife is forcing me to take a break from this as it is disrupting our lives and my work. There is way more to life than this. Who want's to be the first to call me when this is done?

My advice to Maliki would be you better pack your bags and start running and you best not look back for even one second.

Blessings, Steve
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[MarineMom] I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. God bless the troops, God bless America and her allies, and God bless all of you! ... Semper Fi Marines! Love you

[burk50] MarineMom we r ready to bankium and depositium and be free Praise The Lord for this Blessings which shows Today we Pray

[Josey Wales] burk50 if it does not come soon, we will need a Sanitorium rofl

[puppylove] Josey Wales rofl crazywardium

[burk50] Digs Done just have to depostium. In the bankium

Digs] DONE means I am completely finished an walking out the door of the Bank with a Stamped Deposit Slip in my hands.. until then, it is not DONE..

[redhead1] Digs - let me put it this way - this morning I have finished packing all the files in my office and I am moving to brining everythng in off my front porch so when the movers come - all I have to do is finish packing the house and load.
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Wow International prayer call is very proud to announce, that now the presence of the Holy Spirit on this call, is now moving the same way in churches from pastors on this call. From Nigeria to Flordia, God is moving with the latterday glory. Praise God to God be the glory.

So join this call to feel the touch of God that is moving around the world with a mighty hand.

Monday night 7pm (ET)

530-881-1400 406878#

Recording 530-881-1499 406878# (after the call)

You dont want to miss tonight testimonies.

God Bless
Pastors Ed & Kat
Thank you Dinar Recaps for your kindness

The below posts were in our 10am email


jonmac (18:38:06): Hi Med. A question?

Med: YES

jonmac: Thanks. Are we looking for anything specific in the budget vote on Tuesday? Anything that would make it significant for us, other than just that they can pass the thing?





WILDDUCK] ok i am going to tell you some news what you do with it and how you choose to react to it are solely yours.

[WILDDUCK] ok every source we have and i can assure that is a number north of 10 competant providers of information are unified in their opinoins. Can we see it on netdania yet no. Does that not make not done no.

[nathansmom] WILDDUCK done as of when... the same done it has been or really truly DOne

[highlander65] WILDDUCK so all is just great !!!

[WILDDUCK] you need to accept the simple basic concept that what is left to do is purely mechanical and not affected by human hands rotormech got it right on recaps (congratulations on making guru status, slow day)

[rotormech35] lol

[WILDDUCK] there is nothng left to do , nada no mas

[dinarchaser] WILDDUCK Thinking bank openings tomorrow

[HIGHERGROUND] so if our WILDDUCK hasn't been drinking any WILD TURKEY.. ROFLMAO then we are there


What Backs the United States Currency?  By Mary Frazier,

United States currency does not have asset backing. Currency issued by the U.S. Treasury is fiat money, which is currency not backed by a commodity or asset, and therefore possessing no fundamental value. The value of currency comes from the free market system and government decree stating that currency issued is legal tender.

    Gold Standard

        Historically, backing of U.S. and international currency was from the gold reserves of the country issuing currency. The U.S. gold standard began to breakdown during World War I, and continued to create economic problems until 1971.

Tying currency to gold created deficit problems for the U.S. and reduced gold reserves. Permanent abandonment of the gold standard began during President Richard Nixon's administration in 1971. The official end to the gold standard occurred in 1973, as many industrialized nations moved to a floating rate currency exchange system.


Definition of Currency Value 
 By Melissa Warner,

Currency--another word for money--is what makes the world go round. The names of the actual denominations of currency, as well as the materials they are made of and their value, vary from country to country.

Although you can use your own currency when you travel to some countries, in most cases you will be required to exchange your own currency for that of the country in which you are traveling


        Currency value can be defined in two parts: Currency is a medium of exchange and also something that circulates. Value is how much an item or service is worth from a material aspect, meaning how much it is worth in commerce or trade.


Posted Today, 08:25 PM  BY Maynard57 of Peoples Dinar

About the Internationally tradable currency requirement:

Ocrush uploaded a blurb from the WTO regs with regard to WTO, monetary policy - specifically their statements about rates of exchange for currency.  I posted the same thing about a year and a half ago.

It is super important, particularly if you are aware of the GATT history of the WTO.

 The point to keep your eye on is this:  The WTO does NOT have a per se rule saying you can't get in without an internationally tradable currency.  

What the policy statements make clear is that if your gonna join our WTO club, first thing we are gonna look at is your currency rate of exchange and whether your rate, after looking at the totality of your economic circumstances, is a rationale expression of your country's wealth. 



Hellooooooo My Friends:))

Sorry for the delay.  I checked my notes earlier today and I sent you an email on Feb. 2 concerning the wto.  This is something else we are following.  It seems there will be a training session taking place in Turkey on a Multilateral trading system. 

We believe two companies have intergrated this system into the islamic development bank.  The training will involve close to 100 iraqis (ministers, institutions, public officials from trade, education, finance and so on). 

This training is for 5 days in Turkey and it starts February 25 - March 1:))  The training will also guide them to what responsibilties they will have being full members of the wto.  They will give them examples of what other recent appointed members are doing. 

They will also be very well versed with Gatt (laws and procedures).  We believe just before the training starts, the wto will assend Iraq to full membership.


LJ from LJ's Next Step Team Update Call Sunday 02/17/13


760-569-7699  Pin 769478#

68 Minutes

The IQD Team Connection & LJ from LJ's Next Step Team
"As Always.... Discussion and Analysis of the Latest Iraq, Dinar & RV News....Pre & Post RV Information...Q & A"

Every Tues & Thurs 8PM EST
760-569-7676  769478# or 712222#


spiritfilled] okrocks if banks open in China at the normal 9 am time it will be 7 pm CST in America

 [okrocks] spiritfilled doesnt matter... said China goes first...

 [Robertprofessor] happydave1 With abdication of one monarch and a pope, and the Queen of England having some problems, I'd like to ask a question at the risk of being laughed out of the kingdom: might we see the abdication of QE2?

[modeller] Robertprofessor imo no not yet

[WCW] ok he is saying we want get no warning this baby is going and wellfargo will be there for us is what i get out of it

[musiccitylady] if it happens in China (cash out) then it will happen here too imo

 [treasure4e] WCW wow you are good

 [sandytob] WCW but also that he jumped the gun last week when he made it sound like it was here.

[WCW] sandytob yes that too


Greetings and Salutations,

Jumped the gun, last week but, this past week produced some things that tell you there is nothing 'normal' afoot. The last time the phenom in russia happened was in 1908.

So this week I will review what's coming at the world with these global settlements. First my legs have Not been cut off to the folks getting this done, and never set yourself up as the only knower of what's up. Even DC has to wait on the button to get pushed and in many instances they know less than I do. When you get sent to the bank to access, you will be accessing directly into a 5 star trust, built by the dragons so the banker will have all the details for you, just ask what ever questions you wish.

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