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6pm February  18th, 2017

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Dinar Updates Saturday AM Chat  2-18-17   Part 2 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Saturday AM Chat  2-18-17   Part 2 of 2
loop says(Activity money
head of the Iraqi private banks association Wadih Alhntl said that the central bank 's major role in the private banking sector development through follow - up prior and instructions that the activity money in Iraq, stressing that the Association gives financial capacity building within the priorities of their plans and annual programs aimed at rehabilitation experiences in all banking activities without exception.
He noted that the new headquarters contains all the specific training requirements that provide an atmosphere ideal for Mtdreb and lecturer, pointing out that private banks aims to develop all joints and be a competitor to the regional and international counterparts.
He described the celebration of the experiences that I got up Iraqi banks over the past decades and the duty because they put the foundations of a new generation of banking experience , which began its work and gained great experiences for the advancement and development of products.

Dinar Updates Saturday AM Chat  2-18-17   Part 1 of 2

Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Saturday AM Chat  2-18-17   Part 1 of 2
loop says():GM Everyone.
loop says):Guess what?
loop says():Iraq joins the transparency in the arbitration agreement between investors and states
econmy Since 18/02/2017 14:01 pm (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News   The Iraqi National Investment Commission, Saturday, on transparency in the arbitration agreement promissory between investors and states.
The head of the Sami al-Araji, said in a statement / balance News / received a copy of it, that "the Commission signed a transparency agreement in the arbitration promissory between investors and states, at United Nations Headquarters in New York City," noting that "bringing Iraq's second Arab state acceded to this agreement which preceded it 18 countries in the world. "

Aggiedad77 and KTFA Members Saturday PM 2-18-17



RE: Don961:   The full text of the speech, Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the Iraqi in Munich Security Conference
Full post here

Aggiedad77:  Thanks for bringing that speech to us me it is the window dressing that we are all to see......the real crux of this trip though....what has been said in the hallways....what has been agreed upon in the sidebar meetings......with our members of Congress that came to Germany.......

What message was VP Pence delivering to Abadi, likely IMO coming straight from President Trump.....those are the true nuggets of this trip....and yes at times the best of messages can come from a carrier pigeon.....and then who is watching from the airport....will Abadi head back to Baghdad tonight on his own personal red-eye flight.......has he been given the green light from the leader of the free step Iraq into a new realm......

That is what I watch for.....pray for.....because I know our God is delivering the BEST....and it is coming....IMO.  Aloha     Randy

Note from Dinar Recaps

Dinar Recaps Note:

Dinar Recaps over the last 5 years has posted News, Rumors and Opinions from dozens of different sources in order to help and encourage all Dinarians, many who lead busy lives and are unable to be on dinar sites all the time, and to keep track of all the up-to-the minute changes that happen constantly.

We at Recaps, are Currency Investors like yourselves and get excited to see and share encouraging posts every day. 

It has come to our attention that some folks in Dinarland are upset that we have posted a encouraging or informational post from them. 

We would like to note that there was nothing stating they did not want their encouraging post shared and sincerely trust that most of our readers still appreciate the service we are providing to Dinarland.  We would not have posted anything unless we deemed it incredibly  encouraging, and would help many others.

We really want to thank all the intel providers from all the sites who post and want to let you know how very grateful the thousands of people are who read your news, rumors and opinions are as we wait for that big day.
Thank you all for sharing with us on all the Dinar and Currency sites.
Sincerely,  The Dinar Recaps Team

News, Rumors and Opinions Saturday Afternoon 2-18-17


Tex20071:  I read small article yesterday explaining why the Exchange rates are so sporadic....the Banks use those Exchanges to raise their cash requirements to meet Basel III requirements.

Yada:  Tex20071,,Basel III is not an asset requirement currency,,,it is asset based for the banks assets,,,cash doesnt do it, other things on the asset list do but currency is not asset based because of basel III

Tex20071:  Yada...correct but Banks, Tiers I,II, & III have to hold certain levels of CASH in their Systems to meet Basel III requirements.

Yada:  Yes, the amount of cash a bank has determines the amount of assets they have to have to cover their bank,,so if the bank fails, they will not bring the other banks down,,,many in dinarland have linked the Basel to back currency and it doesnt,,just banks and all their assets,,,assets are loans, credit cards, investments, CD,,,but cash is not asset back thru Basel

"11 Deeply Alarming Facts About America's Crumbling Infrastructure" Posted by Pmac at KTFA


PMac:  I might have a GUESS where these funds are coming from?!?!?!?! 

11 Deeply Alarming Facts About America's Crumbling Infrastructure

No matter what your particular political perspective is, if there is one thing that virtually everyone in the United States can agree upon it is the fact that  America's infrastructure is crumbling

Previous generations of Americans conquered an entire continent and erected the greatest system of infrastructure that the world had ever seen, but now thousands upon thousands of those extremely impressive infrastructure projects are decades old and in desperate need of repair or upgrading.  The near catastrophic failure of the Oroville Dam is a perfect example of what I am talking about. 

We should be constructing the next generation of infrastructure projects for our children and our grandchildren,  but instead we are in such sorry shape that we can't even keep up with the maintenance and upkeep on the great infrastructure projects that have been handed down to us.

"News and Views" in Dinarland Saturday Morning 2-18-17


PinkShell:  so much excitement in here today must be the day

Ecubucs:  I'm looking for a message this afternoon to be given in the President's speech at Orlando International Airport. something in the form of "asset backed" or "leveling of global currencies".... May not be there but I'm looking for something of that nature.... I know Abadi is also flying to the US today....

Airam:  Ecu that could make this long weekend an interesting one ...

Ecubucs:  Yes it could... Certain signatures needed for this to be made "Fluid" for us masses have still Not occurred. But, as always that could change in a moment's notice.

Dajen:  Abadi has tweeted so many x's today I think he met with the whole world. LOL maybe it's happening. (Crossing my fingers)

The below posts were in our 11am newsletter

Dinar Updates Friday PM Chat  2-17-17   Part 3 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

BGG says():Ok - DU poll
BGG says):who's excited about being in this thing??
magnetlady says():ME
nick says():me
Josie says():<< Raising my hand
Josie says():Two weeks away (March 1, 2012) from 5 year anniversary of my 1st Dinar purchase
baxter says):March 20th.... starts my 12th year..... Im still excited.. (y)
Josie says):Geez, 12 years Long time
baxter says():yep... long time...
baxter says():night all... another dinar day tomorrow...
Soonergirlie says():me!
moneymom says():me me me(L)(F)
BGG says():Me too!!
BGG says():I forget how long... my first exposure was back in about 2004-05??
Soonergirlie says():how did you hear about the dinar BGG?


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Dinar Updates Friday PM Chat  2-17-17   Part 2 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

loop says():Keywords declares near the application of the Deposit Insurance System
2/18/2017 0:00   Called on private banks to finance large projects
BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb  face development challenges and build local capacities represent obstacles need to be addressed by the banking on the private sector to achieve economic advancement of the process as the engine for all device activities through funding provided from Mali.

Iraqi Central Bank Governor Dr. On the Keywords and during the opening of the headquarters of Iraqi private banks association ceremony demanded by attracting money deactivated without real employment of which an estimated 70 percent of the money supply in Iraq size, pointing out that it requires the creation of opportunities to attract money through confidence - building between the banking sector and the citizen who must We are reassured on his money.


Dinar Updates Friday PM Chat  2-17-17   Part 1 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

loop says():He said that "Iraq has issued a number of regulations that protect the investor and capital that want to operate in the country, particularly the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006, as amended, which carries a lot of features and protection for investors, as well as important international and bilateral agreements signed by Iraq and a number of countries."
loop says():Article 22
The foreign investor shall enjoy additional privileges in accordance with international agreements signed between Iraq and his country or multilateral international agreements which  Iraq has joined.
loop says():This is from the Investment Law No 13


News, Rumors and Opinions Late Friday Night 2-17-17

Former Trump advisor explains how to stop currency manipulation

Mack Hogan | @hogan_mt     Wednesday, 15 Feb 2017 | 5:20 PM ET
Shelton: Fed's 'flawed model' made inequality of wealth & income worse Wednesday, 15 Feb 2017 | 3:42 PM ET
Tying currency to gold would make President Donald Trump's promise of ending currency manipulation a lot more doable, former Trump advisor Judy Shelton told CNBC Wednesday.
"If we had gold as some kind of a universal reference point, it would be the beginning of a more stable monetary platform, certainly, for trade," Shelton told CNBC's "Closing Bell." "I think you need to have sound money in order to have genuinely free trade."


Thoughts From Backdoc Friday Night 2-17-17: "Game Time"








Frank26:  Dr. Shabibi who said very clearly I am about to raise the value of our currency now had to run for his life one month later....they all ran for their lives at the CBI and we protected them.....they were being threatened to be killed or imprisoned by Maliki...
So I ask this Christian forum....pray.....pray that Obama just shuts up....and leave Donald Trump alone....and stop trying to throw a wrench in what he is accomplishing for this country of ours.
Meanwhile the NRL.....the National Reconciliation hot....and it is in the midst of Mosul...and it is in the midst of Maliki wanting to be reelected...and it's in the midst of Obama trying to stop Donald Trump's advancements in the ME.
You know NASA helped Neil Armstrong to leave footprints on the Tranquility Base of the in the same way the UN, the UST, the IMF, the World Bank are expecting Iraq to leave epic footsteps with the National Reconciliation Law....because the eagle has landed and it is time.
I like cookies....a lot....I like Ho-Ho's with the crème filling....and I also like Ding Dongs....but right now I will admit that the Dong is something to like too.....I'm invested in currencies Family and I study many of them....but I really only teach you about the Iraqi dinar....with your permission may I say a few words about the Vietnamese Dong.


Full KTFA Wednesday Night CC Notes from 2-15-17  Part 1


Here are the Wednesday Night CC Notes Family....special thanks to 7-FA/Harry for getting them kickstarted for me....thank you for that effort sir....enjoy    Aloha    Randy
*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***
CC Notes for Wednesdays 02-15-2017
Greetings family welcome to another conference call at  So Family the last time we were together on Monday we had a central theme in our CC that was basically saying Iraq, Iraq your time is up. Your time is up and I gave you all kind of, I made you a video on Saturday and you saw it. On Monday's CC we really broke this down, and then you have the notes from Frosty and you are going to have them from Aggiedad.