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6pm, February 19th, 2014    


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Millionday & Dinar Updates Roundtable Part 1
Wednesday Morning News Summaries from Aggiedad77 at KTFA
The I.Q.D. Team Connection~~Conf Call Replay Tues Feb 18~~Latest Iraq Dinar RV News~~~Its All Good
News, Rumors, and Opinions in Dinarland Wednesday PM
Pastor Ed's International Prayer Call Wednesday night 7pm est
The below posts were in our 10am newsletter
Millionday News & Comments Part 2
Millionday News & Comments Part 1
Late Tuesday Night News, Rumors, and Opinions
KTFA's Aggiedad77 News Headlines & Summaries
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The Big Reset -- Book Review...1 Comment
The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter
5 Signs You're On The Hero's Journey
Thoughts from DinarWishes at 3SIntel
The Big Call for Tuesday February 18th is at 9PM ET
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Millionday Roundtable 2/19/14

        [millionday] great to see everyone welcome to roundtable for smile

        [millionday] An adviser of the Association of private banks, economic expert Salam Sumaisem called to " open branches of Islamic banks in all provinces for the advancement of the banking sector ."

Sumaisem said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that " increasing Islamic private banks is an important sign because it reduces the risks that capital might be exposed to as a result of deal according to interest rates ."

        [millionday] She added , " increasing control of the central government in the banking sector and concentration on Rafidain and Rasheed banks reflect negatively on the advancement of the banking sector .

aggiedad77 � February 19th, 2014, 2:56 pm

Hello are the Wednesday morning News Summaries:

CBI.News and announcements

What is this....Turki and Maliki attending the third Iraqi/German Business Forum in Berlin Feb 19 and 20.....wonder if they flew up in M's private jet.....oh to have been a firefly in flight.

Finance Committee recommends that the central government banks to take over the sale of hard currency

Now the Finance Committee is recommending to the CBI that hard currency sales be turned over to government banks rather than going thru private banks....I'm shaking my head....the GOI does not need control of anything the CBI is authority over.....just say NO not let Maliki lure you down a path that you know you should not go. Stand firm in what you know to be right. Yes the CBI has implemented strict controls over the last year to curb smuggling and money laundering, and just plain dirty politics....IMO.....the GOI has no right with their hands in the till.

The I.Q.D. Team Connection with L.J., Straight Talkin' Mike, L.J., Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014

Replay of Conference Call
or Call: 760-569-7699 / Pin: 769478#

Great Night of News & Discussion with Straight Talkin' Mike & L.J. of L.J.'s Next Step Team - "THE I.Q.D. Team Connection"

Listen to the replay in its entirety for all the latest CBI, Economy & Government News from Iraq

The I.Q.D. Team Connection's News Coverage for Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014


Oilerfan:  2/18/14  Overnight : i am hearing very good news with the rates. I dont want to quote them here lest that cause trouble. Lets just say they are making sure the clawbacks are not a problem just remember, not all is as it seems. I know it sounds metaphorical but its true. Some of what you thought absolutely crazy, i can tell you is signed in blood true ... they used to know the world was flat. They used to know the earth orbited the sun. We used to know the universe was static. Imagine what you will know tomorrow?! The structure has been put in place so that all have a fair chance at the highest rate, should they chose to receive it. I am also getting reports that the basic walk in rate, the street rate or whatever will be very nice too, at least here in the usa

[oilerfan](Repost)  The Iraqi Dinar will Revalue says Investment Advisor -

Watch Video It is great news I believe to hear from a bullion dealer, investor and financial newsletter writer Mr. Greg McCoach that the Iraqi dinar will revalue. Mr. Coach has some great wisdom for us all. Watch the entire video and the best part of the video starts at 7:37.

International Prayer Call Tonight 7pm est
530 881 1400   406878#
530 881 1499   406878#   recorded version

When it is raining so hard it looks like ducks will drown remember God made them to float, so how much more will he do for us. Join us tonight wont you?

God Bless

Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for all your help
The below posts were in our 10am newsletter
    [radronin] TY- MD, any thoughts how the recent resignations from sadrist will affect voting on budget?.

    [millionday] i dont think it will effect the voting on the budget but many are begging him to reconsider -- he has a great following and has been a part of the culture i could even say for a very long time --

    [millionday] many want him to stay -- it will be interesting to watch where he goes or what comes of it but no effect imo

    [chattels] Ministers and MPs "HSS" retreat from their resignations, hours after Sadr's speech . http://www.dinarupdates. ��� ost50751 Tuesday, 18 February 2014 20: 06

    [millionday] chattels thank you hun

Millionday News 2/18/14  Post By Rudie  Part 1

    Welcome to news time with Millionday!

    [millionday] Held under the chairmanship of the Finance Committee MP Haider Abadi, Chairman of the Committee on Monday, 17.02.2014 seminar with the participation of a number of gentlemen managers of government banks,

experts and specialists in the banking sector and representatives of the Iraqi Central Bank has allocated to view the final report of the Commission on the requirements of the reform of the banking system in Iraq.

    [millionday] And Gave the Attorney-Abadi, at the beginning of the seminar, which was held in the hall Constitutional Council, and the presence of MPs Amin Hadi Abbas and Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri a member of the Committee,

a brief summary about the report, which has embarked Finance Committee at its numbers for the past three years during which held several workshops and the use of international experts,


DELTA � February 18th, 2014, 11:51 pm  * 


U.S. Dollar/Iraq Dinars (^USDIQD)

+ Alert

+ Portfolio

11.6-1,158.3 (-99.01%) 6:00P CST (FOREX)

View Help Detailed Quote as of Tue, Feb 18th, 2014




Post From KTFA By aggiedad77       Tuesday Afternoon News Summaries
Iraq uses airplanes to urge people in remote areas to participate in the elections

"Boss....da plane...da plane" if they have to use airplanes to try and get people in remote areas to are these folks going to get a voter ID card....and two.....

how are they going to be expected to get to a voter polling center....some might need to leave now to make that trek...and the training that goes with this card.....will that be pulled behind the plane on a banner. I'm sorry but this article leaves more questions hanging than it answers.

Tuesday Evening BGG's Update Dinar News

(In Email Newsletter, click blue title for Audio Player)

31 Minutes

Post From KTFA By walkingstick � February 18th, 2014,


Book Review: The Big Reset, War On Gold And The Financial Endgame

Feb. 18, 2014 3:36 PM ET | Includes: GLD, IAG, IAU

Disclosure: I am long IAG. Dutch Trader is managing partner of RJT Capital, a Dutch-based investment fund in US-listed equities. RJT Capital is long IAMGOLD (IAG). For our current holdings check here. (More...)

One of the best economic books of a Dutch writer is a book called The Big Reset, War on Gold and the Financial Endgame. It is a remarkable well researched book by gold bull Willem Middelkoop.

The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter
5 Signs You're on the Hero's Journey.  
By Alison Nappi

  "The usual hero adventure begins with someone from whom something has been taken, or who feels there is something lacking in the normal experience available or permitted to the members of society.

    The person then takes off on a series of adventures beyond the ordinary, either to recover what has been lost or to discover some life-giving elixir. It's usually a cycle, a coming and a returning.
" ~ Joseph Campbell

You won't feel ready for it when it comes. No one does.
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[DinarWishes] Peeps, it's amazing to see all the hype and excitement about things no one has any proof of. This ENTIRE time no one has had hard evidence of where we truly are. I say this because I really need to share some heartfelt words with you all tonight.
[DinarWishes] All of these "GURUS" have given dates and rates. People who are new in this endeavor who are grasping at the idea of becoming rich overnight have hedged their bets and those who have been in this for a LONG time have become numb to anything we hear. NUMB to a point of being at a place of "put up or SHUT UP".  Guys, I feel a great responsibility about what I share, who I share it with and when.
[DinarWishes] I didn't come on last night when we found out we had lost a great friend and more importantly a friend who felt like family. Studley was more than just a guy I spoke to about dinar. We talked about our personal struggles. We talked about what we would do to make a difference in this world we live in post-RV.

The Big Call for Tues February 18th is at 9PM ET  
We will discuss the latest about the dinar and dong. Join us tonight to be part of the discussion!  
Participant Line is 559-726-1150 and Listener Only line 530-881-1150

o access code is needed for either line. Q and A is still working fine  
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Thank you for posting. We appreciate Dinar Recaps for the wonderful effort they make!  
The Big Call

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