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11am, February 2nd, 2013   


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News, Rumors, and Opinions in Dinarland Friday Morning
Friday Morning post emailed to Dinar Recaps from "Mystery Lady"
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 xyz] Happy Groundhog Day! Its finally Feb 2nd woohoo

[kbluhm] didnt see his shadow and did not find the rv

dbound] gm Punxsutawney Phil says spring will be early! ( I have only had 837 ground hog days ) Happy ground hog day ROFLMAO

[babble] barb I'm ready for this to be done!! How about you? I am working really hard at staying grounded and not get too excited until I leave the bank. Exciting Times

 [deb2blessed] I have a question for you all...when we finally get our email and then call for the appointment--we will not know a rate (I assume)--then you go to the bank, they give you the group rate--BUT you have to sign a WILL you know that you got the real (and best) rate? Also if this is a "float"

[kbluhm] deb2blessed great question. I have been wondering that too!

 [deb2blessed] and it comes out low then rises--do you cash a small amount in? how will you make the decision when to return and can you get another appointment?

[OILGENRL7] deb2blessed i will do WF but i can compare with Chase to see which is best regarding rate

[jamajacks] deb2blessed Good questions that we won't get an answer for until the email comes out.


Flashing 2/1/2013 10:50PM EST

Almost two weeks ago this aricle was posted:  KUWAIT: The Kuwaiti government hopes that the parliament approves all the agreements reached with Iraq, including a settlement between the Kuwaiti and Iraqi Airways as well as one about navigation at the joint Khor Abdullah waterway, during the tenure of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki, a Kuwaiti lawmaker said on Friday. MP Saleh Ashour told Al- Jarida newspaper that finalizing the agreements signed with Al-Maliki's government will help Kuwait avoid complications which could arise in case of any change in the Iraqi government.

Kuwait also hoped that all agreements are passed by the parliament before the planned visit of Prime Minister HH Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah to Baghdad next month, Ashour added. Ashour, who is the president of the parliament's foreign affairs committee, indicated that the panel is set to take a decision on the KAC-IAC settlement at its meeting today.

On Tuesday January 22, 2013 the KAC-IAC settlement was ratified by the Kuwait Parliament.  Last tuesday Iraq approved a deal with Kuwait regulating the use of a shared waterway through which most of Baghdad's oil exports flow, which Iraq had accused its neighbor of attempting to cut off. "The agreement opened the door to discuss other unresolved issues between Iraq and Kuwait," Alaak said. He said the Kuwaiti parliament had approved the deal. The Khor Abdullah waterway serves as Iraq's entrance to the Gulf, through which the vast majority of its oil exports flow.


Live PeopleInvested Call Saturday 3:00 EST with Millionday and Fresh:

Come join us for a live call to update all our friends in the dinar community on the latest developments with the IQD.  This is going to be an exciting call with a lot of BIG things that will be shared! Towards the end of the call we will take some live callers in Q&A!  Feel free to post any questions you have in our official call thread at 

This call will be recorded and we will post the mp3 when we are finished!

Conference dial-in number: (209) 647-1600
Participant access code: 496903 

Playback number: (209) 647-1699   496903 #  (after the call)


[WCW] flashing we are done finished over and getting paid soon

[flashing] keiji rumors and news are excellent but i am getting a little bit tire of rumors

[flashing] WCW now iraq has the back up of the big guys

 [keiji] flashing me too but still like to hear them.....rumor away!!!

 [WCW] flashing like i said pay day is coming

 [flashing] keiji ok i will tell u rumor in a few minutes

 [spiritfilled] WCW I looked at the wildduck.Jester.and your posts and figured it out...way to go man...doneium!!!

 [childofgod] flashing Even though rumors are just that, they do boost spirits!

 [ready4riches] now we all have become rumoroids :

 [treasure4e] ready4riches : rumoroids that doesnt sound good haha

[Drod] ready4riches better than hemoroids!! :

[flashing] ok i will tell u rumors because u want them but i am sick and tire of them


RULESFORREBELS:  I saw an interesting post in the "Foreign Currencies" section that basically said Vietnam is sitting on more foreign currency than they ever have before because people all over the world are buying Dong to "invest". There's people in the UK and Australia and Canada all buying Dinar and Dong.

I was wondering if this increased demand for the currencies helps them grow in value or if that has nothing to do with the value of currency and it's strictly economic conditions that determine the value? Basically I'm asking if the value would be lower if it weren't for all of us and others around the world buying these currencies.

SKRAPPYONE: you would think it would, but i guess it depends on the reason why and a lot of what is being sold is what has been recycled. Look at it like this: I can sell you monopoly money and say it is from the United Kingdom of Skrappy. I tell you I am building my kingdom and it will be the top one in the world. You tell some friends and they buy some.

They tell friends and they buy some. I use your, lets say USD, to operate my kingdom. Yes there is demand for my monopoly money, but the only thing it does is gives me more USD to have for me and my country. As long as I never quit using the USD the monopoly money will never have to increase in value. The only thing it costs my kingdom is the cost to print more to sell. Just my way of thinkin.


Rumor -- It is on bank screens everywhere, Banks are flush if not heavy in cash, Codes this weekend, Public on Monday....the end.

Watching the weather channel in Baltimore a very serious friend reported this and called me excited. Scrolling along the bottom it read WALL STREET SAYS THESE THREE CURRENCIES ARE ABOUT TO HAVE MAJOR REVALUATIONS. He will call me back when it scrolls again for the third one he forgot, but the two he saw were Dong and Dinar...Imagine that.When I have codes I will let you know. Our "Honorable One" has them, can't release without the Green Light to do so..

[findmoney] I sure hope this happens like now. BECAUSE!!!!!

[findmoney] THe us DOW is setup now for the pump and dump

[midtex56] findmoney looks like it

[findmoney] Its pumped to 14000 and no way it should be

[findmoney] now comes the dump just like the 20s and 2008


Blaino: so, here's the short story...last night's festivities were delayed 24 hours (according to my information today) keep your eyes on the us national DEBT... It may be vanishing. "the us house of dollars" was under lock and key earlier but is now set free. Like a big jetliner once you're up and on course, they are often put on "autopilot"...

 [Blaino] appointments have been similarly delayed, but like the old year in december... Time is short for the life cycle of the rv/current currency situation in IRAQ.... And it's not looking like it will survive the midweek hump next WEEK.... There may be a lot to see tomorrow or MONDAY.... We might have a public notice of the facts of the casre by then as WELL... Serious financial leverage has been placed and will be sufficient to tip over the [cash] COW... If you take my meaning...

 Blaino: think "cow tipping".... you understand that the total of the fed res notes "is" the nat debt, SO..... jamb it all back up their KEESTER.... AND.... All bets are OFF... WELL... Mebby there is some "jammin" going ON.... Take a sip and pass the hopium bottle along to the next person, share and share alike!


Greetings Family,I am going to keep this short because on Monday I plan to elaborate more on the importance of what the EU did yesterday.

So allow me to focus on just 2 of 7 factors tonight :

First of all .............. It was well over 20 years ago that Iraq was punished by the UNSC via a number of sanctions because the leadership and GOI were doing some VERY bad things to their citizens and neighbors. At that time The World asked the UN to slap some economic shackles on them so as to remove Iraq from being recognized INTERNATIONALLY. This action froze the ability for Iraq to make money with The World. Their business became ........No one's business !!!

 It is true that they have struggled in these two decades but Saddam found ways to keep making and stealing Iraq's money by circumnavigating the legality of his handcuffs. As you know Family ........... Most of these chapters have been removed except ...... Chapter 7.

This chapter continues to be bifurcated ...... rewarded .......... and is being removed at a snails pace. Kinda like dangling a carrot over Iraq to entice them to improve. They say power corrupts ............ It happened to Saddam and has happened to Malaki.


KTFA FAMILY.............

I am going to do a Blue Post tomorrow around 7 pm est after our new thread is opened by Aggiedad.

I have been watching Your postings.

IMO......... You still do not understand what DELTA brought You today.

It is their money NOW............ They can RV NOW.

How and why ..............Tomorrow.

Take care ...........Aloha.

KTFA,Frank.......Newshounds........ Stay with the CITIZENS tomorrow. It will be LOUD.

The below posts were in our 6pm email


When  you think about  having someone to advise you on how to manage - protect and invest your millions  you better have enough smarts yourself to know if they are looking our for your interest more than theirs - There are many things to  consider when choosing someone to manage "your" money - Here are some very good questions that  will cut through the  chase for you and hopefully help you to decide  

How to Choose a Financial Adviser

18 Questions to Ask Prospective Advisers - and Three Points to Ponder Before You Do

Point to Ponder #1: Do you really need to meet prospective advisers in person?  In the old days - meaning before the Internet - all business was local. People always went to the bank and to the offices of their lawyers, accountants, and financial advisers.

Them's the old days. And them days is going away fast.

Today, millions of people work with the financial industry without ever meeting face-to-face the people who serve them. Internet banks are fast replacing brick-and-mortar branches, and your friendly neighborhood tax preparer may well be shipping your papers (via the Internet) to India, where a very inexpensive recent college graduate fills in the blanks on your 1040.


[BOBGETZ6] As I understand it, the CBI site will be live, not static when the rv occurs internationally. The rv will be a managed float of 2% over a 90 day period. No movement up or down beyond that. That refers to the CBI site rate. Also, as I found out yesterday, the dealers WILL NOT get advance notice.

[lakeisland] Looks like the protests in Iraq are getting lots of media attention:

[cjswest] lakeisland they should, they want maliki out ,

[holistichealth] cjswest imho maliki has his hands tied

[holistichealth] lakeisland lol u can trust the media as much there as u do here?!?!

[holistichealth] Latest - TRUMP buying NY TIMES

[bigdogmom] holistichealth I love reading Trumps books, Joel Olsteen and others that I've met personally. You know, Donald Trump at his lowest said when in his limo with his wife and looked at a homeless person, he said, you know he probably has more money in his pocket than I do at this time.

 [holistichealth] bigdogmom the difference is he has a "multi-million dollar mind-set"

 [holistichealth] bigdogmom actually a "billionaire's mind-set"...


1-31-2013 Delta: The CBI is now connected to all the banks in Iraq, this was a huge announcement in Iraq. This gives us an indication that the CBI is ready to go. They announced that they will open a free market zone in 3 areas in Iraq. They will do a lot of trade between Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and Iraq. This was huge. Iraqi Airlines - Kuwait got their money, 500 million dollars and now Iraq is going to start flights to Germany, Sweden & basically all over the world.

The budget will be approved on the 5th. It doesn't look like there will be any problems or issues with the it. Looks like they are all happy. Can they revalue before they have a budget? Yes, they can.

They can revalue before or after the budget. We have confirmation from the IMF that the Standby Arrangement will not be extended anymore. They did not say anything about an extension of the DFI funds. It will expire in May. If they revalue their currency they will not need an extension any more. All indications is Iraq will have to basically support themselves. They will have to start paying their debts. They will have about 80% of their debt erased but they will have to reach certain benchmarks.

One of the benchmarks that Iraq has to meet with the sponsor of the World Bank & the IMF is to restructure their currency. Will they do it? They don't have a choice.

It is not in Iraq's hands, when the time is right the The World Bank & the IMF will do it. The big announcement is: We are going to see the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar in February. This comes from 3 high sources. Everything is ready to go. Don't know the exact date. They may do it before the budget. We don't know the rate.


International prayer call is so excited that God moves with his hand and performs many miracles healings on this call. Wont you reach out to him tonight and let the touch of God fill your body and home.

Dont miss this weeks final call of Jesus hand on you or a luved one.

7pm est 530-881-1400   406878#

Recorded version 530-881-1499   406878#  (after the call)

Thank you Dinar Recaps for your kindness of posting this.

God Bless
Pastors Ed & Kat


The IQD Team Connection with LJ from LJ's Next Step Team
Straight Talkin Mike, LJ, Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Thursday, January 31, 2013
Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay - January 31, 2013
760-569-7699   Pin 769478#

Another Great Night of News Analysis and Discussion Last Night With:
Straight Talkin' Mike & L.J. of L.J.'s Next Step Team... THE I.Q.D. Team Connection

Please listen to the replay in its entirety for all the
latest CBI, Economy and Government News from Iraq 

Notes and Highlights from One Karat:
Thanks to One Carat

One Carat Notes - Thursday, January 31, 2013


pastored] International prayer call tonight 7pm est 530 881 1400 406878# come get the touch God Bless Pastors Ed &Kat

[Kennypth] It has been reported on Planet Dinar that his (Blaino's) intel people that the revaluation has been signed off on and we should be seeing it. He said THERE WILL BE NO TRUMPETING OF HORNS, NO CRIER IN THE tell us it has happened......but Blaino says: "IT'S JUST ALL DONE.... HE IS ALL IN! WE AWAIT THE DEAL....OF THE RULES, THE RATES, ETC."

MarineMom.] From flashing: as of 8:00am pr time dealers were selling dinars. I personally verified that. However these sales can be stopped at any moment since they are expecting instructions regarding the new rate of IQD.. so we still are in an any minute alert as per rumors. I will keep you updated. Have a wonderful day. Flashing

[trebor1859] Can't stay long this morning. Just wanted to post some info I found last night researching. One of the biggest dinar dealers in PR on 1/24/11 claimed an Rv had occured and they were halting the sales of dinar. At least 2 PR dealers that I've contacted this morning are still selling.

[xyz] finally ...Maliki: Government to adhere to all demonstrators' demands

okrocks] one thing I thing I keep in mind is the articles are always behind 3 or 4 days.. M was told to get er done or else.. he has agreed under great pressure... things should be clearer to us very soon...


Hello Everybody-

I hope you are all keeping your spirits up. Remember, as I stated previously the final piece to the puzzle is the approval vote of the 2013 budget. This again is scheduled to take place early next week (Feb. 5) so please do not lose faith.

My husband has told me that there can no longer be delays on the opening of the new budget, reason being is that there are many signed contracts with different countries and independent contractors that can not be rescinded.

Along with that, Iraq wants to be able to be part of the international community, and this will only happen once there budget is approved and all sanctions are officially removed (already done) and announced.

I am very excited to finally see this investment come to fruition, and I fully believe it will happen this up coming week! The rate will be 3.42 and rise over time from there, don't let anyone tell you anything different.

We are truly at the end friends : )

Wife in the Know

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