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6pm February  24th, 2017

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Dinar Updates Friday AM Chat  2-24-17

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Friday AM Chat  2-24-17   
loop says():Wholesale surrender of militants west of Mosul operations Daesh
Abu Dhabi - Sky News Arabia  Our sources learned that large numbers and varieties complete fighter Daesh surrendered, on Friday, promised full and materiel western Mosul, Iraqi security forces.
And got "Sky News Arabia," the taking of pictures showing members of the Iraqi armed forces to organize Daesh the far west of Mosul.

Note from Dinar Recaps:

Note from Dinar Recaps:

It has come to our attention that a post is circulating and saying it is from Dinar Recaps, or someone from Dinar Recaps.  

Dinar Recaps has never written such a post, and never will. 

Everything posted at Dinar Recaps is from other people.  Nothing at Dinar Recaps has ever been written, or is from anyone at Dinar Recaps.

Any post that says it is from Dinar Recaps (or someone from Dinar Recaps) is a fake, a fraud, a piece of fiction, or a sick joke......or all of the aforementioned.

The Dinar Recaps Team

Is This Another Stock Market Bubble?

Notes From the Field  By Simon Black
February 23, 2017   Panama City, Panama
Is This Another Stock Market Bubble?

On May 23, 1719, one of the greatest financial bubbles in the history of the world kicked off when the Compagnie Perpetuelle des Indes was granted a monopoly by the French monarchy over all the trading rights of all French colonies worldwide.
The company's stock price quickly soared, from 300 livres per share to more than 1,000 just a few months later.
It was quite a jump. But the enthusiasm continued for more than 18-months.
In fact there was such a frenzy to buy shares that it wasn't uncommon for the stock price to double in a single day.
By November, share price had surpassed 10,000.

Aggiedad77 and KTFA Members Friday Afternoon


Aggiedad77:  Yes this is a bit of a long read, (see article below)   but very worthy and informational at the same time....take it in.....the US position in Iraq post DAASH is becoming clearer by the day IMO......

Keep the peace between the various political those bases and staff them to further kick some DAASH butt in nearby Syria.....and don't lose sight of that GIGANTIC pool of oil......we may not own it.....but we want first dibs to it......

Plus have Iraq stepping out on the world stage for the first time....being the ones who get to introduce her to the world.....oh buddy.....good times are coming....because....the BEST is coming.....

I'm looking to Sunday maybe into Monday to be quite interesting.  Aloha   Randy

Restored Republic Via a GCR Rumors

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb. 24 2017

Compiled in the early morning hours EST of 24 Feb. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Since this may be my final report, or close to it, It has been a pleasure to serve you and I look forward to our new life dedicated to serving others. Kindest, Judy Byington

A. Last week's Intel:

1. Last week reported screen rates: Dinar $3.64, Dong $2.21, Zim floating above $1.70.

2. Today  Feb. 23 rates were reported higher on the Zim, like a non NDA Zim rate was now 7 cents higher.

3. Today  Feb. 23 market rates on the Dinar and Dong were substantially higher than their international rates.

Mnuchin Expects A "Frank & Candid" Exchange Rate Analysis

Mnuchin Tells IMF He Expects A "Frank & Candid" Exchange Rate Analysis

by Tyler Durden   Feb 21, 2017 3:41 PM
With the Trump administration having gone radio silent in recent weeks on the issue of currency manipulation and whether it sees the dollar, or other currencies, as under- or over-valued, there was a notable if vague update from U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin who spoke to the IMF's Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Tuesday and told her that he expects the IMF to provide "frank and candid" analysis of exchange rate policies.
There was no elaboration of what the apriori US stance was coming into the conversation.
The spokesperson said that in a phone call with Lagarde, Mnuchin also "noted the importance that the administration places on boosting economic growth and jobs in the United States, and looked forward to robust IMF economic policy advice on its member countries and tackling global imbalances."

Friday Morning "News and Views" in Dinarland 2-24-17


MilitiaMan:  If walking stick is going to bring the Articles to us in two - three days? Think Family! It is already done.. We are just waiting for the articles to cook, imo.. HUGE!~

We are just waiting for the articles to cook, imo.. HUGE!~ What do you think they mean by making local transactions?~ They are to use the Dinar are they not? We saw the article in the Final 30.. Purchasing power!

"In two or three days WALKINGSTICK will bring You articles in Relationship to the Promotion of The IQD IN COUNTRY." ~ Frank26

"In Final Articel #30 see this.

"Raise the price of the Iraqi dinar to the fore again"

Version: paper - International Monday, February 20, 2017 (00: 0 - GMT)
The below posts were in our 10am Newsletter

CC Member News Excerpts & Highlights 2-23-17

Post From Currency Chatter
Member News Excerpts & Highlights 2-23-17

Goldnugget:   For two, 20 February 2017 (00:0-GMT)

Raise The Price Of The Iraqi Dinar To The Fore Again
Some Iraqi Government economists raising the dinar against the dollar until rising purchasing power and increasing confidence as a rule Iraq, as demanded by the need to stop «dollarization» economy by preventing deal internally and make local transactions are limited to use of the Iraqi dinar only.
It must be noted that 70 percent of currency in circulation was covered in gold and foreign currencies until 1981, the remaining Iraqi Government bonds (currency code), and then Iraq was leftover gold base system. In order to maintain the cover, successive Governments have been linking financial policy, especially current and investment expenditure, the balance of payments situation, and the latter was determined by the Government's revenue from oil exports.


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Dinar Updates - Lots of Info Call - DU News Time w/ the DU Facebook Crew - from Thursday 2/23/2017

Dial in replay  641-715-3639   pin 528733#

(In Recaps Newsletter, click blue title for audio player.)


50 Minute Call

Thanks PinkRoses For sending these to us and all your hard work



Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call. Welcome all that have just come in and all those who have listened to especially those from the banking community, over 1000 on the call not only from North American, but also banking institutions and financial communities from all over the world who are listening.

We are speaking to people from that community and also we are speaking to currency holders who are looking forward to exchanges and the redemption of their ZIM here shortly. We thought we had information that we would be ready to go before now, but it looks like we are very close to a start. Some of the information I going to give you indicates we have our start. I just want to get into that in a minute.


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Frank26:  First of all KTFA FAMILY .................... SOME of You asked if DELTA made a post.
Hmmm .............. Why would one ask this when one belongs to ............

The statement from DELTA was from November 2016............. Old. If one belongs to KTFA ............ One would know this.If one surfs the net for info ................. Caveat Emptor to You.

Now IF You want something from DELTA ................. He wants You to go to the Warka website .......... He is seeing something we have NEVER seen before............... Please enjoy.

Also ............. In two or three days WALKINGSTICK will bring You articles in Relationship to the Promotion of The IQD IN COUNTRY. This is due to some meetings .............. That have occurred. Please Enjoy !!!

Tomorrow's TEAM CHAT ............ Well ............ Just be there if You can 

IMO ............. Each day is like a Scavenger Hunt of the IQD's RV.

Each day the Clues just get Bigger and Better !!!

God Bless You FAMILY .................. 72 is now 48......... \m/


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The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter

Dinar Updates Thursday  Early PM Chat  2-23-17   

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Thursday  Early PM Chat  2-23-17   
jetset says():Great news day already and it is only lunch time!
Alembic86 says():GA everyone! Wow the news has been pretty overwhelming lately. Working hard to keep my son grounded (i.e. keep him from trying to sprint all the way to the bank)... :)
Loop says():IS Executing Own Fighters for Abandoning Battlefield: Coalition
Sardar Sattar 23 February 2017 Middle East
LODZ - The US-led coalition has received reports indicating that Islamic State (IS) is "arresting and executing their fighters who try to abandon the fight", said spokesperson John Dorrian.

Full KTFA Wednesday Night CC Notes 2-22-17  Part 2

Part 2:  

Frank26:  IMO Family I believe Donald Trump is still negotiating....until there is nothing left to negotiate.....look at the news.....look at the see already three articles with the word DEALS right after our Monday call....look at these articles that WalkingStick is bringing out to you.....DEALS are closing all over the I told you Donald Trump is not a politician....if he were he would not be able to accomplish this....he is a businessman.
The CBI and the GOI IMO are also in a form of negotiation not on a dynamic date that maybe is moving.....but more with the purpose of the Monetary Reform got a lot more than you thought....and now all of a sudden 300 billion barrels....and all of these investors are pouring in.
No wonder the IMF doesn't want you to float your currency....come out with a good they suggest come out with a rate of the glory days....we will talk about that article in a minute.

Full KTFA Wednesday Night CC Notes 2-22-16  Part 1


Here you go Family....more Frank Nuggets....the notes from last night's them close and study them well.....many good things in here.....enjoy.    Aloha    Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***
CC Notes for Wednesday 02-22-2017

Frank26:  Let's get to work....Monty....Monty let's make a deal....remember that Family....when we were with you on Monday that is what we talked about.....that IMO the reason why we are not seeing the Iraqi dinar new exchange rate released just because there are a lot of deals going on.....a lot of deals going on...

And we talked about it and we broke it all down for you....and I told you there were deals going on and I gave you a lot of examples and the reasons why and I thank God that CC on Monday was very successful...and we were able to bring across to you the importance of what is going on with Donald Trump right now with these DEALS....