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11am February  26th, 2017

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"News and Views" Sunday Morning in Dinarland 2-26-17


Frank26:  I am very happy to tell You that once again on MONDAY'S CC tomorrow .......

We have something Powerful to SHARE. It pleased by greatly !!!

Amen ... Amen ... Amen.

I also offer HOMEWORK to all for tomorrow's CC :

FAMILY ............ WHO bought the New International BONDS?


Having The Right Education And Will To Act

Notes From The Field  By Simon Black
February 24, 2017   Panama City, Panama

This Is A Potentially Life-Changing Investment

Yesterday I wandered out to the hotel pool to cool down from my workout, only to find a handful of Americans in the midst of a screaming match.
There were 6 or 7 of them altogether. Some pro-Trump, others vehemently anti-Trump.
They were shouting... literally shouting... at one another about transgender bathrooms, Islam, Obamacare, the border wall, and just about every other trending topic in the Twitterverse.
The temper tantrum from both sides was truly disturbing.


Dinar Updates Saturday PM Chat  2-25-17

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

Beeson says():Didn't Iran coming right out and saying they where going to revalue their currency or was i dreaming that ?
Dinar Dave says):Iran says a
Beeson says():lol
Dinar Dave says():There still under some financial sanctions... Not many will trade or accept it??
Beeson says():ic
bubbles says():anyone know if they ever started to delete the zeros yet?


Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Saturday Night 2-25-17


SMorris:  Dont know if relevant?????   DEAL-Iraq's First International, Sovereign Bond:



IT WAS ISSUED ON 02/24/17.

Frank26:  There were contingency for this ........... They decided  




DR. CLARKE: Lots of things are Changing rapidly, and "BIGLY", friends.

As or right now, ALL OF OUR TIMELINES, previously stated, are no longer applicable.

We will update you sometime tomorrow, after everything comes together...... As for right now, we DO NOT see anything significantly happening with rates, tonight or tomorrow......

We'll get you more detail, sometime tomorrow. And YES, this IS the original Dr. Clarke, and not some imposter.....

There's been major HIDDEN information surface......

Hint: Now, Iraq sending airstrikes to Syria to secure the border?.....


LOVE your evening, Dr. Clarke

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

More News, Rumors and Opinions Late Saturday Afternoon 2-25-17

Emailed to Recaps:

Geoffrey:  I wanted to share a couple banking experiences with you that I thought very encouraging, related to the reality of & release of the new USN, and associated gold standard:

1) Cashed a check at B of A early this week. When the teller asked how I would like the bills, I asked him, "well, are you allowed to give me the new USN yet?" I knew the answer of course, but the look on his face!! Eyes as big as saucers. He looked around, hurriedly, and just said, "naw, naw not yet."

2) went to Wells yesterday evening to pick up some dong I had ordered (ya know, that is just not something I had ever in a million years thought I'd be typing. HA!). I also made a withdrawal. Teller asked how I'd like the cash back and I asked the same question- "well, can you give me the new USN?"

Dinar Updates Saturday AM Chat  2-25-17   Part 2 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Saturday AM Chat  2-25-17   Part 2 of 2
loop says to BGG():Articles keep coming out the support what our hypothesis on how this is going roll out. Lots of excitement at Casa de Loop.
loop says to BGG():It's not over until the fat Iraqi woman sings, but I have a feeling that she is about to belt out one heck of a tune!:D
BGG says to loop():(lol)

Dinar Updates Saturday AM Chat  2-25-17   Part 1 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Saturday AM Chat  2-25-17   Part 1 of 2
loop says():GM Everyone!
loop says():Trapping dirty money            
Yasser incumbent    A freelance writer specializing Economic flags
Alliot-m ended Thursday elite banking included Chiba and young people of both sexes qualifying session for special anti-money laundering and the financing of terrorism and organized by the Iraqi private banks association in collaboration with the global company Iraqna training certificate.

Replace The Dollar With Gold As The Global Currency

President Trump: Replace The Dollar With Gold As The Global Currency To Make America Great Again

Ralph Benko ,   Contributor

Inside President Trump's otherwise "standard Trump stump speech" at CPAC was nestled what might be a most intriguing observation:
Global cooperation, dealing with other countries, getting along with other countries is good, it's very important. But there is no such thing as a global anthem, a global currency or a global flag. This is the United States of America that I'm representing. 

News, Rumors and Opinions Saturday Morning 2-25-17


Don961:  just thinking logically .... Abadi is cooperating with the MR ,.... getting required things done in the COM so he doesn't have to wait eons upon eons for Parliament to debate and argue endlessly to pass laws ....

Getting correct people in important ministries .... trying to rid the country of Daesh .... dealing with security , bombings daily ...etc. etc. .... all while coping with Maliki , his militias , and any number of his sympathizers and minions who still are in positions of power and can still cause trouble ....

And with what little money was left in the Treasury after Maliki left .... he's walking cautiously thru a mine field called the GOI ...

Maliki loaded it up with friends and relatives .... he tried to set it up so he could make it look like he was  legit and following the law while secretly stealing everything in site and doing Iran's bidding ....