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11am, February 3rd, 2013   


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Posted Today, 09:46 AM    By  "Vintage" Dinar Vets

I drive a truck for a living and have over the 15 or so years. I have been driving and found that when I least expect it but am just cruising down the highway with my mind open and being in the moment I will suddenly get the answer to a question or situation that I have been troubled about.

Well for the first time I had that kind of thing happen in regards the dinar. There is nothing to prove it is true or real, but in that moment it made perfect sense to me and will share what I "saw".

I am neither a financial wizard nor knowledgeable in economics, just an ordinary working person who is hoping like the rest to retire and have time to enjoy grand babies and an easier life :)


[Shredd] ok, so i have a topic for discussion what denominations are the reserves in, dollars or dinar

[lightingcslt] Shredd dollars

[Shredd] ok, bring in your supporting proof

[tlm724] Shredd that exceed (70) billion U.S. dollars.

[Shredd] tlm724 tyvm

[lightingcslt] Economist: crisis regions of the dollar and the euro will not affect the value of the Iraqi dinar Follow-up - and babysit - ruled out economic expert Abdul Sattar al-Hashemi, influenced by the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar fluctuations in global markets in America and Europe.

Hashemi said: The Iraqi dinar is immune from the global economic crisis will not be affected because it covered with large cash liquidity of hard currency that exceed (70) billion U.S. dollars.


[kaperoni] Ok, I am going to explain a big piece of the puzzle

02/02/13 [kaperoni] Ok, I am going to explain a big piece of the puzzle ...It's time to show you facts that this will be a free float.

[kaperoni] Some months ago I showed you quotes and articles from documents.   Quotes such as...

[kaperoni] "He Alkrasna adopt all of Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania and Sudan system "floating orbit of exchange", where value is determined currency in the market, according to the forces of supply and demand,

and the government to intervene when necessary to re-route the exchange rate, in line with a set of criteria including the status of the current account and currency reserves foreign, depends both Egypt and Yemen floating exchange system."


[hub] capt ron more than ever...........flashing in the last post above stated he was told it happened thursday,,,,thats exactly what my contact said and he has nothing to do with any chat, blog, or anything,,,,,his is professional opinion.............

[hub] i misspoke,,,his is not opinion, its his biz to know

[capt ron] I spoke on the phone yesterday with someone from intel4U.....she has a contact at the US Treasury....

[hub] capt ron all ears

[911gts] we in the money soon

[capt ron] ...and that individual is saying 'done'.

[capt ron] There are at least five streams of info (that to me appear to be independent from one another) saying that the rv has occurred but has not yet surfaced at our retail level.


flashing] good news : Iraqi economy in the world's fastest-growing at a crossroads

[flashing] another one: EU amends Iraqi sanctions: Specific restrictions on economic and financial relations with Iraq

[flashing] Now the rumors , again the rumors - not facts or my opinion-

[flashing] some sources as well as dealers insisted the rv already occured. they have saying that since Thursday. they said they are just waiting for the international release. again those are rumors rumors rumors.

[gsp4] flashing Thank you, good to hear some dealerS are insisting.

[flashing] rate on the vnd between .27 and .57. however some sources said the rate will be the 48 cents u saw a couple of weeks ago. again rumors

okrocks] flashing well then it should show up now... and banks on monday good rumors

[flashing] iqd rate will be as per rumors within the range previously informed to u. becareful with ur decisions on the exchange process. and be careful to whom u trust here on the chats or outside of them. there are some people just creating their downlines for their business after rv.


2-2-13 Wxman: Last year I posted a bank story from the main branch of Chase in N. CA, where the private banker rep handed me a leatherette portfolio for private banking after I completed a wire transfer to purchase Dinar.

When I asked him why he would hand this to a customer who only had $200.00 in their bank, his supervisor told me, "We value and appreciate your investment." That was a huge vote of confidence for me.

Today ( Friday 2/1/13) I was checking on my Safety deposit box at the main branch in another N. Ca town. After the completion, the young male attendant asked if there was anything else he could help me with.

I reminded him that I was in his branch a year earlier to have a sit down discussion with his branch manager regarding our speculation.


Playback for PeopleInvested Call Saturday with Millionday, Fresh, and Many Guests

We had a great call Saturday afternoon with Fresh, Millionday, AZGhostHunter, and Robinredhed. There are a ton of exciting things discussed on the call and a lot of late breaking news with a few surprise guests in Q&A!  Big shout out to Kaperoni for joining us as a guest later in the call - Fresh lost connection as he was trying to follow up with comments and questions so we will try and have him back in the future as a guest at !


Playback number: (209) 647-1699
Participant access code: 496903#

138 Minutes


From: Ocrush
Date: February 2, 2013, 2:22:35

Hello PD family, This is in reference to iraqs accession to the WTO. There are major movements for Iraq to be accepted into the WTO. They already are obsevants but it seems they will become full members. For this to happen they need to be released from chapter vii and have an international traded currency. This will also allow iraq to move into the IMF'S Article xiii. The WTO is moving forward to allow Iraq for accession. I know how important facts are to our members so the link below provides that.

Please read:
2ND Paragraph
It starts with:
While foreign exchange questions.................

In conclusion we are almost there. They need to have an international currency to be a full pledged WTO Member!

Cheers To All
The below posts were in our 6pm email

[Jester] -it is kind of like a ipo on a stock... when it first comes out the price goes crazy because everyone wants a piece of the pie they were not in on at the start... supply and demand... then it comes back down to reality... this is because noone knows where the top is.. people keep buying to get in...

[crossways] Jester yes, that was clear grin

[19rue] Jester You say it very well!

[sandytob] Jester I'm talking about the opposite......starting low and then going up to what it will be.

[Jester] sandytob i dont think so... i think that there has been enough info out for a long time to expect that they are looking to be a little bit higher than the strongest currency in the region... so $3 and change is what is expected...

[Jester] if you bought in thinking for $1 would be great then take your money and run and dont be greedy... lol

[musiccitylady] Jester IMO $3.22 to $3.86

[Jester] musiccitylady good range... imo too
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busman says to (10:27:46): iraqi's may be fighting with rocks now, but we know they can use guns

Dinar Investor says to (10:27:51): That's pretty sad honestly.

busman says to (10:28:34): imo, maliki is beyond approach in his eyes

harry says to (10:31:05): they been under dicatorship so long that the only life they know






[cruiser] All! When you see what is about to happen and yes you will see it, sit back and take it in. Feel privileged, that you are all a part of the Greatest Global Historical Change EVER!!! Once it sinks in, take a few deep breaths and say a prayer and Thank God, for giving us the individuals who have worked and battled tirelessly to bring this change to a climax.

Be thankfully to all you have met and talked to on the sites. Be thankful for Sweet Queen to have given us all the opportunity to have a place to gather and share thoughts and opinions. Be thankful to the Mods, for their dedication and sacrifice of their time to be here and help all of us along the journey.

Be thankful to the Intel providers for keeping us all in the game this long. Last but not least be thankful to yourselves. For never giving up!! For never letting frustrations or anger cloud your judgment and made you do something you would regret. Be Blessed, Be Safe and Be Smart. Your lives have changed and before too long you will see it.

paradisegirl] hub I peeked in here last night late and missed your comments - did you have info on the rv?

[hub] paradisegirl yes second call from contact,,,a professional on what we are looking at, not an investor and he said in fact it was done Thursday night and just hold on,,,he said " just chill" and dont do anything stupid like give up your dinar

[.043] hub What a wonderful way to start a day.

[.BJ] hub GM and that's great to hear that this morning!

[Plowboy] I'm not going to out anyone but someone here (very respected) pm'd me a few days ago and said its all done and exptremely high rate. I don't know whether to believe it or not

[hub] Plowboy thats what serveral have said, and face it , they have laid it on the railroad track for being so specific,,,,,so,,,,,we shall see,,,,,because of who told me this, i believe it......

[hub] Plowboy one contact that worked in iraq is home now but last week one of his coharts called him from iraq and said it had rv'ed in country

[moonchild] in my skype chat I am hearing that Adam Montana is saying that it will defnitely be this week. Are we hearing similar from other sources?
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TQueezy Posted Yesterday, 11:45 PM said: I just got a call from one of my sources. It's someone high up with direct connections to the CBI.

It's a done deal. Friday, banks closed, pushed the rate modification process upload through the server. Once it goes on the forward facing, and once all banks are back to operational hours, people should see the free exchange for IQD.

It's a managed float, so you may not see any improvement for awhile. They have enough to back it at it's current rate without it falling too much. Might drop to 1200 / 1, but will soon increase beyond that. No real time frames for a good cash-in rate, but expect a couple weeks. I'd say exchanges at $1.56 / 1 by mid Feb.

So happy! Our ride is at the end. Stick with it guys, this is over soon. Woohoo!!!

TQueezy, on 01 February 2013 - 08:55 PM, said: Float systems, can go either way. In some cases initial trading could lead it down, but I think there's enough demand to cause the price to appreciate rapidly.

Good morning to all.

As we await for our blessing to be release to the world, I must say that I am forever giving thanks to my God for the blessing of knowing and serving each and everyone of you. Let me make it sure that this blessing is in the air and it shall be received shortly without further restraints from no one. But in a spiritual way I have been bless with a elite crowd of pastors and Christians who are also Dinarians. These people threw their prayer calls have been helping a lot of people find there way to Gods supernatural help on all aspects of there lives and let me tell you it has been a awesome experience for all who enters this call.

Just last night we had a message of a dinar intervention, we were praying and all of a sudden threw a national U.S. Weather tv station, a scroll was seen on the bottom of the screen informing to the reality that there will be a big revaluing of currencies and yes the Iraq and the Vietnam currency was spelled out. Know I wish to tell all when the Lord wishes for you to receive a message He will do so no matter what and by whatever means. He did so last night and all who was in that call really got that very important message, so let it be known that all the glory is of God, that He is real and that He has completed what He has promised.

I as well as many others already know to that fact just wanted you to know that prosperity for all is in the NOW for there is no better confirmation then that which comes from ABOVE.

Thank you Lord for using me, thank you Lord for a great group of warriors; THE DINARIANS, BE BLESSED AND HAPPY JOURNEYS.... BLUWOLF.....DIOS BENDIGA A ESTA BENDITA TIERRA...AMEN (P.S. let it be known that lieing is not of our Christian Values for it is not Godly,let it be known that all the above did occur.)

2-2-13 Footforward: Banks at the higher level are looking for this. The RV should happen in February, you can piece things together, things that are moving forward. The purchase of Boeing jets is not the sign of a broke country.

The Standby Agreement has not been renewed, it expires February 23rd. If you don't have an RV and don't renew the Standby Agreement, then Iraq will be in a whole lot of trouble because they will not be getting any of their money back. So, the RV should happen between now and the 23rd. Of course things happen, but it should.

There hasn't been any secret RV. Once it RV's you will know right away. The HCL has been agreed to on paper, it just hasn't been activated. People forget that Iraq is under Chapter 7 sanctions and you do not call the shots when you are under these sanctions.

They haven't opened their budgets for several years because the budgets that they do are based on revalued dinar. Everything is on hold until they actually have an RV, after that the money will start flowing.

The Asiacell info is irrelevant to the RV. It does not signify the timing of the RV. There are pieces to the puzzle that prove the RV WILL happen and there are pieces to the puzzle that prove WHEN the RV should happen and the two are not necessarily connected.

Not everything is an indication of the timing. Be hopeful, be optimistic. There is a time here soon where we will be in post RV mode

[SWFloridaGuy] We have another encouraging report from the WTO. Senior Iraqi officials have received intensive training on the multilateral trading system and to joining the WTO. This is very specific and necessary training that is directly related to the procedural steps regarding accession. This also includes economic development requirements.

[SWFloridaGuy] Iraq applying for WTO accession is a great sign for investors because a convertible currency is necessary for Iraq to join the WTO and I believe this is part of the development training/negotiations. We believe this is an obligatory stipulation for accession where they are concerned.

[SWFloridaGuy] So, right now they are receiving training laying out all their economic and trade policies that relate to WTO agreements and then the next step will be to submit a memorandum to the panel for consideration. When the principles and policies are in place, additional negotiations will commence between Iraq and member countries.
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