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10pm, February 4th, 2013   


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2-4-13 Doc: The best way to describe our situation is things are progressing. There were several very good recent articles about accession into the WTO.

This is something we will keep a very close key on. If this pans out then currency reform is a guaranteed precursor.

Also there were many good reports of banking type laws being passed. Things appear to be accelerating and we can only hope they will continue.

The one area we still are somewhat concerned about is the HCl.

The reports of it being passed are hogwash. We have recent direct quotes from Barzani threatening to break away from Iraq now that Baghdad is once again not paying.

(Dinar Recaps Note: For those investors who do not know, Generation X was very well respected investor around 4 years ago. This old post was emailed to Recaps from a good friend.)

"Family: I have been asked several times about my plans for financial investments and preserving wealth and do not offer advice as each and every one of you have a different circumstance that adds substantial and unique problems to preserving your newly acquired wealth. I am not a Certified Investment Counsel but will for the first time offer you some sensible directions to take.

1. Recognize that your government both State and Federal are your biggest enemy to securing your wealth, see a tax accountant or tax lawyer.

2. Set aside 15% of your new wealth in a separate account for your mad money and use this account for your flings into wealth. This is your payoff for your dreams and frustrations. If you spend more than this on new homes, automobiles etc. you are on a well-known pattern of blowing it all.

3. Remember #1, everything you buy will be taxed yearly either in Real estate taxes, sales taxes and or personal property taxes and if you live in one of the States with State Income taxes you will pay the State on all interest earned and on the principal Amount when it is received initially. Think about this statement. move to a State that has the lessor of the applicable taxes, this is a must. If you do not do this the State will eat up your rewards inside of 10 years, really!!!! Places like NY and CA will eat it up in 6 years. All States are creating new taxes daily to preserve their bloated Bureaucracies under the guise of service.

:16 PM [tdooly] oooppps!! Sorry, i used 2.9 billion barrles per day instead of million. Therefore 47.632 billion not trillion!!

7:17 PM [RindsGuy] tdooly I thought you were using new math

7:19 PM [tdooly] RindsGuy NO that was "screw-up" not used to dealing in TRILLIONS or even BILLIONS for that matter ---- even MILLION ---- YET!!!!

7:22 PM [lovavette] grashopa ..thank you

7:22 PM [grashopa] awwww......yw

7:23 PM [peganded] grashopa more than a bgrashopa it moe than a bit

7:23 PM [BOBGETZ6] grashopa Spill it bro.

7:24 PM [grashopa] Ed.....I'm here safe

7:26 PM [BOBGETZ6] grashopa You are fine

7:32 PM [grashopa] been awhile ya'll.....been busy with other stuff..........had to shed some weight no....not me per-se............but....

The below posts were in our 6pm email


- Having an Internationally Tradable Currency: What's the Big Deal?

It's been coming up for quite some time whether or not Iraq really NEEDS to revalue their currency and get it to a place where it is internationally tradable.

The question goes something like this; "Can't Iraq just keep on going like they have been and do all business in US Dollars?" Well, I've been digging around and have some thoughts to share with you.

First of all, without an internationally tradable currency, Iraq is walled off from the globalized financial system, thus raising the cost of business and increasing risk and uncertainty in the economy.

This problem is that the CBI will not be able to provide a currency that people can use throughout the world.

Now, this may not seem like a big deal at first but without an internationally tradable currency, you have no access to the globalized financial system and all the services that it offers in addition to credit and deposits.


Breaking News From Fresh at PeopleInvested on Budget:

We've been talking about this in chat for the last few hours!  Take a look at the figures below in the article published this morning on the revised budget.
Note the previous budget was 138.4 Trillion Dinars ($118.3 Billion USD) ... Now note how the new budget now says ""The total federal budget 138 billion dinars, which is the largest in the history of the Iraqi state"  This could be big folks I have provided a few alternate translations below that are also posted on our website forums!

Financial drafters put the finishing touches on the budget and likely to vote next Thursday

Twilight News / revealed the parliamentary Finance Committee, Monday, put the final touches to the draft federal budget for the current year 2013, referring to the trend to raise points of contention to the heads of political blocs to be resolved before the vote predicted by next Thursday.A member of the Finance Committee Secretary Hadi in an interview with "Twilight News", "The Finance Committee made the final touches to the draft federal budget, leaving only some points of contention that did not agree until now on them within the Commission and included the mechanism for distributing a proportion of the budget surplus, and the region's share" .Hadi said that "there is a trend because the unresolved points of contention by the leaders of the political blocs to pass the budget through the voting session," noting that "all the points that would re-pass the budget has been agreed upon."And a member of the Finance Committee predicted that "vote on the draft federal budget next Thursday instead of on Tuesday," noting that "the resolution, however, the Presidency of the Council of Representatives."The total federal budget 138 billion dinars, which is the largest in the history of the Iraqi state, which included $ 55 billion dinars investment part, and 83 billion dinars, the operational part.And the Iraqi government budget was built in 2013 on the basis of (90) dollars a barrel export rate of 2.9 million barrels of oil a day.


Sliderule  Tlar have we come to your deadline date?

TLAR: Yes sliderule.  I thought Maliki would be gone by Feb 1st.  I was wrong.  This guy just seems to ignore all bullets being fired at him. He is as slick as slick willie.

I just don't see him surviving the onslaught of criticism and parliament's ability to now override him. 

When parliament mustered 170 MP's to vote against three terms, that was a turning point in Iraq.  They did this in spite of all the lobbying and intimidating of the SOL. 

They did this even though the SOL boycotted the vote hoping to cause a no quorum. 

I was wrong on my timing but still believe in my premise  that he will not survive long enough to see the next elections, is accurate. 


TRUE PATRIOT:  But something came to mind and I would like to ask Tqueezy (or anyone who can answer) about it. You said that you figure that it will start off slow and built up to around 1/1 within a half month to a month correct?

But if they do it a little at a time over that period wouldn't it decrease the over all profits because people will scurry straight out to buy Dinar once they see it start to slip higher?

Even a day or two is enough time for the market to get hit hard when people see whats happening.So wouldn't a sudden RV straight to 1/1 or whatever number be a wiser decision for those in charge to make so they can make more money?

20MIL: I'll tell you my personal experience when I first invested in the IQD back in November of 2006. The rate at that time was about 1450:1 (1,450 dinars to $1) I actually woke up every morning to check currency rate as rates would decrease by about 2-5 dinars on a day to day basis. By 2008 the rate got to 1170:1 where it stopped for the next 3+ years.



[spiritfilled] finance news...the CEO and counsel both resign at Barclays bank in England...more sharks getting ousted

 [texascamper] really expected to see something good today....guess we still wait

 [Blessingsabundant] texascamper Day is Not over yet! It is our day........................

 [BLESSME] Captaincaveman any news to share? When do you think it will show?

[captaincaveman] BLESSME no news i can share. but the day is still young

[ivy10] Truly look for it this week

[buybyeby] midtex56 I remember many NASA launches. Countdown stops at T-one minute to check something, then suddenly the countdown begins and liftoff takes place. Did not want to leave television to miss anything. This has similar feel. Chin up! Lift off is near!!

The below posts were in our 10am email


[Josey Wales] Good morning fellow investors. As we sit here awaiting the news for what has been described as "THE WEEK", I can only pray that many of us do not fall into the trap of dates and rates. Yes the news is good, however, we should not set ourselves up for another let down if this journey has a few more minor delays. The hype of this happening every day has some in a downward spiral. We all have been there, confident this ride was going to be over because of the positive news spread throughout Dinarland.

So many intel providers have given their best information from the level of awareness and information that they have been given at that time. This is truly a moving target, massive corruption had to be dealt with, as well as major Global Financial Shifts have taken longer than expected. Maybe we are really on schedule, and the rush by some to continue to put information out too early has caused so many to think this will never happen.

Take a moment and relive the dream of why you got into this investment. The dream of a better life for you, your family and friends, the dream of building a more peaceful world, the dream of helping so many that need some light at the end of the tunnel. This will happen, there is no turning back. We are some of the chosen one's that will carry the torch and light the way. Be proud of yourself for believing in something that others would not. Every great accomplishment started with a dream. Keep your dream alive and let the last pieces of the puzzle are fall into place.


This content is for general information purposes only and does not constitute advice of any kind. All information given is the opinion of the provider. Dinar Recaps assumes no responsibility for information contained on this website and disclaims all liability in respect of such information.

Gifting Letter to Keep Identity Safe  Posted by Shining at

Gifting letter to keep your identity safe (CAP1)

This is an example of a letter that you can give to your "private banker" to assist you in keeping your identity secure but also at the same time allow you to give to others who are in need.

This is an example for gifting someone $13,000(tax-free - $13,000/per person or $26,000/per couple)!

If you decide to gift more to a particular person, you will have to fill out a separate form for your taxes (the % below also will change accordingly)!

The law now states that you can gift up to $5 Million - through 2012 - tax-free (this is also in your life-time; one time).

This does not include when you give to a charity which is considered a charitable donation and is completely separate!

So let's all do our part to "Pay-It-Forward" and to help others who are in need (and also who just refused to see the light at the end of the tunnel
regarding this blessing)!!!   - m.


Well I guess I'm one of the naysayers Kap and Joeg.  I feel sure that your analysis is on target and I agree wholeheartedly with your conclusion.  There will be a float    I only question the start of the free float.  A free float does mean allowing the market to determine the price of the currency. 

Where you and I differ is where do they start the float.  Do they start at 1166?  Do they start at .86 by removing the zeros first?  Or do they just belly up to the bar and start at $1.00? 

Shabibi has said that his target was $1.00.  We know there was also a plan to make the dinar go to 1000 to 1 by dropping 166 pips.  At 1000 to one the jump to a dollar is easy on the math even the most uneducated Iraq.   He had stated as far back as January 1st 2010 that by the end of the year he would re denominate the currency. 

Again in June 2011 , then January 2012, then again in September 2012 and finally in January 2013. These are all dates the he indicated in the news that he wanted to change monetary policy meaning do something with the currency. 


I would like to comment on a few things in this Post from Poofness that were evident to me. First, right handed things being done with the left hand could be a reference to the fact that the left has control of our government right now. These changes would have been easier with the right in control. But, no matter, it has been done with the "left hand".

Second, concerning the Wizard of Oz references, we have been made to think someone in our government is in control of things, but when the curtain is pulled aside, he is not nearly as powerful as we had thought. It is an apparency only.

Third, regarding Poofness's comments about "low frequency" and two types of beings here at the same time, beings do emit an electrical frequency. This has been studied and found that bad, anti-social, non-survival emotions emit a low frequency. Good, social, pro-survival emotions a higher frequency. It is a challenge for high frequency beings to communicate with low frequency beings. To be sure, it is two behavior systems happening here at the same time.

Lastly, closing with"Until our door knocks" rather than his usual "Until the doorbell rings" is a significant change. Poofness is uncluding us in the "our door" whereas the doorbell was his alone. Opportunity is said to 'knock". Jesus stands at the door and knocks. Soon our door, the door belonging to Poofness and those he is messaging, will be knocked on. A knock is more personal than a doorbell ringing. It is symbolic of the potential of a door opening, of movement from one place to another, of being summoned.

Let's hope we are ready, for knock apparently comes soon.


No date.  Economist: the value of the dinar will fall
Iraqi economic expert said that the current monetary policy pursued by the Central Bank of Iraq has led to a reduction in the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, compared to what it was before the issuance of an arrest warrant former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi.

And between economic expert who declined to be named, said Iraqi dinar exchange rate before fabricating a crisis the Central Bank arrived in price below its current price, stressing that the bank was unable to maintain the value of its price old despite raising dollar sales even arrived last Sunday to about $ 220 million, compared to sales ranging between 175 - 200 million dollars before the decision to change Shabibi.


TLAR: The number of dinar out has been stated by the bank at 30 trillion. They have been buying it as we know for months now so we assume there is much less out now.  They have been net buyers, not net sellers for at least 5.5 months.  We know the value of the dinar to be 1166. 

If we divide the whole 30 trillion dinar (even though we have seen them buying and retiring it for months now) we get $25,728,987,993. That's the sum total value of every dinar that has been mentioned by the CBI since late 2011 as to how many are out there. 


Poofness 2-3-12... "By Bye Cruel World"

Greetings and Salutations;

Enough has happened and locked in to end this journey. So we're off to see the 'wizard'. It pretty much took the ability to do right handed things with the left hand, to finish this job...the shifting of the world's banking system. It took vast 'commodities' and unrelenting sticking to the task at hand. And a huge amount of focus to Not kill folks that (as they say) needed killin'.

The arrogance was unbelievable, folks in circles that believe in their 'right' to lord it over everybody else who couldn't see the truth when it was right at the end of their noses. Games up dudes and dudettes, the earth is not yours, to do as you wish.There's an old saying, 'karma's a bitch, then ya die'.

From hence forth, 'munchkins' will keep telling you to follow the yellow brick road, no worries about getting dazzled by the brilliance. Lower your head and take on what ever task you set for yourself. Dance forward on your path and do it in joy. We aren't going back, we are going forward. Going into the world created for these times.

Much of what you will witness now, is folks passing because they can't handle the change. Can't deal with the fact that low frequency behavior is a thing of the past, like neanderthals having to deal with cro-magnon man. It took them a while to find out, they were actually living side by side for a while.  Hmm, wanna make a comparison to the present?

There have been some alterations but it's all wrapped up in the speed at which the big changes take place. The flooring had to be ripped All the way up. No half stepping. which is reverberating thru  DC right now. Who is a good guy, who's a bad guy, you'll be finding out most directly. These announcements are so, the american people never let these past 100+ years, be repeated. It's All good and you will hear it with your own ears, soon enough. Time to go 'poof'.

To keep communications going, consultations are available until our door knocks.

Love and Kisses;  Poofness

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