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10pm, February 6th, 2013   


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Posted Today, 03:53 PM  Hello again.

I will make this a short and quick update.

Ray and I have finally heard back from our contacts and the budget vote is still on for Thursday.

I am aware of the few articles that say it is going to happen, and a few that say it will not. So unless our sources tell us differently, the vote will be finished tomorrow.

We tried to get the timing of things after the vote has been completed, but they are not sure.


We look at the progress that has been made in Iraq for the last 2 years. Then we look at the true corruption and the level of it in Iraq. We know Iraq is wealthy and can afford an RV up to $15. (just a figure)

We know the items that have to be done for Iraq to be released from Chapter 7. We also know that gurus out there would have you to believe that all is done.

But, if you listen to the IMF and the UNSC you will find that Iraq has been dragging their behind on this issue.

Then you have guru's that will have you believe that the rate is in the budget. It is not. They can have 3 different budgets.

 The country is NOT going to give us the date or rate in any document prior to the event. That's just plain nuts if you believe this. We have seen budgets come and go, and some chapter 7 items completed.


Folks, don't believe anything unless it comes from the CBI ....... Shabibi said this in a Press Release translated by Khoury (our translator) that was posted on the Arabic side of the CBI website a few months back.... and so far there is nothing announced about this by the CBI.

No disrespect to your guy yota but this is not what we want, IMO, if they drop the rate to 1000 : 1 we could see a longer wait or it could lead to a straight up re-denomination or what the Lopsters call a lop.

I sure hope I'm wrong and your guy is right if this does happen but in reality this is a perfect set up for a lop.

The below posts were in our 6pm email


FLASHING 2/6/2013  1:00PM EST

Hi . Well one more time my opinion is supported by  articles or documents. Just check what i posted on Monday  and compare with these articles. Draw your own conclusions about ch 7 and about the persons providing information. Just go back to recaps and follow my posts and do the same with the others and draw your own conclusions.

These articles are meaningful. Please be happy because everything is great and the real drivers are lining up. The cat will be at the house soon. God Bless you all.

Maliki meets with Kuwait Emir in Cairo; Discusses Iraqi Airways, navigational rights, and demarcation of border

Maliki: We discussed with the Kuwaiti side file Iraqi Airways and navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah and the demarcation of the border
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said his talks with the Kuwaiti side files concerned the outstanding issues between the two countries.

The channel quoted by the semi-official Iraqi al-Maliki said that "our discussions with the Kuwaiti side touched upon the issue of Iraqi Airways and navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah and the demarcation of the border between the two countries pillars."


Lovemylife :Ok Ladies and Gentlemen. I just heard from my friend at the State Department again, and because of some very High level meetings that are taking place right now, they say that they are hearing there will be an announcement late today or tomorrow. They are hearing that the IQD will be announced first, and the VND will be 24 hours after. They are pretty excited for somebody that is not invested. I pray they are correct. God Bless.


[sailman] WCW Well looks like we have only a day to wait for the budget --- rv should happen ahead of this time --- Are you still expecting 12+ --- do you think this value is still in play ??

 [WCW] sailman yes i have always said that and i m sticking to it

[redhead1] WCW - I love you - you always stay steady

 [sailman] WCW they don't seem to have pushed the budget back again so unless something happens quickly I think this is our time finally

[BLESSME] WCW when should we expect email

 [WCW] sailman now till 1 am cst tonight

[sailman] WCW agreed

 [WCW]  if the budget don t get moved we have our selfves an rv

 [dwg14] WCW i hope thats the case ... they do that tomorrow right?

 [WCW] dwg14 yes


tdk says to (09:19:47):i see where they were talking about the lifting of the zeros and then I see where they are now saying that when the condition is right they will talk about a change in the rate etc. more stable goverment



tdk says to (09:20:59): its what we have been saying all along





GOOD MORNING - do not give up - hearing this RV process is making great strides and our SUDDENLY is surely closer than ever!

 Till then after my car died on me Sunday and having to take a slice of my monthly budget from me to fix it... I have now realized a true lesson from our loving Father God knowing all trials are to shape us into HIS image...I want to share this with you....

In a letter to the believers in Philippi, the Apostle Paul penned Philippians 4:11-13 which begins "For I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am."

The Greek word rendered "content" here denotes more than just a throwing up of arms in reluctant acceptance. At its hub it literally means: "to be satisfied to the point where I am no longer disturbed or disquieted."


[Adam Montana] Morning everyone! Have a lot of questions this week, and interestingly enough... most of them are related to everything I wanted to discuss!

[Adam Montana] official chat in progress, let's see if we can have an enlightening one today

[Adam Montana] Like I just said, there are a lot of great questions coming - and they cover everything I had planned on discussing anyway, so we will get to those shortly. But FIRST... let's give our little investment a quick once-over

[Adam Montana] When it comes to the Dinar, people seem to be on one side or another - either you think there is potential here, or you think it's a crazy idea  Some people even have websites built to discuss how crazy it is, and how crazy those of us that discuss Dinar are... well, let's look at some FACTS

[Adam Montana] A lot of those nay-sayers try to convince their listeners that we Dinar Investors will be lucky to break even, and they support that argument by twisting the facts...


[okrocks] Alsumaria News / Wasit's office announced the implementation of constitutional article 140

Feb 6 8:11 AM [okrocks] In a press conference held at the parliament building, he stated "The General Budget will be endorsed within 48 hours

[okrocks] [sananddan24] Guys I have a bank story a good friend of mine went into a local bank which is a nationwide bank and ask about the dinar. The banker told her they were getting a lot of calls and that it is showing on screens but has not been released yet.

[Jester] there is a reason Wildduck is very sure of his comments... something different this time... so hopefully it is all right info and we are good to go...

[dwanna] GM Mods. Seems as if we have this RV cornered.

 [SGD3] okrocks Does it have to RV before the budget?


azrat, on 05 Feb 2013 - 21:24, said:    Steve, I appreciate your update.

        This is from a contrarian piece i saw else where today.

    " GOI ruled out today to replace the local currency dinar or cancellation    of three zeroes [however] are currently pointing out that he was seeking    to increase its peak from 1166 to 1000 dinars to the dollar...."    Can you clarify, is this more smoke or ....? Any debunking would be good.     azrat

STEVE:  Ok, this will not be easy to explain, however, let's say the rate comes out at $3.00 US to $1 Dinar. There will be no way to support the current $25,000 dinar note in country.

It is very complicated and I will go back and grab some of my detailed notes and post to this update.

The below posts were in our 10am email


Just a reminder about donating:

If you plan to donate to a charity, church, etc. listen up please.

Decide how much you wish to donate in US Dollar then, set aside the equivalent amount in Dinar.

Wait for it to revalue, so that its value goes up (very important).

DO NOT exchange THAT Dinar set aside for the donation!

Donate the Dinar directly to the charity or church of your choosing.

Provide them with instructions of how to exchange the donated Dinar to US Dollar.

Because YOU are not exchanging that Dinar, you are not liable for taxes on that amount.


azrat, on 05 Feb 2013 - 21:24, said:    Steve, I appreciate your update.

        This is from a contrarian piece i saw else where today.

    " GOI ruled out today to replace the local currency dinar or cancellation    of three zeroes [however] are currently pointing out that he was seeking    to increase its peak from 1166 to 1000 dinars to the dollar...."    Can you clarify, is this more smoke or ....? Any debunking would be good.     azrat

STEVE:  Ok, this will not be easy to explain, however, let's say the rate comes out at $3.00 US to $1 Dinar. There will be no way to support the current $25,000 dinar note in country.

It is very complicated and I will go back and grab some of my detailed notes and post to this update.


The IQD Team Connection with LJ from LJ's Next Step Team
Straight Talkin Mike, LJ, Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay - February 5, 2013
760-569-7699   Pin 769478#

Another Great Night of News Analysis and Discussion Last Night With:
L.J. of L.J.'s Next Step Team... THE I.Q.D. Team Connection
(Straight Talkin Mike was delayed at the airport coming home and could not be on last nights call - he will do a recorded call today with all the Latest CBI/Economy News - we will send out and post once completed - check the website under IQD Team Connection Blog & Announcements)

(Please listen to the replay in its entirety for all the latest Government News from Iraq with LJ from LJ's Next Step Team)

Notes and Highlights from One Karat:
Thanks to One Carat
One Carat Notes - Tuesday, Feb 5, 2013  will be posted later today

And there you have it!

The I.Q.D. Team Connection News Coverage
for Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013


OOO LOrd we praise you you are worthy oo Lord Come sing praises to our Lord for this gift and blessing being bestowed upon us. International prayer call is proud to announce another case of stage 4 cancer with healings results, thank you Jesus. Between tumors dispearing, neckpain for 30yrs gone, knees healed backs healed ears healed. WOW sounds like a God thing to me.

Come join us with 2 or more n agreement calling this in, our SHIFT OF Exleccreation. 7pm est

530-881-1400   406878#
or recorded 530-881-1499   406878#  (after the call).

But the fire is in the call. With a touch of intel. God Bless
Pastors Ed & Kat


[WILDDUCK] OK you want know something

[mbillions] WILDDUCK What?

[WILDDUCK] All pinged out no more pinging


[treasure4e] WILDDUCK is that good or bad

[mbillions] treasure4e That is very good...

[goldman] WILDDUCK does that mean the testing has stopped and ready to go live or just stopped testing and will do more testing later?

[goose67] WILDDUCK thats a good thing then ...right??

[BLESSME] Wildduck doneium

[WILDDUCK] No more battles being fought

 [#2sister] wildduck it is good!!!

 [raven] WILDDUCK no more battles between good and evil?

 [sandytob] You need to get ready...things have shifted....a wave of increase, a wave of favor....

[WILDDUCK] it is live relax just cannot see it


How to Reduce Foreign Exchange Risk  
By  Dicky  Cheungcorp,

Risk management is essential in foreign exchange.

The profits of a corporation that operates in more than one country depend very much on the foreign exchange rates. Foreign exchange rates can fluctuate up and down, and thereby positively and negatively affect the actual profits of a company.

It is therefore very important that companies know how to minimize their exchange rate risks so as to maximize their profits and increase their equity.


        1     Hedge using futures or forwards contracts. This is the most common way of managing foreign exchange risk. A company will offset foreign currency holdings with futures and forward contracts.

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