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11am February 7th, 2015     


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Hello everyone -- the server is down and i can t get into chat -- i am going to post some news i have here and hope that you see it -- love to ya, please let me know if you saw it by a quick hello after reading --thank you

The dinar


called economic researcher state just to support the dinar exchange rate against the dollar over the insider only in local currency and away from the dollarization of the market because of the negative impact on the economy. 



bernice :I think that the amount of change in the last few months since Abidi has been PM has made a world of difference in this country...

I have been in this stuff for a heck of long time and happened to slip and make a comment about IQD and got my head ripped off cause I was told that this IQD would never happen and it was the biggest joke that the American citizens have taken part in...yet I see things happening in other countries and especially in Iraq....

Don't they have to have an international currency to be part of the world market??????

Frank26:  International coming to Your local Iraq Economy.

The GOICBI KNOW ............ What they are doing....... FINALLY!!!  KTFA  Frank 


World Record Debt Of $199trn Could Drag Economies Into Another Crisis - Study

Published time: February 06, 2015 10:53   Edited time: February 06, 2015 12:48

Global debt has soared by $57 trillion since the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2007, with the debt to GDP ratio jumping to 400 percent in Japan. This raises questions about financial stability and poses a threat of another crisis.

"After the 2008 financial crisis and the longest and deepest global recession since World War II, it was widely expected that the world's economies would deleverage. It has not happened.

Bluwolf:  Waiting for Gazette news, RV follows up to 72 hours after the fact.

No veto shall be issued period.

No delays whatsoever.  Rates at WF should be very high if you stick to their plan.

Southwest is now prepared to arise, paymasters have been acknowledged, that is where we stand.

Fine and simple with no evil twists in the road, not like others that tend to recollect.

Na'maste Bluwolf

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter


BLC Admin tlm724 Chat Deletion of the Zero's 02/06/2015  Part 2

 [tlm724] Currency Damaged become a problem suffered by citizens in general, and especially employee and working in sections III accounts.

[tlm724] Who is responsible for this currency is damaged ?

[tlm724] this is a really long and in depth article describing the difficulties of dealing with the dinar, I'll pull out a few key points for us

Before we enter into the details of my investigation I learned that Egypt burns three times a week about 1.5 million banknotes are corrupted from various categories, as I learned that Algeria (grated) daily 10 million dinars corrupted by machine hole, and the question what about the currency damaged in Iraq? 

Why do not burn or grated? Let know the reasons for this through our reading of this investigation. 


BLC Admin tlm724 Chat Deletion of the Zero's 02/06/2015

[tlm724] good morning everyone, let me show the article from this morning that has encouraged this gathering of information

06/02/2015 07:27 GMT Parliamentary Finance confirms that determine the time to delete the zeros BAGHDAD - and babysit - Stressed the parliamentary finance committee member Jabbar al-Abadi, not the central bank to determine a time limit for the deletion of zeros from the local currency. 

Ebadi said that "the project to delete the zeros were traded within the Finance Committee," adding that "the central bank refuses to subject the fact that time is not right now." "We are in the Finance Committee with the deletion of zeros is subject to many positives reflected on the economic reality," 

noting that "the numbers in the dinar currency loses its value, and the deletion of zeros because the value of the dinar and the fall of the value of the dollar." 


Mike:   G-lin, after reading the article you brought over, I think you're right, there's a battle between the government and the CBI about when they should begin to delete the zero's.  I remind myself that Keywords is a Maliki appointee, but that still leaves the board of the CBI as the final word.  

Here's the thing, the FC decided to cap the auctions, and the CBI has followed suit, hopefully the same thing happens with the delete the zero's project. 

--" We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid "  Benjamin Franklin

G-Lin:   I don't know how many of you saw Shredd's chat on the CBI Instructions art., but I thought I might bring it in here if it's ok with all. I have a lot of respect for Shredd. He has been in banking many years. His thoughts gave me a good idea as what CBI is doing. I liked it. 

CBI has issued new instructions to the stability of the dinar exchange rate  LINK


Sager:   The CBI sets the exchange rates, and gives money... the GOI spends it!!!  That's it!

 These articles come from either parliament or a bs news agency... so you can dismiss them entirely.  CBI is in charge, not parliament/goi.

Brule:   Is not the time to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency

  Baghdad-Iraq Press -6 February: Parliamentary Finance Committee denied, on Friday, the Central Bank to determine a time limit for the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency, and as confirmed that it supports the project, said that the bank believes that the time is not right to take this step.

The committee member said Jabbar al-Abadi in a press statement, said that "the project to delete the zeros were traded within the Finance Committee," adding that "the central bank rejects this on the grounds that the time is not right now."



Frank26:  "Parliamentary Finance confirms that determine the time to delete the zeros..... That time is not right now" .......... Really Mr GOI ? Then what the #$%&! time do You think it is? (See Article Below)

HEY ! FRANK !! 26 !!! .......... I did not say such a thing !!! .......... Just ask me !!!!

LOL...... That's funny but if not You then who?

Mr. Frankie You know very well that Fridays are Holy days here where nothing much happens so the media puts out this re-cycled regurgitated re-worded re-hash nonsense supposedly from us at the GOI.


Dinar Morning Drive Call - News w/ BGG Friday Feb. 6th, Audio Player and Replay #'s


Dinar Morning Drive Call - News w/ BGG

Friday Feb. 6th, Audio Player and Replay #'s


760-569-7699 pin# 398647

11  Minutes

(In Email Newsletter, click blue title for Audio Player.



The Big Call - Recording Link and Replay #'s for Thursday Night 02-05-15


The Big Call - Recording Link and Replay #'s for Thursday Night 02-05-15


Playback number: (559)726-1159
access code 123456#

148 Minutes

The Big Call



aggiedad77 � February 6th, 2015, 10:59 am 

Friday News Summaries and Commentaries

It is Friday, an Iraqi Holy Day and we see some interesting things in the seems the Finance Committee wants to bark....the CBI barks back at them.....who barks the loudest and who has the actual "bite" is believed that Abadi is keeping campaign promises.....while Maliki....well maybe he "ain't" as popular as he thought.....meanwhile the US is moving more helicopters to Erbil.....and oil climbs again to $58.

Parliamentary Finance confirms that determine the time to delete the zeros

A member of the Finance Committee is speaking out that he believes the Finance Committee thinks it is time to remove the 000's...but, according to him, the CBI says no it is not time.....the Committee sees many positives from an economic standpoint, noting the fall in value of the dinar, believing the removal of the 000's would strengthen things for the dinar....but the bottom line to this back and forth conversation is that the Committee really doesn't have the clout with the CBI to make things happen. 

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