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6pm March 10th, 2015     


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Dinarasaurus:   So the Dinar is a scam?? Check this out!

I ran across this some 3 years ago, but couldn't remember where from.  I only updated some $$$ to be relevant to today's circumstances!  It makes very good sense and VERY hard for the negative Nellie's to argue against!  Enjoy!

We've all heard investing in the Dinar is a scam.

If there is a scam going on, it's the US govt, Iraqi govt, IMF and UN holding back info ... delaying ... the inevitable. But post RV/RI you'll be praised for your insight into this investment by the nay Sayers.  (also known as Hindsight investors)

You want an example of a scam? Play the lottery. The odds of winning are astronomically against you. That scam plays on the hopes of the uninformed, or desperate, seeking great rewards without understanding the odds.

Governments make unimaginable dollars preying on lottery ticket buyers. Whereas investing in the Dinar, we can attempt to track international politics and become somewhat educated on our investment.  



China's February Imports Sink In News Sign Of Weakness

BEIJING (AP) - China's imports shrank in February for a second month in a new sign of weakness in the world's second-largest economy.

Imports contracted by 20.5 percent to $108.6 billion compared with a year earlier, customs data showed Sunday. China's trade data early in the year often can be distorted by the Lunar New Year holiday, which occurs at a different time each year in January or February. However, with the two months combined, the contraction in imports so far this year is 20.2 percent.

Exports surged 48.3 percent to $169.2 billion, rebounding from January's 3.3 percent contraction, according to the General Administration of Customs of China.


State Firm To Issue 3.7 Billion Of Special Bonds

06/03/2015 | 20:01:12

The State Bank Governor gave the Vietnam Asset Management Company (VAMC) the green light to issue up to 80 trillion VND (3.7 billion USD) worth of special bonds in 2015. 

 The approval, confirmed in Document 1264/NHNN-TTGSNH, allows the firm to provide bonds with a maximum 5-year term. 

 Established in 2013, the VAMC, a one-member limited company, is a State tool for managing bad debt. Accordingly, it purchases bad debt from banks, recovers and restructures the debt, and sells collateral. It also adjusts loan conditions and converts debt into equity. 



The I.Q.D. Team Connection~~Conf Call Tuesday March 10  8pm Latest Iraq Dinar RV News~~Its All Good



The I.Q.D. Team Connection with Straight Talkin' Mike, L.J., Diana, Debbie & Kimberly
Investigate, Question, Deliver
"Connecting ALL The Pieces"

Conference Call - Tuesday, March 10, 2015  8PM EST 

Call in Number: 760-569-7676 / Pin: 769478# or
Back Up: 760-569-7676 / Pin: 712222# (listen only)


Join us tonight as we continue our mission to Investigate,  Question &  Deliver the "Straight Talk" "CONNECTING ALL THE PIECES" with all the UP TO THE MINUTE IRAQ NEWS related to Iraq, Economy, Dinar, CBI, Govt & the RV...Pre & Post RV...Followed by Live Q&A

Call in Number: 760-569-7676
Pin: 769478# or
Back Up: 760-569-7676
Pin: 712222# (listen only)

Every Tuesday & Thursday 8PM EST


Attorney Ihsanoglu: edit areas of operations Daash united Iraqis and gave the message to the world that Iraq will be divided((not*))
[tlm724] that the liberalization of the areas of operations Daash terrorist gangs united Iraqis and gave the message to the world that Iraq will not be divided *hallelujah* 


Diwaniya, announces the launch of dues from farmers harvest rice for 2015, and as of this week

[tlm724] announced the launch of dues from farmers harvest rice for 2015, and as of this week

[tlm724] "the launch of the financial benefits to farmers in Diwaniya came after direct our meeting with Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari."



National Center for Legal & Judicial Research and Studies

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious and Most Merciful

The Honorable President of the Public Prosecution of Iraq ...

Re. / Complaint

Request to Process Complaint: The National Center for Legal and Judicial Research and Studies, an Iraqi non-governmental organization registered according to the law, and as represented herein by its Secretary-General, the former Judge Raheem Hassan Al Igeeli, and by its Deputy-Secretary-General, the Attorney Kamel El Hassani, with its address at Haifa Street, Baghdad, Iraq.



Comments & Replies In Response To "The Great Chessboard" Chat

Ive been watching the speculator since 2009. all the main depth to understand the importance of Iraq and its Dinar dates back to 1792 B>C> when King Hammarabi gave 282 laws to his people, like Moses, but now is printed on the 25,000$ dinar.

 It will rv very soon despite all that happenned by God the almighty. Daniel 11:1-4 Saleh. Nice Chatting with you all and Med' for his insight and beleif as well. 

The Us Gov. set up Iraqs oil accounts since June 2011 and 6 months before that the dinar was legal currency and is in the currency basket, the Foreign Currency catologues since then. 

In the USA. You can go to any bank and see it, just ask the bank clerk. So as things are ripe in Iraqs last stand and ISIS at their front door, we should see political agendas accept the Rv now, because their outa time and no more political procrastination. 

The 33 trillion dinar they have sold to Russis, China, Europe and the Usa are now demanding pay back. so its check mate a mighty king stands up in Parliment, "thats the que for the RV". Fasten your seat belts its here.




Hale Ali'i March 10, 2015  Okay, it is obvious we are close to the end of this. We are still in a good place. Nothing happened to step back and get at all worried.

All this excitement and disinfo flying around proves this will happen soon.

We aren't out of funds or getting left out.  

If we really knew everything that has happened behind the scenes (arrests etc) we would all be jumping for joy! Go out and enjoy the beautiful day. This is our time!

EXOGEN March 10, 2015 at 10:28am HAVE YOU SEEN THIS????

RodjiW> EXOGEN March 10, 2015 at 10:32am 98.2640!!!  WTH??? How'd they do that!  LOL  :))



aggiedad77 � March 10th, 2015, 11:25 am 

Tuesday News Summaries and Commentaries

In the news today, the CBI....the COM....various ministries....the war on to pay for work being done....the reforms....they are in the air....they are active....things are on the move....moving forward....remember.....the BEST is yet to come.

Concern about the deterioration of the price of the Iraqi dinar with stop auction

Everyone is so quick to blame the a knee-jerk reaction...tap on your knee and your leg kicks....that simple....well in real life it isn't that simple....and the CBI is not the cause of the problem here....the market issues....the street issues with the exchange between the USD and the IQD have driven things up and put people into a turmoil wondering what is going to happen next....

look at the liquidity issues that Iraq claims it is does that play into the exchange we've said often....everyone has an opinion...some are more vocal with their opinion than others.....listen instead to the what they attention to their words....not the opinions of those who have no ability to control the outcome.




DinarSpeculator Chat With Charlie & Members Part 2  "The Great Chessboard"

Charlie:  when the market crashed, it was directly related to a major global credit freeze  why? well no one knew how deep any bank was into toxic debt (mortagage backed securities)

in fact, bear stearns had and A2 rating at Moodys  - what is A2? Usually the second or third-highest rating that a rating agency assigns to a security or carrier.

This rating signifies that there is a relatively low risk of default because the issuer or carrier is fairly stable.

Investors and policyholders are therefore taking very little risk with these companies.

tudor: ok thanks for that explanation Charlie


DinarSpeculator Chat With Charlie & Members Part 1  "The Great Chessboard"

Charlie: lets call this meeting to order

guardian: Charlie's bringing us all back to life again at least it seems like it

Charlie: i'm going straightforward and headfirst into what is most important

tudor: ok

Charlie: we are seeing the trees and we need to see the forest

tudor: I agree

Charlie: my greatest goal is to pull back the view so it is panoramic - we are in the right place, we have the right spirit, ... i know those of you here have the right heart

tudor: thanks Charlie

Charlie: there are chessboards - many levels of chess going on right before our eyes and hidden in plain sight....

The below posts were in our 10am newsletter
Dinar Updates:




Millionday News Time 3/9/15

Welcome to for News Time with Millionday!

Millionday: The Central Bank of Iraq announced the start replacing the coin 50 dinars as of this March after his decision to drag. 

He added that the bank "Due to stop the public from trading cash paper category 50 dinars, he decided to withdraw this banknote from trading on the basis of the powers vested in Article 36 of the Bank Act No. 56 of 2004", 

"The banks and their branches will start replacing these banknotes presented to it without fee or commission, and will be deposited with the bank and its branches for the purpose of restricting the corresponding value in the accounts we have. "

Be Encouraged - Stay the Course! from DebTarHeelGirl

 We live in a fast food society and mentality. Go to the counter or drive through at any fast food restaurant, order your meal and voila...your meal, in most situations, is in your hands in five minutes or so. We have become accustomed to "have it your way and have it now".

Even fast food restaurants fall short. When that meal does not come in the expected fast food time frame, we become upset, angry, or drive off in a huff.

Even worse is to be told by the cashier at the drive through window to pull forward or off to the side to allow other customers to pick up their meals while ours is still being processed.

Frustrating! Because we want that meal now, darn it! Waiting is a tedious thing for many of us. Frustration and discouragement sets in when we are told we are getting something and that something does not come. So it is with our Blessing.  



FrostyThe Snowman � March 9th, 2015, 10:04 pm 


The following information from Frank26, TopShelf and others is stated in their OPINIONS ONLY ... and is NOT to be used in any form of investment advice. **

KTFA CC 9th March 2015

Last Thursday we posted that there was no "intel" ... and that we would NOT see anything on Sunday March 8th.

Please don't call/text me Frank with what other dinar forums are saying.

What is the CBI and GOI doing?

They said they were going to start remittance. What happened?

The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter
Millionday Roundtable 3/9/15

Welcome to for Roundtable with Millionday!

Millionday: Baghdad announced that the Government of the province of Kurdistan , on Monday, it had delivered 97% of the agreed oil to the center, as indicated it pending legal maturity of the Federal Government. The Ministry of Natural Resources of the province,

 in a statement received by Alsumaria News copy of "The province spends some commitment on the part of its oil export agreement reached with the federal government in Baghdad , "adding that" these quantities will enable Iraq to increase oil exports and revenues in the crucial time for the stability and unity of the country. "

Millionday: NOTE -- WOW HAVE DELIVERED 97%

Millionday: According to the ministry, "the province and added Yet commitment to the terms of the federal budget for 2015, issued until the end of February last approximately 97% of the agreed upon crude oil supplies to the Sumo in the Turkish port of Ceyhan." 

General Discussion & Announcement Posts >  CBI Getting A Spanking

Schiz   Wow, I swear this art is saying, there is nothing unconstitutional about article 50 of the budget law and that the cbi should stop their moaning and start following their very own laws and mission statement and impliment monetary policy, ie do the damn rv fool!

This guy basically starts throwing laws back in the cbi's face that they are not holding up to......The more i read this art the more i love it lol.

I truly do believe the cbi need a good kick up the arse and told to pull their finger out.

Could be me wearing dinar goggles trying to read a very difficult article to understand.

War:  The appeal of the Central Bank in Article / 50 / of the budget law must be based on a violation of the Constitution

03/08/2015 12:38   BAGHDAD / Nina /  confirmed legal expert Tariq Harb challenged the central bank in Article / 50 / of the budget law can not be considered by the competent courts only if the appeal founded on the violation of the Constitution.

MistaMista  I am seeing statements that an RV is impossible due to the current money supply of the Iraqi Dinar. The issue stated is that an RV would cause the dinar to be valued more than the value of current total money supply of all currencies.

 I am reviewing figures at You can also check the M1 and M2 figures there.

 Currently, "narrow money" or cash and coin IQD in circulation, or MO plus M1, equals 138698 IQD Billion (MO=66047 IQD Bill, M1=72651 IQD Bill).

 By comparison, USD MO = 3840341 USD Billion, M1 = 2824.10 USD Bill.


 If IQD reinstates at a rate relative to previous (3.22 dollar per dinar) plus 20% for inflation, or near $4 per dinar, then we have following figures - let's use $4 per dinar for ease of calcuation, therefore dinar moves from .00086 dinar per dollar to .25 dinar per dollar.

 In order for IQD to move to $4 per dinar, or .00086 to .25 dollar,  .25 divided by .00086 = 290.7 times .00086 to get to .25.

 Iraq MO plus M1 138698 times 290.7 = 40,319508.6 billion dollars worth of dinar, or over $40 trillion USD.


Linnea March 9, 2015 Copied From Twitter- JCR Tweets:

Ok to those that want to listen: we are extremely close. Iraq made real progress over the weekend & will be a full pledged active mbr of WTO

We are waiting for additional confirmation on the release but it is sensitive. Too much hype out there. We must stay grounded.

Definitely we are moving forward. Actions being done prove that the CBI concurs that Iraq is ready. That's a great sign.

No one person has the magic button but seems like all are in agreement for the final release...the live rates!

When it does happen, not if, we will all be very happy. Stand fast & be really ready for it. I stand by what I have said, I will post here!

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