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6pm March 11th, 2016

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Dinar Updates Thursday Evening Chat  3-10-16    Part 2 of 3

  rcookie says():19. The government will gradually remove remaining exchange restrictions and multiple currency practice (MCP) with a view to eliminating exchange rate distortions.
Such a move towards acceptance of the obligations under Article VIII of the IMF's Articles of Agreement will send a positive signal to the investment community that Iraq is committed to maintain an exchange system that is free of restrictions and MCPs for current international transactions and thus facilitate creation of a favorable business climate.
As a first step, the government will, by end-February 2016, amend the Investment Law, or issue clarifying implementing regulations, to remove the limitation on 

Dinar Updates Thursday Evening Chat  3-10-16    Part 1 of 3

  Geofitness says to rcookie():Have you seen this? Does it mean anything? "Partial halt in the movement of the Iraqi market due to the high currency exchange rates"
SoonRV says():The Iraqi market is experiencing an unprecedented halt in trading because of the rise in exchange rates as well as partial deductions from salaries that resulted in Iraqi market
SoonRV says():
Geofitness says to wmawhite():Have you seen this? Is it significant for us to consider? "Partial halt in the movement of the Iraqi market due to the high currency exchange rates"
foxmulder says():god we can only hope
Back to our intel.
Now we see Abadi asking for more time and saying he will keep them informed of the progress in this effort and move on his cabinet reforms as fast as he can. Some members of parliament called for 6 months to do the job, and we all know this would be an unacceptable timeframe as it will take  but rather maybe a week at the most, but certainly past the Sadr deadline. Giving 6 months of course would mean falling into the same old, same old stuff.
They also told us  the Abad is sacking all his ministers but three of them. Abadi decided to sack the minister of finance Hoshyar Zebari too. Sorry to all those who stick by this guy since he is one of the corrupt bastards bringing Iraq down and I agree he needs to go.


Thursday Night 3/10/2016  The Big Call - Recording Link and Replay #'s


Playback number: (605) 562-3198
access code 123456#
89 Minutes

The Big Call
( Thank you George for emailing this so Dinar Recaps can post it.)

Edition: UU6908              Dated: March 11, 2016          Title: "The Progress Continues"

Hello Everyone,
Today I bring you again the news of the two main paths being worked on by Iraq. The financial and the political paths. These paths will merge shortly as they need to very soon. The protestors in the streets are not going to allow this stagnation to continue much longer I can assure you of this. Once the cabinet is reformed then they will strongly move on to demands for justice to these high level officials next. These protestors will not end.
I have developed a new window which I feel may be our next earliest shot at an RV timeframe. Of course, as usual, Iraq never finishes anything on time so this window may move but let's see how everything goes in the next 4-5 weeks before we jump off the bridge of despair.


News, Rumors, and Opinions Late Friday Morning 3-11-16


Platinumrunway: More money moved in the banking sector, emails still going out to groups, bankers went in early this morning, some working very late tonight.

Cookie04: Plat - do you agree with Tanks information about around noon today for this thing to pop?

Platinumrunway:  Cookie hard to say, we want that but who really knows?

I have a meeting with my business banker and wealth manager at one, if there are any developments from that I will come back and report .

The one thing I had to learn and Wolfy taught me this, never put something out there that you cant confirm.

Dinar Updates Thursday Afternoon Chat  3-10-16    Part 2 of 2

  cookie says():The announcement of the new table to the salaries of employees of the Ministry of Interior By Roudao 33 minutes ago    Roudao - Erbil
The Ministry of the Interior in the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Thursday, for a new agenda for the salaries of employees of the Ministry of Interior, and includes a reduction of between 15% to 70%, from internal employees' salaries.
The statement includes employees of the Ministry of Interior to reduce the salaries, according to the reduction system, this procedure does not include the employees of civilians in the Ministry of Interior, and the protection of officials.

Dinar Updates Thursday Afternoon Chat  3-10-16    Part 1 of 2

rcookie says():Haji ruthless means annihilated currency auction claimed , for example , becomes a day per week only?
rcookie says():(The governor of the central bank on the Keywords announced in the third from last March that the new guidelines set by the bank is that the auction is no longer a daily window for operations for the sale of currency auctions,
noting that the new mechanisms developed to sell this currency, especially The functions of providing currency for trade) and external.
The below posts were in our 10am newsletter

  The flight departs Sydney, Australia at 12:50pm and arrives to Santiago, Chile the same day at 11:20am. In other words, the plane lands 90 minutes before it departs. 

When I landed yesterday, the captain came on the P.A. and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have good news; if you enjoyed Wednesday March 9th, it's still Wednesday March 9th!" 

It really does feel like going back in time. 

This feeling was only reinforced when I whipped out my phone and saw that German bank Berlin Hyp had just issued 500 million euros worth of debt... at negative interest. 

4 Steps To Protect A Windfall 
By Marcia Passos Duffy *
It may seem like a problem you'd love to have: Deciding what to do with a sudden inheritance from a long lost relative or a big win in the lottery.
But, as the sad tales of some lottery winners clearly demonstrate, sudden wealth could quickly spiral into a living nightmare -- with the loss of not only wealth, but also family, friends and even health.

 If you're lucky enough to receive a windfall, understanding the psychology of sudden wealth can help you take the right steps to protect your money and lifestyle.



Frank26:  GREETINGS KTFA FAMILY :We are preparing for some things that will occur ............ Tomorrow ........ On a Friday ........... a Holy Day for them.

IOO ........... Tomorrow ........... One Holy S to the other H S ........... Chill tomorrow with the Demonstrators. Other H S says the Protesters are going to try to dislodge them in the GZ............. No way Jose' !!!

All of this as THREE were arrested BIG TIME today.

Sooooooooooooooo ........... A (Abadi) prepares as You read this to do a BIG Press Conference ....... Tomorrow.

Why?  To PROUDLY ............. Tell The world more about these THREE.

KTFA Frank


The below posts were in our 10pm Newsletter

Tlar: "We Are On The Verge Of A New Iraqi Democracy"

  Post From Currency Chatter - Excerpts & Highlights
Thoughts From Tlar 3-10-16
Tlar:     Brule,  Sadr is a patriot wanting to rid Iraq of Maliki and the rest of the leeches and theives from the halls of government.  Sadr is no newcomer and he carries an axe to grind. 
Anybody closely associated to Maliki I am sure Sadr has a target painted on their backs.  Sadr was one of the first to call out Shahristani.  What does he want or expect to get?
Beyond influence, its anyones best guess.  I can assure you though that he has the ear and devotion of Abadi, and maybe that's enough.
As most see that that there is arguing and a splintering in the NA, that's an expected good thing.  Many heads of the NA are also corrupt, as is Jaafri and Maliki, Shahristani and more. 
The corrupts plan IMO has just recently morphed from outright trying to stop the plan and to remove Abadi, to most recently just trying to slow this train down alittle. 

You Might Not Own What You Think You Own

  Sovereign Man Notes From The Field  By Simon Black
March 9, 2016    Sydney, Australia 

This Bizarre Rule In The US Is A Huge Risk To Your Investments 
Human beings have come up with some crazy ideas for money and finance over the years. 

Conch shells. Beads. Animal skins. Salt. Rice. All of these were used as a form of money at one time or another. 

But the strangest by far has got to be the Rai Stones of Yap Island. 

Yap is a tiny speck in the western Pacific, a few hours by plane from the Philippines and Guam. 

Wealthwatch OOTW News & Comments   3-10-16   

  WEALTHWATCH  3-10-16
Post From  Chat Room
News With Links & Discussion

Wealthwatch OOTW News & Comments   3-10-16   

OOTW: The corruption of the currency auction in Iraq