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10am, March 12th, 2012  


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Tank Chat from Sunday emailed to US Mon. AM
The IQD Team Highlights Summary & Replay Conf Call Mar 11 Latest Greatest Iraq Dinar RV News
Nighthk11 Chat Emailed to Us Monday AM
Bluwolf Chat - Emailed To Us
Papajack in OOM forum posted by Reeree late Sunday night
Vic1 at 3S's posted in the forum by TheBeavette late Sunday
Soonerfan62 at 3S's forum posted by Raven1111 Sunday evening
Hammerman 03-11-2012 emailed to us
More TAG Account Information
Soonerfan /Arizonaheat 3S's Intel Chat
Vic1 in OOM Chat posted by Bigtent Sunday evening
Poppy3 Posted at MIG Chat Sunday Evening
Tidbits from Dinarland Sun. Evening
Mailman & St Lou Chat - Post By Ksdunlap Dinar Speculator
Generals64 from MIG Chat Early Sunday Evening
The below posts were in our 6pm email
Dinar Wishes Posted by Dove From 3sintel Chat
Bear5642 in OOM chat posted by Tnmom Sunday afternoon
Bluwolf in chat at Caps Corner posted by TS Sunday afternoon
Poppy Chat - Post By Newmonies G.E.T. Forum
Jonnywg and DinarWishes in 3S's posted by AndieZ1 Sunday afternoon
Advice for all credit card users posted by Bluwolf at Caps Corner Sunday morning
Arizona Heat from 3sintel Chat Sunday AM
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Tank Chat from Sunday emailed to US Mon. AM

tank] Yes, I listen to WangDang, Randy makes sense also and the 
IQD Team for sure. Yes, I cashed out last week, just a mil though

[tank] To protect against the devaluation, cash out slowly and don't keep USD for very long, have an asset ready to buy as you cash out, and not the stock market 

[SCgunner] tank what do you know about Federal Reserve Notes and UST backed dollars  
[tank] I have always gotten into commodities but not only in the USD, I go
]through other foreign exchanges and businesses.

[tank] UST backed dollars sounds like another conspiracy theory, not sure I want to bet on that, but I can bet on gold and other assets.

[tank] Think about another 2 Trillion USD pumped into the economy from us Dinar holders, even if we just deposit the money into the bank and nothing else, what measure of inflation will that create?

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The IQD Team Highlights Summary & Replay Conf Call Mar 11 Latest Greatest Iraq Dinar RV News
The IQD Team Conference Call 
March 11, 2012 
Highlights/Summary & Replay of CC 
Thanks to Mark for the summary

Conference Call Replay -  
March 11, 2012
or  760-569-7699   Pin 769478# 

"Straight Talkin" Mike summarizes tonights News:

The Dominoes are in place
This leads me to the summary for tonight...
Where are we at in this process?  Everybody asks that question including me...Where are we at.....
We read some great articles from the CBI today
The CBI has talked and started a committee for the deletion of the three zeroes
They've set a timeline of September to have this done
They've also stated from the CBI that they want to have the 2013 to be adopted with the new budget ...dollars from the new money that is there
They start deliberating on that budget in Sept
so they need to know what the value of that currency is in September

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Nighthk11 Chat Emailed to Us Monday AM
Nighthk11 :They are instituting a completely new system so that when you deposit 
your money it is not stolen by backdrops that have been installed in the current 
system. each time they have tried to activate thius, they find another loophole.
They are being closed as they are found. You can thank the people who are trying 
so hard to get this done so that your money once deposited is protected. Once 
they are satisfied, they will release for cash in

Nighthk11 {authority for activation has been given, that means it is approved/done-now they must insure that the system is secure, many, many bad folks out there who had plans to steal this rv from us- It may come at anytime now

Nighthk11 :all I will say is they have made great progress and we are close to cashing in

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Bluwolf Chat - Emailed To Us
8:47 PM [bluwolf] superbiz it has been silent and it should be that way until it appears on all bank screens

8:50 PM [bluwolf] and if you have prayed like I asked you earlier by your power of prayer all evill will disappear and His light will shine in on all dreams

8:50 PM [Diesel09] Bluwolf are you still on the same thoughts when the banks align ??TY

8:51 PM [bluwolf] Diesel09 the system is in play and yes
8:51 PM [stash] How long ddoes it take the banks to drop the rates??????
8:51 PM [bluwolf] stash they are there no dropping

8:53 PM [flintridge] bluwolf: just read your post from yesterday. Are you still thinking 24 hours to exchange?
8:54 PM [bluwolf] flintridge yes PERIOD

8:59 PM [bluwolf] Bigdog55 look I did not call a rv nor do I do rates nor dates, I've only explain the system to you all, making it clear so you undrstand how it works,,PERIOD,,,if it comes to be like others have express well fine,,but if it does not we will wait for all is done....
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Papajack in OOM forum posted by Reeree late Sunday night
papajack: kouma1935 If it is that high it will settle somewhere near Kuwait

papajack: kouma1935 Also keep in mind these crazy high rates could be because the USD could lose 40 to 60% in value, the RATS have had the printing presses glowing red hot for a long time now.

JOHNNYcashin to [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]papajack: [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] I hear a Rv a coming! woooo Hooooo

papajack: JOHNNYcashin Yes I do, there are two schools of thought 1. It's a Global Reset and in the hands of the IMF/BIS or 2. It's all about Iraq. I'm in the first group
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Vic1 at 3S's posted in the forum by TheBeavette late Sunday
[vic1] Hello.....Everyone! How are all you Blessed Family doing? We all are doing GREAT!!!

[vic1] shelley123 I 'm here to say hello... TO ALL MY DINAR FAMILY

[jack] Vic1 you think RV before or after summit?

[vic1] jack imho....before summit

[Texas T] When does summit start?

vic1] Texas t I ride horses not bulls for a living....them horns in the rear can hurt!!! So! Monday....I feel better with Tues..Wed...Thurs!!! IMHO.

[TexasT] Vic do you believe the rate is showing at banks waiting to go live?

[vic1] The Banking Communique...does not line up properly for me and or structure. Monday morning....i feel Tuesday, Wednesday, better for USA! However...revaluation has happened in IRAQ more on Fridays than any other day....and on March 1...So...GO FIGURE!!!
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Soonerfan62 at 3S's forum posted by Raven1111 Sunday evening
7:08 PM CST 3sIntel [soonerfan62] Good Evening everyone, what a great day, great Church Service lots of good calls today and best of all all good news. Want to give you guys something to think about...How about those 315,000,000 people that don't even know about this investment. You and I are very blessed

[GrannieAnnie] soonerfan62 I am just looking for that darn RV. I think it is hiding or got lost somewhere.

[soonerfan62] GrannieAnnie It's not lost as you will see very soon.

[andisgram1] soonerfan62 You thinking bank tomorrow?

[soonerfan62] andisgram1 I believe that is VERY possible,

[TUG] soonerfan62 so...can you, would you share any of the good news with us this evening..please and thank you

[soonerfan62] TUG No change is the best news, any minute.

[soonerfan62] Guys I know most of us have not been on here a lot for the last few days but that just gives us more time to dig and dig for imformation for you.

[ncbizman] Soonerfan62 How do u feel about seeing RV in next 48-72hrs????? Tks

[soonerfan62] ncbizman Real good

Hammerman 03-11-2012 emailed to us
hammerman: 3-11-2012 well i mite need to drink some of those guys koolaid ,,,,, i dont understand theses guys why why why ,,, we are close but some dtuff still must be done ,,, there has been no delay ,,no bad codes ,,no cumputter gliches ,,, i wish there was then we would know they have tred to do this ,,,but sory they have not they have done test runs ,,, codes extententions ,, place holder rates ,, but they have not tred to rv to a live active rate not once ,, i would love to talk to an help all theses koolaid drinkers ,, i promise yall all im saying this from the heart im here to sereve with honor ,,an that includes all how ask for help ,,,, but once again the otheres stall an delay an find excuses that as always they end up on the days i have said we have a chance ,, we are close ,,could be this week late ,,,my intel haas said from he 8th to the 20th ,,,,, then 2 days latter they said no looks more like the 14th thru the 27th ,, with the best days being 14th thru the 17th ,,,

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More TAG Account Information
The purpose of our post earlier  and our other posts pertaining to the FDIC TAG Account  and the  Dodd Frank Bill is to give  you --  our readers the  information that we have researched and  gathered  and have it for easy access  -- and FREE 

Our intent is to offer a  variety of services or information  within the  realm of reasonable  time and energy through this  venue  --  We want for  you our  readers to  become more knowledgeable about the many concerns with the life change that is approaching -- 

We cannot cover every  aspect of that change but  we strive  to offer the most  beneficial info about the  ones we have chosen - 

We are not Attorneys  nor Tax Accountants or Investment Advisers  and we do not  even make recommendations or give advice to  you or for you in regards to the  Dinar Investment or any other  investment -- 
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Soonerfan /Arizonaheat 3S's Intel Chat


[soonerfan62] Guys I know most of us have not been on here a lot for the last few days but that just gives us more time to dig and dig for imformation for you

ncbizman] Soonerfan62 how do u feel about seeing RV in next 48-72hrs????? Tks
soonerfan62] ncbizman Real good
[1lucky1] soonerfan62 and what may I ask have you all uncovered with all the digging you guys have done? Ty
soonerfan62] 1lucky1 Worms, coins, old shoes, RV, and other thinks LOL

rvsoon] So whats up for this week...waitin for Wed when Maliki visits Kuwait...HCL..GOI..ERbil...Ministers....same old.same old I guess

.[soonerfan62] rvsoon If thats what you believe
[rvsoon] soonerfan62 ..have to believe something
... ....
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Vic1 in OOM Chat posted by Bigtent Sunday evening
[18:22:13] vic1 to BIGTENT: I have spoken of RATE....My information will NOT change...I said....SHABIBI....has ALWAYS...BEEN TRUTHFUL! HE....NOT ME has SAID that MY LARGEST of THE SMALL DENOMS will be = to 100.00 USD!!! The Largest of his small is THE 25DINAR COIN...what is hard to FIGURE!!!

[18:26:55] vic1 to BIGTENT: My information is VERY SOUND!!! I have BEEn around for along TIME....50 years without DINAR....I can do Another 50 without it also....So, OOM FAMILY, HELLO! Pray you all are having a very BLESSED DAY! Please....remember....OUR FATHER is not A FATHER of CONFUSSION!!! FORGET HIM....NOT!!!

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Poppy3 Posted at MIG Chat Sunday Evening
poppy3] I feel so sorry for all those peeps invested in the global settlement and that their leadership have tried so hard to tie it to the rv of the iraq dinar. 

I truely hope they get some of their investment at some point in time in the 
future but i have read tons of stuff and talked with many peeps involved within 
the gs and properity packages and even though they all have information that has 
been stated about it not one has a shread of documented facts about anyting 
pertaining to official business. That program has been pushed on people years 
before the war in iraq and has zero to do with iraq dinar rv. 
Sorry poppy3 

Tidbits from Dinarland Sun. Evening
7:05 PM [TheBigCallBrenda] We at The Big Call will be silent tonight...Thank you 
for your patience.. Lets stand together united .. and remember silence is golden... 
and will be silent as long other intel providers are... you can check our website for daily updates.. Thank you all 

DinarWishes] Just talked to the Banker and No change on the screens at the banks... so we wait...

wade] muscleman It's been rumored the Fed Reserve has already been placed in 'recievership'. Being re-absorbed back into the US Treasury. The new Gold Backed T money is already in place.. Just not announced yet (this coming week). Domestic FRNs will be re-absorbed.. Just like Iraq deleting 000s.

bookings] ok if all these things still got to be done before we rv, then tell me why is the rates being down loaded into the system as johnnywg is telling us!?? Anyone care to answer my question. Because if all these things as got to be done before rv, then the rate can't be down loading into the banking system 
DinarWishes] bookings now your using that big beautiful brain of yours

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Mailman & St Lou Chat - Post By Ksdunlap Dinar Speculator
    stlou (13:51:54):  guardian's post brings up an excellent point folks..  anyone here?

    Ranjoesgirl: yes
    stlou: Najafi is now head of the list, right?
    gigi3: yes, go ahead stlou
    Ranjoesgirl: i believe so

    stlou: remember when Allawi called boycots and what not?
    what did the list do?  ??  hmm..guess I need to answer my own question here..
    they walked out, boycotted, and did what he said..right? and slowed down progress..

    whitenuckle: yes you have the head of the list calling the shots, in a majorly good way..what do you think will happen now?

    answer: they will finish what needs to be done remember one little tiny important thing..    Najafi wants it done
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Generals64 from MIG Chat Early Sunday Evening
 generals64] I you guys are naiive enough to think the instant the forex opens you will see the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar then you haven't listen to what has been said....these things begin trading and working they aren't just there so you can see and ta da...also, if you think as big a deal as this is that it is going to be real 
obvious then you are using your thinking cap as candma used to say...

This will undoubtedly show when we are in bed asleep or in the middle of the day when most people are at work..or away from the you not understnd what the hedge fund people do?...and, do you not understand that this not just about 
Iraq...come on..

hopeful2&2] i would say the hedge fund people know more than we do
[generals64] hopeful2&2 .I'm not a betting person...but, I have a real large phone bill telling me it is real close...

roadrash] generals64 i think most people are naive to think that they will see this rv coming.... No one will see it coming.... unless you are a guru calling it daily.

generals64] roadrash :...I agree finally with you ...I know from research that Kuwait happened on a Wednesday afternoon at 3:15...I know that Iraq had some happen on a Friday in the afternoon...

The below posts were in our 6pm email


DinarWishes] Guys it is a slow day for intel and I don't have a clue as to what
is the reason we haven't seen this... I know we are close but, by design we are
not supposed to know it all... I'm really surprised we know as much as we

[DinarWishes] I have gone over every scrap of intel I have and
articles and things I have compiled but I just can't get my mind to sort it all
out.... I wish I could say it is all over but alas I can't... I'm missing a
piece of the Puzzle we may never get... But, post RV we really won't
care... Will we???

[DinarWishes] Guatie2 the puzzle is never complete... it keeps growing it is a
iving breathing thing... just the part we want to see will be finished..

[boots] DinarWishes Can you share what piece you are missing?
[DinarWishes] boots I just said we may never get the missing piece...
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BEAR5642: LET'S CLEAR THE AIR LD's ARE NOT ON THE STREETS OF IRAQ MY GUY CALLED ME AND said no they are not out but has been informed to expect them very soon


BEAR5642: people in Iraq and government are starting to speak out and the GOI and ERBIL should

BEAR5642: NO RUM BEAR5642: show itself in a matter of days



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Mar 11 12:13 PM [mcbrp] Wow lots of wondeful unaswered questions... please keep in mind bluwolf does not have answers to all of this.. he provides what he has and I for one am grateful for that... he works hard to bring us this and we should say thanks....even when a question is unanswered ;)

Mar 11 12:14 PM [bluwolf] mcbrp look for the last time it is out of any countries hands and it has been for awhile,so please do not ask me to explain something that simply has no relation with this wordwide event,people just think that Iraq is the only one to rv and they are wrong this is a rv of 195 countries and they are in the banking system now and there is no going back,,period

12:22 PM [bluwolf] weneedit I gave yesterday the system,how it works and what its for,please do not keep asking me if you could see it before hand for you know that there will not be any double dipping what so ever and that no one will see it until the cycle ends in the USA

12:26 PM [bluwolf] you guys are being confuse by these cc, we are here folks PERIOD,,just wait it out and please do not go to these cc that are just giving you a what of ,of things when they should be focusing on the banks and on when this thing is available for your cash ins
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12:14 PM [poppy3]  . just got text from group in fla. They were letting me know their team agrees with all my post last evening and think that beginning sunday morning we will be back on a hour by hour watch until the beginning of the arab summit. Glory glory we are finally counting down . Poppy3

12:37 PM [God's grace] 1poppy3 great intel thanks so much
12:48 PM [glryan11] poppy3 Sunday morning meaning ours or iraq
12:49 PM [sappho] poppy3 HI Is that an hour by hour watch for rv or more info on nc?
12:56 PM [mona lisa] I think hour by hour is #1 for specifics on the National Meeting, and after that, news about which direction they will take when RVing.

1:00 PM [mona lisa] glryan11 Sunday morning is probably whenever things start shaking Remember we will only be 7 hours behind--they stopped observing Daylight Savings Time in 2008. So their 8 AM work day begins at our 1 AM.



[.jonnywg] DinarWishes WELL SAID. YOUR LOCAL CPA or tax attorney is the best

[.jonnywg] It is a good day

[.jonnywg] Everyone here has the same goals re the rv...... we all want it done. The past few days are as close as it gets ..... today brings us promise....... We expect little intel today but this Sunday could be an important day. As it happens the team here will provide the info...............

[dinarmaven] .jonnywg Any updates on the bugs/glitches with the uploads or are we beyond that... tyvm

[.jonnywg] we dinarmaven dinarmaven w were told that the bugs and glitches were almost completely resolved

[imagine] Jonny, Generals posted that he received a call that forex has the info. Comments? or do you have access to forex? Thank you

[.jonnywg] imagine - It is believed uploading to forex was in process
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bluwolf] Read this and make a copy for your files in case you need to refer to it
someday. Maybe we should all take some of his advice! A corporate attorney sent
the following out to the employees in his company:

1.Do not sign the back of your credit cards. Instead, put 'PHOTO ID REQUIRED.'

2. When you are writing checks to pay on your credit card accounts, DO NOT put the complete account number on the 'For' line. Instead, just put the last four
numbers. The credit card company knows the rest of the number, and anyone who might be handling your check as it passes through all the check processing
channels won't have access to it.

3.Put your work phone # on your checks instead of your home phone. If you have a PO Box use that instead of your home address. If you do not have a PO Box, use your work address. Never have your SS# printed on your checks. (DUH!) You can add it if it is necessary. But if you have It printed, anyone can get it.
Read More Link on Right 


ArizonaHeat] daysjd1 IMHO I DONT BELIEVE IN GLITCHES OR DOWNLOADS, IMHO IMHO IMHO that good enough for you

ArizonaHeat] daysjd1 dont try to pit my info against johnnys or visa versa

Kord] ArizonaHeat Then what is causing the delay, if indeed there is a delay?
ArizonaHeat] Kord its not all about iraq. ive been told many times they can RV with what they have set in place

ArizonaHeat] Kord thats the thing, no one knows, if we did, we wouldnt be here trying to figure it out, its so crazy, makes me want to scream sometimes, ive had people just give up on trying to get further info from iraq because they have nothing more to do, in thier opinion, then i have some people telliling me they have to get things settled with Kuwait. there is so much miss information right now, everyone is running in circles

[Midnight] Someone asked when Forex opens, does anyone know?
[ArizonaHeat] Midnight i think its 5 pm today

CajunBelle] Midnight - The forex market is open almost all of the time! It opens on Sunday night around 21:00 GMT and closes on Friday afternoon around 21:00 GMT. Forex traders can initiate trades at any time between Sunday and Friday.

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