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6pm, March 13th, 2013   


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Part 1 - 12.6 Million Reasons Why Identity Theft Matters
Part 2 - Signs Your Identity Has Been Compromised
Frank26 and Eagle1 Tidbits from KTFA CC Wed. Night Emailed to Recaps
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The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter
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Frank26 tidbit from DinarDetectives Tuesday Evening
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jaxjags wrote on March 13th, 2013, 12:59 pm:  Frank,  Concerning the pre-positioning/staging of the LDs with the merchants and money exchangers, if true, and we believe the information is true, then this information points ONLY in one direction. The direction in which it points is towards a revaluation of the IQD in the near term.

 Why the near term? Because the longer the LDs are out of the control of the CBI/banks the more likely they lose control over them. In other words, the CBI would not distribute the LDs unless the intent is to use them SOON.

Folks........we are very close to seeing a significant change in the value of the IQD.  Smile

Frank26: Yes.   BTW ...... As I said on my CC's..........It is no longer lift 000's..........Nor add value to the IQD..............IRAQIA TV tells them..........POWER will be added to the IQD.The WORD POWER is important in the M.E.

KTFA,  Frank


The IQD Team Connection with LJ from LJ's Next Step Team
Straight Talkin Mike, LJ, Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay - March 12, 2013
760-569-7699   Pin 769478#

Another Great Round Table Discussion
Last Night With:
Straight Talkin' Mike & L.J. of L.J.'s Next Step Team
THE IQD Team Connection

Please listen to the replay in its entirety for all the
latest CBI, Economy and Government News from Iraq

The I.Q.D. Team Connection News Coverage
for Tuesday, March 12, 2013


International prayer call Wednesday night over over overflow with Gods Hands touch so many miracle healings he is so good to us.

Tonight 7pm est

530-881-1400   406878#
530-881-1499   406878# recorded version, after the call

Join us tonight for those many testimonies, Many more from cancer and other big diseases.

Pastors Ed & Kat
God Bless

Thanks Dinar Recaps for your help


12.6 Million Reasons Why Identity Theft Matters
By Adam Levin on 03/01/2013

 If you still believe identity theft is a marketing gimmick, it's time to take a look at the Federal Trade Commission report released this week. Identity theft is once again the top complaint in America, as it has been for 13 years.

 Identity theft complaints surged by 32 percent in 2012 to nearly 370,000, and that number is intensified by the most recent Javelin report, which puts the number of instances of identity theft at 12.6 million. Even Javelin's figure is probably way lower than the real number, when you factor in all the cases that go unreported or categorized improperly.

 It is no longer a question of if your identity will be stolen - the only unknown is when it will happen. The same goes for companies and government agencies that gather personal data on employees and consumers: there will be a data breach.


8 Signs Your Identity Has Been Compromised    By Jeanine Skowronski

While frequent data breaches may have desensitized some consumers to identity theft, it's still important to pay attention to early warning signs your info is being used illegally, no matter how creative, silly or transparent a scam may seem.

"For the most part, identity thieves are sophisticated, dogged and damn smart. They take advantage of distraction and trust and look for the slightest crack or crevice to crawl into our lives," says Adam Levin, chairman and founder of Identity Theft 911, an identity theft services company. "

If something doesn't feel right, don't do it. The potential imaginary opportunity you miss could end up saving you time, stress and money."

 "[Some signs] can be sort of amusing, but they're all terrifying," says Marian Merritt, Internet safety advocate for anti-virus software company Norton, since compromised personal information can lead to big financial woes. Norton estimates in 2010 more than 74 million people in the U.S. were victims of some form of cybercrime, leading to $32 billion in direct financial losses.


3/13/13 From Franks26 CC last night tuesday with guest Eagle1 Eagle1: basket of currencies will only have around 12 to14 currencies in it .. Dong will not be in the basket .. because it will be to great of a shock to the world .. major rv with Dinar .. followed by 3 or 4 currencies lesser devaluing this could happen a few times .. this is my opinion not something I've been told

Eagle1: says the USD from what I am seeing and what I have heard will rock back and forth it will adjust up and down up and then down then it will eventually settle down after a period of months .. settle down to its true value as far as its assets backing is concerned ..

Frank26: So they are going to allow us to double dip is what it sounds like ?..

Eagle1: in a sense .. But you realize People that own the Dinar and have purchase the Dinar over the years numbers in the millions .. The number of people that will double dip with the dong is minuscule its microscopic comparatively speaking I don't think they are fretting about that .. I've been told that the word out of the UN and the IMF ... we are permitted to double dip with the Dong ..

Eagle1: Other news from I hear from 3 separate sources tonight that Wellsfargo has called a foreign currency meeting in the morning .. This is the first time I'm told by our friends at Wellsfargo .. they are openly acknowledging the Dinar

 Eagle1: I'm hearing the Dong is either weeks or months away but they might spring a funny on us !


[crossways] white smoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[crossways] new pope decided!!!!!!

[puppylove] WOW NEW POPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[crossways] Starlight1203 new pope might be last pope :/

[puppylove] BELLS RINGING WHITE SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Starlight1203] we need some RV Smoke.........oh wait........we have already had that.......rofl

[citizensoldier] Now all we need to see is the RI/RV of the IQD

[crossways] citizensoldier amen!!!!!!!!

[masterT] Another part of Our puzzle Now in place...IMHO

[Papa Bear] Yes white smoke has meaning for us

[randaree] we are seeing history all around us! maybe something more will happen! :) hope hope

 [puppylove] Papa Bear hello

 [Diogenes] Papa Bear Good day sir. Can you elaborate? :)

 [cashinqueen1] Papa Bear please explain :)

[Robertprofessor] Papa Bear Can you put on chat how the election of a new pope has importance ... other than the obvious?


Posted Today, 10:57 AM  OCrush Update 3-13-13
Post By Haus - Peoples Dinar

This is the latest. The oil minister has qualified some oil companies to bid in an area about 200 miles south of baghdad.

They are, china, india, russia, japan and france. A couple of months ago my cousin said when the bidding process starts again, the hcl will be in full swing.

They have not determined the day of the bid yet but it is close to be announced. He believes next week. ABB has a subcontract with Japan and France.

Also the UN will have a vote on the remaining issues on the 21st of March. Getting closer:))  Cheers:))


[nolaspice] Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday! Good Morning Castle!! Happy Wednesday - anyone ready to ROCK?!

 [Robertprofessor] Anyone figure out if the RV train went passed the station without stopping?

 [burk50] RobertProfessor were u here late last night when RedWolf said we would implode of we knew why he does??

[tatortot] Sorry but who is Redwolf?

[puppylove] tatortot he is in with WD

[WCW] spiritfilled i just hope that he knows what he knows and this thing pops like we want to know

[Robertprofessor] tatortot Redwolf doesn't chat or go into chat sites. He's an analyst and has been a part of a team of about a dozen. He's well known by Blaino, WildDuck, Jester, Papa Bear, etc.

[burk50] Tatorrot belongs to Panda group works outside dinar world ask RoberProfessor


[Adam Montana] official chat NO TYPING

[Adam Montana] morning everyone! First things first, congrats to VIZIO on the new family member!

[Adam Montana] This week I would like to *attempt* to explain some things about Kurdistan... the "devil is in the details", as they say, and the more you know about a subject the easier it is to understand the news surrounding it

[Adam Montana] When we as Iraqi Dinar speculators talk about "Kurdistan" or the HCL, we are actually referring to "Iraqi Kurdistan"

Kurdistan itself, however, is actually more of a "region" than a defined country. Kurdistan extends into Turkey and Iran, and is defined more by culture than by actual "lines on a map"

The below posts were in our 10am newsletter


[tlm724] good evening everyone i want to show you an article from march 5th, 2013

Salman al-Moussawi: the House of Representatives intends to amend the Law of the Ministry of Industry to support the private industrial sector

Date: 05/03/2013 10:48:40 Tuesday

Baghdad (news) .. A member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP / National Alliance / Salman al-Moussawi, an intention within the House of Representatives to amend the Law of the Ministry of Industry format supports private industry, likely enacted after the ratification of the general budget.

Moussawi said (of the Agency news): The Law of the Ministry of Industry conducted it set adjustments during past periods, but still needs further amendments conform with the policy of a free market economy. added: that the economic and investment commission and parliamentary committees concerned with the intention to held another amendment to the law of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals format supports private industry,


DELTA � March 13th, 2013, 4:42 am  *  GOOD NEWS FOR WARKA INVESTOR

Warka Court Victory over CBI

Dear Sirs,

With regards to the legal court case Warka Bank for Investment and Finance has filed against the Central Bank of Iraq Warka Bank for Investment and Finance is delighted to inform its cliental, shareholders and management that the Iraqi Supreme High Court has awarded its decision in full favor of Warka Bank for Investment and Finance confirming its judicial decision that the liquidity crisis and events leading to Warka's declining financial position is entirely due to the fault, malice, mismanagement and misdirection of both the Ministry of Finance and Central Bank of Iraq their ill actions taken against the bank placing the full blame and cause on both the Central Bank of Iraq and Ministry of Finance their lack to take the proper action measurements and steps to resolve the crisis properly in supporting the rehabilitation of the largest financial enterprise in the country.

Where we are delighted to add that the court decision confirms that Warka Bank for Investment and Finance has implemented, practiced and maintained all legal banking guidelines, protocols and regulations set by the bylaws of the Central Bank of Iraq confirming its true innocence.


Try Tips From the Dinar Caf�:

Submitted By Author Chase Carlton  "The Dinar Date"

While recently in a 'caf�', that seems more like a private club for Dinarians,  I overheard some interesting conversations.  It would seem that most of the people in the place go there to exchange ideas about their investments.  What caught my attention were several 'post RV' conversations.

Let me caution anyone that these are not recommended or represented as anything other than theories or responses to questions that were being posed.  So these are nothing more than Try Tips packaged and displayed alongside all the other options for your selection. 

The question was asked about the best way to give gifts to family members, friends and charities. Someone complained about having to pay taxes on the money before they could give it away. The following was an intriguing response from someone who was clearly a creative problem solver. I believe his name was George and I do not know about his qualifications or background.







Iraq - 2012 budget vs 2013 budget! - post with articles from Toucan

(The total 2013 federal budget of 138 billion dinars = ($138M to buy as of today's rate) they can't work off that (see 2012's budget below $100B)

Wonder if we see the NEW rate ($1?) after published in Official Gazette?

138 Billion Iraqi Dinar x $1 = $138B as seen below 2012 budget was $100B and they said 2013 which is the largest in the history of the Iraqi State


Ministry of Planning announced funds allocated through federal budget will be released once published in Gazette

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 08: 24
UPDATE 1-Iraq approves $100.5 bln budget for 2012

Thu Feb 23, 2012 4:10pm EST


Seven Signs You're Living Beyond Your Means  

By Stephanie Taylor Christensen

 Whether you consider yourself to be financially responsible, or you always seem to come up short on cash, there are a few key indicators that may indicate you are living beyond your means-and being aware of them can save you loads of money woes in times of a cash emergency.

 You couldn't live without your job's income for at least six months.

 Need some motivation to start saving? Sit down and add up how much money you make each month. Then, multiply that amount by six.

Assuming you have a stable job, that's the minimum balance you should have stashed away in an interest bearing, FDIC insured deposit account that is earmarked solely for emergency needs, according to Henk Peters, Certified Financial Planner and president of Investus Financial Planning.


[Capt Ron] don't you guys have the sense that the period of time between announcement of rv and the appointment date/time will be a week or so? How quickly will we be able to get to a bank appointment in the crush?

[peganded] Capt Ron they will be open 24 hours right!? lol

[freedom13] Capt Ron you are so right on that one

 [Capt Ron] peganded ed, I believe the Wealth Management folks will have long hours, although I'd be surprised to see 24 hours straight, 7 days straight.

[Capt Ron] Bob, I've got a question about the Non Disclosure Agreement that we will sign prior to cash-in at the Wealth Management offices here and there around the country.....

Capt Ron] we have to leave a certain amount of capital in the cash-in bank as collaterol in case we violate the secrecy requirements of the NDA? IOW how does the bank enforce this NDA?

[freedom13] Capt Ron make sure you take a tape recorder with you and put it on the table while they explain the paperwork to you

freedom13] Capt Ron iam hearing 25%

The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter


[buybyeby] like the end of a long international flight, we are waiting for our baggage so we can go to the bank. Settle in, relax, our turn is coming.

[masterT] Digs...IMO..don,t Iraq NEED an RV before they are released from chapter 7????

 [KajunRedBull] masterT yes BUT all can be done in one magic sweep!

[WCW] masterT it will be released as soon as they have an rv

 [masterT] WCW..Thank YOU....

 [Digs] Master - yes (IMHO) but I do believe that we will at least have our Email & CE appointments a few days before a statement of their release of Chapter 7 is made - soas not to look as if Iraq saved the global community single handed - IMHO.

 [masterT] Digs...That make sense to me. It fits...

 [Digs] WCW - released as soon as they have an RV - yes I agree with you - released being one thing - and what is my opinion - is it will not become public knowledge via a press release for the UN or such for a few days thereafter - IMHO

[WCW] Digs well it could be done when they have the budget announcement

[Retchie08] Digs ,, Dont think a few more days wiLL Break too many Hearts @ this Point .. we just need to stay Grounded & praying

[WCW] the 22 is 10 days off


3-12-2013Frank26: Talabani is in Iraq. They denied that he would return in March. Why? Because he returned in February, I believe it was the last day of February. The 22nd is when Talabani will sign the 2013 Budget which was released on the 7th. There seems to be a lot centered around this.

Iraq, you can take your time to show us the new rate. Why, because you made the statement that everything will be retroactive back to January 1, 2013. You have a new value, don't you? If you have the same value, you don't have to retroactive back to January 1...Light Bulb. So when you are ready, release that new rate, because we know it's a new rate. Let's see what happens between March 15 - March 22. On the 21st Talabani will be all over the place. He is in Iraq & in position & waiting.

There is a conference for the Advancement of Iraqi Banks on March 22nd. Why would you want to advance Iraq banks at 1166, that's an insult to the world banks. The World Bank said it is implementing an extensive plan in collaboration with the Iraqi bank sectors....done, done. The World Bank is saying it is ready to take the next serious steps which require a 1 - 1, 2, 3 or 4 dollar rate. Those are serious steps.

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