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10pm, March 13th, 2012  


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Banks Fail Stress Test - Post By Leo G.E.T. Forum
Poppy Update - Post By Leo G.E.T. Forum
Personal Banking Story from Goldenhawk at PTR Tues; Night
Med Chat - Post By GLK Dinar Speculator
Fresh Update Emailed to Us Tues. Evening
Interesting MIG Chat Tidbits
Bank Story Emailed to Us Tues. Evening
The below posts were in our 6pm email
Soonerfan62 in 3sintel Chat Tues. Afternoon
Franks CC Notes From Mon. Evening Emailed to Us
SWFloridaGuru Update - Emailed To Dinar Recaps
Fresh Update - Emailed To Dinar Recaps Team
BellaGrits posted by AndieZ1 at 3sintel Forum
Papajack posted in OOM forum by Dclawson Tue afternoon
Dinar Wishes New Bank Regs. Chat from 3sintel Tues. AM
Tidbits from Dinarland Tues. Morning
The below posts were in our 10am email
Repost of Historian Cash-In Plan from The Get Team
The IQD Team Conference Call TUES Mar 13 8PM Latest Iraq Dinar RV News FULL STEAM AHEAD
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Banks Fail Stress Test - Post By Leo G.E.T. Forum


Four large US banks fail stress tests

Citigroup was one of four large US banks that flunked stress tests aimed at seeing how they would hold up in a new economic crisis, Federal Reserve data showed Tuesday.
Three others -- Ally, Suntrust and MetLife -- also failed the tests, while 15 other large bank holding companies passed the exercise, the Fed said.
As a group, though, the 19 came through strongly, said the Fed, thanks to pressure for them to boost capital over the past three years as the financial sector digs its way out of the deep 2008-2009 recession.
"In fact, despite the significant projected capital declines, 15 of the 19 bank holding companies were estimated to maintain capital ratios above all four of the regulatory minimum levels under the hypothetical stress scenario," the Fed said.
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Poppy Update - Post By Leo G.E.T. Forum
Final prepatory   � on: Tuesday at 08:44:39 PM �

[poppy3] I am back for a few and have updated information. Final prepatory meeting finished today .... 

The agenda will be announced and the schedule for the n/c is also to be announced tomorrow. Everything about the three main subjects has all been agreed upon at least the information that actually coming from their news media is saying so. 

This time i trust it and think it is very accurate. The ss has not as of 10am this morning been supplied with any set date for the n/c. Kuwait can approve the release from chap 7 but they can't release. 

That is up to mr moon and panel at the un. They do need documentation of all the actions that have been fulfilled by iraq goi and parliament. All these meetings have been very needed and they are trying to do this right and whether you believe it or not these have been in our best interest . Dr shabibi is protecting all of us. Poppy3

Personal Banking Story from Goldenhawk at PTR Tues; Night
My Non-Interest bearing account at Chase

Greetings,Today I talked to my person at Chase bank here in Ashland, OR about my checking account I've had with them for a few months. I wanted to make sure it was covered under the Dodd-Frank Act and she said all of their checking accounts are fully insured for any amount you have. 

If you want a interest bearing account you have to request it when you are opening up a new checking account, otherwise you get the non-interest one. She confirmed with I've been reading about the Dodd-Frank Act giving unlimited coverage on all non-interest bearing checking accounts thru 2012. There you have it, 

I feel very good knowing I don't have to scramble around once it RV's to set up a special checking account. RV now! 

Med Chat - Post By GLK Dinar Speculator

    DAYSTAR says to (08:58:48):  about six months ago



    Iraqi law prohibits adult Iraqis and foreigners from holding and transporting more than 10,000 United States dollars (USD) in cash out of Iraq . However, adult Iraqi and resident foreigners may hold and transport no more than 200,000 Iraqi dinars to cover travel expenses.
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Fresh Update Emailed to Us Tues. Evening
Fresh] First off I've had probably 30 calls Today - all about IQD - just got off with one of my contats he got a call directly from Iraq - one of his friends went to buy something he buys all the time - they wouldn't accept USD - only IQD!!! Today - just happened! Waiting to get additional confirmation but if that's the case this is HUGE! also direct confirmation about Erbil being done from Iraq

 [Fresh] Mrs. Timber those were the two pieces of information I got from this contact... only accepting IQD now to buy at this particular store all of a sudden - and also that Erbil was "done" - I asked - yes we've heard it's done for awhile - does that mean it's implemented and he said he will follow up - but it was implied big time done and we have multiple articles indicating that may be the case

Interesting MIG Chat Tidbits
Florida] [prettylady123] Just left wf talk to my personal banker ...she stated there will be no frozen wire transfer if in USA . Once it hit my account I can start withdraws ...if I wanted her to tag the account she can
[jguy] A Huge Sell Order in Gold Some close friends who trade goldin the futures pits on Wall Street told me that as Bernanke spoke a huge order came into the gold futures pit. 

That order, given by financial giant JP Morgan, was to sell 15,000 contracts of the yellow metal, that's 1.5 million ounces of gold. And at $1,790 an ounce, that is $2.7 billion worth of the precious metal. That is a huge order that took less than one minute to execute.
... ....
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Bank Story Emailed to Us Tues. Evening
NC Regional Bank Confirmation Story....Today a friend and also a PTR subscriber went into our local branchof a NC/Southeastern US Bank to purchase several more million dinar with a friend .After the transaction.. he decided to ask the Teller inwhich he had known for awhile if any new news had been said about the dinar from a banking standpoint.

She then informed him that no she was not aware of anything and suddenly the
lead teller next to her spoke up and said have you not been reading the corporate memos???? Here's where it gets GOOD!!!

They (That Branch) had rec'd three different notifications from corporate about the cash in procedures concerning the Dinar Post RV.... This branch just 6 months ago referred to this as a SCAM including the same Head Teller that was now boasting this information to a walk in client!!! My how the times are a change'n....... It seems to be just a "time thing" now!! II hope you enjoyed reading this... It just happened less than 1 hour ago and I still don't think my feet have hit the floor yet.....

The below posts were in our 6pm email
Soonerfan62 in 3sintel Chat Tues. Afternoon
[soonerfan62] Good Afternoon guys, can you hear that? That silence that is deafening? I have talked to 9 intel providers today from 3 different sites and they ain't got squat !!!!!! Now if you believe in calm before the storm, well it simpley can't get any calmer.

[soonerfan62] I loved thet song "Sounds of Silence"

[jmh] soonerfan62 Are we on for a profitable night?
[soonerfan62] jmh Anytime, seriously

[soonerfan62] Guys don't get me wrong I get excited with it beingas quiet as it is

[Kansaschick] soonerfan62 Hello my friend. When are we going to bring this baby home? M going to Kuwait a good sign? Ready to get on with it.
soonerfan62] Kansaschick I really don't think anything outside our borders really matters now

[whynot] Soonerfan62 are we still waiting for front screens?
[soonerfan62] whynot Yep can't cashin until

[divinegrace] soonerfan62 Do you feel the markets REALLY have anything to do with this realignment or just the rv for timing for Shabibi or both? Loaded question. 
[soonerfan62] divinegrace Could

soonerfan62] Guys by the way, the info givin by DW was really 
good today, go back and read it

[soonerfan62] Guys another idea, if you pick up reserves at DB have them 
give you a series of 100,000 mCashiers checks and deposit them on different 

[~PETERSMA] soonerfan62 Pssh if someone is going to become an instant millionaire or even a $500,000ionaire I don't think the $150 fee is
going to matter no matter if there's 20 of them ;)
[soonerfan62] ~PETERSMA Might be worth the fee

[wildwes35] soonerfan62 I get all excited seeing guys like DW and
  Studley getting all excited being as conservative as they seem 

[soonerfan62] Guys another idea, if you pick up reserves at DB
  have them give you a series of 100,000 mCashiers checks and deposit them on
  different days

Franks CC Notes From Mon. Evening Emailed to Us
Frank's CC Notes 3.12.2012 Delta arrives on the call.

A week or two ago Delta's contact got in touch with Shabibi. Dr. Shabibi 
told him they are going to do this before the Arab Summit.

Delta thanks Mary Cooper and WalkingStick newshounds for the articles. Yes indeed! BRAVO!!

Lots of good news from Iraqia TV says Delta

Article speaks of person who picks up phone and talks with Dr. Shabibi. Almost what Shabibi said to Delta's contact was in the article that came out today. This is a huge article says Delta. All the majors are developed. The CBI in the coming days are going to be done. Today they promised that this is going to be done. Significant decrease in the value of the dollar against the dinar.

Private companies to be paid in Saudi 
Arabia. 1.2 billion but right away to be paid 408 million in 2 days by wire 
transfer. The CBI and GOI are ready to go and they are running late!

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SWFloridaGuru Update - Emailed To Dinar Recaps
3-13-2012 SWFloridaGuru: Tomorrow Maliki visits Kuwait to resolve the remaining chapter 7 issues and agree on reparations which Kuwait will then use to invest back into Iraq. 

   Ban Ki-moon (UN sec gen) has mobilized UN support for the democratic transitions in the ME and is going to be in attendance at the Summit on the 29th. 

   We believe this is a great opportunity for Iraq to be released from chapter 7 and enter the WTO with full ascension. To become full members of the WTO article VI stipulates that a county must have a convertible currency. 
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Fresh Update - Emailed To Dinar Recaps Team
Fresh Update Tuesday Morning in PeopleInvested Chat: 
 Numbers for Tonight's Call at 8:35 EST - HUGE CALL!!!
 Conference dial-in number: (209) 647-1600

Participant access code: 271475  Playback number: (209) 647-1699

  [Fresh] WOW!  Check out this:

 [Fresh] that the deletion of zeros will reduce the manipulation of numbers by adding zeros to the accounts in banks
 [Fresh] end of this article...

  [Fresh] Experts: Delete the zeros does not affect the purchasing power of consumers The whole number of economic experts that the process of deleting the zeroes do not affect the purchasing power, stressing it a bold step towards the restructuring of the local currency. 
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BellaGrits posted by AndieZ1 at 3sintel Forum
[BellaGrits] As I look back on this journey that has led us to this point in 
this historic event soon to be manifested on the world, I am reminded of 
what Andrew Carnegie once said, "As I grow older, I pay less attention to 
what men say. I just watch what they do". 

I have watched the people of Iraq struggle to win their freedom over the last nine years; I have watched our country help the people of Iraq in this endeavor of liberty. I have watched the people in this room ride the rollercoaster ride of the seemingly endless days of Intel and information.

I have watched new friends come together in a common cause 
to provide information to the people to keep them informed and help them prepare 
for the eventual blessing of the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar---- what it will 
bring to their families and the eventually the world.

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Papajack posted in OOM forum by Dclawson Tue afternoon
[12:00:54 PM] LSUTIGER77777: papajack: heehaw I am totally confused and disgusted that we haven't seen the RV yet, and the Gestapo just passed new laws to freeze your accounts if you move 500K or more. So O is working on other ways to get your money.

[12:01:26 PM] LSUTIGER77777: papajack: Get it, they are making it so you have to exchange at a bank or they freeze your money

[12:02:10 PM] LSUTIGER77777: Nameless56 to papajack: Just googled the account freeze thing -- can you give us a link or anything?

[12:02:37 PM] LSUTIGER77777: papajack: Nameless56 The rules here won't let me but it should be on Dinar Recaps soon.

[12:03:28 PM] LSUTIGER77777: dilandinar: Good article on recaps now about it

[10:46:25] papajack: If the new law is only about wires you can get cashiers checks for large sums but I don't know yet, I'm looking at airplanes that cost way more than that.
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Dinar Wishes New Bank Regs. Chat from 3sintel Tues. AM
DinarWishes] Guys things are looking good and are progressing and we don't know when this is gonna pop... We hope it is soon and think it is... Time will tell 
and what you really should be focused on now is how you will progress with your 
plans.... I would like to inform you of a couple new laws that you may need to 
consider taking to heart.... I want to advise what I am planning and how I will 
proceed but my way may not fit your needs so just something to think 

[DinarWishes] First of all... Lets talk wire transfers.... Because of new regulation and security issues the Department of Homeland security in conjunction with the banks will tag and freeze accounts who send or recieve 500,000.00 dollars or more at one time... Its a new Law the Banks are regulated to follow...

[DinarWishes] That is WIRE TRANSFERS

[DinarWishes] SO here is how I will handle that....

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Tidbits from Dinarland Tues. Morning
Bernake of the Fed to speak at 2:15 EST Fox Business News

MissyCaptainD] is switching over to their new site.. so it is off line until it is completed. Not a big 
deal and not RV related at this point.

 [cashinqueen] Mar 12 10:24 PM [thebuzz] <<<  Someone call the Fire Dept 
because Franks call is smokin tonite...Especially the 1st 30 Mins when Delta's 
contact at the CBI talked to SHABIBI and from that conversations, Delta has 
NEVER said a date, but he said, he's looking for it sometime this week... So 
review the 1st 30mins throught the recording after the call ends. 760-569-7699 
Pin 156996# Awesome

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The below posts were in our 10am email
Repost of Historian Cash-In Plan from The Get Team
Repost of Historian from The Get Team CASH-IN PLAN 
(Part 1 of 4)
OVERVIEW: This Cash-In Plan walks you through some tasks and decisions you may need to address to prepare for cash-in. It is organized in steps from now to the time you set up Advisors (attorney, accountant, etc.). After that, your Advisors will help you plan cash-in and secure your new wealth, so you only need to make the first part of the journey on your own. 

Historian Note: This Cash-In Plan assumes that the IQD rate at RV will stay the same for some time or increase, and that it will not decrease within the first 12 months (the latter would require a different plan.)----------

3 BIG STEPS TO CASH-IN (that you must take on your own)

Step 1: Your Transition - Organize funds to cover 6 months of expenses and 

Step 2: Your Wealth - Estimate your profit and wealth BEFORE you select your 

 Step 3: Your Advisors - Select Advisors who specialize in your wealth level and "click" with you....

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The IQD Team Conference Call TUES Mar 13 8PM Latest Iraq Dinar RV News FULL STEAM AHEAD
The IQD Team  
Conference Call
Tuesday, March 13, 2012   8PM EST   

Join us Tonight for all the UP TO THE MINUTE IRAQ NEWS related to Iraq, Dinar, RV & Our investment.....Pre & Post RV.....Followed by Live Q & A

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Back Up 760-569-7676  Pin 712222# (listen only) 




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The IQD Team
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