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10pm, March 14th, 2012  


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Adam Montana Q & A - Post By KCW Dinar Vets
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Angel Quest Q&A Chat - Post By Leo G.E.T. Forum
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Financial Planners

You may be considering help from a financial planner for a number of reasons, whether it's deciding to buy a new home, planning for retirement or your children's education, or simply not having the time or expertise to get your finances in order. Whatever your needs, working with a financial planner can be a helpful step in securing your financial future.

The questions in this brochure will help you interview and evaluate several financial planners to find the one that's right for you. You will want to select a competent, qualified professional with whom you feel comfortable, one whose business style suits your financial planning needs. An interview checklist has been included for your convenience.

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7:45 PM CST: 3sIntel [.jonnywg] Well all..... there is nothing to say regarding the rv that has not been said in the last week. It is apparent that the rv is ready to release but has not been as seems to micro-inch its way to the appears to be finished yet some unknown situation crops up....

We are all ready..... we all feel the pain ...... we all want this over........ we think that the never ending saga is over ..........yet it reappears....... all things point to a conclusion tomorrow ....... All things appear to give us hope that it is ...... I can say that I am one of the believers..........

I ask that you believe with me and we slay the 2 headed monster...... the IQD AND THE VND IN ONE SWOOP............ LETS GET IT DONE


While there are numerous ways to prepare for the RV I feel this will assist you in
preparation for that most awesome day.

When you see RV in big letters on your favorite currency forum, , or when you hear me scream hallelujah from wherever you are in the world...that is when you will know that glorious day has arrived. But will you be ready?

Prepare: I realize many of you have done your research on how to invest, donate, and spend your money (Lord knows we have had plenty of time to do that, LOL) but time should also be allocated to how you are going to receive your investment.
Preparation is not a huge task and I believe it is essential.

Many of us have our dinar stuffed in the sock drawer, safe deposit box at the bank, or maybe even locked in the pages of your Bible but when that day arrives for you to exchange your currency there are a few things you should consider. Here are some simple steps and advice...
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[adam montana] ok, awesome! First off let me apologize to the normal DV group - I'm at a hotel with super slow internet and I don't think I'd be able to conduct chat in our normal busy room

[adam montana] next - this is one of those chats where I'm wondering why you even want to hear from me, because I'm not going to tell you it RV'd :lol:

[adam montana] on a good note, nothing bad has happened. We're still waiting on that Summit, hopefully Iraq has plans to go into that thing as a NEW Iraq, complete with a valuable currency!

The below posts were in our 6pm email


  GOP says to (14:59:12):
Wow! another oil field discovery outside Bagdad..



guardian says to (15:09:05):i thought it was already approved
MED says to (15:09:09):NO


The IQD Team Conference Call
March 13, 2012
Highlights/Summary & Replay of CC
Thanks to Mark for the summary

Conference Call Replay - 
March 13, 2012
or  760-569-7699   Pin 769478#

"Straight Talkin" Mike summarizes tonights News:

AWESOME Couple of Days of News
When you have read the news for as long as we have
you look for things and you wait for the things to come out
It started yesterday morning and just did NOT stop all day long
Great positive articles about all of the things we have been waiting to see
Deb had a hot line to Mike all day long...
It was just an incredibly AWESOME couple of days for news....

Mike shares some highlights not in the news articles we went over
Allawi is back....Maliki went to Kuwait today..left a day early
we saw articles where Joe Biden had a conversation with Maliki and Kuwait....about how Kuwait is going to lift them out of Chapter 7 and the US supports....all of that and I am sure there were many others things said.....we weren't in the room

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Playback for Fresh, Spartan, GeorgiaBoy, AZGhostHunter and Ivy Tuesday Night:

We had an excellent call at last night!  Thanks to everyone who joined us live and participated!  Some of our listeners heard static on the bridge when the call started so we restarted the recording about one minute in FYI!  The recording is crystal clear and we hope you enjoy and are very excited right now!

Playback number: (209) 647-1699

Participant access code: 271475 


132 Minutes


ArizonaHeat: It's been a while since I last posted. For good reason, there was nothing new to report. Until today, I received information yesterday that I wanted confirmed before I put it out. 1) Shabibi met with Christine LeGarde yesterday. From what I was told it was to go over the details of Iraq's finances. 2)

There is now a big push to keep as much dinar within Iraq borders as possible. Accompany this with the defense minister being set, the budget set, arbil set, and Maliki making good on 500 billion to Kuwait. And last but not least the Arab Summit.

I feel this information coupled with some Washington folks saying this situation is nearing its end, I feel great about our investment. I still hold no date or rate; I'm just looking at all the positives that seem to be coming our way. .

Remember, the restructure of Greece is a blue print for the IMF to restructure Spain, Portugal and Italy. Here's the trick, the IMF does not have the funds to accomplish all that needs to be done

[ArizonaHeat] xyz im liking whats been in the news and info from washington. just have to be patient and wait to see what takes place.


soonerfan62] Hey everyone

[soonerfan62] Just came in to say high, everything is great and I'm really in a good mood today

moonroper] Soonerfan62...Are we still looking good for an RV soon!!!
[soonerfan62] moonroper I believe sooner rather than later

[PaPaJack1952] soonerfan62 Hey my Brother I gree with you on that

[imagine] soonerfan62 are we still waiting for the bank screens to load at teller
[soonerfan62] imagine Can't cash in until

[PaPaJack1952] agree
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Dinar Recaps Note this post is for information only please see a tax lawyer for the latest word. We can't and won't  answer any questions

Frequently Asked Questions on Gift Taxes Below are some of the more common questions and answers about Gift Tax issues. The laws on Estate and Gift Taxes are considered to be some of the most complicated in the Internal Revenue Code.

For further guidance, we strongly recommend that you visit with an estate tax practitioner (Attorney or CPA) who has considerable experience in this field.

You may also find additional information in Publication 950 or some of the other forms and publications offered on our Forms Page. Included in this area are the instructions to Forms 706 and 709. Within these instructions, you will find the tax rate schedules to the related returns. ,,
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[lol lol] Its like a big race where there are 300 runners,(Countries and issues)
and they all have to finish at the same time! 299 of them have to stand
there waiting on the last one so they can all cross the line at the same time

[Scotzgirl] I've come to believe that they are all correct, just from different
perspectives. Jonny sees computers/data; ArizonaHeat hears intel; SWFloridaGuru sees articles; and so on and on. Each has pieces of puzzle pertaining to their expertise. Put them all together & we get much more accurate view. IMO

HumbleTexan] Scotzgirl - You have a good point. Just have not gotten an accurate picture as of yet.

[Scotzgirl] HumbleTexan good point - if we listen to Studley and pull back from this thing - take care of our business while this thing percolates, we get an entirely
different viewpoint/picture. Again, IMO.


One step closer, Kuwaiti agrees to end Chapter VII sanctions against Iraq, now we wait for the National Meeting to see if Iraq forms a unified government and seat its ministers in the next couple of days. This news has been really good the last couple of days, hopefully we see this RV soon.


Date: Wednesday, 14-03-2012 03: 53 pm

Baghdad (News) Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to reach agreement with the Kuwaiti side concerning Iraqi Airways debts and land borders with Kuwait. Channel quoted Maliki as saying: INA that the Iraqi side had reached agreement with the Kuwaiti side about these issues. And meanwhile the Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti Government granted leadership guidance for lifting all obstacles lhalhalh outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait. With Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari on significant progress with regard to exit Iraq from pain of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, and also get a good settlement regarding border pillars financial commitments between the two./finished/d/s.    LINK


Mar 14 10:20 AM [SWFloridaGuru] Great news coming out. After months of postponement Maliki arrived in Kuwait today with 5 ministers and will remain there until Friday. It has been reported he will succeed in settling the remaining issues between the 2 countries.

Immediately following Maliki's visit will be one from UN secretary general representative Kubler. The secretary general Ban Ki Moon will arrive in Baghdad himself later this month for the Summit. The oversight from the UN is part of a steady push for the chapter 7 removal and to ensure that Iraq takes the necessary steps to be in compliance and get the vote.

We believe one of these stipulations is raising their exchange rate and we speculate this may happen before the Summit. Allawi and Barzini decided it was in their best interest to hold the National Conference before the Summit and that holding this prior would lead to greater success during the Summit. Demonstrating a leading role in the region and the Arab world.

Mar 14 10:20 AM [SWFloridaGuru] Iraq is a country clearly on the rise along with their exchange rate. Follow the progress being made in Iraq and the steps taken in preparation and it all points to them joining the world stage as economic and political leaders. This month we finally have a real shot at seeing a new rate.


10:42 AM EST - 3sIntel - [DinarWishes] Hope you all are doing well and wanted to let you know things look great and progressing along quite nicely IMO.

[booyahoohoho] DinarWishes DinarWishes really? any intel coming in?

[DinarWishes] booyahoohoho Not alot of intel coming out... But what is coming out is good...

[booyahoohoho] DinarWishes DinarWishes hmmmm.... yet we sit here. DO you think this is our week?
The below posts were in our 10am email
MRP,A.Q. Chat at 3sintel Wed. AM
imperium] In the past months it was reported that China was pushing the RV through and that the UST was being forced... everything seemed to be on the edge. What happened? Bad intel?

[imperium] Folks.. I've only been around briefly in the past days and wondering what our status is. Everything seems so quiet. Are we awaiting the Arab Summit on the 29th? Or is it assumed to be before 

[MRP] imperium I think some folk believe that. I feel we are in the random part of the process. So, nothing to report, as best I can tell.

MRP] I brought this up many weeks ago to see if anyone checked this out. Did you know that the US has defaulted on every loan China has made to our country, starting with the Civil War?

MRP] _waterworld ANGELQUEST One of my mentors has directed my own education to studying gold -- where it is, who has it, how it's moved in history. He suggested that it would be a very fruitful search, and I totally understand now why China has such a big role in the economic reset.

ANGELQUEST] imperium we are awaiting global restructure the summit is a deadline to MANY...........

MRP] You can google "China 7 ships of gold to US," and you'll know why the Chinese not only want us to pay our debts but return what they sent here for safekeeping. You'll also know why the Chinese delegation was here and why they are monitoring the RV process.

MRP] oldcajun5 I don't believe it's in man's hands any more, so that would seem to indicate that we are close. But, no one knows the date or rate.

Tidbits from 3sintel Chat Wed. Morning
 MRP] Things to Manage Your Anxiety Levels - 
(1) Drink Plenty of Water;
(2) Get some exercise, particularly a walk in thefresh air; 
(3) breathe more deeply and pay attention to your breathing; 
(4) Do something you love to do; 
5) Help someone else; ]]
(6) Check Out the possibilities you are interested in creating and make sure your To Do List is consistent with them; 
(7) Read a book that will help you be a better wealth manager; 
(8) Chop wood; 
(9) Take a hot bath with epsom salts in it; 
(10) When you've done everything you can do, know that you have done everything possible and let it go

[PaPaJack1952] GM Family we are looking ever so good so lets Pray we stay on this track it's where we want to be is all I will say at this time 

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Bank Tips emailed to Us Wed. Morning

If you contact a bank, just open a standard non interest bearing checking account. Remember this is only a holding account and should only be open for 90 days or less. Your funds should be transferred into wealth management, CD's, or other investment avenues within 90 days. We will no longer discuss the Dodd Frank Act, Tag accounts, or FDIC insurance as this should not concern us at this tim
 Possible Private Banker Interview Questions
Ask your private banker or bank manager to provide the following items:
1. All bank account fees, cashiers check fees, notary fees, etc to be waived
2. Highest rates available to be paid on my accounts.
3. Highest rate of exchange on the dinar available. (no spread)
4. Bank to provide and pay for insurance to cover all account balances.
5. Access to information on great investments such as pre-IPOs, real estate (REO), bank trading and sweep accounts.
6. Other benefits to include: sporting event tickets, first class travel arrangements and other perks offered by the bank.
7. Bank willingness to provide a team to include a tax attorney, CPA, wealth planner, trust attorney, concierge services, etc. as needed..

Smokey The RV Bear - Post By SpaceCowboy OOM
Quite a while ago I wrote that I believe very strongly that "words matter". I listed several examples of times when words were used to convey very specific intent, and discussed how the other options available to the speaker would have been less powerful.

I have not stopped watching and paying attention to the EXACT words chosen, and most importantly I have been paying attention to the words spoken (or misspoken, or misquoted) by Dr. Shabibi. It relates to our investment and I think the following example will help you see inside the curtain. The brave will be rewarded with the truth.

For the last 9 months there has been a gradual but noticeable increase in articles and topics that focus on the currency, the monetary plan, and the lifting of the zeroes. As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago it became SO popular that I actually took the bait when Dr. Shabibi said "delete" the zeroes, and I wrote about why we should expect to see a "lop" and revalue happening together!

Well I have enough egg on my face to make my skin shiny and wrinkle free (my coat is shiny too!) and I am fat (fatter) from all the humble pie. The good news is that my post mentioned "LOP", so only a few people read it! 
Read More

Bulldog75 Tuesday Night Q & A


Q & A 

1.)faith: Where does it appear we stand @ this point, Sir? 


2.)LaGal to Bulldog75: Did the banks having a stress test today have anything to do with the RV? 


3.)genesis to Bulldog75: Is it true there was no computer problem and we don't know what the hold up is? 


Read More

Mental & Emotional Preparedness For Wealth - WiseWarrior 3S's Intel

By Wisewarrior. (AKA Classroom for Investing 101 and 201)

Being financially responsible is a habit, and unfortunately one we are not taught in school, or by most parents. And habits are hard to break. So if you have been living paycheck to paycheck most of your life and you suddenly have some or a lot of money, it is unlikely your spending/saving investing habits will change without some dedicated work on yourself. 

I mean an honest assessment of your attitudes toward money, spending, possessions, and of course yourself. This event will change you....and I hope for the better.
Read More

DinarWishes On Bank Regulations - Post By Katt 3S's Intel


[DinarWishes] Guys this is a link to DHS that helps shed some light on Wires and Bank regulations...

I understand there is some "Special" relationships that will not be bothered... But I think a prudent controlled stance is in order...

[DinarWishes] Please use common sence on your items... NEW accounts dont have a relationship with the bank that your Older accounts do...

[DinarWishes] Be GOOD AND GO RV!!!! 

Angel Quest Q&A Chat - Post By Leo G.E.T. Forum
Chat with A.Q 3/13/2012 Part 1

    10:06 AM [A.Q] And Saleh said the price stability and optimism in Iraq's future development, it became necessary radical reform the system of management of the currency and the re-structure commensurate with the structure of prices, the new different and stable levels of wages and salaries, which differed significantly from the last thirty years, as well as handle the mass of large cash weak in components so that the currency has become the largest category, but not worth $ 21 U.S. for the time being.

    10:06 AM [rileyjones] A.Q Good morning!

    10:06 AM [A.Q] which differed significantly from the last thirty years, as well as handle the mass of large cash weak in components so that the currency has become the largest category, but not worth $ 21 U.S. for the time being.

    10:06 AM [A.Q] rileyjones gm
    10:08 AM [mona lisa] gm! ummmm.... $21? What is the significance of $21?
    10:09 AM [mona lisa] .... and .... the significance of 'for the time being' ???
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