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6pm, March 14th, 2014    


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"Dinar Dictionary" Reposted Per Request
Friday News Summaries from Aggiedad77 at KTFA
KTFA's Frank & Members Comments
Memphis Important Update
Short MarkZ Chat Posted by Landons Nana at I4U Forum
Big Call Recording Link and Replay #'s for Thursday
The below posts were in our 10am Newsletter
Late Thurs.PM/ Early Fri.AM Dinar Chatter and Rumors
SDR's In Relation to OKIE's Post - from Dinarmama7 at OOM&F
Making Sense Of SDR's
The I.Q.D. Team Connection with L.J.~~Conf Call Replay Thur March 13~~Latest Iraq Dinar RV News~~Its
Direct Intel Posted by Exogen at Stage3Alpha Thurs.PM
Eagle1 Thoughts from KTFA Thursday Night
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Originally posted by Victicious at GET:

For all of us on this journey I have made a dictionary of terms used in the Iraqi Dinar re-evaluation investment/speculation.

Hopium: Preferred drug of the Dinar investor producing feeling of euphoria and a general sense of well being. A typical dose last 2 days at which time a new fix must me acquired or serious withdrawal symptoms occur. Warning withdrawal symptoms can manifest in events called "bashing".

Guru: Dinar drug dealer. A person responsible for distributing the addicting drug called "hopium". The "Guru" delivers the controlled substance simply be writing what's known as a "post". This "post" must contain the term "RV" and "cash-in" to give the proper dose of hopium an addict needs.

Intel: Intel is the main ingredient of the drug known as "hopium". It is collected by "Guru's" from "sources". A good example would be: A "source" (cleaning lady at the white house) over hears the president say to a staff member "I can't be late for "Dinar tomorrow" or Michelle will kill me. She is making something special". Since the source clearly hears the words "Dinar" and "tomorrow" clearly she tells the Gurus that the president said the "Dinar" will RV "tomorrow" and hopium is created.
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aggiedad77 � March 14th, 2014, 4:25 pm .

Friday News Summaries

Kirkuk initiate new design

The city of Kirkuk is launching a new design for the city....Global being designed by a Chicago based company that has expertise in urban construction across many venues.

Sadr returns to Najaf ahead of the elections and after meeting al-Hakim in Tehran

Sadr has returned to Najaf just in time to assist those running for political office.....he had formerly been in Tehran since he stepped down from Parliament last month, visiting al-Hakim who is located there at this time.....there have been a number of demonstrations over the past few days.....all seem to bear anti-Maliki sentiments.


Post From KTFA by Shade � March 14th, 2014,  ] Just a question posed to anyone. It's been said that Iraq could've / should've pulled the rv trigger a couple of times over the past 2 or so years.

With all the banking upgrades and laws that have been passed (or still need to be passed) since then, how is it possible that the rv should've happened already?

    Karl wrote on March 14th, 2014, 9:02 am:  Greeting to all KTFA members. Hope everyone is excited about 2014. This event is playing out as anticipated, as were now in mid March and elections are next month.


 Important update - The Key to Everything

Post From KTFA by Memphis � March 14th, 2014

The timeliness of our discussions these past few days cannot be overstated.

Here is an update from the past 24hrs that needs to be seen by all. It has also been added to the SC thread beneath yesterday's "Important Update" for future reference.

This came to my email today, if you need links to confirm the validity of the story I am sure google will have lots of links:
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[MarkZ] I am like the penguins from madagascar...... You don't really see me.

[MarkZ] I told SQ I would come in Sunday and help you all make sense of where we are


[#3sister] So we will still be here Sunday :(

[MarkZ] #3sister I can't answer that until Sunday.

[MarkZ] The only things I can answer are Nola questions, all RV/Reset questions have to wait until Sunday.


[MarkZ] Papa Bear I missed you all.
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Big Call Recording Link for Thursday, 3-013-14


Playback number: (559)726-1159  access code 123456#  

170 Minutes

The Big Call

The below posts were in our 10am Newsletter
Early Friday Morning:



Posted by ARCTURIAN on March 14, 2014 at 9:02am

Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 11:24AM    Further to our Notice of Redemptions, the US Treasury, China Treasury, IMF, World Bank and others have, as of yesterday, agreed on the timings of the release of all funds in respect of the historic bond redemptions and the RV of the Dinar and Vietnamese dong.

 The global reset (GR) is directly tied to these events, and because of the proximity of the GR which is scheduled for this month after March 17, 2014, all USD wire transfers and transactions are on hold, inclusive of all Project funding's that were scheduled for this week.

 This decision is based very simply on the advent of the US Treasury Reserve Note (new symbol TRN, or the new US Dollar) which is replacing the USD (the Federal Reserve Note (FRN)). The announcement of the new US TRN and its exchange rate is scheduled for after March 17.

Attached is a compilation of information on SDR's in relation to OKIE's post of 3.11.2014.  A number of people asked for additional information on what he was speaking about. This may be helpful to others as well.  
Have a good day,  

What are SDR's?

Special drawing rights

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Special drawing rights (SDRs) are supplementary foreign exchange reserve assets defined and maintained by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Not a currency, SDRs instead represent a claim to currency held by IMF member countries for which they may be exchanged. As they can only be exchanged for euros, Japanese yen, pounds sterling, or US dollars, SDRs may actually represent a potential claim on IMF member countries' nongold foreign exchange reserve assets, which are usually held in those currencies. While they may appear to have a far more important part to play or, perhaps, an important future role, being the unit of account for the IMF has long been the main function of the SDR.

Making Sense of SDR's March 14, 2014 JC Collins 
The 2010 Code of Reforms will change the number of countries and currencies which are allocated in the SDR basket. The video is otherwise educational. - JC

The I.Q.D. Team Connection with L.J., Straight Talkin' Mike, L.J., Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Thursday, March 13, 2014

Replay of Conference Call
or Call: 760-569-7699 / Pin: 769478#

Great Night of News & Discussion with
L.J. of L.J.'s Next Step Team & "THE I.Q.D. Team Connection"

Listen to the replay in its entirety for all the latest CBI, Economy & Government News from Iraq

Posted by EXOGEN on March 13, 2014 at 10:10pm

Per multiple conversations today with Institutional Investors via CME, all tranches have cleared, and FRN/TRN conversions are with global facilitators as of now.

The new TRN will be backed by gold, minerals, oil, natural gas and other untapped resources in North America that have not yet been monetized & securitized in conjunction with BIS protocol.

EM's (Emerging Markets) are positioned, and gold certificates projected to back and fund the GCR utilizing the historical bonds.

GCR and RV projected within 5 days if all goes as planned.

The FRN/TRN conversions have been positioned to stabilize & regulate global economies with full transparency, thus eliminating Currency Manipulation, Alternative Illegal Bank Leverages, and Global Cabal Influence.  
Eagle1 � March 13th, 2014, 9:29 pm 

Good Evening, Family!

After some urging by folks who are concerned over some recent blog posts by certain unnamed individuals, let me address some spurious claims that are being made.

One allegation is that when you go to the bank with your currency to exchange it, you will be required to have your purchase receipt(s) or the bank will refuse to exchange it for you.

I addressed this allegation with our personal banker at WF some time back when it first began to crop up. She said that having the receipt is not a bank requirement. The bank does not care when you purchased the currency.

What they are interested in is authenticating it. Although our local WF branch does not yet have a De La Rue machine, the personal banker said she can authenticate the currency easily with some simple procedures she has been taught.

The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter


The Dinar Updates Round Table Call - Audio player

w/BGG, Chattels, Mr. White and Kaperoni

Tuesday March 11th

(In email Newsletter, click blue title for audio player.)



America's Love-Hate Relationship with Wealth  By JD Roth

While writing about money here at Get Rich Slowly for the past five years, I've noticed that people in general (and Americans in particular) have a complex love-hate relationship with wealth.
People want to be rich - but they're suspicious of those who already are.
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US IMF Vote Removal and China Threatens
JC Collins  

March 13, 2014           

Russian Soldiers

So today we have more of the same as Russia continues to position troops on the border with eastern Ukraine.  The west is still threatening sanctions and now China has come forward with even more stern wording then previous comments on the matter.


50 Famous People Who Failed at Their First Attempt at Career Success

As a career success coach, I always advise my clients to stick with it - to demonstrate their commitment to their career success to themselves and others by shaking off setbacks and moving forward. 
I loved this post.  It tells the stories of "50 Famously Successful People Who Failed at First."  These people come from all walks of life.  But they shared one characteristic in common - the commitment to their own career success.  I am very happy to repost it here....

50  Famously Successful People Who Failed at First

Not everyone who's on top today got there with success after success. More often than not, those who history best remembers were faced with numerous obstacles that forced them to work harder and show more determination than others.
Next time you're feeling down about your failures in college or in a career, keep these fifty famous people in mind and remind yourself that sometimes failure is just the first step towards success.
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