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11am, March 16th, 2014    


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[alfonse] Experience is the best teacher, but the lessons are expensive


[bman711] Jester, Jester, the media circus is in full swing, no news other than a missing plane. Are we going to witness the major change in the world this coming week? Today we live, this coming week might we thrive? What say you?


Indicators on Iraq's accession to WTO membership .. geographical location of Iraq is an important point for the exchange of trade

Iraqi Businessmen Union and supported by the Center for International Private Enterprise as part of his talk show to activate the system the Iraqi economy .. The third meeting under the title (accession Iraq WTO pros and cons and the balance to achieve the national interests).

the obligations of Iraq and feasibility of laws and economic measures

The reference to the success that accompanied the agricultural initiative and the government's announcement to initiate the creation of industrial supplies to launch the initiative and provide the necessary support with a review of the reality of the financial and banking system of the public and private sectors.

    [BGG] Kurdistan: A meeting headed by Barzani will resolve the position of the budget and attend Sunday's session Baghdad / Detection of the Kurdistan Alliance for the meeting will be held today in Erbil, headed by Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani, to take a decisive stand on the budget and attend the parliament session tomorrow, pointing out that Baghdad insists claim territory with funds 400 000 barrels per day,...

    [love it 2] RED LILY which " sadr" do you mean ?

    [BGG] love it 2 - both...

    [BGG] love it 2 - which is why the cousin is wildly popular on both sides of the fence.

The Key to Everything - Part 6

Post From KTFA by Memphis � March 15th, 2014,

"Its consolidation or collapse...

...not conspiracy theories."

"....if there is no Great Consolidation, restructuring of sovereign debt through the I.M.F....

...then there will be no Global Currency Reset."   - JC Collins

I love that 2nd quote. It sums up my greatest excitement when I first read these essays by JC Collins. This question had been a source of daily frustration to me as NO ONE had any answers.

News with BGG filling in for Millionday

    Welcome to News Time at with BGG filling in for Millionday

    BGG] The NEWS has been pretty darned good today!!

    [love it 2] BGG well bring it on please

    [BGG] OK - I'm ready

    [awesomedtl] Bgg..... Question for u also..... It's seems you were feeling the potential of the big event happening prior to the elections .... Now have u chamged ur mind and if so what changed!?

Recaps Note:  Our "Read More" Link is now  active & on the left
Post From KTFA by Memphis � March 15th, 2014

New post in SC thread where we examine the current press releases concerning the ALL IMPORTANT IMF 2010 Code of Reforms and do so in the context of the abject (wretched, miserable, hopeless, pathetic, pitiable, piteous, sorry, woeful, lamentable, degrading, appalling, atrocious, awful....) failure of our press/media outlets to do just one simple thing....inform.

This post should be of great interest to those who have been following our current treatment of:  The Key To Everything


[hardtorecall] hub What are your sources saying?

[hub] hardtorecall the only source i have that is still viable is the new york currency trader that said several weeks ago this is done,,just needs to be activated....nothing more...

[cjl] hub its nice to be reasurred we are moving in the right direction!!

[hub] cjl the only thing i say is that iraq has had a valued currency for the last 200 years and will things are going as they are supposed to just watch for this to happen,,,i personally think we are there,,,,this has to happen,,iraq can not last much longer without it,,,they will not fall, the currency will take the place it should

[cjl] hub TY ....getting weary of waiting when I could use it like yesterday!!!!


lealoha .: Aloha guys, I'm hearing things, don't know if they are posted here or not already... I mean Great Things! .... Yes, this appears to be the coordinating nexus for what is to follow and it will come within 5 days! 
Let's pray that all goes well. The Iraqi Bonds (3.71 face value) are in NYC and will be available, denominated in Gold, for purchase by Dinars Only .
As soon as this is accomplished, in other news it appears that the IMF (including the 2010 amendment PASSED by congress will be released on Monday .... Taking the timeline from the Malaysian plane "downing"/cigar Sirian ship over Ukraine and that implies this takes on expanded significance (or will within next 5 days) .
"Looks like what we've been waiting for is happening" . speaks of FRN and closings next week for the majority of us can CE!!!!

The below posts were in our 6pm Newsletter


14 Things Positive People Don't Do


Positive people don't have a magical power that you don't possess. Instead of letting stress control them, positive people take control of their life by managing stress and striving to improve every day.
Check out these things that positive people don't do, so you too can be happy and successful.

1. They Don't Assume the Worst.

It's amazing how many problems wouldn't exist if we didn't invent them. Positive people know that leaping to conclusions is usually a bad idea. Instead of freaking out about an unanswered text ("What if they don't like me?"), they go on with their day ("hmm, they must be busy!"). Before they decide another person is untrustworthy, they make an honest effort to find out more about them.


    [allinxpress] Which also backs up my point. These people aren't too smart so an exchange rate that changes dramatically every day will confuse them. Not to mention they have more assets now that are worth More than before when they had a 3-1 rate

    [BGG] ivorygal - they have been making noise about it for some time now. I pointed this out - when I think it started to dawn on them what it would mean to each and every one of them - personally.

    [BGG] allinxpress - I agree - there are some issues on either side of the equation.

    [jtank] I think the negative news about scam is to slow us -lessen dinar holders--

    [disciple7] Agreed jtank

    [BGG] Just in: Upper: Maliki has lost all of his allies - out of the KA - Yowsers!!

Roundtable with BGG filling in for Millionday 3/14/14

{Nillionday has been away due to the passing of her father}

    Welcome to Roundtable with BGG filling in for Millionday!

    [BGG] Hey gang!! We all here??

    [BGG] Hey rudie - Thanks for filling in!

    [BGG] larrykn - Yes??  What's your ??

    [larrykn] BGG on the call you said it wouldn't surprise you if this went pass elections , I don't understand that thinking, what good would it do any of them if they don't give them a currency, they now think their government isn't doing anything for them .



Recaps Note: For our avid readers and those who especially enjoy reading Memphis's perspective on news & events we are happy to post as we find them -

We do remind you that we have previously  posted all of JC Collins Bretton Woods Series up to #9 -  Memphis is now reading and pointing out his thoughts & perspectives of these essays for the KTFA members -

We may or may not re-post the entire essay  within the post but will have hot links to them - We urge you to follow along with Memphis and  be open to reading the essays again along with reader comments to gain more perspectives for you to contemplate for your own knowledge and understanding - Thank You
The Key to Everything - Part 5  & Two Supplements

Post From KTFA by Memphis � March 14th, 2014 I am decidedly not a student of philosophy. When I read the opening paragraphs of this blog I got nothing back in return, it was all just noise to me. Feel free tho to explain it if you think yourself up to the task.

I have highlighted THAT portion in red font as (imo) the essay starts AFTER the red font. :blcky
: {first 10 paragraphs & the "next" paragraph starting with  "Like the black dot"}    


Recaps Note: For our avid readers and those who especially enjoy reading Memphis's perspective on news & events we are happy to post as we find them -

We do remind you that we have previously  posted all of JC Collins Bretton Woods Series up to #9 -  Memphis is now reading and pointing out his thoughts & perspectives of these essays for the KTFA members -

We may or may not re-post the entire essay in the post but will have hot links to them - We urge you to follow along with Memphis and  be open to reading the essays again along with reader comments to gain more perspectives for you to contemplate for your own knowledge and understanding - Thank You

The Key to Everything - Part 4  
Post From KTFA by Memphis � March 14th, 2014,

I consider this essay a great compliment to the news of the day. There are several areas below that I am quite tempted to highlight for the reader in bright colors and big font BUT I have resisted.. for the most part.


Millie :  Frank, Could you ask Knarf if he believes we could see the manifestation of our blessing and able to go see our Personal Banker This Coming Week.... Like Monday or Tuesday????? Thank you..

Frank26:  Millie......... I do not know the date of the RV.

But I know Iraq is doing things that can ONLY be defined as international moves based on some new rate that has allowed the IMF not to ......... Interfere........ So where is the FEAR in letting the rest of the world know this .......... Is beyond me!!!

Brazillion .... Trazillions ........ Unlimitedzillions of IQDs are being used in front of our noses with a bravado of disrespect to the International World.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY promises being signed with insane logic at 1166.
Either they are stupid (sorry) .......... Or I am stupider Frank from Jupiter.   BOZOS!!!

The PROTOCOL of this IQD monetary reform has NEVER been seen before in earth history. It is a completely different animal never witnessed before in economic history........ NEVER!!!

NOTHING like a Marshall Plan of the 40's/50's. NOTHING like the 90's of KW.

NOTHING ............ This world will EVER see again.    KTFA,  Frank


Terry601 says: Can you confirm any of this?

Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 11:24AM Further to our Notice of Redemptions, the US Treasury, China Treasury, IMF, World Bank and others have, as of yesterday, agreed on the timings of the release of all funds in respect of the historic bond redemptions and the RV of the Dinar and Vietnamese dong.

The global reset (GR) is directly tied to these events, and because of the proximity of the GR which is scheduled for this month after March 17, 2014, all USD wire transfers and transactions are on hold, inclusive of all Project funding's that were scheduled for this week.

This decision is based very simply on the advent of the US Treasury Reserve Note (new symbol TRN, or the new US Dollar) which is replacing the USD (the Federal Reserve Note (FRN)). The announcement of the new US TRN and its exchange rate is scheduled for after March 17.

All funds and transfers in USD have been effectively frozen globally for this reason, and the transfers will continue after March 17 in the new US TRNs. All completed transactions, and pending transactions are affected by this decision. No USD money transfers will be allowed at this time until the changeover.

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