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The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter
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White Hats Auxiliary Q&A

mygirl56 says: Just popped in to check new comments on FC 99 and lo and behold here is FC 100. My heart beat actually quickened with excitement when I saw it, and THAT never happens! Hope my heart knows the unknowable, that this is THE END. Hats off to the people who wear the White Hats, their trusty Auxiliary member(s) and even crusty ol' John at OWofN. (Today Exogen has also stated "The good guys won!" Perhaps a coincidence, and perhaps not!)

CS says: Hello: John said to look for it from TUESDAY onwards. Has the plan changed so that the event will occur on a weekday now? Thank you.


whitehatauxiliaries says: Hello, I do not know, but in any event, be ready.

We were told that it could be in the early part of the week as well. Is Tuesday early? I suppose it could be, but I think at this stage we would take any day of the week. I would.   Thank you!

Jester's Place:

[pollyp] Jester, any progress you can share?

[strongbow] Jester Have you heard of any further developments with the main leaders of the Gen64 group and the bank?
[Jester] strongbow I HAVE NOT...




[lulu] Jester did you see the video?

[ModelWoman] Jester lulu is probably talking about this one 
[lulu] Jester yes yesterday bout sokearno's son

    [BGG] The sense I get - Baghdad agreed to everything and the Kurds still are uneasy due to Maliki's past and how he has treated them.

    [BGG] that seems to be their current issue. so the numbers - % - etc, etc... don't seem too be the hold-up for them...

    [Richard Incrocci] BGG There was however a QUORUM, finally

    [BGG] just - as Barzani pointed out - the Kurds would not live under his threats.

    [BGG] Richard Incrocci - it does sound that way.

    [radronin] I wonder if the first reading wasn't already read..........just posturing....

    [BGG] I doubt that.

News Time with BGG filling in for Millionday 3/16/14 Post By Rudie  Part 1

{Sincere Condolences For Millionday in the passing of her Father }

    Welcome to News Time at with BGG filling in for Millionday

    [BGG] Big round of applause for Red Lily for doing a MAGNIFICO job in the Forum on the News. making tonite - mucho easier.
    [BGG] For a Sunday - the News is JAM PACKED.


    [BGG] we are usually lucky to get a page or two... tons and tons and tons..  so there is - quite literally - no way to cover it all...

Fact Check #100   Posted on March 16, 2014 * .

From John at One Word of Nation's, we find the following posted tonight: 


All watch your site daily now twice a day from Tuesday onwards. Cant tell you more but assume it may be good news and you will need to move fast. Just pray hard, we know how many need this break. No more details it stays dark until then. We cant say anything until afterwards for safety. We are ever conscious of all of you. Yes we are fully in the loop! Good luck and we hope its soon for you all. Just watch the site. No debates until its safe and done. Nothing is guaranteed. You know its history. Lets see if they do move or not. We care and will try for all.


Please be prepared to act quickly, and let's hope that we are on the threshold. 

As written above, this is not a guarantee, nor is it official notice. It is simply a heads up for a possible move and you should be prepared to move quickly.

Thank you to John, the White Hats and their staff for continuing efforts. We hope you get to all go home soon. Your work is greatly appreciated.


Sunday March 16, 2014


PLAYBACK 530-881-1399   PIN 894786

78 Minutes
[MarkZ] Hello gang. I can't stay more than a few minutes so I will be quick.

[cashinqueen] MarkZ guess no new is the same as old news thud

[MarkZ] I will need a LOT more time to tell you why we are still here and not living the big life yet. On the positive side there are a lot of paymasters and trustees reporting to work tomorrow and a much bigger than normal push going on. :)

[cashinqueen] MarkZ jester saying we will be here next weekend as well

[MarkZ] cashinqueen There is actually a good bit of news out there. News out of Indonesia on settlements, Russia forcing gold or it's equivelent for energy purposes over the whole Ukraine mess. It is going to be a wild week. I am looking forward to sharing throughout the week.

[dudenocoins] MarkZ Sounds great MarkZ - please share this week with us if possible.

Post From KTFA By aggiedad77 � March 16th, 2014,   Sunday News Summaries

House of Representatives ending the first reading of the budget and to raise its two

Even without the Kurds and the Coalition United, Parliament somehow managed to find a quorum and got through the first reading of the budget.....after that the session was adjourned until this point it is unsure if the budget will be on the agenda for the second reading.

Urgent Parliamentary Finance are demanding action, the second reading of the budget Tuesday Najafi pledging it to its report and the decision of the Presidency

Finance Committee is demanding that the budget be on the agenda for Tuesday's Parliament session.


Tazmania:  CURRENCY REVALUATION PROCESS Further to our Notice of Redemptions, the US Treasury, China Treasury, IMF, World Bank and others have, as of yesterday, agreed on the timings of the release of all funds in respect of the historic bond redemptions and the RV of the Dinar and Vietnamese dong.

(xxxx @ TNT Chat) "hello this is xxxx, I have some good news to tell, one of my co workers who is invested with a group has told me he received an email from his group that the funds transfer to their paymaster has been done. He is awaiting his funds."

Already Blessed : we aren't just waiting for one THING....WE are waiting for a bunch of things to get negotiated and renegotiated and aligned and adjusted and then signed and renegotiated ETC.....

Already Blessed . it feels like it has gone on forever....but there are a lot of very powerful people making sure this all gets done so we are in great shape but it is very complicated and frustrating for all

Already Blessed .:  we are expecting this anytime...we just dont' know all the is a very complicated point is just to show how complicated this has been and how we can't expect to know every details in a very fluid situation that is highly influenced by so many ongoing and everychanging factors....we have to be patient and let it happen

O'Connor was sitting in Ward's Irish bar, Piccadilly, London with a large Rottweiler at his feet. 'Does your dog bite?' asks Murphy. 'No,' replies O'Connor

So Murphy pats the dog who almost rips his arm off completely. 'Hey!' screams Murphy, 'you said your dog didn't bite, O'Connor.' 'That's not my dog Murphy,' concludes O'Connor

A Waterford wife, Pauline, was keeping a close eye on her new neighbours. 'They seem perfectly devoted to each other,' she opined to husband, Ryan. 'He kisses her every time he goes out and even blows kisses to her from the window. Why don't you do that?' 'But, I hardly know the woman,' was Ryan's reply.

10 Things To Stop Caring About If You Want To Be Happier

Communication Motivation  by Mandy Kloppers

It's time to care less. Yep, that's right. Sometimes we take the world on our shoulders, and instead of making the world a better place, all we end up doing is creating more stress for ourselves. Here are simple tips to ease that heavy mental load and feel more carefree.

1. What others think

Dance to your own beat. Act dumb. Do whatever you have to but don't take on board what others think. It's your life, your decisions and choices. Others love to judge, and why should you care if they do?

Only you define yourself, so let them be amused if it makes them happy. When you care too much about that others will say, you live your life for them and not yourself.

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter


Iraqi funds 3/16/2014

[Lightingcslt] wow looks like they don't need those funds protected anymore and they can pull out at anytime

The management of the funds after the lifting of the protection it has become easy, especially after the Iraq fulfilled all its obligations and snuff out a large part of its debts inherited from the time of the former regime.

[tlm724] the remaining debt is nothing to write home about, not worried about that part

[BondLady] no other country that I know of has this least amount of debt




kzh54 � March 16th, 2014, 12:21 pm 

I took the liberty of looking up Christine Lagarde's speech regarding multilateralism for those of you who are following Memphis's postings. I found it very interesting.

These are excerpts from her speech in London on Feb 3, 2014

Here is the set-up...the problem.

This will be a more diverse world of increasing demands and more dispersed power. In such a world, it could be much harder to get things done, to reach consensus on issues of global importance.
The risk is of a world that is more integrated-economically, financially, and technologically-but more fragmented in terms of power, influence, and decision-making. This can lead to more indecision, impasse, and insecurity-the temptations of extremism-and it requires new solutions.


News with BGG filling in for Millionday 3/15/14  Saturday Night By Rudie

    Welcome to News Time with BGG filling in for Millionday.

    BGG] Here was some news from last nite.  >> "Nouri said that "the main objective of this workshop is to identify the mechanisms of cooperation in accordance with the new regulations issued by the central and include forcing private banks to deposit their capital (dinars tlar added) with the central bank in the event of its desire to enter the auction of foreign currency held by the central bank every day."

    [BGG] Wanted to address this so no one thought I was holding out on you... I needed a little time to digest this before I "came down on one side or the other"...

    [tarrog1] Is this good or bad news?



11 Mistakes Billionaires Learned the Hard Way

Productivity March 14 by Joel Goldstein

It's been said it's easier to learn from your mistakes, but you don't always have to, particularly in business.
Working your way to the top can be extremely difficult and mistakes in the business world can be costly.

It is important for the entrepreneur to learn not only from their successes, but also from their failures. Although there's much to gain when it comes to experience, you can save a lot of time and money by learning through the mistakes of others.

Even today's top grossers have had their dull moments. Here are 11 mistakes billionaires learned to avoid the hard way:

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