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11am, March 17th, 2013   


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Post from The IQD Team Connection


DEBBIE AND I WERE TALKING REGARDING THE PASSAGE OF LAWS AND HOW ARE THEY BEING PASSED? AS WE HAVE HEARD LAW RATIFICATION ONLY OCCURS AFTER THE PRESIDENT SIGNS OFF ON THEM AND THEN THEY POST IN THE GAZETTE. THEN WE COME TO THIS ARTICLE WHERE THE LAST PARAGRAPH MAY SHED LIGHT ON WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON. IT READS: "The Federal Court confirmed that the law, passed by the House of Representatives, is true technically and could be challenged after its publication in the Official Gazette, adding that any decision, taken by the House of Representatives, is certified after 15  days of receipt by the presidency even if it is not ratified by the presidency of the Republic. / end. THIS EXPLAINS WHAT MAY BE OCCURRING; LAWS AUTOMATICALLY PASS AFTER 15 DAYS AND ARE CERTIFIED THEN SENT TO THE GAZETTE. SO WE WILL SEE IF THE BUDGET, TERM LIMIT LAW AND OTHERS ARE SETTLED BY THIS PROCESS.

MP: Federal Court's decision is "great victory" to the demonstrators. 

16/03/2013 09:24:00

BAGHDAD / NINA / The MP, of Iraqiya coalition, Khalid al-Alwani considered the re-appeal of the Federal Court to the challenge submitted by the state of law on the mandates of the three presidencies as a great victory for the demonstrators and the beginning to eliminate dictatorship and control the country by any single political party.


BWM: can't stay long... too many unnecessary discussions going on to start with...

BWM: I'm still in disbelief to get texts of things others have said the last few days and the constant "banter" that some seem to think is so humorous and nondescript to those that are so desperate to hear something...
BWM: just because you prelude or conclude with "treat as rumor" does NOT give you an excuse to say anything you want... there are ppl's lives that ARE affected by the actions of others...

BWM: if you are "waiting" for a graduation announcement you'll be too late... pay attention to information that gives you something (as in directions) to do... ppl who have become so "vain" that they will recycle information at the first opportunity of sounding like they have something to say....









Blaino: q: is this ever going to reval?   Blaino: a: YES... And soon!

Blaino: q: will 'it' happen this month? moneydr: What do you mean by soon? Blaino: a: should, yes!

Blaino: q: what the heck went wrong, i/we/they thought it was supposed to happen yesterday?

Blaino: a: the short answer is "politics!"... Hey, you don't want to read IT.... I don't want to type IT.... So, like the rest of us, me included... Deal with it, it's reality

Blaino: q: now what?

[rotormech35] Blaino: a: there is a "drop dead" moment whereupon foreign interests will remove the matter to another 'jurisdiction', the result of which will be negative in it's effect on all things american! So, we need the immigrant golfer to .... Do his j o b !!!! In the event of this contingincy... There will be no joy in muddville, travel may become more required.... Than considered...

Blaino: we "ought" to KNOW... I say "ought" to KNOW... By or before high noon monday!


[Diogenes] It does seem unusually quiet. I wonder what it could be. :)

freedom13] The Iraq War: 10 Years Later, Where Do We Stand?

[1biz4u] FLPatriot59 any more news from the text you received yesterday??

 [FLPatriot59] Sorry guys. No updates from the latest text I received earlier today.

[thankful] FLPatriot59 OK what text?

[FLPatriot59] "It's lining up in the banks, east to west, and should be in place. Watch for early week for everything to unfold."

[blessing] FLPatriot59 Now thats what we are talking about.. Thanks so much for the info

[Diogenes] FLPatriot59 Early week where? It is already Sunday in certain places. The first day of the week on some calendars. :)

FLPatriot59] Diogenes If I knew that answer I'd already be a rich man.


Dontlop   hey swfg    remember the swiss dinar .. it was demonetised for 13 years . yet it magiccally was revalued to 150 times stronger than the iraqi dinar which was backed by the cbi up to the exchange in 2003 ..   thats one heck of a rv .. way more than even okie is calling for with the dinar ...

second .. ive read those  statements about 168 currencies in a basket all going to rv at once too.

if for some reason the global community felt a need to  revalue all the currecys at the same time .. it would most likely be  nutral .. those whos value were low would rise and those whos values were high would be lowered according to the same monetary standards.

  a strong currency like the us . would lower their value  by adding currency to the m2 money supply.. and the  lower valued currencys would add value by decreasing  its m2 money supply ..


MAKECENTS :  As I have said a couple of times I doubt there was any bank that would exchange Swiss dinars during the Saddam dinar era as it were. But, it continued to have value (and increasing value) in

DONTLOP: define a swiss dinar in 2003 .. only problem is we are not talking about currency were talking about demonetized swiss dinars .. .. demonetized . it was not legal tender ..

why would it be concidered legal tender during the exchange would of had to of been  re instated and had a new value attached to it .... then demonetized again after the exchange .. an over night rv. from zero value  according to the cbi .. who did the exchange a value over the value of the saddam notes that were  backed by the cbi the entire 13 years while the  swiss dinars were demonetized by the CBI


COORSLITE21 SAID:  I will add this in support of what SW has posted.....


 The theory that follows is JMO....and I believe Iraq needs to ReValue their currency sooner than late because the clock is ticking and oil is going to become cheaper over the next years due to new discoveries, and better technology.......

I have heard that the 2013 Iraqi budget will be based on a $90 per barrel price.......this may be a mistake......The story starts in the early 70's.....

The dependence on ME oil has been the Achilles heel for the US since the early 1970's.


goin4broke] novemberwhiskey good afternoon. Went dream shopping today was leaning towards Audi but BMW salesman sold me and that is hard to do. So with your info how much longer until I can order? Ha ha

[novemberwhiskey] goin4broke never a date or rate but you might just have the smell of leather shortly, i love italian leather,

[goin4broke] novemberwhiskey i appreciate that hopium as tired of bad news.

[novemberwhiskey] goin4broke they are in the same spot as we are, just the good guys getting it right

[goin4broke] novemberwhiskey bob seemed more upbeat today which was good to see.

[novemberwhiskey] goin4broke everyone hears all of the negative coming out, but if you dig, the good news is more prevalent than the bad.

[goin4broke] novemberwhiskey I agree and with Lew going to China and O going to middle east here in Dinarland that equals an RV ha ha

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SWFloridaGuy: I am working on a special report together with a few others that will feature opinions from some of the top economists in the world who believe in Iraq's chances of fulfilling (what we consider) to be their potential in the short term during this global economic crisis, considering Iraq is one of only a handful of places that remains a plentiful source for non-renewable resources, which have been depleted elsewhere and cannot be reproduced, grown or generated (using the technology available today) that would be required for consumption rate stability.

We can ignore the warnings of professional financial advisers warning us of the dangers that a misplaced faith in the leading fiat currencies whose faith based system is failing resulting in a dangerous combination of increased debt and less purchasing power.

[freedom13] Kurds emerge as the victors of post-Saddam Iraq: boom times and wealth sweep Kurdistan

[freedom13] this is big they have to RV before they split in 3

[lovavette] freedom13 ..thanks...looks good...

[Capt Ron] freedom13 i read through your link just now..

[freedom13] Capt Ron kool

[Capt Ron] freedom13 i still do not see the liklihood of Iraq splitting formally into three entities as being that great in the short to medium term....

[Capt Ron] ...even though financially and 'oil-wise' there already is and has been a distinct separation between the Kurds (and their oil) with Baghdad.
Read More

Emailed To Recaps From Chase Carlton - Author of The Dinar Date

Beyond Average By Chase Carlton

If you stop to think about it for even a second, you realize that you are not the average American if you own dinar. Why? Well on a statistical basis if there are even 3 million owners of the currency in the country with a population of 300+ million you are in the 1% bracket and that is right now -even before the RV!

More importantly you have separated yourself from the other 99% by being more of a risk taker and person willing to have the courage of your convictions. Let's face it, most people either have not heard of the investment or think it is too risky to even gamble on.

So the fact that you researched the investment and made a decision most wouldn't make - that makes you non average right there. Look a little further and all sorts of other things show up.

walkongstick wrote on March 16th, 2013, 10:17 am: "Iraq to spend $173 bn on energy infrastructure"

BASRA, Iraq: Iraq plans to invest $173 billion in its energy infrastructure over the next five years in order to dramatically ramp up crude output, Oil Minister Abdelkarim al-Luaybi said on Saturday.

The investment in upstream activities, refineries and to increase natural gas production will boost oil production to 9.0 million barrels of oil per day and bring in revenues of $600 billion, Luaybi told a conference in the southern port city of Basra.

"This plan will achieve revenues that will reach about $600 billion in the coming five years," Luaybi said.

Iraq currently produces around 3.15 million bpd, according to oil ministry spokesman Assem Jihad, of which around 2.5 million bpd is exported. The country has proven reserves of 143.1 billion barrels, among the highest figures in the world.

It has sought in recent years to sign contracts with international energy firms in order to boost output sharply and cement its role as a key global oil supplier.
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