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6pm March 19th, 2016

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BLC Admin Tlm724 News & Comments  3-19-16  Part 3 of 3

  Euphrates News:  how is the number of those sentenced to death and did not rule implemented so far?
Zamili:"  We are not responsible execution verdicts do not come directly to the ministry, but we are implementing decrees of the Republic, the legal department in the Office presidency consider all death sentences after consideration submit them to the President for signing the decree, after being sent to the Ministry of Justice and this implementation is not our responsibility ,
and we follow the decree and speak to the concerned authorities not to reluctance execution of the judgment, if there is no reluctance, if such a person in the place of execution Nsfarh of the place of detention to the place of execution, "he said . "
this process takes two weeks and the difficulty of the transfer process if in the place of execution shall be executed on the second day of the successful or NOC, and the verdicts decrees existing 65 to 70 a presidential decree and we implement the range of 20 presidential decree the execution of terrorists. "

BLC Admin Tlm724 News & Comments  3-19-16  Part 2 of 3

  Foreign exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar on Saturday, March 19 2016
Economy   Since 19/03/2016 08:17 pm (Baghdad time)  BAGHDAD - balances News

U.S. dollar
US $ 1 = 1,107.1000 Iraqi dinars
1 Iraqi dinars = US $ 0.0009

1 euro = Iraqi dinars 1,247.4802
IQD 1 = 0.0008 euros

  Sterling pound
IQD 1 = 0.0006 pounds

  Canadian Dollar
1 CAD = 850.8300 dinars
IQD 1 = 0.0012 Canadian dollars

 Australian Dollar
1 AUD = 842.1509 dinars
IQD 1 = 0.0012 Australian dollars

 Japanese Yen
1 Japanese Yen = 9.9245 Iraqi dinars
IQD 1 = 0.1008 Japanese yen

 BLC Admin Tlm724 News & Comments  3-19-16  Part 1 of 3

 P ost From BondLadys Corner
BLC Admin Tlm724 News & Comments  3-19-16  Part 1 of 3

Bondlady  ADMINISTRATOR:  does any one know how to conduct a cc? (conference call)   every one knows I don't usually do these things lol but we might try to put one together ...we just don't know how...
Tlm724  CO-ADMINISTRATOR: yes we need some technical help for the call, we have an account just need someone with some knowledge to help record it etc...
19/03/2016 12:10 |Direction Press / Baghdad
He revealed the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi, the involvement of state officials properties file, confirming that the case has a complex files, the most prominent of the confiscated money and property seized and Jews and presidential palaces.
She said Tamimi's radio direction, that "the completed TBI file Tjarhstaml to open file properties state," indicating that "Real State a file containing several files, including the confiscation of money and property seized and Jews and presidential palaces."
He added that it will follow "each file separately by subject in which it resides," pointing to "the involvement of state officials properties file and be completed file will be forwarded to the judiciary."
Late Friday Night


dallred - Things are getting better by the min This is shaping up to be a great weekend And I have seen what the banks will do.... Family this is happening and we will be amazing This was the best day ever

dallred123:  Things are getting better by the min ...This is shaping up to be a great weekend

Abby1 :  Dallred...Hey....Can you give us an indication what you are hearing about release of 800's? Thanks!  

dallred123:   Because I saw the bank screen that is why...And I have seen what the banks will do.... Family this is happening and we will be amazing

dallred123:  Yes with my own eyes ...At the bank I will exchange at ....This was the best day ever


Dinar Updates Chat  3-18-16    Part 3 of 3

rcookie says():PLEASE READ THIS....AWESOME INSIGHT!!!.......
rcookie says():The economic future of Kurdistan
At the moment, employs «Kurdistan Regional Government» 1.4 million residents of the region who are of working age, who number two million people, at a cost of 793 million dollars a month. So Erbil plans to reduce that figure to $ 361 million during the six months through salary cuts.
 And other monthly expenses include subsidies for fuel and electricity (about $ 375 million and this figure is on the decline), and the costs of the war (about 197 million dollars), and the costs of exporting oil (about 70 million dollars).
 In addition, resulted in a large number of displaced persons and refugees, who arrived to 1.8 million people (compared with the indigenous population of 5 million people) to the degree of economic turmoil is difficult to quantify.
Even if the effects of the economic reforms began and manifested costs of the war began to be reduced slowly, it is likely to remain on the «Kurdistan Regional Government» afford monthly expenses worth $ 800 t o almost $ 850 million. 

Dinar Updates Chat  3-18-16    Part 2 of 3

wmawhite says to R&R():no wonder so many people look at us as infidels......
jeffjane says():rcookie & wmawhite - thanks make sense.
R&R says to wmawhite():yes, sad but true

Dinar Updates Chat  3-18-16    Part 1 of 3

  ol lar says():   LINK
ol lar says():I bet Maliki is a little itchy right now
magnetlady says():Wow ol lar. I opened the link and saw the people and Google ask if I wanted it tanslated so I did. But still not sure what this is all about.
ol lar says():Sadars 100000 people demonstrating today, they entered the Green zone!
ol lar says():personally I think this is part of Abadi's Plan B
magnetlady says():Oh my goodes.
ol lar says():Sadar had everyone screened so there are no Maloki or terrorists , and this time there are no weapons    ol lar says():I mean Maliki people
ol lar says():This will IMO mke all the MP's that are holding anything up a little nervous and maybe reconcider  where their loyalties lye

Clearing the air
Ok let it be known that the original group was done many years back with the help and expertise of Studley, we ask for certain things through his efforts to Wells Fargo and we cast in our emails with the the assertiveness that we will be contacted via email when the time to exchange would be furnished for the exchanged,that has not changed till this date.  
I have my people to back me up on the truthfulness of my comments since we all did do many a conference calls with Studley and bank personal. I have for many years repeated that silence is of the essence and that once that was to occur then and only then you will see your rv.
But we still see many coming day in and day out with bank stories while in the mean time our elected bank has been but quite, reason be it that according to our original plan they will professionally contact us only when that correct time transpires and not before.
The below posts were in our 11am Newsletter

Vietnam - Gearing Up for the Next Transformation  Part 2 of 2

So with this in mind, let me highlight four new ingredients that can be added to the recipe.
First-safeguard macroeconomic stability. This means, for example, making greater use of exchange rate flexibility to soften the impact of external shocks and help build external reserves.
It also means creating a new monetary policy regime for a rising, more sophisticated economy. That could eventually include using inflation as a nominal anchor for monetary policy.
Second-generate higher government income by broadening the base for revenue collection. This means, for instance, reducing tax exemptions and introducing a property tax. These measures would help reduce public debt5-currently at about 60 percent of GDP-and would help create more fiscal room for maneuver.


Well, believe it or not the fake garbage/rumors  some individuals are posting needs to be addressed again.

Today it has come to our attention that a post (screen shot) is circulating where the format is copied from the Dinar Recaps blog and a phony post is inserted to look like it came from us. It is a fake.

This post states that the someone (allegedly the owner of Dinar Recaps) is indeed Dr. Clarke now...

Wait.....I thought the Recaps owner was really Mountain Goat and also married to Martha?   Or was it Wife in the Know?  

Wait maybe Recaps owns all the sites and is making bazillions from un-suspecting Dinarians?

Wait maybe Recaps people spends hours and days writing up detailed intel from made-up people with articles and links and at the same time is watching all the sites to also share posts from other people with our readers  ....

Wow.....I think the Recaps team is really from Krypton and has super speed and can do all this every day without sleep....boy are we

Folks, the closer it appears we are to seeing our investment coming to seems the crazier it is getting.

We feel very, very  honored that over the years many intel providers have trusted us enough to share their updates and opinions as to where we are.

These people spend so much time updating their own friends and family members and letting us also update you at the same time. Without this optimism, hope and encouragement they are willing to share, many currency holders might have given up by now.

As we have posted before-- nothing is from us, we do not write all comes from other Dinar sites, chatrooms, and emails directly to us giving us permission to share with our readers.  Dinar Recaps has NEVER created any of the people we post.

We really want to once again thank all the intel providers throughout the years. It seems when some go silent, others step up to help out and bring us all to the end of this journey. Thank you all.

Also thanks again to all our devoted readers. We sincerely hope that all of our dreams will coming true very soon.   ~The Dinar Recaps Team


Vietnam-Gearing Up for the Next Transformation  Part 1 of 2
By Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, IMF    
National Economic University, Hanoi, March 17, 2016
As Prepared For Delivery
Good morning-Chào các bạn
I would like to thank Prof. Dr. Tran Tho Dat and the National Economic University for inviting me-and thank you, the students, for this wonderful welcome.
It is a great pleasure to be here at this prestigious flagship university-which has been central to Vietnam's development over the past six decades. Today NEU graduates can be found in leading positions in both government and business.

Wealthwatch News Excerpts / Highlights & Comments   3-18-16



Tank : : This much I know, exchange centers are definitely expecting us today. There's a bunch of time frames out there as usual, such as the 22nd, and whatever other dates that seem to be pressing.

However, I've been told that group leaders have been notified, even some from the wells fargo group, and they have information that is to be emailed out at the appropriate time. Some historic bonds are being funded. And, I know there was kind of a weird post from ZAP on Wednesday, but Landa seems to be doing something paying off people's homes in foreclosure. (strange for having no funds)

LawnMan: Frankly all.... Tank is spot on with the Intel ... His info is real good...Everyone needs to understand the situation is fluid and no one has the actual time to a science...It is a process that is working and as one item on the checklist is done it flows...We all wait but from my contacts we are very very very close


 From Dinar Chronicles:

"Who Does This Make Sense To?" - Anonymous Guest Post 3/18/2016 04:43:00 PM

Wow, the ****roaches have come out of the woodwork in droves. They are everywhere, people we have never heard of who suddenly have an opinion on the RV. They are bashing, the gurus, the Intel providers, the Intel sights, and all the currencies.

Why do they suddenly care? What is it that they want? What would make them feel better? Let's look at the ridiculous argument they present, shall we? This will be fun.
If this were lottery scratch off tickets and you spent $100 on them, you would literally be buying a chance to become millionaires overnight. Once you scratched off the ticket, you either won or you did not.

If you didn't "win" and become an overnight millionaire, the money would be spent and gone forever. You can't get your money back for a losing ticket. A naysayer might "Reasonably" say, don't take a chance on losing your money on the lottery to become a millionaire, keep your $100 in your pocket.