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6pm, March 20th, 2014    


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Memphis "The Pressure Is Increasingly .. Increasing"
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Frank26, Delta, and KTFA Members Thoughts Thurs.AM
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The Full Mnt. Goat Update 3-19-14 posted by Henry01 at OOM&F
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White Hat Auxiliary:

im in hiding says: as im understanding it, there is a three step process, the first step is complete. the second step the is the rv, will we be cashing in when this rv happens? the third step is the gcr, when the gcr happens currencies such as the dollar will devalue, what will happen to the british pound?. what im getting at, is when this happens will we be losing out when the gcr happens? the other thing im curious about is, what is the possibility of banks doing bail ins when we have cashed out, (before the gcr happens) to me it seems like a good window for banks to be able to get rid of some debt on their books? im i just looking to far into this or is it possible?


whitehatauxiliaries says: Hello, As I understand it, the term GCR is the overall description of the RV. Revaluation is a re-set. The technical aspects, the sequences and processes are not entirely known and it is not really important that we know it. When the final signature is affixed to whatever document that it needs to be affixed to, then it all proceeds. The revalue, the release of funds into the hands of the paymasters, and they will pay whomever they are required to pay.


lightingcslt] k i want to bring two articles in

[lightingcslt] give me a sc

[raindrop1] cmon speak up!!!!   

[lightingcslt] Keywords appointment as director of the Central Bank instead of Abdel Basset Turki 03/20/14 BAGHDAD / newspaper rectitude MP for the coalition of state law gum honest decision by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to withdraw the hand of Abdul-Basit Turki administration of the central bank and the appointment of the secretary-general of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords instead of him, noting that "Keywords able to manage the central bank."

 He said in a press statement today that "the management of the central bank assigned to the earlier Court Chief Financial Supervision Abdul-Basit Turki,

causing disorder in the continued theme of the piece was entrusted management of the Central Bank of the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords as a knowledgeable and wish to achieve successes in the Central Bank of the fact that Political Iraqi Finance depends on the work of some institutions, including the central bank. "


Post From KTFA By aggiedad77 � March 20th, 2014, 12:28 pm  *  [Post 235]

Thursday Morning News Summaries

Deputy for the Liberals is set Keywords instead of a step in the Turkish devote monopoly power

Well it appears that Turki is indeed on his way out and we will have to wait to hear who the replacement will be other than the articles saying it is "keyword"......don't get much out of that....Turki has been trying to resign since last September and now he gets his wish.


Affidavit of Gift

My name is [my name], also known as [drop your middle initial or add any other AKA here]. I am producing this affidavit to memorialize a completed gift of __[quantity]____________ Iraqi Dinar note to my [relationship- i.e. friend, son, daughter] , [recipient's name].

The intent of this letter is to establish the time of gift and basis of the gift for gift tax valuation purposes and to provide documentation of the transfer in the case that such documentation is ever necessary for [recipient's name] to exchange the gifted nonfunctional currency for other currency.

I, [my name], located in the city of [city], state of [state], on the _____day of _______, 20____ did gift a note(s) of currency of the Iraqi government with a total value of __[quantity]____________ Iraqi Dinar to my [relationship], [recipient's name], living in the city of [city], state of [state] without compensation or expectation of gain for myself.


The Pressure Is Increasingly....  Increasing

Post From KTFA By Memphis � March 20th, 2014

"Our televisions will say that no one saw this coming. But there are those of us who do see it coming. Will it be consolidation...   ...or collapse?"

"For anyone who doubts the importance of these reforms, this message from the Bretton Woods Committee should make them think twice."    JC Collins Mar 19, 2014

Memphis: We could not have wished for more confirming news than what has been playing out in recent days/weeks. The discussion that I have been asking you to follow with me is of such importance (in my mind) that I even gave it a seemingly SENSATIONAL title!


Member of the Commission of oil and gas: a failed policy of the region's oil .. They produce oil nor the ability to Marketing

[tlm724] . But a member of parliament, said �that this news is true, she asked one of the members of the Committee that confirmed to me that the negotiations did not fail, and that the members of the Committee are continuing Bembagesathm and deliberations with the aim of reaching a compromise solutions�.

deputy prime minister for energy affairs visit to Arbil to meet with officials there and talk to them about the differences of oil and related files.

[tlm724] you have to read the whole article in order to understand what is going on, when it comes to something this important , let me fill you in on how I see it



Frank26:   Black out footprint is growing faster than calculated ....... Spreading into CBI.

I am shocked this was on TV......TY. BTW ........... You know very well why this is being done ....... Wink....... LOL.  Less .............. Than A Baker's dozen decision.

NOW ........... Maybe our KTFA Family will comprehend better about valuable positions and who controls such ......... Seats. AND ............
My constant cry about Dr Shabibi. For the Love of God ........ M and his goonies wanted to KILL S. S had to be PROTECTED ( I TEAMS) while he finished his work on the IQD's monetary reform inside of Baghdad. Since October 2013 I have been holding our Family's hand guiding them with this knowledge.

I must admit ........ I'm super excited. Oh how He Loves us so......... Amen. Wait .......... With me.....

Aloha Brother.  KTFA,  Frank


Dinar Chronicles: 

Tolec - Financial Reset   03/19/2014

Tolec / Andromeda Council Update on the Financial Reset

Important - Critical News Story    Update - March 18, 2014  

It seems a critical mass of actions, the first agenda items now taking place in the international financial 'world', is 'setting the stage' for the actual reset of the global financial system, which includes the issuance of a new, United States of America - U.S Treasury issued dollar. 

This new dollar will be 'backed by' gold & other of this country's precious assets & resources.  
With this change the debt based "fiat" currency of the "Federal Reserve", a private agency outside of the U.S government, the Reserve itself, and all of the secrecy & problems that come with it, finally goes away
My own 'high level sources', with minor nuances, continue to confirm the accuracy of what "Zap" is saying... and is consistent with what I have learned over the past few months. 

The below posts were in our 10am newsletter
The RV is Unfolding, the New Development of the Seokarno Gold.

In the last week I described the process of the bonds being released to pay for the RV.  I'll discuss a new video released this week of the history behind those bonds and the gold kept throughout Asia.
President Seokarno of Indonesia was the former trustee of the gold and it has now been passed on to his son.  This week he released those funds for the RV. 

We'll discuss this on this weeks radio program.

Click Read More for Blogtalk audio player


Bluwolf Update 3-20-2014   While we wait still there is the most highest of attentions from agencies, governments, power players and banks to get it done and only one dying sector from the above who have added resistance but to no avail.

Their life expectancy is now within days of dying out. As it expires we shall have been informed of the 800 number to which to call for our planned exchange.

All past intents to obstruct this process for a lengthy amount of time has been cut short by the people who are watching out for the world's best interest and ours.

While with each intent there seems to some new demands, these excuses are now being cornered and they will in a matter of hours or days meet there deaths,  for the Global Currency Reset is now a imminent go and cannot and will not be stopped by any.

Everything is still intact and all are in position to execute this RV as soon as the administrator gives the official go.

Imo we are within hours from receiving these blessings ( second, minutes, hours, days) please be aware and on alert.
As planned shall be the course of your exchange please do not deviate from that path. Good day    Bluwolf

Cuse11:  I was informed by a friend, his friend was contacted by his bank and communicated the folllowing: "I know I have not talked to you about this as of late, but there is some activity and we are hearing it will happen this week, even meaning today or tomorrow." Okay, so I used quotes but, the update went pretty similar to that. I will say, this came from a bank not in the state that I am in.

[BigDog-OH] JPMorgan to sell physical commodities

BestBuy:  While we all waiting and tired. BOOM!!! Rupee Gains of 35% Seen in Decisive Victory for Modi: Currencies

 A victory for India's main opposition party in next month's general elections is seen powering the rupee to highs last reached in 2008.


JACK1955...Followup trader....My Private group update...Exactly where we ARE?...Member input please

  Good evening fellow members...Follow up And my personal news

Overseas Management Trader,, ABSOLUTELY PISSED off that...YEP..UST stopped it tuesday again preparing his personal all over world for TUESDAY MORNING...

In the conversation, the beacon of hope its about to end...TRILLIONS sitting in banks all over world...CHINA MONEY...How long will they WAIT?


    [millionday] -Governmental source assured that "Tomorrow, Thursday, is an official work day for all departments of the State.
" The source mentioned in a press statement Wednesday "Tomorrow, Thursday, is an official work day and the reports over giving a holiday on Thursday are groundless."

Some media outlets reported that "The Council of Ministers decided to grant a holiday on Thursday for all governmental departments.

Millionday News, Wednesday, March 19, 2014 Post By  ROBINREDHED  Part 1

    [millionday] Kurdistan Alliance bloc said, Wednesday, that he did not stay in front of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government only solution to the oil crisis between the two sides after the intervention of the United States.

Agreed blocks of the National Alliance, the inclusion of the law of the financial budget for the current year on the agenda of the parliamentary session scheduled for today to read it a second reading vote and accelerate it.

    [millionday] A member of the bloc Qassim Mohammed, several third parties entered into the line of the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil oil, including the United States, so there were only an option agreement between the two governments to end the problem.

The Bretton Woods Committee    By JC Collins

This post comes from the hard work of readers BGSV and DANEACKERMAN who have been digging for nuggets of truth and evidence to support the thesis we are presenting here on this site. 

Namely that the IMF 2010 Code of Reforms will be the first of many catalysts which will enact the required changes for the world to move from the old financial system to a new multilateral system centralized around the IMF and the SDR's.

My approach to this subject was from underneath by way of pattern recognition and micro/macro comparisons. As such, there were many things I missed along the way.

The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter
The Key to Everything - Part 7

Post From KTFA By Memphis � March 19th, 2014,


"...there is in fact an operation taking place to divert attention away from the facts of the transition from the old economic system to the new SDR system."

"...only when standing firm...within our original perceptions and interpretations can we hope to fight the psychological operation....[and] face the challenge as it was originally framed."  ~JC Collins

Memphis: This installment #7 in the essays of "SDR's and The New Bretton Woods" is rather short and on the surface may appear also rather dry and "less important" to the reader.

    [sczin11] millionday ?

    [millionday] one thing too we should know -- they will do away with proxy positions per election ---   go ahead hun  -- roundtable is where you can talk --- add any comments you would like to do with the subject

    [sczin11] any word on the WTO workshop supposedly started yesterday?

    [millionday] the news i saw from a source i dont really like was that economically they are not ready due to the rate and the lack of exchange rates etc
  [wheresmyrv?] When is the inauguration for the new position of the PM? Is it right after April 31st?

    [millionday] wheresmyrv? i have not looked but will look for it hun  great question

    [wheresmyrv?] Or is it like here in the states where the president stays in power for a few months after?

Millionday Roundtable 3/19/14 Post By Rudie  Part 1

     Welcome to for Roundtable with Millionday

     millionday] k -- remember last night we were talking about the Arab meeting in Kuwait so this morning we have this

     [millionday] Head of the National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari discussed in a meeting held today with the Kuwaiti Ambassador Ghassan Al-Zawawi the bilateral relations and means to develop them on the basis of common interests of the two countries.

A statement by Jaafari's office ,said : "The two sides discussed during the meeting the importance of developing relations between the two countries to find a strategic dealing between the two neighboring countries, without interference in the affairs of others.

lexi � March 19th, 2014, 2:23 pm 

Just thinking out loud and maybe this is a Captain Obvious question but wouldn't you want the RV to happen before elections so you would appear to have had something to do with it so the people would want to RE-ELECT You!?

If you were one of these politicians, oh say like Maliki and Goi? Just thinking on what you said last night Frank. without the rv seems like they would all be running on all talk no show like ours.

Why in the world would you not capitalize on something so great and powerful as this RV( if the ones in control allow) it would be a no-brainer! If I were an Iraqi citizen and no Rv before these elections to help make their life better I would say let's put someone new in there.

These guys have had all this time to make change and we have only seen more of the same.

(Special Thanks to Henry01 at OOM&F for posting the full Mountain Goat Post for us all~ The Recaps Team)

UU8428 Why a Delay? Mnt Goat 03/19/14

Hi Everyone,

Today I can see the warming even greater in the mountains. Over the past weekend I made the first of my Spring hikes up my familiar mountain. As I climbed I was reminded of my hikes last Spring and how I thought this GCR would never, ever make it to next Spring. Well..... here we are it is spring once again.

My only hope now for all my readers is that what you have witnessed through this GCR stalling process will remain with you as you continue post RV.
I sincerely hope you have learned something about the corruption and dishonestly of your government. This is just not about these aspects of USA government but of all government and leaders of today.
Remember that governments are run by people (human flesh) and we can make a difference at the voting polls.

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