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10am, March 21st, 2014    


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Posted by EXOGEN on March 21, 2014 at 8:30am

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A PAD AND PEN.................................




HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!! Washington welcomes the announcement of Arbil, the export of oil and confirm the continuing role of mediator "neutral" for a settlement with Baghdad



Thursday Night BGG's Dinar Update News with Special Guest Poppy

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43 Minutes

The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter


Hi Everyone,

The news of today - Es ist wunderbar! Is all I can say.

I just wanted to pop out and give you a very short summary as to where I hear we are right at this moment.

I know all my recent news letters have been long but we all need to know truly what is going on so the wolfs don't continue to pull the wool over our eyes. Do you all know what this saying means?

There is so much news once again pouring out of all channels. I simply have to ignore all those repeats of articles and lies and concentrate on my credible sources. There is much sorting through garbage.



Post From KTFA By Memphis � March 20th, 2014,

    Waitong3 wrote on March 20th, 2014, 10:03 am:Wow...for some reason I really thought it was gonna rv this week. :llora:

    ...There's no chance of an rv on a weekend for them, right? They wouldn't do it when we least expect it would they? In your opinion of course..

Memphis: wrong. :-) I have always watched closely the times when no one is looking or even better? L@@King the other way. IMO? Expect....the unexpected....


aggiedad77 � March 20th, 2014, 6:01 pm  .

Thursday Afternoon News Summaries

Deputy for Maliki's coalition reveals America to provide proposals to contain the crisis, Baghdad and Erbil

The US has stepped up to the mediation table and may have an answer that is agreeable to both the Kurds and Baghdad according to an MP of the State Law coalition.....this is good news if it can be trusted.....they are now looking at possibly next Tuesday as a Parliament session with the budget back on the agenda for the second reading.


PAPPA-J wrote: :Frank, You spoke of J. Lew talking to Brazil and Mexico , iyo when will he and CL role the new currency to the USA? PJ

Frank26:  Not sure..... It's insultive enough that they talk to other countries about it but not to US Citizens yet.  
Guess we must be next.

KTFA, Frank


The Big Call for Thurs March 20th is at 9PM ET

 We will discuss the latest about the dinar and dong ... and talk about last minute items prior to our exchange. Join us tonight to be part of the discussion!

 Participant Line is 559-726-1150 and Listener Only line 530-881-1150 (no access code is needed for either line. Q and A is still working fine

 Playback number: (559)726-1159 access code 123456# Link will be given to Dinar Recaps following the call.

 Thank you for posting. We appreciate Dinar Recaps for the wonderful effort they make!

 The Big Call

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter


White Hat Auxiliary:

im in hiding says: as im understanding it, there is a three step process, the first step is complete. the second step the is the rv, will we be cashing in when this rv happens? the third step is the gcr, when the gcr happens currencies such as the dollar will devalue, what will happen to the british pound?. what im getting at, is when this happens will we be losing out when the gcr happens? the other thing im curious about is, what is the possibility of banks doing bail ins when we have cashed out, (before the gcr happens) to me it seems like a good window for banks to be able to get rid of some debt on their books? im i just looking to far into this or is it possible?


whitehatauxiliaries says: Hello, As I understand it, the term GCR is the overall description of the RV. Revaluation is a re-set. The technical aspects, the sequences and processes are not entirely known and it is not really important that we know it. When the final signature is affixed to whatever document that it needs to be affixed to, then it all proceeds. The revalue, the release of funds into the hands of the paymasters, and they will pay whomever they are required to pay.


lightingcslt] k i want to bring two articles in

[lightingcslt] give me a sc

[raindrop1] cmon speak up!!!!   

[lightingcslt] Keywords appointment as director of the Central Bank instead of Abdel Basset Turki 03/20/14 BAGHDAD / newspaper rectitude MP for the coalition of state law gum honest decision by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to withdraw the hand of Abdul-Basit Turki administration of the central bank and the appointment of the secretary-general of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords instead of him, noting that "Keywords able to manage the central bank."

 He said in a press statement today that "the management of the central bank assigned to the earlier Court Chief Financial Supervision Abdul-Basit Turki,

causing disorder in the continued theme of the piece was entrusted management of the Central Bank of the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords as a knowledgeable and wish to achieve successes in the Central Bank of the fact that Political Iraqi Finance depends on the work of some institutions, including the central bank. "


Post From KTFA By aggiedad77 � March 20th, 2014, 12:28 pm  *  [Post 235]

Thursday Morning News Summaries

Deputy for the Liberals is set Keywords instead of a step in the Turkish devote monopoly power

Well it appears that Turki is indeed on his way out and we will have to wait to hear who the replacement will be other than the articles saying it is "keyword"......don't get much out of that....Turki has been trying to resign since last September and now he gets his wish.


Affidavit of Gift

My name is [my name], also known as [drop your middle initial or add any other AKA here]. I am producing this affidavit to memorialize a completed gift of __[quantity]____________ Iraqi Dinar note to my [relationship- i.e. friend, son, daughter] , [recipient's name].

The intent of this letter is to establish the time of gift and basis of the gift for gift tax valuation purposes and to provide documentation of the transfer in the case that such documentation is ever necessary for [recipient's name] to exchange the gifted nonfunctional currency for other currency.

I, [my name], located in the city of [city], state of [state], on the _____day of _______, 20____ did gift a note(s) of currency of the Iraqi government with a total value of __[quantity]____________ Iraqi Dinar to my [relationship], [recipient's name], living in the city of [city], state of [state] without compensation or expectation of gain for myself.


The Pressure Is Increasingly....  Increasing

Post From KTFA By Memphis � March 20th, 2014

"Our televisions will say that no one saw this coming. But there are those of us who do see it coming. Will it be consolidation...   ...or collapse?"

"For anyone who doubts the importance of these reforms, this message from the Bretton Woods Committee should make them think twice."    JC Collins Mar 19, 2014

Memphis: We could not have wished for more confirming news than what has been playing out in recent days/weeks. The discussion that I have been asking you to follow with me is of such importance (in my mind) that I even gave it a seemingly SENSATIONAL title!


Member of the Commission of oil and gas: a failed policy of the region's oil .. They produce oil nor the ability to Marketing

[tlm724] . But a member of parliament, said �that this news is true, she asked one of the members of the Committee that confirmed to me that the negotiations did not fail, and that the members of the Committee are continuing Bembagesathm and deliberations with the aim of reaching a compromise solutions�.

deputy prime minister for energy affairs visit to Arbil to meet with officials there and talk to them about the differences of oil and related files.

[tlm724] you have to read the whole article in order to understand what is going on, when it comes to something this important , let me fill you in on how I see it



Frank26:   Black out footprint is growing faster than calculated ....... Spreading into CBI.

I am shocked this was on TV......TY. BTW ........... You know very well why this is being done ....... Wink....... LOL.  Less .............. Than A Baker's dozen decision.

NOW ........... Maybe our KTFA Family will comprehend better about valuable positions and who controls such ......... Seats. AND ............
My constant cry about Dr Shabibi. For the Love of God ........ M and his goonies wanted to KILL S. S had to be PROTECTED ( I TEAMS) while he finished his work on the IQD's monetary reform inside of Baghdad. Since October 2013 I have been holding our Family's hand guiding them with this knowledge.

I must admit ........ I'm super excited. Oh how He Loves us so......... Amen. Wait .......... With me.....

Aloha Brother.  KTFA,  Frank


Dinar Chronicles: 

Tolec - Financial Reset   03/19/2014

Tolec / Andromeda Council Update on the Financial Reset

Important - Critical News Story    Update - March 18, 2014  

It seems a critical mass of actions, the first agenda items now taking place in the international financial 'world', is 'setting the stage' for the actual reset of the global financial system, which includes the issuance of a new, United States of America - U.S Treasury issued dollar. 

This new dollar will be 'backed by' gold & other of this country's precious assets & resources.  
With this change the debt based "fiat" currency of the "Federal Reserve", a private agency outside of the U.S government, the Reserve itself, and all of the secrecy & problems that come with it, finally goes away
My own 'high level sources', with minor nuances, continue to confirm the accuracy of what "Zap" is saying... and is consistent with what I have learned over the past few months. 

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