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6pm, March 22nd, 2013   


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Stryker "Where Are We Now"?
Pastor Ed's International Prayer Call 7pm (ET) Friday
I4U Members Thoughts and Opinions Friday Early PM
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OCrush Update - Post From Peoples Dinar
News, Rumors, and Opinions in Dinarland Friday AM
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Live PeopleInvested Call Friday 4:05 EST with Millionday, Fresh and Special Guests
The IQD Team Connection with LJ~~Replay Conf Call Thur March 21~~Latest Iraq Dinar RV News
The Big Call - Thursday Recording Link and Replay #'s
The Big Call - Thursday Recording Link and Replay #'s
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Foot Forward Call Replay Info
Thursday Night Dinar Chatter
Randy Koonce CC Replay Info
RV Rumor Emailed to Recaps by John MacHaffie Thurs. PM
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Platinumroof said: I am trying to find out if Talabani can, might or will jam a hammer in the gears of the budget process. I know that if he does nothing it passes but I would like to know the alternatives that exist that have the ability to carry the budget process right into April......Thanks!!

The Shoe, on 21 Mar 2013 - 21:39, said: He cannot and will not.

SteveI said:I totally agree. This country is moving on and very quickly. I really do expect this before Easter. I feel so good about this, more so than any other time. Finally on track. Blessings, Steve

Some questions arose from above bold statement from "The Shoe" post and below is Steve's response:

This forums is an opinion forum last time I looked. I am sorry, but what is there to prove? There is no contest here, just a place where we can all share our opinion right or wrong without being bashed like the other forums do.

Expendable4] Franks Forum has been shut down since early Wednesday. I think he shut his website d because of how close the RV is. When you click on the link it says 403 FORBIDDEN.

[Papa Bear] Expendable4 True

[Expendable4] Papa Bear wow thx

sammyb] Expendable4 they are in the process of a new site... I think I read it would be ready Saturday

[Papa Bear] sammyb How about new site post RV?

[big bear] Papa Bear Hello you go to all the good sites I see

[Papa Bear] big bear The Forest is Large

[sammyb] Papa Bear well I am not saying that, just heard server issues, and site would be up Sat.
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Evening With Stryker Friday March 22

Where Are We Now In The Eyes Of Stryker & Kaperoni

Tune in as Stryker and Kaperoni go over where they think we are with all the latest news and events taking place in Iraq We will top it off with some RV talk

Time; 7:00 PM CST

To View Live Web TV or get the Links for Blog Talk Radio GO HERE: LINK



International prayer call is looking forward to our teaching and impartion conference after the RV. Please get your name in if you would like to build on your ministry.

Impartion of laying on of hands.

Service tonight 7pm est

530-881-1400 406878#
530-881-1499 406878# recording, after the call

Please send name to

God Bless
Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for your help

[Redwolf] It is coming. Look closely at the IMF announcement yesterday, world currencies, Jack Lew and his trip, world power shifts, president annoucing we have no debt problem, the lack of concern from congress over our debt,countries backing currencies with gold and you have a pretty good picture something.

[Redwolf] This is a day by day thing right now so watch world events very closely.

[Jester] so how is everyone this fine morning???

[WILDDUCK] Jester good morning what a wild night last, not sure why i had to make the point the hard way, i think most missed my cogent post where i asked him or her to back up his position or post it as imo not just whack a blaino. I was on that call and i know prior too the work done to vet the info as right

[Robertprofessor] Jester WILDDUCK On the basis of pure logic alone, there is no way for someone to claim that no American in Iraq has exchanged dinars for spendable dollars at a high rate. To do so would mean a person could fully vet every American there and see their bank accounts.

[Jester] Robertprofessor well i think it would be common courtesy to let someone say what they have to say before you chime in and call it disinformation in front of the poster and start a fuss..

[WILDDUCK] redhead1 how you doing the morning have you checked any of your friends this morning
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Hello My Friends'

We truly are at the end of this ride! Everyday I checked the IMF site for an Article 4 update (started after the IMF's SBA ended..Feb 23, 2013 I cannot tell you how excited I was when I saw this today!! It is dated March 21, 2013. Here is the link:

Let me show you what excited me:

IMF Mission Concludes Article IV Discussions with Iraq

Press Release No. 13/87 March 21, 2013

An International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission, led by Mr. Carlo Sdralevich, met with an official Iraqi delegation headed by the Acting Minister of Finance, Dr. Ali Al Shukri, in Amman, Jordan, during March 2-12, 2013 to conduct the Article IV Consultation discussion.

The IMF mission met with the Acting Minister of Finance, the Acting Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), head of the Board of Supreme Audit, AbdulBasit Al Turki Said, and other Iraqi officials from the ministries of finance, planning, and oil, and representatives from the Central Bank and the Board of Supreme Audit.

Parliamentary Finance: Some banks civil licensed to sell hard currency refrain from selling the dollar for citizens

22-03-2013 12:32 PM

Baghdad (news) .. A member of the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Hussain Yasiri, for the reluctance of some banks civil from the sale of hard currency for citizens, and obtained by the central bank auction, which contributed to reducing the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar.

Yasiri said (of the Agency news): Some banks in the private sector get large amounts of hard currency from the central bank auction, for the purpose of selling it at a subsidized price to the citizens but refrain from selling rate him.

From: Ocrush Subject: UNSC

Hello PD family,

It seems the UNSC has approved the release of Chapter VII with conditions. They have till March 31st (love the timeline) for them to complete the border and compensate the families. Iraq needs to approve the monies that was given by Kuwait to the families. They are using three homes as the condition and I am praying Iraq will do the right thing (of course they will;) Cheers to all :)

Questions & Answers that came from OCrush Update Below:

Junipermoon, on 22 Mar 2013 - 10:02, said: Please can someone explain what "three homes" as a condition means exactly.... Thanks for update. Very positive sounding.

z1world VIP Executive Member Posted Today, 09:05 AM said: There were a few homes that were either on the the Kuwaiti side or in the buffer zone between Iraq and Kuwait after they redid the boarders.

Giligan Posted Today, 10:54 AM said: Yes! Dinarista posted the article yesterday @ 1:14 pm, Titled Kobler: Boundary Work Must Be Completed By March 31st

. Reference the 3rd paragraph;

He said the finalization of the removal of obstacles along the border, in particular the three houses in Umm Qasr, is a "necessary step".

"Understandably, this step is sensitive and politically difficult for Iraq, " he explained. "However, this must be done by 31 March".
[weneedit] So will we be hearing that we should watch Sunday when markets open lol you know the pattern sorry had to say that.

[viper1] On TK's site Carol Beams has given her latest as of 8:00am this morning. The FIP (fines and penalties) from PP are being distributed as of last night and we should receive our email at the latest on Monday.

[spiritfilled] viper1 Good morning and the word is no later than Monday on the emails but I assume could be think???

[louthunder] GM Well I said I would be back if what I was told did not happen in the time frame I believed. So here I am with my two pieces of Wood, Nails and three spikes. Have at me.

[puppylove] louthunder no worries, it is kind of like trying to nail jello to the wall :bighug:

[louthunder] okrocks misskitty05 puppylove TexasMom I wondered if you would catch it. lol. Listen, I have been told that we are still a go just did not make the timeframe that we thought. There was just a couple of hold ups but all of the sources I have are in the belief that we are right there

[spiritfilled] viper1 Good morning and the word is no later than Monday on the emails but I assume could be think???
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Live PeopleInvested Call Friday 4:05 EST with Millionday, Fresh and Special Guests:

Come join for a live call to update all our friends in the dinar community on the latest developments with the IQD.  We have a LOT to talk about especially from the UN Meeting on Thursday!  There have been a lot of developments since our last call and we will also spend some time discussing how to exchange dinars and lock your rate in the event of a change in value, etc. Towards the end of the call we will take some live callers in Q&A! Feel free to post any questions you have in our official call thread at

This call will be recorded and we will post the mp3 when we are finished!

Conference dial-in number: (209) 647-1600
Participant access code: 496903

Playback number: (209) 647-1699 496903 # (after the call)


The IQD Team Connection with LJ from LJ's Next Step Team
Straight Talkin Mike, LJ, Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Thursday, March 21, 2013
Replay of Conference Call

Conference Call Replay - March 21, 2013
760-569-7699   Pin 769478#

Another Great Call Last Night With:
Straight Talkin' Mike & L.J. of L.J.'s Next Step Team
THE IQD Team Connection  

Please listen to the replay in its entirety for all the
latest CBI, Economy and Government News from Iraq

The I.Q.D. Team Connection News Coverage
for Thursday, March 21, 2013


Cautious] Wildduck... ok, lots of hype, but yet a quiet day. What do you say about that!

[WILDDUCK] Cautious not telling you, thats for sure!  thats telephone, telegraph tella cautious

[buybyeby] Jester, CL article points to work yet to be done. A signal or smoke?

[WILDDUCK] buybyeby nope not what we were told it is them getting a green light on the work that article 4 required them to do prior to revaluation. Some times parcing line by line on a document is not the way of understanding

Jester] buybyeby i think the fact they are talking about it with them about that at all at this point is interesting...

[wabbit60] Jester Is the UST getting back to their true role the key to this?

 [WILDDUCK] wabbit60 NO

[Jester] wabbit60 not necessarily the key but maybe an indicator...

[keiji] WILDDUCK Blaino said today he had multiple confirmations of cashout in Iraq. Footforward said that he know 100% that no one has cashed out. Which way do you roll? TY


The Big Call Thursday Recording Link and Replay #'s


Replay 1-559-726-1159    123456#

39 Minutes

The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter

Foot Forward I am encouraged with the info I have. I'm really sorry I can't share many details. This is not for fear of stopping the rv, but once info gets out there, people who want attention "confirm" this intel (even if its not true) and this whole cycle starts. I do expect the RV soon. But I felt I needed to put this short call out... Foot

Footforward-- 10 Min (209)647-1699 Pin 668064# MP3 LINK

Footforward There is plenty of good information out there, but the really good information isn't out there yet. A group of us are trying to confirm some of the information. A lot of the the information is controlled and therefore misinformation.

I was told last week there would be a misinformation campaign that would last a couple of weeks and the information would get crazier and crazier such as a LOP, cashing in overseas, etc. & it's going to get worse.

I can speak with 100% certainty that not one single person has cashed out...nobody in Iraq, no contractor, no soldiers, not one single person, period.

This is part of the misinformation & may continue for another week & expect it to get worse. The RV is close and can go at any time, any day.

[Precious] I just recieved a call and was told that WF in Reno has called the employees in to start calling the dinar holders for Bashing messenger!!!

[Precious] EU went BASIL 3 today...Cypress was a coverup... all from a text I just recieved...treat as rumor until confirmed

[Agent 007] Precious I guarantee you that isn't a rumor but out and out fact - Cypress must be a smoke signal

[Precious] But EU going Basil 3 TODAY???????? woohoo1

[mssaigon] Precious woohoo1 woohoo1

[bigdogmom] charps84 RV there yet..... roflmao I think we're here!!!

[js86901] precious is that contact you heard from a good source of yours?

[Precious] js86901 no I got a call from friend who has a good source

[Precious] WF gearing up for exchange

[pamela77] Great Precious thank you so much for your intel!

[Precious] pamela77 yw hon..Carol had the same intel in here

[Precious] she had 4 confirmations

[angelbabies28] Precious wooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooo

[Precious] so we hope it is true
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Randy Koonce Playback @ 712-432-1085 ++ Pin: 541268 #



REAL RV INTEL - Not BS by John MacHaffie

I just spoke with one of my very "in the know" contacts, things are on track and have been for three weeks. Some of the problems have been political and some pure greed as always. Don't lose hope. It is still anytime now but drop dead date due to banks being Basel III compliant is April 5th. Hold up yesterday was that many banks are angry. They were told it was a scam and did not participate. They are furious that WF got the goods. All is being corrected now. Some countries (China) have already revalued their currency.

Iraq has rv'd and are paying contrators and others in dinar. Until world has their own access to the revalued dinar, the payments are worth nothing. It has to rv everywhere. Other countries are pushing US hard and not waiting any more....demanding with serious consequences if we don't do "it"!

We will get the truth of this when it happens. Many heads are rolling and will roll and you need to be ready to accept that those leaders you loved may have been crooks.

Not to worry about banks taking money. Fear mongering on internet, lots of lies to keep us enslaved. Military is with us and will step into monetary system if needed in order to protect our accounts.

Whole new world for us is coming and it will take years to recover because of the brainwashing that has occurred. Those who have never wanted to hear the truth will have the worst time.

For your own sakes, get your head out of the sand. It will protect your wealth, your health and your sanity.

Remember, "And you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free!" God is about to reveal Himself big time!!! Jesus is King!

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