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6pm, March 23rd, 2014    


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Fact Check #106 Posted by White Hat Auxiliary
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Iraq then progressed accordingly as the week continued

1.  Announcement that the people are going to get paid shares of the oil revenues beginning 3/21. This is the HCL law implementation ! This is HUGE!  By the way there was a gross misunderstanding of articles that came out again this week about Kurdistan once again  negotiating with the GOI for these oil payments and meanwhile turning on the oil spigot.
As I said in my last couple news articles these kind of articles are foolish and lies. They are meant only to fool us and confuse us cause we all know that HCL was fully agreed upon months ago and just waiting in the wings to be implemented. It is now progressing into full implementation.  

2. Article after article on an announcement made by the finance ministry that Iraq will see a major economic change in the country by April 1st of this year.  


GeorgeH   03/23/2014 12:37pm

Just wanted to post mnt goat's latest news letter. Just came across today. Very optimistic !!! Good read and very informative.

Hi Everyone,

I can hardly believe on how Spring in Germany is quickly coming to us. Snow is rapidly melting and warmer days are here. Can you tell I luv Spring? It is so long awaited. Today I am going to put on the climbers boots and do another one of my early Spring hikes up the mountain. I am going to do this hike relaxed and very confident cause I know some other long awaited changes too are just on the very near horizon.

Today's News


Shahristani Office confirms Kurdistan initiative on the export of oil beginning to end all disputes between the center and the region

  [tlm724] initiative on the export of oil beginning to end all disputes between the center and the region

[tlm724] beginning to end all outstanding differences between the center and the region

[tlm724] 'This comes from the keenness Shahristani, the wealth of the Iraqi people's oil    sweet !!!!


Post by ehankins � March 23rd, 2014,  After a few months of listening and reading here at KTFAlways this is my take on the happenings in the world with our investment. Some may say,"duh" but it's my view.

Iraq, is to become a cashless society and yes there will be lower denoms for use but, the goal is to eliminate all the paper and become 100% digital. This will usher in the first cashless society.

We,in the U.S.and other countries currently use debit cards as an ushering in of a cashless society here.


Millie wrote on March 22nd, 2014,  Jack is smart, brilliant, and was Placed in position for such a time as this !

    Memphis wrote on March 22nd, 2014,

    Actually, in the private sector "Jack" is regarded as a bit of a joke. He has had a few "real" jobs and none of them produced any fruit.

    Was he placed as Treasury Sec for such a time as this? perhaps.

    Smart, brilliant? sorry....    Blessings,    Memphis



WHAT IS BASEL 3?  Posted by EXOGEN on March 23, 2014 at 9:26am



Posted by EXOGEN on March 23, 2014 at 9:24am


The below posts were in our 11am newsletter
    [millionday] slh5282 thanks hun but that is what it is and after it is over we will get what happens during but hope to get loads out of it  smile  --  yw all the time sweety

   [millionday] Hashemi is Iraq from countries committed to pay its debts gives a good indication of what part of the world rankings informal in this area. Where have paid more than $ 40 billion of total debt adjusted to the Paris Club, which was up to 51.6 billion dollars in 2004.

classified Iraq's foreign debts on 4 categories include both debt to Paris Club countries, the debt of non-member states of the Paris Club, and the debt of commercial creditors ( foreign private sector), and the debt of the GCC countries in addition to contracts for consultants accounting and legal.

WhiteHat Auxiliary :

LL : WHA - Found this at another site. Have you heard this and your thoughts?

"Per conversation Arbil is completed and goes into effect in Iraq on April 1st at rate of $3.71 in country. Arbil has been signed by all 3 parties. General Public exchange can take place anytime before April 1st if all goes as planned.

All Internal TRN conversions have been finalized as related to China, UST, historical bonds, gold certificates, and majority control of gold assets by selected entity and organization.

G7 countries are currently blocked from trade as countries no longer want FIAT USD, ie reason for so many currency swaps & liquidity swaps globally and imminent release of TRN's by UST.

Global Dark Pools & Dark Liquidity Pool manipulation in conjunction with FX Probes now face accountability and transparency standards and procedures.

GCR azimuth angle, guidance, and resolution on direct course for target and selected date. Misinformation at maximum level and pending announcements from JL and CL forthcoming.

Cabal final neutralization phase LIVE and all aimpoints are LOCKED. "


Millionday news 3/22/14  Post By Rudie  Part 1

    Welcome to for Millionday news time!

    [millionday] MP for the coalition of state law, Hana al-Tai, the vote on the budget bill a majority in the coming days. explained in a statement received by the Agency (news): He 'is likely to be to pass the budget by majority political after reading it in House of Representatives ', saying' there are initiatives by some political parties to end the differences between the governments of the center and the province of Kurdistan.

" added al-Tai: the 'National Alliance was determined to pass the budget by majority even if it missed the Kurds and united', noting that 'the best way to pass is the majority After months of debates. ' and continued:

   [millionday] 'Omar Parliament is nearing completion, and the problems and demands of the Kurdistan region to end, it must pass the budget by majority, so in the interest of the citizens and meet their needs', indicating that' the ball is now in the court of the National Alliance, and he has to mobilize what could of weight in order to pass the budget by delaying much hurt the people and the country

The World Holds Suicidal America Hostage  By  JC Collins   

March 22, 2014         

With March quickly coming to an end it appears there will be no passage of supporting legislation in Congress for the IMF 2010 Quota and Governance Reforms.

On Friday, the House of Representatives introduced a new aid bill for Ukraine which did not include the reforms.  An earlier version of the bill did in fact include the reforms.

We are entering into a situation where the G20 countries have told the United States that they have until the Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting on April 10th and 11th to enact the required supporting legislation for the IMF Reforms.

Money Myths and the Importance of Thinking for Yourself

Published on - April 27th, 2010
(Modified on - January 27th, 2014) (by J.D. Roth)  

 When I sat down to write Your Money: The Missing Manual, I knew I wanted to start with a chapter on happiness. (Well, to be fair, I was going to conclude the book with this chapter; my editor suggested moving it to the beginning, which was a stroke of genius.) In particular, I wanted to make the point that money doesn't buy happiness. Because we all know that's true, right?

Well, not so much, as it turns out.


[Pam D.] Ghost-Rider The one thing that keeps me thinking we are close are the 'bank stories'. Seems to be more info out in the bank world as we progress through the weeks.

 [Pam D.] We asked at our Capital One branch out here and our favorite teller had not only heard about it but had friends who bought (he didn't confess to owning at the time) both dinar and dong.

[EvangeeGT] Pam D.] how r y feeling about the RV?

 [Pam D.] EvangeeGT I'm feeling great. I wish I could say I think it is tonight or tomorrow. I have almost given up on dates. I do watch the signs and the Kurdistan oil info Tony shared on Friday was a big deal. It's just that this event in unprecedented and they've allowed SO many regular folks to own currency that it's become a HUGE thing to orchestrate.

FACT CHECK #106    Posted on March 22, 2014 .

Greetings, The following was found at OWoN, and without question, is from the top. It has been edited for appearance only. Any clarifying inserted text is in brackets.   

Thank you all for your continued support. 

Stay tuned for more information as allowed. 



Today many more articles will go up, but first we are allowing time for the Bretton Woods issue and more to circulate. Then a further 10 plus will be issued.

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