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6pm, March 26th, 2014    


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Part 2:   From Global Currency Reset Site:

According to Lindsey Williams ( the dollar will be devalued about 30% in the next Global Currency Reset. That's a lot!

Imagine paying 30% more for items from China.Have you ever tried to quickly find ten distinct items in Walmart that are NOT made in China.Even the American flags are made in China! Devaluation is a big part of the Global Currency Reset.

 "market conditions may cause your dollar to buy slightly less"

For some people reading this, you remember how much more your 1971 dollar went versus your 2014 dollar.Think about how far it goes now.Heck, even some like me who remember in high school when minimum wage was $5.15 and gas was only around $1 a gallon, yes you could get over 5 gallons per hour you worked.

This content is for general information purposes only and does not constitute advice of any kind. All information given is the opinion of the provider. Dinar Recaps assumes no responsibility for information contained on this website and disclaims all liability in respect of such information.

Part 1: From Global Currency Reset Site

Historical background on the Global Currency Reset

Looking back, the last Global Currency Reset happened between 1944 and 1945, towards the end of World War II.The powers that be decided that a new global world reserve currency was needed, so it became the US Dollar.

Previously, the pound sterling (British Pound) was used starting about 1860 or so (the time of the United States Civil War) until around 1914 when the Federal Reserve, a private company, was born.Obviously Britain was devastated by World War II and they were no longer a superpower, so the dollar became the world reserve currency officially after World War II.


IMHO, This is tied to the USA not wanting to lose POWER, ie 2010 IMF reforms. This is also tied to currencies no longer wanting the FRN's for Trade, and securing the Financial Markets and eliminating Illegal Currency Manipulation via the FX Probes.

See the USA which has the majority vote in the IMF controls the IMF as well. Jack Lew knows countries are now doing currency SWAPS to circumvent the FIAT FRN and eliminate the Petro Dollar Global Monopoly.

Then you have to add where is the Funding coming from to fund the RV. The funding is coming from all of the Gold moves you see and the Historical Bonds and other bonds. The rate on the Bonds has been locked at CME at $3.71 for close to 2 weeks now.

Post From KTFA by aggiedad77 � March 26th, 2014, 1:16 pm  * 

Wednesday Morning News Summaries

IMF: Iraq maintained the stability of its economy, despite the decline in oil prices and the budget deficit of 6%

This article was first seen in yesterday's news summaries....but I want to touch on a couple of points that I may have left out yesterday.....Iraq's GDP for 2013 was pegged at 6% and is predicted to be even stronger this year....if they can get off their butts with the budget....

also....there was earlier talk....can't quote the will say.....IMO.....about a large sum of money "missing" from the DFI.....can if my feeble memory serves me correctly the finger was being pointed at the CBI....well near the bottom of this article is a paragraph that can easily be overlooked,

Post by Manu68 � March 26th, 2014, 2:07 am  *  [Post 146]

Hey Frank/Delta. Two questions:

1) i thought there was an exit plan with M's name on it ready to go as they had too much on him and for him to go away quietly. Now he's being allowed to run a third term (even if he is the better man for the job and playing nice)?

2) elections are a big thing for any country. It would be beneficial for M to speed this RV up to get the votes from the citizens prior to the elections no? Also, wouldn't the GOI want the main focus to be on the elections with the people rather than adding the hullabaloo of any RV so wld be pushing for elections first then the RV. Which if true, will place us seeing a RV after but before June?

Btw thank you for the cc and thank you Bulldog for the notes. Always received with gratitude.

This content is for general information purposes only and does not constitute advice of any kind. All information given is the opinion of the provider. Dinar Recaps assumes no responsibility for information contained on this website and disclaims all liability in respect of such information.

Global Currency Reset - Are You Ready?

OK, so what is the GCR all about?

Before we get started, here is a quote from Winston Churchill:

"The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see."

The reset HAS to happen, no doubt about it, but when and how is another story.
All of the major currencies of the world will be revalued based on the assets of the country itself. This is supposed to be according to a source, the IMF should be charge, but since details are secret, we don't really know.


Gold the best guarantee for the stability of exchange rates

Posted by EXOGEN on March 26, 2014 at 12:13pm

3/26/2014 0:00   Baghdad -confirmed two economists that the application of monetary policy tools of the central bank in an active manner that WOULD ENHANCE THE VALUE OF THE CURRENCY and maintain the stability of exchange rates against foreign currencies, considering a central strengthening reserves monetary gold that is in line with the current stage to strengthen Iraq's economy.

The central bank may He announced that the amount of gold purchased during the month of March about 36 tons of high purity is very applicable to international standards adopted, comes as part of the strategy pursued by the Bank in the management of reserves of foreign to achieve racial safety and safety through the use of monetary policy tools to stabilize the exchange rate of the dinar against foreign currencies .

Highlights from Tuesday Night KTFA Conference Call-3-25-14

Frank states there was a IMF Article 4 Review with Iraq on March 24th.  In Frank's opinion Iraq is Article 8 complient- we just do not see it yet. Iraq is ready for WTO ascension....We just do not see it yet.

Franks Opinion is to pay attention to the month of April as the IMF often makes changes at that time.

On Monday the US Senate moved to pass the Ukraine-aid bill.   Inside it was the 2010 IMF reform....The bill passed at 6:30 PM pm last night and it was passed by a super-majority in the senate. So they can bypass the house and send it right to O for his signature.

Why did they need a super-majority?  It is because of the 2010 IMF reform bill and not because of aid for the Ukraine.

The I.Q.D. Team Connection with L.J., Straight Talkin' Mike, L.J., Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Replay of Conference Call
or Call: 760-569-7699 / Pin: 769478#

Great Night of News & Discussion with Straight Talking Mike & L.J. of L.J.'s Next Step Team & "THE I.Q.D. Team Connection"

The I.Q.D. Team Connection's News Coverage
for Tuesday - March 25, 2014 


Two: Gold the best guarantee for the stability of exchange rates

[tlm724] first off I want to say it is awesome to keep seeing articles about this ! Iraq seems very proud of this as they should be ! they are showing us some of their "new" monetary policy here that the application of monetary policy tools of the central bank

[tlm724] this gold has multiple purposes so lets look at them   

[tlm724] the best one is this:

[tlm724] active manner that would enhance the value of the currency *hallelujah*

[lightingcslt] *mission*

[tlm724] and of course to maintain the stability

The below posts were in our 10am newsletter



The Big Call Recording Link and Replay #'s for Tuesday

The Big Call Recording Link for Tuesday night, 3-25-14


Playback number: (559)726-1159 access code 123456#  

125 Minutes

The Big Call

chaseybear : when they say the RV is done they mean it is at the Central Banks and down to the local banks in a holding pattern waiting for the green light everything will happen at once

Austin-Powers-for PM: if we don't accept this IMF reform there is a good chance that CL could freeze the GCR until the IMF meets on April 11th and restructure the entire voting arrangement to nix the U.S. as the veto power of the IMF. That is going to happen, but this way we can cut the best deal now instead of having it shoved down our throat by the world community.

[artmeister2] I have a contact who gets rumortel from a Forex Banker who said this was to have gone down between midnight and 3:00 a.m. last night. So, he does not know what happened and can only assume that maybe it will during the same time tonight into tomorrow. Just passing along what I have been told. We can hope for that to be that case.
[artmeister2] Also, the moderator on the open mike just said when I mentioned the Wall Street Forex Banker who said this was to have gone down last night between midnight and 3:00 a.. m. said she had heard the same thing about last night.

How to Sustain Motivation when You're Struggling

Edited by Flickety, Mimi, Krystle, Lillian May and 15 others

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. - Henry Ford

Never, never, never, never give up. - Winston Churchill

After being motivated initially, there comes the second part - staying motivated when you don't feel the same excitement as you did in the beginning.
Perhaps something new has come into your life and your old goal isn't as much of a priority anymore. Perhaps you skipped a day or two and now you can't get back into it. Perhaps you screwed up and got discouraged.

[millionday] ok brb with more

    [millionday] here we go  wilson this is for you

    [millionday] Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb embraces Iraq meeting unions Arab Chambers of Commerce at its 116th end of the month with the participation of local and international wide. was announced by Chairman of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce Jaafar al-Hamdani and said that this meeting is held in Iraq after a break of more than 40 years,

reflecting the importance of Iraq and restore it to its role at the international and regional levels. added that this meeting will contribute to the strengthening of cooperation with Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Arab and international, in order to achieve economic viability of the country, said that the Union will organize a conference to invest in Kurdistan Iraq by the end of this month in Arbil, which coincides with a meeting of the session (116).

Mllionday News 3/25/14 Post by Rudie  Part 1

    Welcome to and News Time with Millionday!

    [millionday] we have great news tonight and very interesting   here we go

    [millionday] The World Bank warned the Iraqi government from interfering in the work of the Central Bank {Baghdad: Euphrates News} said Liberal MP from the parliamentary bloc Bahaa al-Araji, that the "international student Nabek reform policies and non-interference by the Iraqi government in the political CBI especially with regard to the subject of borrowing."

He said al-Araji, said in a statement received by the Euphrates News Agency {} a copy of it on Tuesday, "We had already warned of the deteriorating economic and financial situation in the country because of the failure to take policies professional and overlapping powers and interference in the work of the central bank by the Iraqi government." and

The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter
Monday Night BGG's Evening Dinar News with Kaperoni

(In Email Newsletter, click blue title for Audio Player)

48 Minutes

Eagle1 � March 25th, 2014, 9:15 pm 

Good Evening, Family!

Let me begin this OPINION piece by first saying that I know there are some skeptics who don't believe we are going to see a Global Currency Reset, despite the fact that such media worthies as FOX Business News, CNBC, Bloomberg (and even the lowly CNN), along with some very outspoken economists, are increasingly talking about it and the absolute necessity of this event in order to right some serious global economic problems.

Before I express my opinion, let's talk about an event that has been front and center in the news media yesterday and today.
Senator John McCain made the statement yesterday (covered by the major news networks) that he expected the Senate to pass the aid bill to Ukraine, along with the accompanying 2010 IMF Code of Reforms as a rider.

(Note: Red Lily's comments are in blue)

Article IV: Obligations Regarding Exchange Arrangements

1. General obligations of members
2. General exchange arrangements
3. Surveillance over exchange arrangements
4. Par values
5. Separate currencies within a member's territories

Section 1. General obligations of members

Recognizing that the essential purpose of the international monetary system is to provide a framework that facilitates the exchange of goods, services, and capital among countries, and that sustains sound economic growth, and that a principal objective is the continuing development of the orderly underlying conditions that are necessary for financial and economic stability, each member undertakes to collaborate with the Fund and other members to assure orderly exchange arrangements and to promote a stable system of exchange rates. In particular, each member shall:


[jack1977] HSBC: Iraqi Gold Purchases Reinforce Gold's Role As Diversifier Tuesday March 25, 2014 3:02 PM News that the Central Bank of Iraq accumulated 36 metric tons of gold in March "reinforces gold's rose as a portfolio diversifier," says HSBC.

Iraq's central bank doubled its gold holdings, and the purchase was the largest monthly gold accumulation for a central bank since the Mexico added 78.5 tons of gold in March 2011, says HSBC.

"Central banks, most notably from the emerging markets, have been accumulating bullion since 2010 as a means to diversify away from the USD," HSBC says.

"We expect central banks bullion accumulation to total 400t this year."

  risk1 wrote on March 25th, 2014, 1:25 pm:  IN MY OPINION

Verdict is in....Iraq, your not ready...

Post by RichieC � March 25th, 2014, I think you are seeing this as a "half-full" glass. The article IMO indicates that Iraq has shown improvement, but there are things that need to be done. This statement is the important part though and what I find we should be positive about:

"The exchange rate-supported by ample international reserves of the central bank-provides a key nominal anchor to the economy and has served Iraq well. We encouraged the Central Bank of Iraq to renew its efforts to liberalize gradually the foreign exchange market, further reducing the spread between the auction and parallel market rates.

The way I read it is they are recommending Iraq gradually change the rate.

Tuesday News Summaries

We are with approving the budget, but not at the expense of the Kurds

An MP from the Kurdistan Alliance spoke up and stated that the decision of the Kurds to begin flowing 100,000 barrels of oil per day is a good gesture.....

according to this individual the Kurdistan Alliance is ready to attend all Parliament sessions and approve the draft budget before the end of the current Parliament.....

but he also states that this budget should not be passed at the expense of the Kurdistan people.

Highlights from KTFA Monday Night Conference Call

Frank recalled that 2 weeks he told us about the media blackout...and now we are seeing it...

We are seeing articles talking about the media blackout, and even the parliament banned the media from their meetings.

The CBI is trying to exit article 14 and qualify for article 8...this week there will be a IMF article 4 review to see if they qualify for international status.  In franks opinion this is the last article 4 review they will have before going international.

In Franks opinion the first and only place to see the new rate announcement is at the CBI.

As we grow close to Iraqs currency being international...Frank warns that there will be people trying to make you attractive offers trying to get a hold of your dinar......and you should stay away from them....

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