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10pm, March 28th, 2013   


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Blaino Tidbits from Planet Dinar Thursday Afternoon
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The Big Call, Thursday 7pm (ET) Conference Call
Thursday Afternoon Dinar Chatter
The announcement of the end of the problem of the border between Iraq and Kuwait to demolish 3 house
OCrush Update from PeoplesDinar forum Thursday AM
The Biggest Cyberattack in Internet History is Happening Right Now posted at OOM by MisplacedBuckeye
Late Wed.PM/Early Thurs.AM Rumors and Opinions
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SteveI and Ray Q&A Emailed to Recaps Thursday AM
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[SGD3] queenmother4 First rule of money- Never spend the principal...

[DrRod] SGD3 First rule, tell no one... be quiet and then be even still more quiet...

[DrRod] SGD3 Be quiet, Live frugally, pay off all debt. and be quiet... Invest wisely (may be difficult for some to do since they've never had any real money). Set up trusts for kids and grand kids. Live off the interest.

[SGD3] DrRod And keep control!!!! No matter what

[DrRod] SGD3 If you give to charity, give in the form of an"endowment." This way the money you give is generating interest for the org and they can't ever spend the principal.

[Maryrose] DrRod good advice

[DrRod] By the way endowments usually can be set up with a term, that is certain dates for ten, 20 years... After the term you can get back your money or let it ride with the same organization. The good thing about an endowment is that the organization has restrictions on how they spend it...

[cowtown333] i thought the 1st rule of money is don't talk abou t money ... the 2nd rule was don't talk abou t money ... wait maybe thats fight club???

[queenmother4] Drrod do you get tax breaks for endowments
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[5:07:40 PM][Blaino] text: high rv alert message: next hours/minutes could be pivotal! Remain CALM, for info,i'll text when "it" happens!

Blaino: mack123 WELL... OLIVER.... Banks, politicians (current and retired).... Sources, contacts and "gut" says .... "now"

Blaino: we are getting a ton of intel and incountry stuff from several directions....

Blaino: we are going to have more in about 2 hours from a good source, rarely heard from due to hazards of the PROGRAM....

Blaino: imf has (apparently) issued ORDERS...

Blaino: F.O.G. Says "it's ON....!"

Blaino: mack123 WELL... OLIVER.... Banks, politicians (current and retired).... Sources, contacts and "gut" says .... "now"

[Blaino] i'll give everyone 6 to 8 weeks to: get new teeth, new hair or hairdo, lose 5 pounds and get a really "impressive" RIDE... 'cause you cannot go anywhere without a "really impressive ride!"... New wardrobe and lots of spendy jewelery, watches and so ON.... Then we can all get together in branson and brag!

[Blaino] additional stuff is just in:::::::::::::: major fincl 'players'.... Say "be ready" these are 'management types' that will line up to "help you!" in a post rv environment.... And this one is cross connected with a piggybank... So they get good stuff! more later

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

The Big Call for Thursday, March 28th is at 7 PM ET

Participant Line is 559-726-1150

Listener Only line 530-881-1150

no access code is needed for either line

burk50] Steve's post Recaps is good Done,Done,Done

[gdsgrl21] burk50 One thing that maybe wasn't transcribed into recaps correctly is on SteveI's post is someone asked him if theres a time frame to go do the CE and there's no answer.... someone else asked him and he said it was already we really don't know the answer to that!

[burk50] Pat does he say before the first?? Toooooo

[greasee5] UN chief to visit five nations in Europe

[okrocks] [SteveI] I think the last few laws will wrap it up [SteveI] As for the timeline [SteveI] could be as early as this weekend. [SteveI] or could be as early as next week.

[burk50] Ok rocks Delta discussed many reasons why it needs to happen before or by the first ,one is they r to pay widows and many others on activated card on Momday

[snowwolfsdee] one step closer one step closer
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The announcement of the end of the problem of the border between Iraq and Kuwait to demolish three houses in the Umm Qasr area

Thursday, March 28, 2013 - 6:23

Basra's governor Khalaf Abdul Samad, "that yesterday saw the need to end the border between Iraq and Kuwait to demolish three houses on the border between the two countries in the Umm Qasr area southwest of Basra."

Said Abdul Samad during a joint press conference appeared in Basra with the head of the UN mission in Iraq, Martin Kobler, attended correspondent for Radio tow "The end of file border came after compensation homeowners that have been removed, describing the move task to exit Iraq from Chapter VII."

For his part, the President of the United Nations Mission in Iraq Martin Kobler, "The number of outstanding problems between the two countries have been resolved, including the problem of territorial waters in the Khawr Abd Allah."
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Posted Today, 10:28 AM

Its a stand off! LOL! Between some blocs and the CoM (Council of Ministers). The CoM need to ratify and vote on the amnesty law and the accountability & justice and send it to parliament for a vote. Once this is done then parliament will vote on the antiquities, mesopotamian and other laws. The CoM is playing a dangerous game here but they will blink...the people are watching:) The CoM will hold an emergency meeting to vote on these two issues before sunday:) Pray!!!

Also, the 3 homes that were on the border were demolished and they are finishing the border...YAHOOO! The conditions that were set by the UNSC have been completed (just the 3 homes) and the families were compensated:) Great news!


The biggest cyberattack in Internet history is happening right now

By Chris Gayomali |

Things on the web feel a little sluggish today? You aren't imagining things. Security experts claim that the largest cyberattack in Internet history is happening right now, slowing services like Netflix to a crawl and making other global websites completely unreachable. The traffic jam is all due to a very public spat between a Dutch webhosting company and a quiet spam-fighting organization. Here's what you need to know:

What's going on?

Spamhaus is a non-profit that - you guessed it - helps organizations fight spam and other unwanted stuff by providing them with content filters. The company keeps tabs of malicious servers on exhaustive blacklists. The trouble began when Spamhaus blacklisted a Dutch company called Cyberbunker, a service that offers hosting to any kind of website "except child porn and anything related to terrorism." A Cyberbunker spokesman said that Spamhaus was abusing its power, and should not be allowed to decide "what goes and does not go on the Internet."
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[puppylove] "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

[redhead1] Maybe this is selfish but I can truthfully say I am looking forward to being vindicated to all of the people who have told me this is never going to happen and I am off my rocker for thinking it will RV.

[redhead1] Jester - do you see anything good for us with Jack Lew meeting with O and Bidden today (by the way I love you too)

[Jester] redhead1 i do think that all these little clues add up to the big picture..

[greasee5] Jester imo, Dimon resigning after congressional hearings and inquiries, and his remarks, speak volumes

[Jester] greasee5 that is definitely some interesting news for sure...

misskitty05) did Dimon really resign?
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The below posts were in our 10am newsletter


Below are many of the questions asked in Chat tonight featuring Steve and Ray.  Some questions were not answered, but are below anyway. Desertdog is Ray- whe is SteveI's partner and contact.

Thank you Steve and Ray! 

Did the Antiquities law get passed?
[desertdog] We are not sure if it passed or not.
[wrt] do you have an idea of when the budget will be in the gazzette

.[desertdog] I wish I knew but have no idea at the present time.
[SteveI] We believe this week

[SteveI] by the way you all have our permission to share with others.

[4HisGlory] Hi!! What exact steps will we need to follow or will be required once it RV's? Does Chap VII have to be lifted formally for us to be able to cash in at our banks?

[desertdog] Once it RVs you should be able to go to your bank and cash in.
[SteveI] I have a list of banks that will work with us.

[Domino] Shoud we expect them to work or show any results on Friday (their Holy day)
[desertdog] They have in the past so it is possible.

[Noeta] Can they pass these laws tomorrow in the same fashion that they passed the budget without a quorum?


The IQD Team Connection along with LJ from LJ's Next Step Team
Straight Talkin Mike, LJ, Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question, Deliver
Conference Call
Thursday, March 28, 2013      8PM EST

Join us tonight as we continue our mission to Investigate,  Question &  Deliver the "Straight Talk" with all the UP TO THE MINUTE IRAQ NEWS related to Iraq, Dinar, RV News.... Pre & Post RV.....Followed by Live Q & A

Call in Number:   760-569-7676  Pin 769478# or
Back Up 760-569-7676  Pin 712222# (listen only)


Please Remember to Click on the"CC NEWS ARTICLES" Tab
On our website
Approx. 5 Minutes Before the CC Tonight...And Then Click on Today's Date
So You Can Follow Along With the News!

The IQD Team Connection
"As Always...All The Latest Iraq, Dinar & RV News and More...Pre & Post RV...Followed by Live Q & A"

Tuesday & Thursday 8PM EST 

Join us tonight as we continue our mission to keep the Dinar community informed with the "STRAIGHT TALK" Truth and the Facts based on the News


Tlar's Perspective On Articles On CBI - Articles & Links Shown  Below

TLAR SAYS:  Its obvious from the articles the CBI is attempting to restrict sales of foreign currencies only to the amount that is needed to do business with the outside world.  Two things are  apparent to me.

 The first is that by doing this, the excess dollars that have been being purchased and smuggled out of the country by neighboring countries like Iran and Syria will slow to a trickle as they find it harder and harder to get.

If the banks are restricted to only so much foreign currency they can buy per week, then they will have to choose between legitimate needs and illegitimate requests for this currency.

 The CBI does have a way on line now to monitor the banks transactions daily.  If they suspect someone illegal to be "bidding" up the dollar by offering more than the program rate to get access to these funds, the CBI can identify them and the bank and shut them off. 

The CBI is obviously decided to shut down the free for all on the currency that we have witnessed for the last 7-8 months.  Why now is the question. What they are calling today a problem, is exactly what has brought the dinar back into balance,

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