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6pm, March 3rd, 2013   


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[ok rocks] novemberwhiskey what are your thoughts? can they have voted and passed the budget but withhold it for a time from us? some peeps are wondering....

[novemberwhiskey] ok rocks well? they sure could have, normally before i believe anything, 3 different sources that do not know each other have to verify it..

[novemberwhiskey] personal sources that is,

[ok rocks] novemberwhiskey ty what have you gotten on that? anything?

[novemberwhiskey] ok rocks there is a lot of bs out there, however lets look at all of the information and how it is lining up, never before has this much stuff started to come together... very exciting to see this develope. we should all be grateful

[ok rocks] novemberwhiskey no doubt I am already grateful :) also heard contracts were intiated... we shall see

[novemberwhiskey] just like on that old tv series the A-team, i love it when a plan comes together!!!

[ok rocks] novemberwhiskey good one! thanks :)

( Larry]Budget passed!!!
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The Invitation is ". . . a declaration of intent, a map into the longing of the soul, the desire to live passionately, face-to-face with ourselves and skin-to-skin with the world."

It is the story of a very human woman who longs to live fully awake. It is the story of the human heart's capacity and longing to live intimately with all of it-the joy and the sorrow, the hope and the fear.

The Invitation was published by HarperONE, San Francisco in the spring of 1999. It became a best-seller and has been translated into over fifteen languages around the world - Oriah Mountain Dreamer


Instead of focusing on the knots and "nots" in your life - starve those for a while and practice giving energy to the great "I am's" and the wonderful forgotten "have's" in your life --

Remove the have nots, the can nots and the do nots

Erase the will nots, may nots, might nots and all of the am nots

If you have already seen or heard of this may it be a "gentle" reminder to give you encouragement for today - The music is beautiful and very calming - enjoy


[diverdown] do you guys want to see some good news that was posted 8:06am central by Stevei?

[diverdown] stevei: Great news. I sent the actual article over to Ray and he sent it to our local contact here in Phoenix. Ray called me back last night and shared the awesome news. Yes the budget is now in parts with several addendums or additions. They will vote only on the general budget and pass it, then they will if they have time start voting on the other.

If it does not get done, they will continue voting on them at a later date. I also found out that the rate is a bit higher because it is not based on $95 per barrel of oil. Huge news if you ask me. I have the post ready, the text ready and the email ready as soon as I get he work from Iraq the budget is done. Blessings, Steve

[Robertprofessor] Waking up to see there's conflicting news on the Iraqi budget. Has that ever happened before? lol

[cruiser] Robertprofessor Cough cough.. Too much smoke

[vote4rv] did anyone have any follow up to the confirmations from the blaino cc? okie's plane has got to be touching down soon? [

rotormech35] Somebody just tell me we are in good shape and this will be over soon!!!???

[jamajacks] rotormech35 We are in great shape and this will be over soon!
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[gunny] WILDDUCK gm how's it going?

[spiritfilled] WILDDUCK good morning brother

[okrocks] WILDDUCK GM sorry I missed you in here last night... but today is a great day

[dwanna] Wildduck there are some who are in need of a bit of Hopium. Do you have any this morning?

[trex] they did the budget tonight not Monday

[musiccitylady] lets just see what next week brings and stay positive

[WILDDUCK] musiccitylady is somebody negative with the earth moving under there feet why?

[musiccitylady] WILDDUCK Not sure what has happened. been told lower denoms out on streets, have u heard that too?

[WILDDUCK] musiccitylady no but then again did it come from an iraqi watcher

[okrocks] WILDDUCK it came from an Iraqi
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The below posts were in our 11am email


8:38 AM [xyz] 3:39 AM [ono62] cgmom70 but have hope

3:40 AM [cgmom70] ono62 we are very close like on the edge

3:40 AM [ono62] incite me

3:40 AM [cgmom70] that i dont say close thats guru but my stand point we are close

3:41 AM [cgmom70] gurus can run but they just got done in parlament with the budget

3:41 AM [ono62] voted?

3:41 AM [cgmom70] yes

3:41 AM [ono62] passed?

3:42 AM [cgmom70] the budget was just done at 3.42 our time actually min before hand


DINARBELEIVER: Last night I posted a real bank rumour which happened in the Leeds/Bradford area of Yorkshire uk. As promised here is the update as my good friend caught up with the person in question

My mate-

I have known this lady for about 8 months, and was one of a team of three people that selected her at a job interview. I no longer work with her having moved to a different post.

She was one of the top three candidates for her post, and I can personally vouch for her credibility and reliability having worked with her. She is a psychology undergraduate.

I have just had a ten minute phone conversation with her, having yesterday heard a second hand account of her dealing with Halifax Bank in the process of applying for a mortgage. She was with her partner and a mortgage advisor, being taken through a standard application for a mortgage.




Frank26:  I am already there ......... But I'll let You cut in line...... Since the end of October last year we laid out the path to this blessing of a budget.I am pleased so many things we forecasted have revealed and unfolded themselves before our eyes.   These are ............ Epic Times ........... In our lives.Aloha I am past excited.   Im ........ Prepared. A hui ho ....... Aloha Ohana Oe Nani Koki ........Nite Delta ........ I am SO PROUD of YOU ........ ;)Be Safe .



[flashing] don t pay attention to anything negative because everything is great.

 [hunter35] flashing That's what I'm thinkin'

[greek1212] flashing r the dealers still positive

[flashing] greek1212 yes they are but they are also promoting trips and other investments in iraq

[flashing] the meeting of Biden with Iraq on wednesday was a step forward on this ride and people haven't pay any attention to it.

[Blessingsabundant] flashing I believe that about negative and all can be great, but not seeing any action.

 [dinofan] This whole thing is unseemly...threats, lies, gag orders, NDA's, Black SUV's, resignations for "your own good", confiscation of personal assets if "orders" aren't followed precisely.....does this sound like the "Good Guys" are in charge of this?? We are in bed with the Enemy IMO

 [flashing]  they will do the recommendation of ban ki moon. they will release the international sanctions except the ones related to missing property and persons and the one related to the billion dolllars owed to Kuwait

[flashing] i am relax and confident but grounded

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