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10am March 9th, 2016

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Thanks Dr. Clarke for sending this to us today:

DR. CLARKE: For the past 9 weeks, we've been pointing toward the Month of MARCH, particularly the importance of the 1st Week of March, through the 8th.

Today is the 9th, and everything is right on schedule. The next 2 weeks are SUPER CRITICAL, as we'll explain.

We still expect Everyone to be exchanging their Iraq Dinar at Exchange Centers, including Banks, NO LATER than MARCH 22, 2016.

We know, this is a bold statement. MUCH MUCH more is going on than is printed in ANY articles you read from anyone, anywhere. Articles are nice, but remember, Iraq is at ground zero, in the heart of a Worldwide War.

What's printed for release is all controlled. ALL of it. Don't kid yourself. Always keep this in mind going forward.

The most important, most detailed FACTS, are sealed from public knowledge. Also keep in mind, that NONE of this - is a "Logical" process. There's too many moving parts, publicly controlled and released, on purpose. "Complete Confusion", is the designed strategy, by those at the helm, and they've done a great job of it.


4,000-Yr Old Financial Indicator Says A Major Crisis Is Looming

Over 4,000 years ago during Sargon the Great's reign of the Akkadian Empire, it took 8 units of silver to buy one unit of gold. 

This was a time long before coins. It would be thousands of years before the Lydians in modern day Turkey would invent gold coins as a form of money. 

Back in the Akkadian Empire, gold and silver were still used as a medium of exchange. 

But the prices of goods and services were based on the weight of metal, and typically denominated in a unit called a 'shekel', about 8.33 grams.


Millionday Tuesday Night News 3-8-16  Part 2 of 2

Millionday: READ EVERY WORD>>>> the representative of the Lebanese banks Joseph Tarabay may occur at the opening of the conference on the prospects for the exchange of experiences between the Lebanese and Iraqi banks, and the possibility of the first contribution in the modernization of the banking system in Iraq,
Millionday: a special mention «extremism» in the application comply with US laws relating to » the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing policy», and expressed the hope that the banks play a fundamental role in the reconstruction.
as for Tariq , executive director of the Association of Iraqi private banks have pointed to the presence of government agencies concerned in this conference the private sector and direct meeting with Arab and foreign counterparts contribute to addressing many of the problems and nearly views between all parties.


Millionday Tuesday Night News 3-8-16   Part 1 of 2

Millionday: Effects specialist Bhoan global stock subject very important when talking about solutions to mitigate the effects of the financial crisis , while pointed to the need for the introduction of the dinar on the stock exchange and adoption in business dealings to recover, how?
Millionday: WHOOOPOW
Millionday: He pointed out that the adoption of this mechanism will reduce dependence on remittances and eliminates the black market, it benefits also prevent the fluctuation of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar, and other than that , it would give the local currency 's strength in the global market,

Highlights From the Big Call: 3-8-16

PinkRoses: Bruce: WE are about to walk into our futures, beautiful future, that is what I am looking forward. This is the calm before the storm, quietly excited for tonite and days to come.

Bruce call: Guest speakers Sue and Josef

Bruce call: Introducing guest speaker Sue: how to be emotionally prepared for this exchange. Josef to help to understand the big picture.

Bruce call: Josef: If you have studied and done homework, prepared you will be great. I think most people more prepared than they know. I want to encourage everybody enjoy the process, stand up for what you believe in.


The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

BLC Admin Tlm724 News & Comments  3-08-16  Part 2 of 2

The start of the Iraqi Finance Forum in Beirut and assurances to support the country's banking sector

Economy    Since 03.08.2016 at 09:51 (Baghdad time)
BAGHDAD - balances News    It was launched in the capital, Beirut, on Tuesday, the World Conference and Exhibition on third for the financial and banking services in Iraq (Iraq Finance 2016), under the slogan "Gateway Financial Inclusion and a pillar of sustainable development of the banking sector", organized by the Iraqi company, "Szimksko", sponsored by the Central Bank of Iraq In collaboration with the "Bank of Lebanon" (Central Bank of Lebanon), and the participation of ministries and banks, national investment Commission.
A statement from the central bank received / balances News / copy of it, that "the conference focused on the financial development of the banking and investment industry in Iraq,
and is limited to the purpose of organizing this conference to develop the infrastructure of the banks and financial institutions in Iraq through the activation of cooperation between the Iraqi and the central ministries, banks and enterprises Iraqi Finance concerned on the one hand, banks and international financial institutions and international investors on the other hand. "


The local currency to invest in global stock 
3/8/2016 0:00   BAGHDAD - Hussein al - Tamimi Tgb  continue specialists efforts in economic affairs in the search for exits reduce the impact of financial distress on Iraq, the adoption of mechanisms to elevate the Iraqi dinar cross - entered the global bourse.
Specialist on global stock Osama Mahmoud said that minimize the effects of the financial crisis on the economy Iraq requires action on the adoption of measures and new solutions can be adopted for the next stage.

LOTS of NEWS!! Round Table Call with BGG, Mr. White and RCookie - Tues. 3/8

LOTS of NEWS!! Round Table Call with BGG, Mr. White and RCookie - Tues. 3/8

Audio Player and Replay #'s


641-715-3639  pin# 570743    

31 Minute Call

(in Recaps Newsletter, click blue title for audio player)

Tlar:  More Thoughts On Maliki & Iran

JD Blue :    I know I don't need to remind everyone... but it was MALIKI who ignored the Kurds warnings that Isis was coming... ignored the Sunni's who told Baghdad that Isis was infiltrating and they were going to attack. Maliki used Daash in order to create a crisis in the hopes of declaring Martial Law and stopping the election he was about to lose. If I had to pick out one word for these murderous thugs... that word would be.    DESPICABLE.

hi-five :    is a crackpot, delusional, paranoid predator who is about to "retire" in a much different environment than London. And his buddy will probably be his room mate. If he does try to leave Iraq, the authorities will know where he is, and when the timing is right, they will arrest him - - unless he goes to Iran. If that happens, it will be more difficult. But, I'm assuming Iran is smart enough to know that if they help Maliki, Iraq will cut them off.

Tlar:     hi-five, I have said the same thing recently.  Iran is no longer a safe haven for Maliki or Shahristani.


The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

Frank26:  It is a new Beginning ............. It is The 8th.

I don't know if last night CC NOTES will be done ............. BUT I AM TELLING YOU WITH DEEP CONCERN ........... YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO LAST NIGHT'S CC !!!

Then I will be with You for TWO more MONDAY CC'S 14 th and 21 st .............. Returning to Your MONDAY CC on April 4th 2016.

IMO ............ These days are touchy. Because IMO ............ Mosul will be Iraq's by then. And IMO it will release a Dam of ............ REFORMS.

What Iraq ........... SAID THEY DID ............. NOT WHAT THEY WILL DO .............. On our CC STUDY last night was beyond amazing. We give no DATES nor RATES at KTFA. 

Because they are giving us all we need to Know right now.

A Large Culmination of ACTION from both the GOI and CBI at the end of March............. IMO.

They are going to enter the Global Markets by their own KEYWORDS ............... That is an entrance into ARTICLE 8.

BTW Dear KTFA FAMILY ................ Today is OUR ............ 8th. Their's is coming .......... 

KTFA Frank


If this isn't enough of very good news let me shock you with yet another golden nugget today. Are you ready for this one? This too is a huge one. Hey I feel like its November 2015 all over again. Do you remember the news back then and how good it was?  We all thought they were going to pop out this RV any day.
So what is this next golden nugget?

First let me say that in November 2015 (and in 2005) the told us that they needed to issue yet two more denominations including the 50k and 100k notes. These notes would remain in circulation forever along with the new lower denominations. So in early November out popped the new 50k notes. Then they told us to watch for March for the new 100k notes and this would conclude their currency denominations going forward. Then they told us the next step would be the launching of the newer, lower denominations.

Mnt Goat Tuesday Update - "It All Coming Together and Now" Part 1 of 2

Hello Everyone,
I first want to tell everyone that I sense and feel for all of you in your time of financial needs. I have been in this speculative currency investment now for over 10 years and so it has been a very long road for me too. I have heard of so many predictions as to going global timeframes. We have seen that some of these timeframes were in fact factual and others just idiotic rumors.
I had taken off 3 weeks from my news letter intentionally to work my gasthaus and used this opportune time  because my connections told me this time would be a long lull in planning in Iraq and then March would explode with information and action. So here we are it is predictable.
Many of these RV timeframes in the past were stopped for various reasons, some of which were political and other economic. But one thing we all know as factual for sure in all this mess way beyond all other rumors and that is that Iraq can not survive long term as a closed economy (resulting from the 2003 Iraqi war) and thus MUST to get out of this situation they MUST someday go global with their currency.


Dinar Updates Monday PM Chat  3-07-16    Part 3 of 3

Loopback says():The local currency to invest in global stock  3/8/2016 0:00 BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb   Specialists in economic affairs efforts in the search for exits reduce the impact of financial distress on Iraq, the adoption of mechanisms to elevate the Iraqi dinar entered through international exchange dealings continue.
Specialist on global stock Osama Mahmoud said that minimize the effects of the financial crisis on the Iraqi economy requires action on the adoption of new procedures and solutions can be adopted for the next stage.
Loopback says():    Multiple solutions
He noted in an interview for »morning« that the most important solutions to the current crisis is to enter into the world of the stock market and two-way are the public sector and the private sector, the government sector will find multiple solutions contribute to the alleviation of the financial crisis through the entry of the dinar in the stock market and they can be to buy the local market requirements of the markets global through it and thus encourage investment in Iraqi dinar and thus the amount of hard currency out into the world markets.


BAGHDAD / IBN   The head of a coalition of state law , Nuri al - Maliki, on Monday, during a meeting with the families of the components of Basra Council delegation, that the political process is facing a serious turning point, while noting that the need for today 's call to reconsider a lot of issues , especially with regard to amendments to the Constitution and reforms.
The press office said in an official statement that "al - Maliki received his official office, on Thursday evening, the families of the Council delegation and the components of Basra, said during the meeting on the need to achieve a state of harmony and political consensus because of internal political process is facing a dangerous turn."


Dinar Updates Monday PM Chat  3-07-16    Part 1 of 3

wmawhite says to tman23():So, the technical Letter of Intent dated December 23, 2015 with Legrade's signation as well as that of the Minister of Finance and the CBI are to be regarded as what?
The result of the Technical Letter of Intent came from the very meeting that this statement came from:...The director of the Middle East Department and Central Asia for the International Monetary Fund Masood Ahmed in a press statement.......stressed that Iraq will return to economic market during the first half of next year.
rcookie says():tman23 The IMF did make the statement that Iraq will enter the world market 1st part of 2016... So ask yourself...What does Iraq have to export from agriculture or manufacturing?
NOTHING IS THE ANSWER! So again, why announce Iraq to the world market? The only reason can be to exchange their currency for foreign currency to purchase imported goods.
 None of that means our 3 zero notes will be worth more money. WE only hope that it will be worth big returns on exchange



Meek92:  Here is a tangible item; yesterday I posted that WF has job opening 2015 247 job openings in US 2016 2954 job openings, took it a step further and found Chase has 5592 job openings & B of A has 6649 all for the US...folks if this is not happening why would they have 15, 195 job opening?


SteveCo: Question: To what benefit is it to the information sources to be feeding us with misdirects? How does it help anyone other than the currency dealers??? Dangling the carrot for years now. We were hearing 4 years ago that everying is "DONE, DONE, DONE," and the RV was "imminent."

Eagle42:  Steveco, perhaps the mis-direction is aimed at the larger players like hedge funds etc. that could make billions by having a few minutes advantage to play the currencies mkt