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10am, April 10th, 2014    


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Tidbits from TNT Thursday Morning
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The Man Who Lost $200 Million In Vegas
Retired NBA Player 2nd Largest Wendy's Franchises Owner
News, Rumors, and Opinions Wednesday Night
The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter
Millionday Wednesday Evening Roundtable Part 2
Millionday Wednesday Evening Roundtable Part 1
The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter
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The I.Q.D. Team Connection~~Replay Conf Call Tues Apr 8~~Latest Iraq Dinar RV News~~GREAT Night of
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Short Okie Fly-By Wednesday Afternoon
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Highlights from Tues.Night KTFA CC Emailed to Recaps
BLC Admin Tlm724 Wednesday Morning News
News, Rumors, and Opinions Wednesday Morning
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Salla: 8:45 AM EDT Christine LeGarde at IMF press briefing. 10AM EDT Christine LeGarde special guest on CNBC 2PM EDT Christine LeGarde at global economy seminar w/Charlie Rose

legarde imf press briefing now.......she is doing a press briefing now on imf website.and she will on cnbc at 10am est as a guest... she will back at 2pm also for global ecomomy seminar on imf site too

   Can anyone explain to me the relation of the Kuwait Dinar vs. the Iraq Dinar?

I have heard to keep our eye on the Kuwait Dinar to see how the Iraq Dinar will behave. Tony said there will be a .20 difference between the two.
What I can't wrap my mind  around is exactly how we look for it and what are we looking for. Are we looking at the float? Can someone who has a good understanding of what Tony means please elaborate. Thank you

Jim Willie - Coming Launch Of Both The Gold-Backed Russian Ruble And Gold-Backed Chinese Yuan


The time is finally right. The urgency is acute. The banking system insolvency is widespread. The illiquidity has reached the surface. The geopolitical chessboard has busy movements of many pieces, even with a delayed check in Ukraine after a devious capture of the Cyprus castle but not the Syrian knight.

The Saudi support via OPEC for the Petro-Dollar has fallen out of view, dragging its pummeled chin on the desert sands. The Eastern superpowers are marching arm in arm, ready to challenge the West.

It seems the Western leaders, in particular the robot sock puppets of the Untied States, see the end of the USDollar. They appear to wish to lay blame on Russia for the death of the dollar. The global rejection is well along, which began with the introduction of QE, then QE2, then Operation Twist.

[Americana] [Goose] Jester Do you think the Government is still trying to screw us out of the rv you know all of us that are not supposed to have Dinar

[Goose] Jester do you think our government is still trying to cheat us out of rv



[Pilgrim] 11303


 [Pilgrim] Jester ok, grabbing my tin hat right now!!!!!


Millionday  Wednesday Night News April 9, 2014

    [millionday] today the information was brought in by GRRR about the swift codes -- all of those that dont remember or were not invested at that time know that it has been a while since the announcement of the swift code placement going on were very exciting ans we will discuss why

    [millionday] the thing is this for those of you that have not been following this from before

    [millionday] each bank that does international banking or in a summary and kind of shortened way -- can do any kind of electronic banking are given these identification numbers

    [millionday] when the report came out concerning the beginning of the swift codes -- we danced in the streets

Meet The Man Who Lost $200 Million Gambling In Vegas... IN ONE YEAR!

Random Celebrity Article By Amy Lamare on April 7, 2014

Las Vegas has a name for big time, big money gamblers. They are called whales and they are the lifeblood of every casino on the Strip.
When a whale lands in your casino and starts betting tens of thousands (or more!) dollars at a time, executives do whatever it takes to keep him or her happy and gambling in your casino. In terms of whales, Nebraska-born businessman Terry Watanabe was a whale of a whale.

Actually, he was a whale of a whale, of a whale, of a whale of a whale.
During a year-long gambling streak, Terry lost a mind melting $204 million dollars at two Vegas casinos.

Instead Of Going Broke Like Most Retired NBA Players, Junior Bridgeman Built A $400 Million Fast Food Empire

By Amy Lamare on April 6, 2014

Pop quiz #1: In 1975, which newly drafted player did the Lakers trade away to acquire superstar Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? If you guessed Junior Bridgeman, you are correct.

Pop quiz #2: As of April 2014, who is the second largest owner of Wendy's franchises in America? Once again, the correct answer is... Junior Bridgeman.
As an NBA player, Junior Bridgeman had a moderately successful 12-year career playing for the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Clippers. To be completely honest, his NBA career was kind of unremarkable. So why are we writing about him on Celebrity Net Worth?


wrider22 : Nice quote for our situation... "A thing long expected takes the form of the unexpected when at last it comes." ~Mark Twain

[KIRKWOOD] Hello tnt family....the word i recieve is that we should see this before the 11th....friday

[BlackKarma] KIRKWOOD did admirals get to do what they were about to do?

[KIRKWOOD] BlackKarma i heard they went in yesterday... the source stated today that this has to go by the 11th

[KIRKWOOD] this is to go by friday...i was told the rv will be the new money for our republic of the USA....THIS was i was told today by a gov source.. All is done and we will be seeing the END.

[ninnypickles] KIRKWOOD I hope and pray your contact is right. I want off of this ride. I'm getting dizzy

The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter
Millionday Wednesday Evening  Roundtable 4/9/14  Part 2

    [millionday] here we go  and this is great news  i have a couple things on it
[millionday] Ministry of Commerce held a meeting with representatives of the World Trade Organization in Baghdad to continue the ongoing negotiations between the parties to Iraq's accession to the organization.

And discussed at the meeting, which was held yesterday a set of laws and legislation of an economic nature that Iraq must approve in the coming period.

    [millionday] note -- all about the wto

    Welcome to roundtable with Millionday! Wednesday Evening

    [millionday] first thing we are going to do is tear apart the news grrr brought to us  - it is great news and we are going to look at why -- so let me have the floor and we are going to have lots of info about what it means  --  whooopow

    [millionday] this is great news and i am going to tell you why  so we will start with what it is  - here we go and it will all be in sections with some other info i have researched -- i will let you know at the end and then we will go as usual at roundtable

    [millionday] beginning

    [millionday] SWIFT code is a standard format of Bank Identifier Codes (BIC) and it is unique identification code for a particular bank. These codes are used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international wire transfers.

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter
[Papa Bear] GM DINAR FAMILY JL short talk on currency reform, China,and USSR. Biggest deveopment is higher capital requirements on large banks. This protects us more

[Papa Bear] Hugs to ALL. Lets get out there and Pay It Forward. Two verses in bible studies stood out today Deuteronomy 30:19 which reminded me of Studley and Matthew 19:19 and oldie but goodie. Love yourself first so you can then love your neighbors. Makes loving others possible. Which are each a unique God creation and should accept ourselves even with our failures. We are humans. Cherishing our Father given gift and reaching out to others is so important on our Fathers path for us

[Papa Bear] Big bank additional capital requirements very important for our PROTECTION. LET IT RAIN ABUNDANCE

[dinardiamonds] intel update heads up intel ----- morning 4/9/14 --- jack lew(ust treaurer) was on cnbc tv this morning at 8:20 am est. He stated a "level playing field is required in currencies". Can this be interpreted as an rv announcement?

The I.Q.D. Team Connection - Straight Talkin' Mike, L.J., Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Thursday, April 3, 2014


Replay of Conference Call
or Call: 760-569-7699 / Pin: 769478#

Great Night of News & Discussion with Straight Talking Mike & L.J. of L.J.'s Next Step Team & "THE I.Q.D. Team Connection" 
               Connecting All The Pieces

The I.Q.D. Team Connection's News Coverage
for Tuesday, April 8, 2014 


aggiedad77 � April 9th, 2014,

Wednesday Morning News Summaries

Baghdad expects an imminent agreement on the export of oil in Kurdistan region

How many times have we heard that Baghdad expects an agreement on oil...but here we still wait.....they expect an agreement within the next few days.....time will tell....they continue to be in disagreement on the amount to be exported it seems....with Baghdad saying 400,000 barrels/day....and the Kurds offering 100,000 barrels/day as a good will gesture.

Iraq seeks international support in order to restore a trillion dollars of looted funds

Through an international conference today, Baghdad is seeking international support in retrieving funds that were stolen and taken abroad....they believe this amounts to just over $1 trillion dollars.....they are seeking help through the UN as well as Interpol....they believe some of these funds may be in Jordan, Lebanon, and the UAE.

Dave Schmidt: April 9th Update from the Salt Lake City area!

I'm sitting in a hotel room in the Salt Lake City area as I'm writing this update.  There will be no corresponding video this week.  So, why am I here?

Much has been developing behind the scenes in the last few weeks.  I touched on some of those issues in last week's radio program, and it created a firestorm in the dinar community.  Like you, I want to have some solid and grounded information, so I decided to take a road trip to where I could see firsthand the reliability of some of the info that has been reported.

I'm keeping this update short because new items may be developing in the next day or two.  If they do transpire I'll send out a special update shortly after the developments.

Over the past weeks, I've been reporting that I've been in contact with two individuals who are in the process of being cashed out in private transactions.  Let me emphasize once again, this is a process that does not happen overnight.

[OkieOilMan] We should be hearing news soon about what has already happened not what is going to happen---
Stand tall, pray hard, -------  Blessings galore
Status of  2010 IMF Reforms

This is a very hot topic now and I am getting lots of emails on this these days. So I need to address this and clear up some issues.  Is the USA holding up the RV by holding up the acceptance of these reforms?

 First let me say the USA has not yet approved the 2010 IMF Reforms although the US Senate has overwhelmingly voted to accept them. The reform bill was never even sent to Congress for a vote. So the answer to this question is Yes, Yes and Yes again.

The USA is absolutely. positively holding up the process of the GCR and has been doing so since December 2013 when the IMF was all set to announce the final stage of the global reset.

They have been working with the USA to try to settle any differences but have come across a strong resistance to change. 

(Thank You GeorgeH for sending this to us today!)
Hi Everyone,  
Gr��e aus den Alpen Bayern Deutschland. Geetings from the alpine region of Bavaria.

Hope all you fine dinarian holders are doing well today. Last night I had a wonderful opportunity to visit Der Schule meiner Kinder. They put in a play about democracy and it was so uplifting to see das j�ngste Kind so educated on democratica principles and a free society.

I know this is not much to many of you but for me I wanted to share this bit of my joy.  As we all know Deutshesland has come a long way since the  30's and 40's.

 The Jugend now understand and are taught about free society and what it means. We see this too now in our elected representatives. We are not yet perfect but we strive for this. I only hope and dream of a world someday where these simple ideals of freedom and democracy can be truely manifested in all our elected officials.

Highlights from Tuesday KTFA Conference Call:

Frank began with a brief review of Delta's post in the morning about the CBI announcing they are printing new currency with good paper.

Recall that last week Frank told about the large machines the CBI received that could process large amounts of currency and even print it, and the CBI has been educating the people to not deface the new currency.

In Franks Opinion all the paperwork for the Monetary reform was signed 2 weeks ago. They were signed in Bagdad and this past Sunday was taken to Washington D.C. and the UN ....

I-Team reported that this morning there was a meeting at the UN and one of the interpreters is a friend  of the I-Team..A document was translated saying Iraq is getting ready to make a big move, and it was discussed at the UN!

Noone knows what the big move is, it could be many things, but Franks opinion is the MR documents have all been signed.

Central re-printed banknotes to prevent fraud and to enable the blind to know the value of

[tlm724] "adding that" the banknotes current will continue trading with new and will not be pulling rolling them now or in the future.

[tlm724] *hallelujah* no lop !

[Shredd] you got that right   and you got the key phrase there too

[tlm724] Shredd yes !   will run concurrently

[Shredd] tlm724 yes!


Sun2Day:   Many past Presidents & Obama are in Austin, Tx this week. Think there's any additional meetings going on here?????

Royal:  I still am on the fence on this public announcment . I know Okie said there would be one , but I just can't imagine what they would announce .

GodLovesYou: Royal....when they announce a currency change.....The general public will not understand will go right over their heads and what it means......I never knew when Kuwait Dinar Rv'd.......did not effect me one bit.....I had no clue.......but I will this time .

dsm : Just listened to CL's speech...If you listen to it and substitute the word she uses (normalization) to (global revaluation) it would make as much sense....I love it!

Awakeningcoach1:  DSM - I thought the same thing. Before, she kept saying 'reset' and now it's'normalization'. 'Correction' has also been bantered about from other sources.

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