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10am April 12th, 2016

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Millionday News Time  4-11-16  Part 2 of 2

millionday says():a statement by the Office of the chairman of the House of Representatives received «morning» that al - Jubouri discussed with the British ambassador in Iraq, developments in the Iraqi scene on the political and security levels,
indicating that the two sides reviewed «ways of supporting the political process and to maintain its gains, and the war against terrorism and progress - backed Iraqi forces the international Alliance of notable victories, especially in Anbar province


Millionday News Time 4-11-16  Part 1 of 2

millionday says():SHEILA ARE YOU READY HUN
sheila3 says to millionday():ready
millionday says():OK BRB WITH NEWS -- SMILE
sheila3 says to millionday():k
millionday says():HERE WE GO
millionday says():READ EVERY SINGLE WORD>>> Imad emirate
said the scholar d. Abdul Hussein al - Jalil Ghalibi of the College of Management and Economics at the University of Kufa , Iraq today is working with the International Monetary Fund to adapt the economic reform programs since 2003, including monetary policy, pointing out that the door is open to capital flows, especially in investment and trade.
millionday says():WHOOPOW -- HERE COME THE REFORMS
millionday says():He Ghalibi in an interview »Sabah» that some of the standards to support the process of change and supported by other criteria emphasize the political issue of autonomy guaranteed by the Central Bank of Iraq Law No. 56 of 2004 and its support is clearly in the Iraqi constitution.



Panama1:   Bluwolf:  And most ask themselves is this RV going to bear fruit, are the changes expected to happen to this world going to flourish?

Are the people who are struggling going to get some kind of bailout? Will our country finally be rid of the corporation that constricts there eliminations every move?

Will we see justice being done for the common good? Can we see peace happen?  Will all people be treated with equality and common sense respect? The answer to all of these questions is YES.

When? That answer is just a turn of a key away.

Many men will start to walk through the corridor of shame in the US and their power shall reign no more, their influence shall be nil and there power shall be nonexistent.

We are now in a evolution state and in a prosperous environment. So we wait for a few. BLUWOLF


The below posts were in our 10pm newsletter
 Central Bank announces launch of government bonds worth 1.5 trillion dinars mid-month
11/04/2016 10:42 | Direction Press -  BAGHDAD
Iraqi Central Bank announced on Monday the launch of government bonds worth 1.5 trillion dinars middle of this month.
A statement of the bank  got " direction Press " , a copy of the  day, he "will launch national bonds in Iraqi dinars onbehalf of the Ministry of Finance in nominal terms on the 15th of this month and ends on the fourth of next May , " noting that "Asdarih will be of five categories namely { 100} thousand dinars and {250} thousand dinars and {500} thousand dinars and one million dinars and {5} millions of dinars. "


Reader Thoughts On Unwinding The Bretton Woods Monetary Experiment
peter Moline      As I struggle to wrap my head around this. JC does the SDR in some ways represent the Bancor?
JC Collins      It would be my expectation that the SDR will transform into the bancor, or will be consolidated with another such basket to form the bancor. It will take many years yet to see the completion of this process.
peter Moline     JC, Ok, thanks.  I've come to realize that I receive the answers to my questions to JC and POM in general if I keep them short and to the point and on topic. Duh.



Prudence 12:  APRIL CALENDAR - UPDATED 4/11/16

4/11 - Bd. Of Guvs of Fed Res held a closed meeting at their DC Offices to consider advance and discount rates to their 12 regional banks

This week:  Federal Reserve to hold separate daily meetings with 3 of America's largest banks - I believe they are JPM, Citi and WF (pls correct me if my memory fails on this)

4/14 - LAST DAY of Iraq's 1-yr national bond issue

4/14 - 4/25 - critical time for us to study all happenings in Iraq, governmental and economic - and anything else, as Frank had mentioned to us.

4/15 - 4/17 - IMF mtg in DC

4/16 OPEC and related parties mtg in Qatar

4/18 - NY Fed Res Bank to host US-MENA Dialogue

4/19 - the new Shanghai Gold Exchange, the world's largest physical gold exchange, launches its Gold Spot Price, which will be set by a variety of mostly Asian banks

4/22 - 4/25 UN WTO Silk Road Task Force mtg in NW Iranian Province

4/26 - 4/27 (regularly ) scheduled FOMC mtg of the Federal Reserve

5/1 - I believe this is a CBI Holiday



AtLast-51:  Urgent [where] published the text of the document of national reform and include a cabinet reshuffle

History of edits:: 2016/4/11 21:49 * 282 visits readable   [Oan- Baghdad]

Published by all of Iraq [where] the document of national reform, which was signed by the three presidencies and the leaders of political blocs in a meeting Monday evening in the second meeting them within 48 hours

According to the text of a statement document "Believing as required by the conditions in Iraq and the priorities that emerge from its proud people and patient and from the keenness of everyone to maintain the supreme national interest and facing the challenges taking place in Iraq on the services and the legitimate aspirations of the level of security in the completion of the final victory over the Daash and the liberation of all occupied lands and to support stability in the liberated areas to ensure the safe and dignified return of displaced people and to begin reconstruction operations. " 


Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew Remarks at Council on Foreign Relations: America and the Global Economy: The Case for U.S. Leadership

As Prepared for Delivery
WASHINGTON - Thank you, Sebastian for that introduction and for your leadership at the Council.  This is a remarkable institution with a long history of intellectual influence on America's foreign policy and it is an honor to be here. 
America's leadership in the global economy is something we all care deeply about and I want to thank Gideon and his Foreign Affairs team for publishing my essay on this topic.  That piece opens with a story about the difficulty of getting the IMF quota reform through Congress and asks why it was such a long, hard road to win final approval late last year.


The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter

Islandg1211:  Frank started our day with an East to the West sunset. I followed up with that analogy of the global monetary reform moving from China's gold market and IMF's SDR inclusion, to Vietnam's, Iran's, and Iraq's monetary reforms, ending with the sunset of the USD.

Great to see these meetings going on now in Washington with the Fed. 

Then we had all the articles from Iraq still squabbling over the reforms. And the thought came to me, "Pharoah was the last to know of his own demise." 

Family, did you notice who we didn't hear from today in Iraq? It was like, "round up the usual suspects" with the talk of delay from Maliki's group, the Kurds, even Keywords. But, we didn't hear from the Clerics, Sadre and Sistani. Why not?

Because they don't need to organize a protest for tomorrow. They know their Fatwa was already being implemented. It's the objectors who will be the last to know.
I was also thinking about when a company fires someone. Security comes and they are escorted out. 

I've been reminded to point out that all my posts are always in my opinion.


"Another Pivotal Week" - Mnt Goat Monday Update - Part 2 of 2

Update: Currency Reform
I really, really liked the article I am presenting to you below. Please read the entire article. What is the CBI trying to tell us?
As I said many times, if you pay attention, you can pick up on subtleties in the news that will tell you they are still working on the currency reform behind the scenes. They know that they must someday soon move to the dinar for global payments abroad and away from using the USD. Keywords mentioned it twice in this article below that the use of the USD in global exchange (in particular the payment of salaries) is in violation of  Iraqi sovereignty.


( Thank you George for emailing this so Recaps can post it.)

MNT GOAT NEWS LETTER          Edition: UU6924                  Dated: April 11, 2016
Title: "Another Pivotal Week"
Hello Everyone,
I keep getting asked why is there this all out effort by Iraq and the international community to rid Iraq of corruption? Why now?   Like I said it is not all about the RV of the dinar. The RV is by-product of all the efforts to stop corruption, bring more security to Iraq, fix the financial and banking systems, the necessity to go international, join the WTO etc... We only think it is all about this investment because we are investors and stand to make a huge gain when they do RV. Our egos work this way and we think  it is thus all about us . I can assure you  it is NOT all about us  but about Iraq and a much greater investment of the PTB in that country.
The answer then to this question as I can conclude is many facetted:
1, The current economic crisis makes it almost  imperative to take action now . The "fluff" and the golden days of the oil bubble are over at $100-120 a barrel when it was easier to hide money and falsify data to get it.



Dinar Updates Sunday PM Chat  4-10-16     After BGG Call

tman23 says():The world market price for oil is half of what the 2013 Iraq federal budget of $106, and this will create a problem for the Iraq government. In January, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned the Iraqi government that the Iraqi budget was vulnerable to the oil price
By the end of 2015, oil exports is estimated to be at 4 million barrels a day. Higher oil exports will have a significant impact on the value of the Iraq dinar currency.
When Iraq starts exporting 5 or 6 million barrels a day of oil, the currency will increase in value. raq needs to upgrade and update its oil infrastructure. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is needed to ramp up the oil production. Western and foreign oil companies are investing in the oil industry in their different projects.
Iraq requires hundreds of billions of dollars for the oil industry, if it wants to reach their goal of 6 million barrels a day by 2020.



Islandg1211:  You know what's wonderful about the sun moving from the East to the West? It can't be stopped or delayed. (See Frank Video Below)

We see evidence of this movement of the global monetary reform from many different areas.

Starting with China, we have seen their completion of a parallel system to the IMF and World Bank and Swift Codes.

They are now included in the IMF, soon to be a part of the SDR basket. And, they have their own gold market. That's quite a "Sunrise" in the East. That has an effect over the global markets. 

We are watching Veitnam, Iran, and Iraq all go through the same steps outlined by the IMF. Inflation lowered, debt restructured, 2% compliment, privatize banks, new currency with security features, single national currency usage, ready to RV. Monetary reform movement from the East to the Middle East. Then it will come to set in the West on the USD. A final glimpse of the "Green Flash." 



CharacterMatters:  "Patience is the art of concealing your impatience." ~ Guy Kawasaki

DeepBlue: RENO IS UNDER A GAG ORDER AS should all of us still be i was told by my contact that things are moving very nicley out there because of it 60% Better so lets PLEASE continue this BLACK OUT because its Helping us all get to where we all want to be THANK YOU

Snowbunny:  I really think this thing is scheduled and will happen when they are ready. One way or the other. Not a minute sooner and not dependent on us but on 204 countries agreeing. Not because some US citizens want to exchange. JMO


rcookie says():the Central Bank of Iraq regulates the flow of money through controlled auctions
rcookie says():this is not normal. In most other countries, money can be easily exchanged into a number of currencies at the will and whim of any citizen. The exchange rates are allowed to move freely according to the forces of supply and demand, interest rates, etc.
Soonergirlie says():ok, i see now
rcookie says():"Every day since 2004, the CBI has held an auction through which hard currency is sold to banks, companies and traders in exchange for evidence of import and transaction receipts. The auctions aim to prevent market speculation and stabilize the exchange rate of Iraqi dinars to the US dollar


Dinar Updates Sunday AM Chat  4-10-16    Part 2 of 3

david212 says():GM here is an example of the grasp media has on Iraq. The article referes to counteries like Iraq and Nigeria and Venzuala as small producers and has Iraqs breakeven cost at $77 a barrell. might-be-sabotaging-doha-2016-4
david212 says():I read Mr Whites comment that the IQD was not an international currencty so they are stuck in this vicious circle of selling oil in dollars than converting to Dinars. I thought I head several people say the the IQD is now an international currency although still worthless it can be traded globally. A defivinitive change from its status two months ago .
RickeyT says(): 538.html
larrykn says to david212():they have not gone into article 8 yet and without that no bank in the world would reconize the dinar so it is not international as of yet


rcookie says():Urgent: three presidencies will meet with the leaders of the blocks this afternoon to discuss the cabinet reshuffle
10-04-2016 01:05 PM  According to early, on Sunday , the source, to hold a meeting this afternoon for the three presidencies with the leaders of the political blocs.
The source said in a press statement, that ' the meeting will be held the home of President Fuad Masum , will discuss the latest developments of the ministerial reform and change'.
The meeting comes after the deadline parliament on Sunday after 10 days identified in recent its meeting held on 31 March last to vote on the ministerial cabin.
larrykn says to rcookie():sounds like they are not happy with parliment


Emailed to Recaps: 

Excerpts From Celebration Of Fire: China to Upend Dollar With Gold In April? -Jim Willie
Posted on April 10, 2016 by The Doc

What an incredible insult to the banker cabal, replete with Satanists like uber-leader Rothschild, if the fiat paper currency system centered upon the US Dollar is upended by China during mid-April! 

Any wresting of control within the Gold market would enable the price to rise.

Refer to a doubled Gold price and a tripled Silver price suddenly.

The Chinese attack within the Gold market could hit Satanist bankers where they live, in the fire of mid-April...