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11am, April 12th, 2014    


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The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter
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Posted by EXOGEN on April 12, 2014 at 9:42am

Africa   Return of the Zim dollar?

11 Apr 2014 00:00 Kennedy Maposa

Facing serious funding problems, the Zimbabwean government may switch on the money presses again.

The Zimbabwean government is seriously contemplating bringing back the country's troubled Zimbabwe dollar, impeccable sources in the banking sector and the government have told the Mail & Guardian.

Millionday News 4/11/14     Post By Rudiie

    Welcome To Friday Night News Time With Millionday!

     [millionday] here we go with newstime

    [millionday] Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, said Friday that the change will end the quota system to complete what we started with, despite attempts by some to obstruct the process of state-building, and in the detection of possession of a list of projects that disrupted the "foreign agendas", described it as comes to excite people on the government.

Maliki said in an official ceremony for the coalition of state law, which was held in the city sports in Basra and attended "Tomorrow's Press," "We want to change the ending of quotas to complete what we started with, despite attempts by some in the blocking state-building process," noting that "the approaching election saga will be the Account those who sold and bought between Iraq and stop the prey. "

    [millionday] note -- the quota system is causing huge problems

BREAKING NEWS - G20 gives U.S. year-end deadline for IMF reforms

Posted by Vision on April 11, 2014 at 10:14pm

* Brazil wanted tougher stance over U.S. reform delays

* G20 to look at options in absence of Washington action

* G20 monitoring Ukraine crisis, but not big focus of talks

By Louise Egan and Anna Yukhananov

WASHINGTON, April 11 (Reuters) - Finance chiefs from around the globe on Friday gave the United States until year-end to ratify long-delayed reforms to the International Monetary Fund and threatened to move forward without it if it fails to do so.

Shade wrote on April 11th, 2014, 1:03 am:  IMO unlikely before elections.

Post by walkingstick � April 11th, To > Shade, All in my opinion  Agreed... adding to that, dismissing... the current political, security situation.. coupled with, the the nearing elections.. a mistake...
Anyone, having researched, worked through a currency reform/s... would, state same... All, 3 factors... directly related, too...and, have... a direct impact on the success or failure of the process..

Throughout history, not... a single re- denomination... has, ever.. achieved, positive results.. when, taking..the current, political and security situation into consideration...
Nor, were... they launched, during... nearing elections... for, reason. The process, can not... be viewed, as... a political tool...

Millionday Friday Afternoon Roundtable  Part 2
   [millionday] this is huge and that doesnt even cover it -- no word for it -- just huge

    [mrref1216] that was a mouth full, a lot for the brain to

    [millionday] And refused to Mahmoud "dispense with authority from the other," but he expressed his ambition that "the process of the investigation exclusively However, employees of the judicial authority of magistrates and...

Millionday Roundtable 4/11/14 Friday Afternoon

Post By Rudie  Part 1

    [millionday] welcome to roundtable at everyone  smile

    [millionday] Economic Conference on the world economy and its impact on Iraq After two days of discussions and throw Research concluded in the halls of the University of Nowruz Thursday, the tenth of April --2,014,

 the conference's own economic study international economic changes and their impact on the financial system in a federal Iraq with the participation of 120 specialists from universities in different Iraqi conference included throwing about 20 academic research dealt with axes economic and financial important at the level of Iraq and the Kurdistan region.

The below posts were in our 6pm newsletter


40 Encouraging Quotes That Will Inspire You To Succeed In Anything

By Scott Christ

Want to know the biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful ones? Those who are successful believe in themselves.
They constantly seek out inspiration and motivation to fuel their fire. They never, ever give up.

Whether you're just looking for a little pick-me-up or you're seeking an answer to a deeper question about your life purpose, read these encouraging quotes and prepare to get inspired.



Sager � April 11th, 2014, imo I truly believe that no one has ever gone through this type of monetary reform. I agree that the process cannot be viewed as a political tool, but the fact of the matter is that it is not. It is we who imposed our thoughts, beliefs and concerns about the monetary process in relation to the political, but if one studies what is going on, it's quite evident that the process is financially oriented.

The CBI, IMF, WB, BIS, WTO, UN and all the banks within Iraq are not political entities.

To me, it's getting too clear that Iraq is getting ready to release the rate. I definitely hope to see the new rate prior to the elections, but I'm not worried one bit if it doesn't show then because I truly believe we are at the end of the end.

April, May, June... bring it.

While we wait to receive this amazing blessing, it would be wise to focus on preparing for our future.


Official G20 Communication    April 11, 2014   JC Collins

Reform Delays and BRICS Bank    By JC Collins

 The official communication from the G20 meetings being held over the last few days is now released.  The broad strokes are as follows:

  • G20 expects global economic growth to strengthen in 2014
  • remains vigilant in face of important risks and vulnerabilities
  • G20 nations committed to lifting and rebalancing global demand and achieving exchange rate flexibility
  • G20 "deeply disappointed" with the delay in implementing IMF quota and governance reforms agreed in 2010
  • urges the US to ratify IMF reforms at earliest opportunity
  • if IMF reforms are not ratified by year-end then IMF should develop options for next steps and schedule a discussion of those options
  • ~~~  


Ad hoc reforms for IMF seen unlikely

Posted by EXOGEN on April 11, 2014 at 12:02pm By Anna Yukhananov

WASHINGTON Thu Apr 10, 2014 10:01pm EDT

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde (2nd R) takes a question during a news conference in Washington April 10, 2014.

Credit: Reuters/Gary Cameron

(Reuters) - Global finance officials appear inclined to give the United States more time to endorse a series of long-delayed International Monetary Fund reforms aimed at giving more weight to emerging economy nations, rather than trying to implement alternative proposals to get around U.S. intransigence.


Fifty Famous People Quotes About Money
When you need advice about your finances, it's often quite inspirational, interesting, and even funny to research the opinions of famous businessmen, thinkers, and celebrities.
Check out our 50 favorite money quotes below: we hope they can help you change your attitude towards money in a positive way.


From White Hat Auxiliary Fact Check #116

john s. says: let me summarize - we have just been told to trust the process! all of our questions and what ifs have not changed a thing and will not going forward.
We have been assured that we will be taken care of. and we are all grown ass men and women who also need to step up and take care of business our own selves.

i am getting that no one knows when this will be done and repeatedly asking - when will this be done must remind those at the top of a car trip with the backseat full of kids asking are we there yet? Annoying at best. so let's all act our age. and we have a choice -
Trust the process or move on citizen(as our leader would say). i used to look at many sites. now i look at 2 - this one and owon. plenty to keep me busy along with living my life. so i am fully on board with this latest request and thankful for the clarity!! i trust the wh and wha and owon and will go down the road with them. and you?


The I.Q.D. Team Connection
Straight Talkin' Mike, L.J., Diana & Debbie
Investigate, Question & Deliver
Thursday, April 10, 2014


Replay of Conference Call
or Call: 760-569-7699 / Pin: 769478#

Great Night of News & Discussion with Straight Talking Mike & L.J. of L.J.'s Next Step Team & "THE I.Q.D. Team Connection" 
               Connecting All The Pieces

The I.Q.D. Team Connection's News Coverage
for Thursday, April 10, 2014 



D. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh: new editions of the coin challenge of fraud

[tlm724] stepping CBI about cemented the national currency -  taking concrete steps towards the currency reform

[tlm724] assured citizens that there was no negative repercussions for this important step -  a world-class, especially after the passage of 10 years to replace it

[tlm724] "stressing that" the banknotes current will continue trading with the new will not be pulling rolling them now or in the future. -   love it ! *hallelujah* we are so covered !

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